National Geographic's "Taboo" : Fake paraplegic Chloe Jennings-White

Someone dropped me a line about a show they saw on the National Geographic Channel this week called “Taboo: Secret Lives”. I’ve never seen the show, but apparently they featured a woman who “had a secret”, and the secret was that she was a fake paraplegic. That’s right! The woman went around in a wheelchair pretending to have a spinal injury- fooling everyone. The woman who contacted me just couldn’t believe that a female would do such a thing. She was certain that the woman (although they never mentioned it on the show) must be a male transgender. And she was right.

The copy from the National Geographic website reads:
Chloe Jennings-White leads a double life. A Ph.D chemist in Salt Lake City, Utah, Chloe lives as a paraplegic in a wheelchair. For the most part, people believe that Chloe is unable to walk, but she has a shocking secret. Chloe isn’t paraplegic at all.  She is not a paraplegic, but chooses to live as one.”
What they fail to mention is that he is also a man who “chooses to live as” a woman, as well as pretending to be paraplegic.
According to the LATimes he was Clive Jennings-White up until at least 2003, a PHD in organic chemistry working for Pherin and Realm Pharmaceuticals at the time, both pheromone companies, and holder of multiple pharmaceutical patents, mostly artificial pheromones.
Now working at Human Pheromone Sciences Inc in Salt Lake City Utah , a phermone marketer. He also claims to be employed and have his own laboratory and office at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, in the ECT wing.
He was born in 1955 and grew up in England, obtaining a doctorate from Cambridge, was a married hetero male and father to two sons. Became a Fullbright Scholar and post-doctoral fellow at Stanford and did research at the University of Utah Department of Psychiatry (!).
Not only that, but when he is not busy posting crazy-ass videos of his fake lesbian significant-other Danielle Sainte-Marie (also a transgender male) and faking paraplegia and disability he is an extensive mountain climber and hiker:
Cancer survivor and disability activist blogger Sara K. at Ready Pink and Able (unaware that Chloe is actually male) writes:
“Why haven’t doctors put her on psych meds?  She is completely delusional.  I know, she has BIID.  Does this mean, we just accept her fraud?  If I expressed a desire to be an African American, no doctor would find it appropriate to counsel me to walk around in “black face”.  Why is it that Chloe gets the benefit of a disorder with which to label herself???  Where is the outrage?  Am I the only one who feels ill at the very thought of this woman and her deception?  We all scream for blood when we find that someone fakes a cancer diagnosis!  That’s horrible…just disgusting.  Somehow this woman has gotten a pass because she has a disorder.  I am sick with anxiety and anger.  I really am sick.  I have participated in autopsies and multiple bloody patient encounters which didn’t make me ill.  I have performed incision and drainage procedures which included copious amounts of pus.  None of it caused me to vomit. However, this story caused my chest to tighten, breath to quicken, and my stomach to churn with an unbelievable ferocity.  The anxiety that remains, even now, is so strong that I can only hope for recovery.  My outrage may live for a while in this case.  Does anyone blame me?  Frankly, I don’t care…I’m not even attempting to veil my feelings here.”
On the website Chloe describes his dream of becoming genuinely disabled as a form of “transition”. His partner Danielle aka Alicia (because just one fake persona is never enough apparently) posts in the same thread to a guy who describes seeking a back alley surgeon that will “snip” his spine: “Much support to you as you move towards authenticity!”- using the identical language adopted by the transgenderist movement.
Not only that but Chloe brags about how he got a physician to write a letter authorizing him to get a handicapped parking space even though the doctor knows he is not handicapped, and he instructs the others on how they can do the same, the better to enjoy taking handicapped parking spaces from genuinely handicapped people.
Some threads on Chloe from a Spinal Injury Forum:
(sample comment: “I feel like someone needs to break her neck.”)
Presumably Chloe was able to stop the National Geographic from mentioning his recent “Gender Transition” in the show featuring his emerging “Transabled Transition” as a condition of his appearance. Which is unfortunate for a couple of reasons. First of all, there is a strong correlation between Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID)- the urge to pretend one is, or fantasize about actually becoming handicapped- and transgenderism.
In fact, researchers who have formerly studied Gender Identity Disorder (before the transgender political lobby began to stifle alternative treatment research) are now studying BIID in hope that the science will support non-invasive treatments for all forms of bodily identity disorder.
From this Newsweek article on BIID:
“Some conservative voices in the medical community feel that the normalization of sex-change surgeries was the start of a slippery slope. “You keep pushing the envelope of impaired people who aren’t in touch with reality in some fashion, who develop ideas about their normalcy,” says Dr. Mark Schiller, a psychiatrist and past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. “Essentially from just claiming that something’s the case, people just accept somebody’s distorted version of reality and then we get surgeons and others responding to the point of mangling normal bodies.”
The second reason it is unfortunate the show failed to mention the fact that Chloe is male is that this is yet another instance where outrageous male behavior is being reported as female behavior.  As I said before, when a “woman” was reported to be living her life as an “adult baby”, messing herself and selling porn about it (and “she” turned out to be a dude): when you hear about a female doing something really wack, or read about it in a newspaper or on a website, and it just “doesn’t sound right” to you: It’s probably a male transgender.

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  1. After a horrific injury in 1995, I had to use a wheelchair–after a couple of months on my back–for mobility for too long. I can walk without aids now. That chair is gathering dust in my basement, but I keep it around to remind myself that we are all TABs–that is, temporarily able-bodied–and when I see this, not for the first time, I feel as if my head is going to blow off.
    I was very lucky. I got to keep both my legs, and that was not at all a certainty. This is so far beyond an insult, so far out of the realm of the sane world, that my impulse is to say that I will volunteer to snip that spinal cord. But I won’t, of course. I am much too humane a person to actually do something like that, or even to wish it on another.
    This MAN has Facebook ‘friends’ who are also mine. They are women who I thought were bright, interesting lesbians and feminists. Once again, women have been sold a bill of goods, and for reasons I will never understand, say, “Thank you! What a nice bill of goods! How much do I owe you?”
    If one cannot see the connection, if one cannot understand that this mental illness is EXACTLY THE SAME as the one we have been told to call ‘transgenderism,’ then what chance have we at ever understanding that we are being taken for a ride? When will we wake up and call the emperor for being stark freaking naked?

    1. “…this mental illness is EXACTLY THE SAME as the one we have been told to call ‘transgenderism’…”
      Chloe calls his fetish for disabling surgery “Ability Reassignment Surgery”.

      1. “Ability Reassignment Surgery?” Seriously? That term pisses me off in ways I can’t even describe. It highlights how this person feels free to choose to be disabled. Truly disabled people don’t get any choice in the matter. What an asshole.

      2. Seriously this episode totally pisses me off. Being a paraplegic isn’t that bad?!? Who are you to make such a comment? You are not a paraplegic. Faking being one doesn’t count. You have no idea how horrible it is!! I wish I could reach through my tv screen and smack u with a stick. Seriously, now how many people out there will think all paraplegics are faking it just like you. You are a disgrace and making all of us look like fakers. Taking handicap parking spots from people who actually need them. When you have to cath yourself every four hours and get pressure sores and risk falling everytime your transfer then you have a right to make the comment “isn’t that bad”

  2. As much as I appreciate reading your work I think you are just wasted here. The best… .
    I have a vertebral column defect. No parking pass, or anything else by way of helps. Several years ago I interviewed a spinal researcher who told me the majority of disabled persons (on disability incomes) are males who got there by risk behaviour — a kind of choice. Bet researcher didn’t have this kind of choice in mind..
    Re disability coverage: Researcher pointed out that most women’s disabilities were not covered, or not covered as extensively partly because universal doesn’t cover Multiple Sclerosis and other primarily women’s disabling health conditions, and of course, we could add, women don’t have work coverage with their lifetime of working for room and board, or in McJobs.

    1. I know this is an old comment, but I had to say, the VAST majority of people on disability are most definitely NOT males with spinal injuries from risky behavior.
      A spinal surgeon might be able to tell you that in the people they have worked with, that is the majority. I have worked with the general public on disability and this is just completely wrong, and dismissive of the many problems people have that they have no choice about.

      1. I think it’s worth noting that you appear to be from the U.S., and the other poster from the U.K. or Australia/NZ, so that could explain the discrepancy.

  3. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag. This just encapsulates everything about the “trans” mindfuck of privileged men appropriating/stealing the identity of oppressed people and adding to their oppression. What a combo! And what an arrogant sense of self-entitlement. I keep seeing feminists who protest cons like this being called “hateful,” but this smug, smirking man’s face is full of hatred. So few disabled people, let alone disabled women, let alone disabled Lesbians are given time or space in the media to talk about their lives and to counter the cruel stereotypes (disabled people are too often portrayed as villians in films and television.)
    I saw this documentary and it was horrifying how he was shown hiking, then using disabled spaces and asking people in stores and at work to help him. I would love to hear the thoughts of the man “Chloe” “came out” to at work as not really being disabled. I think that man would lose his job if he said what he thought, but his face said so much. “Chloe” made a fool of him and everyone else he has conned. He used their sympathy and support and made a joke of it. And because of this man, how many people will be wary of disabled women and Lesbians and men as well. It’s already an issue for disabled/chronically ill people who aren’t visibly disabled to be harassed and not taken seriously. I wish there could be some justice.
    I’m so sorry you had to go through that, Kitty. I know how hard it is for all disabled Lesbians. This is just enraging. I too share friends with this man, which makes me wonder if he’s been trolling our sites.
    Mental illness takes different forms and never has to lead to abuse or being oppressive. Would he really want to be paraplegic? He gets to be on television partly because of making such a shocking statement, but the fact is that he got to preen for the camera while hiking, and showing off getting kind people to do his bidding while in his wheelchair. I think this narcissisist is continuing to play everyone.

  4. He describes how he began with fetishizing his aunt’s leg braces. He would love to touch them. He loves to stroke his braces now.
    All who support men being able to enter female-only spaces because they say they are women: Do you support this man going to Lesbian and women’s disabled support groups?

    1. It’s autogynephilia all over again. A sexual fetish parading as an identity disorder so we can all feel sorry for them, pay attention to them, be supportive of them, and in general let them drain us of energy like vampires. I’m having none of it. Let them go back to latex or shoes or whatever and leave lesbians and disabled people the heck out of their soul-sucking perversions.

      1. RoseVerbena, your description really reminded me of Munchausen syndrome and Munchausen by proxy, both of which I have heard described as things which “women do.” Reading up, this sounds exactly like Munchausen syndrome, but with more of an autogynephylic element.

  5. “He describes how he began with fetishizing his aunt’s leg braces.”
    Sounds like Riki Wilchins describing a neighbor playing basketball in a sports bra as the impetus for his angry jealousy. The chapter featuring that passage was once used in a pro-feminist male gathering as half the reading assignment (like 6 whole pages of material in total! mindblowing) and the whole thing was promoted by Bitch magazine in their “Masculinities” issue.
    The first comment at Rutgers was interesting, given the fact that in neither thread no one figured out it was male they were talking about:
    “I’ve heard the argument comparing it to people who feel that they were in the wrong gender body, but that seems like B.S. because that is genetic, and if you never saw a person in a wheelchair, its not something you would feel drawn to.”
    Everyone knows it’s genetic, 100% verified scientific fact now.
    I’ve read that forum before and it’s interesting how much effort is spent at restoring “lost masculinity” due to injury (murderball, etc.), so it’s not surprising that no one read Chloe as Clive as the idea of fetishizing vulnerability is something that most forum goers can’t envision.

    1. But it’s NOT quite “fetishizing vulnerability” though – it’s one level deeper.
      They don’t want to be vulnerable, exactly. The attraction seems to be in the idea of having “mundane” people think they’re vulnerable, and then showing off how capable they are despite the disability, thereby tweaking sensibilities in a way. And, they will describe this as a good thing, somehow helping dispel society’s prejudices about the disabled. This theme is everywhere – it has to be a manual chair, the self-identity is always one of an athletic active person who “just happens to use a chair,” there are posts about how they like it when people in a store see them zooming along with a full shopping cart and wonder in amazement, there are posts about the joy of telling people who stop to open a door for them that “you’re only in my way,” better yet, opening a door for a walking person from the chair. Those of you wondering how the two images of extreme hiker and chair user meet, there it is.
      Add to that, there is a lot of discussion on that site about how this is a neurologic problem and therefore using a chair should be okay to treat some discomfort in the legs or anxiety. Okay. If that’s the case, you’d think it wouldn’t impact others much because they would not need ramps and parking (just get up, heft the chair over the step, sit back down). Using the chair would be more like using a bike.
      But no – there’s posts about they cannot bear the idea of someone perceiving them as able bodied. The subject of this documentary doesn’t always use the chair – sometimes it’s just the braces, or even only a crutch, but there has to be something there, something that says “PWD.”
      So regardless of what else might or might not be involved, part of this absolutely has to be about identity. Personally I find that the most fascinating part – the idea of wanting to join a “lesser status” group. Yet it’s never discussed.
      Others have posted about feeling motivated and loving challenges when in the chair, when doing this “watch me live normal life like you assumed I couldn’t” sensibility-tweaking thing. It almost seems like taking on a voluntary problem and solving it, because other problems are just too big to deal with. And often those are problems with parents and family.
      Forget the recent stuff, go surf through the really old archives.

      1. So regardless of what else might or might not be involved, part of this absolutely has to be about identity. Personally I find that the most fascinating part – the idea of wanting to join a “lesser status” group. Yet it’s never discussed.

        The thrill is in getting to be a member of an oppressed group, and having an ADVANTAGE in that group BECAUSE they were “previously” (and are still) members of the un-oppressed group. You see that with M2Ts all the time.
        I wonder if the rise in white hetero males wanting to transition has partly been caused as a backlash to their class being singled out in recent years as Teh Most Privileged in the Whole World Ever. That’s why the MRA movement has started, perhaps the M2T “movement” is another way for hetero white men (the gay ones don’t bother us lesbians quite as much so I cut them some a bit of slack) to not have to own up to their enormous privilege.

  6. “never saw a person in a wheelchair, its not something you would feel drawn to.”
    Yes, well that commenter should realize, if these men never saw women and/or women performing “femininity” they would never feel “drawn” to “transition.”
    As someone with *real* *congenital* physical and mental disabilities which I would pay a million bucks to “transition” out of (and these are mild), this nonsense goes beyond insulting.

  7. I really agree, la redactora. It’s the same thing as fetishizing the roles men invent for women. Genetic disability is real. I do not believe in a genetic component for any of these men’s bizarre, offense, oppressive, and horrible fantasies. It’s really just a logical extension of the whole trans cult line. And in the interview, he uses every trans line he learned while pretending to be a Lesbian to apply to this new fetish of his.

    1. “It’s the same thing as fetishizing the roles men invent for women.”
      Brilliant, BevJo! fetishizing the roles men invent for women…. So well put. Thank you!
      “It’s really just a logical extension of the whole trans cult line. And in the interview, he uses every trans line he learned while pretending to be a Lesbian to apply to this new fetish of his.”
      Makes me sick. They just get better and better at lying and manipulating and deceiving. It reminds me of what I’ve read fo brainwashing: the techniques are getting so much practice as people move in and out of various cults and use the same deceipts when they form their own cults, that mind control techniques are getting ever more sublte. Cults no longer need to lock their recruits in compounds with armed guards, they just manipulate people to send gobs of money and do anything their leader asks, while they live on their own and continue their day jobs to send more money to the cult leader. And so it is with the ever-more slick, well-rehearsed and ever-improved deceptiveness and manipulations of transgenders.

      1. Well, the entire trans thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy anyway; they define what they think women to be (a single, fetishized, sexual object), and then claim to be that thing, and demand surgery so as to better occupy the space.

  8. All I have to say, is that it’s shocking and it smacks right in the face of people who are disabled and wheelchair bound.

  9. He’s a fake intersex as well. He says he has a “self identity” as intersex but now he is using “gender variant”:
    ” I’m dissatisfied with words like intersex because discussion can get sidetracked into semantics, when in fact there is no universally agreed upon definition of the word. To be gender variant is less likely to cause semantic debate because it is more easily seen as a self identifier.”

    1. He just keeps getting better and better. He’s like a treasure trove of deceitfulness, perversion, entitlement, and delusionalism.

      1. LOL, asshole trifle! So well said!
        Kinda reminds me of the twisted mind of the guy in “Silence of the Lambs.”

    2. Wow Gallusmag, as a biological born intersex person, that just smacks it right in the face of intersex people such as myself and to the entire intersex community, To think that he can “self diagnosis” or “self identity” without the testing or diagnosis from a competent medical doctor. Shows how much trans are willing to cheapen the meaning of Intersex and cheapen intersex people and the Intersex community at their expense. It’s quite obvious that Chloe is one of the worst kind of Trans that you’ll ever see and it’s quite obvious that he’s using the so called intersex excuse at the expense of real intersex people such as myself and even pissing off every group that he can including disabled people. It just makes you wonder how delusional they really are and how perverted they really are. It smacks a sense of entitlement right their and the “me, me,me” mentality. Narcissism knows no bounds and you can clearly see his narcissism from even a mile away.

    3. Oh Gallusmag, One thing I want to mention that on top of being born intersex, I’m deaf in one ear and as someone who has a deaf disability as well as being born intersex, Chloe has offended everyone with a disability and I have to wonder why hasn’t the state launched an investigation into Chloe for a fake disability and faking his way to getting a disabled parking pass. You have to wonder what happens when people try to rip off medicare and medicaid. They get slammed hard and do prison time. Maybe someone should tell the State of Utah about his fake disability.

  10. “Essentially from just claiming that something’s the case, people just accept somebody’s distorted version of reality and then we get surgeons and others responding to the point of mangling normal bodies.”
    Huh. That’s what I’ve been saying about so-called cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation and nose jobs for years: how do you stop once you start sliding down that slippery slope? Apparently, you don’t.

  11. “And in the interview, he uses every trans line he learned while pretending to be a Lesbian to apply to this new fetish of his.”
    Looking at an Anne Lawrence paper on this, that seems quite common — same links to sexual arousal, same metaphors about being wrongly bodied.
    Which makes it even creepier — so not only do we have to put up with men in the ladies room getting their rocks off by being there, we also have to put up with men in wheelchairs getting off on being helped because no sane person woud ever imagine that someone would seriously pretend to be disabled or get off on it.
    They wish to become what they fetishize, be it women, disabled people, or even children (okay, sometimes I learn something that I wish I hadn’t!).
    She previously dismissed the ole ‘brain sex’ stuff, but in the paper I read seems to suggest that surgery MIGHT be appropriate for would-be amputees — the slope isn’t just slippery, it’s now practically vertical, and ANY sort of madness seems to be being considered, rather than just admit — we CAN’T treat this, surgery isn’t all powerful, and we take the Hippocratic oath seriously……………If you REALLY want to do this mate, you’ll have to do it yourself, because there are some limits……………………..

    1. I read in a thread on while researching this post that Chloe horrified the Taboo crew during the shoot by falling over in his wheelchair, while Chloe thought was “hilarious”. I guess it would be if you can just jump right up on your strong mountain climbing legs. Bastard. Anyway another transablist piped up and shared one of his favorite experiences as a disability pretender: deliberately falling over in his wheelchair in line at a crowded movie theatre. Oh the attention! Oh the delicious outpouring of concern! Jesus.
      Frighteningly, in the same thread Chloe mentioned that he is currently employed in a psychiatric hospital, and described wheeling past the ECT (electro convulsive therapy) wing with a colleague. I find it absolutely terrifying that an individual like Chloe has any input at all in a facility that conducts electro-shock on people (women). I haven’t had time to research exactly which Psychiatric Hospital employs Chloe and in what capacity (I assume pharmaceutical research and development but who knows). If anyone can find that I’d be most obliged. Also, if anyone would like to message me privately and have their comment NOT be published, simply mention that in your comment and feel free to share whatever information with me privately that you would like. Thanks!

      1. From the website of his current employer Human Pheromone Sciences Code of Conduct: “Act with honesty and integrity, ethically handling actual or apparent conflicts of interest in personal and professional relationships. You should recognize that even the appearance of a conflict of interest can damage the company. A conflict of interest may exist because of a relationship of yours or of a family member that is inconsistent with the company’s best interests or could cause a conflict with your ability to perform your job responsibilities.”

    2. Where the hell are the medical ethicists on this, and on transgenders, when you need them?
      Let alone the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  12. “deliberately falling over in his wheelchair in line at a crowded movie theatre.”
    We just went from a vertical slope, to artificial gravity at about the level of Jupiter…………………………
    Fuck, if they want to amputee their own limbs, I say let ’em. But let’s get the disabled pretenders out of their wheelchairs, so that employers can legitimately say that wheelchair usage ISN’T a lifestyle choice, just as they wouldn’t let another employee, say, use their segway, or bicycle down the corridors.
    Let’s face it, if an employee came in in blackface, the employer would have a bit of a wibble at that — but let a chap come in dressed as a lady, or playing make-believe in a wheelchair, then no one dares say a word. They’ll be wanting to wear their nappies to work as well next……………..
    Sick fuckers, no other word for it, and let’s stop pretended we can treat them, or pandering to their sordid perversions (which makes me sound like a rabid right-winger, but what else do you SAY when you learn stuff like this………………).

  13. I am speach less. And I hope that you society can find a way to bring this awful discussion to an end. Working for a psychiatric drug company inventing new awful medcine and a live in this way, that is not possible. If the university is owned by the state, this person must lose his job. That´s not possible that such people work in this field. If medcine, the pharmaceutical industry will not lose more trust, he must leave his job.

  14. “A transabled person is someone who desperately wants or needs to be disabled in some way.”
    Okay, and “a transsexual is a person that feels an incongruity between their genitals and their gender identity.”
    Well, I’d say the answer to both is — just ‘cos you WANT it doesn’t mean we have a moral obligation to help you get it. Some people desperately want to be dead, but usually (leaving aside voluntary euthanasia in the case of serious illness for the moment), we DON’T agree to their wishes and bop them on the head!
    It isn’t the job of the rest of society to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want — even when they complain that if they don’t get it, they’re gonna kill themselves.
    Both are, if anything, psychiatric conditions (brain sex theory being a load of bunkum), and its a mistake to think that the appropriate treatment for such is surgical — but then we all know about the hubris of surgeons, who think they can do almost anything.
    Just as the trans crowd tries to get under the intersex umbrella, seems that that transableists are trying to get under the disabled umbrella as just another disability………………….
    I’m waiting now to learn of the cancer-sufferer wannabees as well, who rather than just faking cancer, actually want a doctor to GIVE them cancer, rather than relying on self-medication using cigarettes etc, which is just too SLOW………………..
    I’m just stunned, are there NO limits to the sense of male entitlement, or the ludicrous consequences of individualist liberalism and identity politics……………….

    1. Speaking of bops on the head, you nailed it BadDyke:
      The narcissism of the “trans” critters crashing head-on into the narcissism of the surgeons — with real women and real disabled people getting injured and burned by the super-heated shrapnel radiating out of this unholy collision.
      Too bad we can’t drop them all into the Bering Sea. That would cool their jets.

      1. That’s why for Trans, Narcissism is a common trait that they carry and that it’s so glaring when they speak or post something online.

  15. Below, Chloe claims that he always knew he was meant to be a paraplegic… because he was a late bedwetter. The crazy, it hurts.
    And definitely click on GM’s link to the faux-girlfriend’s youtube poetry… if you want to see a man-pretending-to-be-a-woman lounging around in lingerie and high heels. ‘Cause we all know that’s what women do all day.
    Blog > Thoughts > Other’s Thoughts > Chloe’s Thoughts > Bedwetting
    Written by Chloe on Wednesday, June 8, 2011
    Like most people, I started off as a bedwetter. Like most people, I stopped. Then I started again when I was seven years old. It wasn’t deliberate; it happened while I was asleep; it happened every night; it seemed like it was right. I didn’t stop again until I was thirteen years old.
    How does a brain that tells you you’re not supposed to walk also know that you’re supposed to pee yourself? I don’t have a clue. At seven years old I had no idea that urinary incontinence is associated with paraplegia. But I knew that I was supposed to pee myself…

    1. He should also be living in poverty with a colostomy whether he would need it or not (easier for caregivers who can only come for 30 min a day) in a rabbit warren size apartment near the tracks, unsafe, cold in winter hot in summer. And have to use the Food Bank, but only once a month for a small sack because they limit, and oh yes, virtually never be able to go out. Hahahaha. So much for K2. In one very wealthy province here, persons as disabled as he claims to be MIGHT get AT MOST (likely for quads not paras) $1,000 a month (gov does not fund even a tiny percentage of those in need) from which they must pay rent, food, clothing, telephone, cable, transportation, and many meds and ability helps like the wheelchair (and it won’t be that fancy one he uses). Parents and friends not allowed to give money, or gifts of food etc without gov deducting value. Huxley had NO CLUE. Poverty. Pain. Humiliation. In constant fear of abuse, and if you’re a woman, VERY high rates of sexual abuse from the caregiver you are afraid to report, because you need him/her. And yes, this is going to be called done by a woman. Since he doesn’t have to rely on any subsidized helps, how can he be sanctioned? Only by reporting him to his professional association, his employers re code of conduct, and the universities he works for, the pharmas who fund his research, and maybe, in some way, the FDA. And to any funders of his research, which has to be disclosed when asked for, or often on his cites on PubMed.

      1. And since his FB page is done by someone presenting themselves as other than he really is, you can report it for removal. Go to his FB page, and see the link lower left. It opens to a box, which gives you the relevant option. Oh the last posts I saw there? He’s on a HEROES JOURNEY and invites you to join him.

      2. Doublevez, this made me cry. I cried remembering how horrifying it was to have a colostomy. The smell, the mess, handling my own shit. To be unable to get out of bed. To depend on someone to get me onto a bedpan, and to be left hanging onto a trapeze over my pan full of urine for so long that I finally lost my grip and sat in it. Honestly, I’m not sure whether my tears are from fury, or grief, or both. Thank you. It is exactly what “Chloe” needs to experience. I volunteer to help him do that. As humane as I am.

  16. Reminds me so much of this tranny who cut off his legs…
    “Chloe” seems to be a popular name for the real nutcases though. Who can forget “Chloe” (Ted) Prince, who went on 20-20 to tell the world how he was secretly intersex and a bee sting turned him into a woman.
    The thing that really bothers me about Clive though, is if he believes so firmly that he shouldn’t be able to walk, then how the hell can he get any enjoyment out of hiking and mountain climbing? Wouldn’t those experiences be just too painful for him to endure? WTH???

    1. OK, this is really mean (!) but I thought, “Too bad he didn’t cut them off at the shoulders.”
      I know that this man is seriously mentally ill, but I’m furious at our sick society demanding that I somehow accommodate his “trans” mental illness and pretend that it’s NOT a mental illness and that he’s a “real’ woman. He is not.
      Being forced to pretend that I can’t see the elephant in the room makes me very, very grumpy. NONE of these dudes are “passing”. I figured out the big supposed “secret” in The Crying Game within about a millisecond. I thought, “Really people? This is the big secret?” I rolled my eyes so far back into my head I was afraid they’d never roll back.
      These emperors are bare-ass naked and I’m supposed to admire their freaking “new clothes”? No, I shall not.

  17. “How does a brain that tells you you’re not supposed to walk also know that you’re supposed to pee yourself?”
    Yep, it’s the ‘my brain tells me I’m supposed to have a female body’ trope carried to its (il)logical conclusion.
    I’m supposed to be a paraplegic because I wet the bed makes AS MUCH sense as the more usual ‘I’m supposed to be a woman cos I like shopping’.
    Who knows, maybe this new trans area will finally persuade some more people that things have gone very wrong — and that offering disabling or disfiguring surgery because someone is convinced their brain says so, ISN’T a sensible thing to be doing, either on medical grounds, or on ethical grounds.
    Please, no more, else I’m going to think I’ve entered the twilight zone permanently…………….

  18. OMG, Chloe/Clive/whatever is like a gift that just keeps on giving! He also claims to have suffered from “Selective Mutism”! Ok, so let’s see…
    Self-identified BIID/wannabe paraplegic
    Self-identified GID/wannabe woman
    Self-identified bed wetter
    Self-identified victim of selective mutism
    Maybe one diagnosis covers it all…..
    “Individuals with Munchausen syndrome intentionally produce or exaggerate symptoms. They may lie about or fake symptoms, self-induce injury to cause symptoms, or alter the results of tests by contaminating samples such as a urine sample.”

    1. Your also forgot to mention that Chloe/Clive/whatever he is , is also Self-identified Intersex wannabe

    2. @Nobody Special
      Lol! This may not be of much relevance here, but can I just say that your mentioning Munchausen syndrome reminded me of something a female consultant forensic psychotherapist at Broadmoor Hospital (England) in the mid nineties said on the subject about Munchausen sydrome not being an illness, but a discription of a behaviour.
      ”The reason that Munschausen syndrome by proxy is NOT a useful term is because it’s a discription of a behaviour not a diagnosis. So for example, if you see somebody throwing stones into the water, you don’t day – Oh, they’ve got throwing stones into the water – You want to know what’s going on in their mind, and you really need to get at what the meaning of the behaviour is to the person, rather that simply giving it strange labels.” Dr. Gwen Adshead
      The extent of men’s fetishism has reached new heights that’s all I can say! Patriarchy’s physcotherapists (with perhaps the exception of Dr Gwen above) amongst others have, since they’ve existed, been just as obsessed with giving (often highly objectionable) names or labels to all men’s physco-sexual fetishes/behaviours. Indulging in wretched case studies on the individual male’s fetish as if they’d made a new discovery, and dare I say it helping to accommodate such males to varying degrees unintensionally or not? Sheesh! Radical Feminists have critiqued this to death for decades now and of course their cogent analyses were and are completely ignored by the patriarchal establishment.

  19. From a linked article:
    “Medicine is going to see it as conferring a disability on a patient. In that sense it’s different from sex-reassignment surgery. Being a man or woman is not a disability.”
    Says it all really, they SEE what they have managed to create through surgery and hormones AS being a man or a woman. Yes being a man or a woman isn’t a disability, but all that the surgery can create IS. The power of the surgeon to sculpt our flesh reigns supreme, silicone implants ARE just as good as breasts, cos what else are breasts for but to be looked at? A fuck-hole is as good as a vagina, because what are women FOR but something to be fucked.

  20. He claims to work at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute.
    And he just applied for a Masters program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

    1. I wonder if someone should warn the women at University of Utah about this Chloe/Clive character. If their are any women attending the University of Utah, they should make them aware of this Chloe/Clive character on their campus. Even let the people at the program that this Chloe/Clive character s applying to tell them about his history

  21. You are so right, BadDyke. (Nice name too.) It so nice to see all the outrage here, compared to the lectures I’m seeing elsewhere about too much anger and “intolerance.”
    Oh Gallus, it’s so good how you keep finding out more. Getting sympathy by pretending to fall over? Horrifying that this evil female-hating man might be participating in women being tortured. Just drug women and take over their identities. They called that fiction when it was a book and movie.
    “Selective mutism”?!!!
    Wouldn’t he be a lovely therapist?
    I just hope that the story of this arrogant disgusting fuck finally gets through to women who protect and defend such men — that they finally get what we’ve been saying all these years about identity appropriation, fetishizing, caricaturizing, female-hatred, Lesbian-hatred, etc. I’m not “trans-paraplegic phobic” — they oppress us!
    Please support REAL disabled Lesbians and women instead of these cruel men.

  22. By the way, GallusMag: please, please, PLEASE do not seek to surpass the surreal horror of this post. I don’t think my heart or my head could take it.

  23. There was some trans dood yesterday earnestly describing to me his life story, how much better he felt living as a woman. And I was particularly struck by the earnest expression on his face (and which emotion I was “supposed” to feel when observing it.)
    Anyway, now imagine a woman with the SAME earnest expression describing to you how much better she feels doing X. See the difference? We are conditioned to take that earnest expression so much more seriously when that expression is displayed by a MALE. Bystanders automatically attribute more legitimacy to whatever stupid theory he is proposing.
    I would love to see a study wherein a male, a female and a mtf (who clearly doesn’t pass) all give the exact same STUPID proposal to a group of research subjects. I bet you anything the research subjects would rate the proposal given by male and mtf much more highly than they would the proposal given by the female.

    1. Completely agree. Chloe, expressing his surprise about a female friend telling him frankly that his behavior was completely sick: “I automatically assume that all people are going to be understanding and compassionate whenever I am vulnerable and honest with them.”
      Hahaha! Male privilege= he’s steeping in it.

    2. > I would love to see a study wherein a male, a female and a mtf (who clearly doesn’t pass) all give the exact same STUPID proposal to a group of research subjects. I bet you anything the research subjects would rate the proposal given by male and mtf much more highly than they would the proposal given by the female.
      That would be a rather interesting study. It could potentially provide a fair amount of ammunition for the argument that a lot of the legislative and societal “successes” are not because the mtf activists are seen as female, rather, they are largely because they aren’t.
      It would also be interesting to include a few people with obvious psychiatric illnesses, to see if the public perception of the non-passable mtf is seen the same way by the observers.

      1. FYI, there have been studies like this, and the results were as expected. Not for research proposals, but job applications. People were asked to review the exact same CV with a male or female name, woman was rated as much less capable/hireable. Another involved orchestra auditions behind a screen to hide sex of player, another involved hearing a man or woman read out a political speech. I think the first one came from Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine, the second is a research paper called “powerful women: does exposure reduce prejudice?” by Beaman et al (though it was unpublished as yet when I read it) and the last I think came from the Wisdom of Crowds by Suroweicki.

  24. oh. my point was, this unconscious bias is the reason why folks tend to take transgenderism seriously. If it was only women who were fTtrans, then nobody would take them seriously and transgenderism would have been summarily dismissed as an hysterical mental illness from Day One.

    1. Completely agree. M2Ts don’t lose male privilege by impersonating and minstrelizing females. Even those who visually “pass” are treated completely different the second the truth of their maleness comes to light. Every trans will tell you that. The same way that our perceptions of Chloe change when we realize he is a lying narcissistic psychopath faking disability, even though his visual appearance hasn’t changed.
      Many trans are under the delusion that they “pass”, or that people don’t know they are trans because the vast majority of people are too polite to let on that they know. M2Ts don’t realize that people are still treating them as male with all the privilege that entails. M2Ts only occasionally get a slight glimpse of the experience of being treated as female. Which is such a horrific experience for them that they just “know” it must be a thousand times worse than what actual females go through on a daily basis since the moment of birth.

      1. Commenter yerb/femnst has suggested several times that I start a “Trans Privilege Checklist” post that readers can add to. That is an excellent idea and when I see her back around here I will start it.

      2. Thank you, Mag. I’m back and would LOVE for you to start the list, for us to build. This guy could build a lot of it just with his one story.
        The sooner we start the list, the sooner we can start circulating it in political groups and sending it to electeds to let trans’ own words discredit them. I was just thinking earlier tonight about how someone wrote here that “genderbending” and rejecting sexist roles is a form of “transphobia!” because it “mocks” the plight of transsexuals’ cross-sex mimicking. How dare feminists exist. Next, they’ll complain that women in the workforce, and women voting, are mocking them. Thank you for wanting to start this list!

    2. well in the past, when women did dress as males so as to earn $ for their family in a way other than prostitution, or whatever, if found they WERE considered crazy, locked into asylums, correctively raped, killed, etc.

  25. “about too much anger and “intolerance.” ”
    Tolerance in this context just means — lay down and shut the fuck up, cos everyone else is more important than you, and womens opinion on this doesn’t matter…………………….
    This whole trans group of ideologies harms women via the transgender garbage, disabled people with this transabled crap, and the only ones laughing are the usual suspects — the white, middle-aged men who need more and more attention, and who think they are entitled to WHATEVER they want, whether that be silicone boobies and an orgy of shoe-shopping, or a nice surgeon to chop their legs off.

  26. Some quotes from his posts:
    “Differently Abled Dyke!
    Written by Chloe on Sunday, June 19, 2011
    Alicia and I decided to participate in the “Dyke March” that is part of the vibrant “Pride Festival” in Salt Lake City. She made a sign for my wheelchair which said “Differently Abled Dyke”.
    We parked at the festival venue and walked the march route in reverse to get to the gathering area (the steps of the state capitol building) where there would be speeches, music and such. It wasn’t long before I got the first of many positive comments about my wheelchair sign. Two young women on bicycles spotted it, and one exclaimed “Oh! How cute!”
    I immediately recognised the name of the keynote speaker at the march gathering as belonging to one of my ex-psychotherapists. Gosh! How many ex-psychotherapists can one accumulate in a lifetime? A lot, apparently! I’m not sure I would have recognised her. Since I last saw her she has come out as being genderqueer. For those of you who are unfamiliar with such things, that means she (or he) identifies as neither male nor female, or both, or whatever. It’s very trendy these days. I guess it’s the psychological equivalent of being intersexed. Hmm… Why am I not at all surprised that I have a genderqueer ex-psychotherapist? Anyway, it pleased me that the core of her (or his) speech was about being inclusive of FtMs, MtFs and whatevers in the lesbian community.”

  27. “Perhaps I expect too much too fast in terms of other people’s understanding of BIID. However, with a 99% success rate of gaining acceptance and support of people to whom I explain this face to face, I feel greatly encouraged that we are on the cusp of widespread knowledge and acceptance of this condition.
    I would liken the situation to that of Christine Jorgensen in the early 1950s. Bear in mind that her initial sex change surgery consisted solely of castration and penectomy; in other words, amputation of healthy body parts. I suspect that a great many people in those days could not remotely comprehend the concept of a guy wanting to cut off his [sic] penis! Does that not sound just as absurd as my desires?
    Yet… here we are sixty years later and I would go so far as to say that gender confirmation surgery is both commonplace and widely accepted. When I had such surgery, every single family member and friend was very supportive, without exception.”
    -Chloe Jennings-white

    1. wish I was a member of your family. I might have cared about you enough to push you into getting some real help, but as it is, i know you are a wretched person, trapped in a functional body with very diseased mind.

  28. “Our feminist professor listed five major types of privilege: White privilege, Heterosexual privilege, Male privilege, Non-disabled privilege, and Non-trans privilege. Those last two are interesting, aren’t they?
    So… There’s the question of non-transabled privilege. It seems reasonable to assert that being able bodied confers privilege relative to being transabled. But I’ll pose the highly controversial question as to whether PWDs have any privilege not enjoyed by those who are transabled.”
    “The workshop came with a handout: “Privileges Held by Non-Trans People”. This was a list of 25 privileges thusly held. Of course my mind was immediately translating everything in terms of non-transabled privilege. Some of them stood out as needing no translating at all. For example: “When I express my internal identities in my daily life, I am not considered ‘mentally ill’ by the medical establishment” and “The medical establishment does not serve as a ‘gatekeeper’ which disallows self-determination of what happens to my body”.
    Many of the handout items required only the change of a couple of words. Here are two of my translations in this category: “If I end up in the emergency room, I do not have to worry that my BIID will keep me from receiving appropriate medical treament nor will all of my medical issues be seen as a product of my BIID” and “My validity as a PWD is not based upon how much surgery I’ve had or how well I pass as a PWD”.
    For me, the workshop underscored both how appropriate the name of this website is, with the underlying analogy, and also the veracity of the assertion that people with BIID are a disempowered group. BIID activism is much needed.”-Chloe Jennings-White

    1. Geez, what the heck is going on with this world. It seems to me that a lot of men who are trying to claim everything under the sun. Maybe the Zoe Brain Syndrome is winding it’s way though the Trans community.

      1. When you do something unquestionably stupid, and there’s nobody present to blame…
        Do you dare to take the fault yourself? Or do you blame “males” for that as well?

  29. I appreciate what you said, Purplerage. I certainly understand saying these kinds of men are “sick,” but then that associates them with people who are legitimately sick, not from oppressive/offensive behavior. It also takes away responsibility and accountability for their very harmful actions. Too often, women react in understandable horror to things certain men have done, such as serial rapist/torturer/killers, by saying “They’re sick!” — which lets them off the hook and sets them aside as extremely unusual. Rape is not unusual for men to commit, actually, and more girls and women are in danger as long as it’s assumed to be only very unusual men who are rapists.
    In an fb group where some of us are being patronized about “trans” having rights to their feelings, I referred to the “trans-paraplegics” and was told, “He’s sick!,” “Trans-paraplegics are human beings too,” “Trans-paraplegics have a right to their feelings.” I don’t know why, but I was shocked at women defending these men more than the usual gender pretenders.
    Gallus, thank you so much for further info about this horrible man. It helps so much to refer to your work when trying to explain what is wrong with all of this. “Differently Abled Dyke” for a privileged,white, middle-class, non-disabled man. What would make a difference would be for all women and Lesbians to finally get it and stop supporting these men who have no shame or conscience about appropriated the identity of those they oppress.
    Yes, Andrea, you know such a study would prove this kind of man would get the job and the woman be the least likely.
    Are we the only ones protesting this travesty’s “right” to do whatever he wants?

    1. Here is the fake lesbian, fake female, fake paraplegic employee of the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute at the Salt Lake City Dyke March:

    2. Sorry for not making myself clear. I didn’t for one single minute mean to imply that I thought this prick was ”mentally ill” or the many other pricks out there like him. Of course they’re not, they know exactly what they’re doing every step of the way, and that in and of itself reveals their political agenda.

  30. Wow!The crazy is strong in this one!
    I often wonder if there is an actual biological basis for all these BIIDs.
    But in the case of “pretenders” such as this fellow,I am prety certain that the cause is psychological.
    I also hope he gets to jail for fraud.

    1. I’m wondering why the State of Utah is not launching an investigation into that pretender. Someone at least should tell the University of Utah or the Utah DMV about this pretender. I do hope Prison serves him well

  31. FeistyAmazon Says:
    February 3, 2012 at 9:37 pm
    THANK GODDESS FOR GALLUS MAG!!!! Now this is NOT the first time I’ve heard of ‘TransDisabled’, we discussed this in the gender (wars) section on the Michfest list, as exactly like you said above: THE SAME INSANITY AS THE TRANS IDENTITY, in fact the two morph together so tellingly. They THINK they’re female, and in NO WAY THEY ARE, they THINK they are disabled, and they think that a medical solution is the only out to their problem.
    Well, these whackos, maybe they need a nice vacation at John George, Napa or some other institution that can accomodate them….oh I forgot, they kicked out so many of the mentally ill, who end up on the streets…that was Reagan, and what we have left are spoiled little boys of privilege who have better tech jobs than most any woman alive, or most disabled folks, and YET they want to occupy the spaces of and coopt both….what part of their brains aren’t ticking and need to be heavily medicated? Oh don’t get me started!
    Being on my third disabled lover, and knowing many Lesbian friends of mine who struggle with one form of disability or another, the ensuing visits to the doctor/hospital/money spent on copays, insurance, medication, and for those who can’t work, the minimum pay given through SSI, IT PERSONALLY DISGUSTS ME, someone would fake being disabled or actually WANT to be made disabled, when there are so many actual disabled women, Lesbians and others who struggle hard everyday to just barely scrape by, get the medical care they need, (and Goddess help you if you’re on Medi-Cal), the equipment they need for their care like wheelchairs, scooters, prostheses, hearing aids, even eyeglasses, or cars/vans redone to accomodate them, if insurances cover these things or not at all, as well as accessibility into and around buildings, bathrooms and events…..
    This is another insane male, and I don’t know what it is with them that they are this sick (AND I MEAN SICK) so glad I can say that openly here, taking the very needed resources of the disabled, as well as the identities of women, and making women in general look bad by seeming histronic, crazy, and taking up space, and sympathy, WHEN THEY ARE FAKING THE WHOLE BUSINESS!
    Maybe these dudes spend too much time online inventing fake personas to get sympathy and support and people to feel sorry for them, while compromising both bio Females and disabled people, and the limited resources for both, as well as the discrimination both face. And THEN having the gall to speak for us! Call it transinsanity!!!! And we are standing up to them, we won’t have it anymore!!!! And WE will call them on their fucking male lies!

    1. Sounds like feminism-extremism pouring out of you.
      You realize you portray yourself none better than what you speak against?

  32. I think it’s better to not consider them “sick” or mentally ill though. It lets them off the hook. And they are cleverly getting exactly what they want. So many men are obsessed with Lesbians, so they try to get access to us, and most are succeeding by claiming our identity much more than they did by just trolling Lesbian bars and events (although there are still those also,, including one of the nicer men who told me he wants to make love to women “like a Lesbian.”) But when men are this privileged and entitled, they will keep wanting more. So now, this one gets more attention, more sympathy, more welcome. Not that real Lesbians who are disabled get that. But men obviously do.

    1. Sounds like feminism-extremism pouring out of you.
      The more absurd I see the tunnel-visioned, ignorant, bigoted hatred individuals, the more I personally wonder if he/she isn’t getting the nail right on the head. I can’t be alone in that regard… Some of you would do well to take a third-person perspective on yourselves, though.

  33. We need women and Lesbians to vehemently say “NO” to these men. Not excuse them, not explain them, not tell other women to calm down and be “compassionate.” We need to say no like we need to say no to all men who lie and intrude and invade and oppress. We need to stop their taking resources and their making their lies be the public media image of Lesbians.

    1. Bev,
      That’s what I have been calling for as well in the intersex community. I have been calling for every Intersex to stand up with every woman and lesbian and say “NO” to these men, who seek to erase intersex people off the planet. Intersex people need to say “NO” to men who pretend, oppress, claim, invade and try to pass themselves off as Intersex people. Their lies and con game is what’s hurting real intersex people like myself and every real intersex person out their.

      1. You appeal to the intersex community to oppress people you know nothing of?
        How exactly are they “hurting” you?
        Did you hook up with a transgender in a bar, bang, and then spin your head around when you learned that they had male components, leaving you wondering your own legitimacy and bull-headed conviction that had no cause from the start?
        Sounds like a pretty first-world problem.
        You poor thing.

      2. Nicky is intersex, you fucking buffoon.
        So much butthurt from you over women refusing to buy your bullshit. How about you and your bros leave women alone?

  34. Wow, TWO comments on a post about discussion of positive directions for entire lesbian communities, and sixty-something on a few really messed up trans women.
    Glad you all have your priorities straight.

    1. Sir, that is a feeder post to the caucus groups noted at the conclusion of the post. Discussion on the issues noted in the post are taking place THERE, away from the leering eyes of female impersonators and fake lesbians like yourself. It was also an UPDATE post: the original post had over NINETY comments.
      It’s not “all about you” sir. A man like yourself, unable to see beyond your own importance, sees a post about “a few” men like yourself. You are unable to see anything but men, and male (your) concerns. We (females) however, find addressing issues of female impersonation, predation, sex role stereotypes, and disability to be VITALLY important to our emancipation from men like you- something you will NEVER understand.
      But thanks for stopping by and “setting us gals straight”. I can’t stop you from lurking, but I can ban you for life from further comment. And I have. Good day to you sir.

      1. Sounds like feminism-extremism pouring out of you.
        The more absurd I see the tunnel-visioned, ignorant, bigoted hatred individuals, the more I personally wonder if he/she isn’t getting the nail right on the head. I can’t be alone in that regard…
        How utterly petty and pathetic of an individual you are.
        You are not even worth the effort.

    2. Note to self: try to figure out how any one “trans woman” is any more or less “messed up” than all the others.
      They all seen pretty darn “messed up” to me.

  35. Nicky, I really agree and appreciate your speaking out so much about how these men are NOT intersex. I think intersex and Lesbians can be such good allies in fighting their appropriation of both our identities.
    Gallus, I just love how you handle these offensive, intrusive men. What a relief from the sites where we keep being told to respect them, no matter how oppressive they are.

    1. Bev,
      I totally agree that Lesbian, women and Intersex share a common fight against MEN and Trans. I speak out so much against trans within intersex spaces, that I get attacked and labeled as a bigot and transphobe for speaking up against them and against their inclusion within intersex spaces. The problem within the intersex spaces, is that their are some who are too blind to see for what it is and what the trans people are doing to intersex people. Some are to cozy with them and some even do their dirty work for them by conning and helping them erase intersex people. That’s why I have seen it for what it is and started waking up and telling people why Transgender people don’t belong in intersex spaces.
      Gallus, It’s good that you have a space for women and lesbians to be free of Men and Trans. As an intersex person, this is a good thing and something that Intersex people can learn from. Too many trans people have invaded intersex spaces, that it makes it hard to separate the Real ones from the wannabes.The Intersex community has way too many Zoe Alan Brain’s out their who are making life hard for Intersex people and messing it up to the point of damaging it

  36. I just read this article in the Guardian and thought of this post,
    As back-ground, the current UK government is pushing through benefit (welfare) reforms that will disproportionately hit the disabled and the ill, and are concurrently waging a propaganda campaign to convince the general public that the majority of claimants of disability allowance are ‘scroungers’ – cases like the above are not going to help.

  37. From one of the links: “…one may hope that ability reassignment surgery will not seem like such an odd thing to ask…”

  38. Old Music, it’s happening in the US too, with so much being cut, in California at least. They just want us to die, and these men pretending to be disabled really don’t care, including about making it worse for us.
    I hope the work you’re doing, Nicky, will make a difference. We’re both seeing our people selling us out for men claiming our identity, but I’m seeing some starting to realize too. Intersex and Lesbians and women are so vulnerable to feeling sympathy for anyone who says they don’t belong or are treated badly, even when they have so much privilege and steal from us. If only Intersex people, Lesbians, and women would start to love our own kind and each other enough to realize who needs support and who they are hurting by supporting or oppressors.

    1. Bev,
      I am seeing it every day, that the intersex people and the intersex community are getting sold out and selling themselves out to the Transgender mafia. It’s slowly getting to the point where Intersex people are getting erased and wiped out at the hands of the trans mafia and when they are done with that, they will set their sights and aim at Women and lesbians. Slowly, Intersex people are starting to wake up and see for what it is and realizing what the transgender people are really about. Some like me are waking up to see the fact that Transgender people are stealing intersex people’s name and idenity. Though sadly, some have been sold out to the transgender people and have sold the intersex people to them. My hope is that Intersex people can see what trans people are really doing to women and lesbians and see for themselves the harm trans people are doing to their own community. Just hope that Women and lesbians can show intersex people what Trans people are doing to them.

      1. The Straight F2T are stealing Gay men’s identity as well in the same as the Straight M2T are stealing Lesbian Women’s identity.
        One of the examples are the F2T who try to impersonate the Gay men and even have Grindr Accounts and want to enter the spaces for Gay men, the Gay men only like their own sex just like Lesbians like their own sex, no real gay men will fuck a straight girl even if she is F2T.

        1. “The Straight F2T are stealing Gay men’s identity as well in the same as the Straight M2T are stealing Lesbian Women’s identity.
          One of the examples are the F2T who try to impersonate the Gay men and even have Grindr Accounts and want to enter the spaces for Gay men, the Gay men only like their own sex just like Lesbians like their own sex, no real gay men will fuck a straight girl even if she is F2T.” -Ashura
          I absolutely agree Ashura, and some mixed sex lists I’m on with gay men, when I put out how IMPORTANT female and dyke only space is to me, they feel the same and they don’t want to have sex with those who have ‘pussies’, because a hell of alot of those FTM’s are stuck, with the breast removal surgeries, and appearing more externally male, but what counts for a gay dude is they have no penis, no member..nor does that surgery work for ANY FTM.Even those who have it to ‘pass’ cannot use it properly and have very serious infections and longterm problems and no sensation, so most opt NOT to do it and are left in limbo land. But they did make these choices.
          Gay men are getting as angry as we have been for YEARS in having OUR spaces coopted by the MTF’s. So now they see how ‘the other half lives’. And some gay guys have been just as guilty of crashing Dyke spaces, or attempting to do. When we had a Dyke space near the Castro, the “Whiptail Lizard Lounge” gay guys in drag were CONSTANTLY trying to crash it, and we had to turn them away(I’m not talking MTF’s either). Now the shoe is on the other foot so to speak.
          I do remember a few years ago on the Castro when one gay guy I knew spoke to me “I miss how our community used to be”, meaning it was for Gays and Lesbians(though they still have the lion’s share of resources), for Us, and all the Trans weren’t crashing our spaces right and left….and advocating for ‘queer’ space, rather than single sex, Lesbian or Gay space, which we ARE homosexual after all, and we NEED and WANT our single sex spaces to flirt, date, feel safe, get to know each other, and revel in each other’s presence without the opposite sex’s attitudes or interference. It has hurt both communities, but much more so the Lesbian/Dyke community, cuz Lesbians are so ‘accomodating’. Gay men, still being MEN are not, and have done a better job because of their male privilege and better economic resources as a result of defending their spaces, and are just in the last few years feeling under siege by all the women transitioning to male(mostly bi women, but not exclusively) and wanting ‘in’ on gay male space,the way that the MTF’s coopted ours years ago…

  39. Who is volunteering to send this blog post and comments to National Geographic?
    Perhaps we all should, so they better hear our objection to their not better researching the person in their story, or intentionally omitting something so significant as his sex, and allowing the public to think this jerk is female.

  40. Why doesn’t he just stop walking altogether if he doesn’t want to be able to walk. Then the muscles in his legs will atrophy and he WILL lose the ability to walk. Except that’s not what it’s really about, is it?

    1. What a special snowflake, getting lots of yummy attention from medical personnel – I guess all those truly sick people can just wait, eh?

      1. You have to wonder why medical staff are duped into his con game. Maybe the state should investigate his con game. It just goes to show how manly he’s using his special snowflake status. It just goes to show how disgusting trans people are and how all those truly sick people who can’t wait
        It’s sickening.

  41. Thanks for the link, Nicky. This fucker claims to be intersex. Infuriating. And still, all about him. Not once, ever does he show the slightest care or concern for anyone who is truly paraplegic. He doesn’t consider sympathy or trying to help them. Most live in poverty without adequate medical care, and even funding for access to attendants have been cut back or eliminated. It is beyond infuriating.

    1. Yeap and it still goes on and on about him. He seems to think that he needs to be the center of attention. It’s very typical of trans to steal attention away from those who need it the most. It’s why guys like chloe will never get what they want, but will try in vain anyway.

  42. Thank you so much, fmnst! You made great comments too! And Fwancis is so right — there are a number of ways he could accomplish his “dream.” But it’s not about that — it’s about being on display, being the center of attention and sympathy. Why else make his wheelchair deliberately fall?
    I was remembering recently on an fb support group site where the discussion led to trannies, of course. So much sympathy for those who grew up feeling in the wrong body (which I do not believe is the case for most from what I’ve learned from talking with and reading — for those who say it, how much care and sympathy did they show real girls?), but so little for those harmed by these men. This case goes beyond the usual stories and I think has the most chance to break the myths and cult line, so I linked to here and brought it up. I was reprimanded by a member saying she still “thinks of them as human beings.” That’s not the issue though, is it? The reality is that whatever a human being might mean to such men — an actual person, an equal? — they do not think of us as human beings. If they did, they would not fetishize us, caricaturize us, appropriate our identity, threaten us. And in this case, one of the worst yet, this fucker could instead be trying to help truly disabled Lesbians rather than leech off the sympathy and help of people, and giving all women, Lesbians, and disabled people a bad name.
    I still cannot get over the arrogance and disgusting smugness of this man.

  43. My husband, sister and I saw this Chloe/Clive person the night the Taboo episode aired. The 3 of us have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. So we know what life with a disability can entail. As I watched, it struck me how little ‘she ” really knew about life as a PWD.
    She didn’t know what it was like not being able to find work, having to deal with SSI ‘means ” tests, which would ensure that she would not be able to save privately for the wheelchair she uses.
    She doesn’t know that for medical insurance she might have to access medicaid for healthcare because private insurers for PWD do not yet (to my knowledge) exist. I know the Health Care Act is supposed to make pre existing conditions exclusions obsolete, tell me, who among this group knows which private insurers will now accept us?
    And I can’t help but wonder how much more scrutiny we PWD will have to undergo in the TAB world now, because this man decided to dupe everyone (and got away with it)? I’m so mad…
    Thanks for listening.

    1. > She doesn’t know that for medical insurance she might have to access medicaid for healthcare because private insurers for PWD do not yet (to my knowledge) exist.
      > who among this group knows which private insurers will now accept us?
      There are a few ways, depending on the state, to get insurance despite existing health issues. Small businesses have access to “shall issue” insurance, which can be one way to get insurance when other means fail.
      I understand that it can be hard, and that it’s not economically viable for everyone, especially people struggling with economic difficulty as a result of their disabilities. My mother has a disability which makes it very hard for her to work, so I started a company and hired her so that she could get insurance. It was a struggle to come up with the money, especially when the health care reform act made things more expensive (by getting rid of lifetime maximums), but I was able to get her insurance after many years without.
      It can also sometimes be possible to get insurance by joining various organizations. Group insurance is different than individual insurance, and typically much nicer with pre-existing conditions.
      I’ve had a lot of issues with insurance companies – most recently dropping me right before a big surgery. I try to help people get insurance and get it to pay – I have no sympathy for the way they treat people in this country.
      I don’t know what the rules would be about offering to help on this site. GallusMag, what would you feel is appropriate for commenters here? General questions? State-specific stuff?

      1. ? Not sure I understand what you are asking Kathrin.
        If a reader asks for help people can offer whatever help they want.
        If it involves sharing large files, upload them to a PUBLIC file-sharing site and post the link.
        If someone can offer help to improve someone’s life by all means do so.

  44. Having a son who was born paraplegic I find this sick and any doctor that is helping to support this fraud a quack.

  45. Thanks, Kathrin and Gallus Mag. I have a lot to look into, it seems.
    Best to both of you 🙂

    1. Thanks Nessie. You might want to check back later- seems that Kathrin may have some more specific helpful information to share- perhaps Kathrin will post it later.
      Best to you Nessie.

  46. *Speechless*
    Re. Munchausen’s and MUnchausen’s bi-proxy being things that women do, (and to watch all the movies you’d think that the majority of women were sending their kids to the doctor for perverse kicks), I read a feminist analysis on it which concluded it doesn’t exist. It’s male projection and misogyny. Men have a long long history of inventing illnesses for women, especially mental illnesses.

  47. Unless it’s a guy, I guess. Men probably do have Munchausen’s and Munchausen’s bi-proxy. But this guy “chloe” certainly doesn’t. He’s just suffering from a severe case of entitlement and narcissism.

  48. Oh Nessie and Vintage, I really sympathize and agree. Bad enough this arrogant man is appropriating so many identities, but he also is causing so much harm. And no concern for truly disabled Lesbians, women, and people.
    I just hope his going this far will finally help some women to stop promoting and defending such men against us all.

    1. It seems that people like Chloe goes to great lengths to try and manipulate society. I wonder how much longer before society wakes up and realizes what Trans people are REALLY all about

  49. Sure, everyone has a secret or two, some of us will do everything to keep those secrets hidden but in the Nat Geo show a “wannabe paraplegic” pretends she is a real paraplegic sufferer, yet to her family she is walking around, hiking and working as a fit human being. Everybody has a right to their own little secrets but I have a feeling this woman is just a con artist, looking for a couple of nice comments of people on the street who might feel sorry for her.
    It’s disturbing to say the least, knowing that there are people out there who want to be disabled to the point where they will need a carer and have a life-long attachments to their disabilities. Yet Clive/Chloe Jennings-White, a transsexual, wants to have her spinal cord cut becomes she dreams of being a real paraplegic. I pray she will never find such a doctor, and if she does then he should be struck of the board of doctors forever.
    In all honesty, the transsexual thing is just a tiny blip and I don’t care about that. However, Jennings-White has no idea what being disabled is really like, about all the extra small, annoying aches and pains disabled go through as well as the big issues… I’m sorry but there is just no way you can call that normal behaviour. I don’t buy the Body Integrity Identity Disorder thing she was diagnosed with… these days there’s a need to put a name to every smallest behaviour people portray, but it seems that Jennings-White is obviously not mentally ill enough to get out of her chair and walk up the staircase in a normal fashion or to go for 12 hour hikes. BIID suddenly is far away, or at least until she’s at the top of the staircase or on top of a hill, and then she picks up her wheelchair and leg braces again and she turns out to have BIID… oooh look how easy it goes! Convenient how you can just “dress yourself” with a diagnosis of a mentally ill person. I use the phrase “dressing herself” because she puts on the BIID thing as she sees fit. If you have your spinal cord cut, or if you keep getting into accidents in order to become disable, there is no way you will be able to use your paraplegic illness part-time anymore. It will be a 24h, 7 day a week, 52 weeks, a year, a lifetime of full-time being disabled. You won’t be able to dress yourself anymore with or without a disabled body when you like, your 12-hour hikes will be over as well as your desire to be really disabled.
    I am angry, yes, and maybe I shouldn’t care about people like this but people who became real victims of accidents or illnesses didn’t have a choice. They became disabled and sick because their bodies were injured or because their bodies became ill, and there is no one who really wants to be this way. Wanting to be a paraplegic, and doing everything you possibly can to become a paraplegic is a slap in the face of real disabled people, nothing more, nothing less.
    Jennings-White should go live with disabled people for a few months – or even a year – to see what it’s really like. No getting out of the wheelchair to get up the stairs, oh no… stay in your chair and see what real disabled people have to battle every day. And to hide it from her family is just one other thing that shows that suddenly her psychological disorder is gone again and she can act like she’s fighting fit for a few hours.
    Clive/Chloe Jennings-White, you have no idea what you are doing, asking doctors to cut your spinal cord. Are you so desperate to want to be in a wheelchair every minute of every day?
    I have MS, I am not wheelchair-bound (yet) but that prospect might happen in the next few years of my life. Every day I pray that I will never end up in a wheelchair, that one day there will be a cure for my illness and that I will be able to go to work again instead of being stuck at home every single day. You can only last a couple of years with the friends and the ex-colleagues who used to come around to see you when you’re stuck at home, you eventually lose more and more friends because you are not like them anymore and because you are not around anymore. I had to quit my job at the age of 36 because of the severe fatigue and daily/nightly aches and pains I have. I wake up several times a night because my body hurts, I take so much medication I’m like a walking pharmaceutical plant and I am sometimes so tired I can’t even walk or talk. Every second of every day I wished I was still at work, enjoying life with my friends, family and colleagues, yet despite being a social kind of girl I lost most of my circle of friends. So put yourself in my shoes Jennings-White, and you will be ashamed of what you want. I am almost 39 now and even though I have accepted my illness, I still wish my life had turned out differently, and every day I hope that one day my neurological illness will be cured so I don’t and won’t end up in a wheelchair every day.
    Shame on you Jennings-White, absolutely shame on you for wanting something so bad you would willingly hurt yourself to become a real paraplegic! I’ll gladly swap bodies with you for a while if you dare finding out what being stuck at home, ill and without prospects of getting better anytime soon is really like. My illness is full-time, yours is not yet existing. You have absolutely no idea… at all.

    1. Hiya,
      I’ve been wheelchair-bound all my life. I’m unable to do much physical stuff and I’ve known a lot of people worse off than me. I’ve been in so much pain I’ve screamed before, and it’s likely to get worse as I stiffen up more and more.
      If this person wants to be disabled because someone will care for her/give her attention, she’s silly; just because someone cares for you doesn’t mean they actually like you – far from it — and they won’t love you like family/friends do. Some of mine have become second family, but I’d still rather not need them.
      Then there’s the thought by various people that I must not do much in my daily life, that I must be bored all the time and silly questions I can never answer, things recommended which are useless or non-existent, people leaving, services closing, equipment breaking just when I desperately need it, having to spend time with various people you have nothing in common with and – in the worst case — don’t actually like, the terrible nightly fear of re-creating a scene from ‘Trainspotting’ – those who’ve watched it will know what I mean!!
      Most things you want sound amazing until you get them.

  50. I really agree, Willeke. What Jennings-White is doing is beyond disgusting, cruel, and oppressive. But I think it’s entirely relevant that he is also a man pretending to a Lesbian. I have never heard of a woman or Lesbian appropriating disabled identity like this.

  51. This person was on Anderson Cooper show repeat on June 4th. It was not mentioned that he is MTF on the show and I wrote Anderson if he was made to agree that this person’s status was to remain unknown. I think audiences would have an even more negative reaction had they known this person was MTF. This person seeks attention and is an attention whore. I wonder what this person would want next if their wish for spinal cord severing is actually accomplished. This person is mentally ill, not suffering from some “disorder.”

    1. I still wish I could find the Anderson Cooper episode (the full thing) on the net somewhere. I’ve seen the Taboo episode, but not this…

  52. I’ve known women who are pretenders. It is not a male only thing.
    And believe me, there’s plenty of outrage. Look up pretending anywhere online and you’ll see horrible abuse heaped on these people.

  53. Hi there,
    Tried to find a way to email you this link but couldn’t so hoping leaving it as a comment on this post works. A blog called Womanist Musings has recerntly posted regarding trans….according to the blog mistress and commenters, one can be trans sexual or trans gender but not trans abled, trans race…that woudl be appropriating the oppression of marginalized groups. Pretty interesting considering that one that one of the folks negating the existence of these trans identities and bemonaing the way it will affect “safe spaces” is some identifies as trans gender. Talk about removing the beam from your own eye, no cognitive dissonance here! Anyway here is the link:

    1. Hi Elsie,
      Renee, the dipshit who writes Womanist Musings, does not have an original thought in her deluded head. She’s a piss-poor writer who just latches onto whatever dumbass ideas the funfem blogs are spewing, and then pukes them out on her blog after she puts them through her oh-woe-is-me and I’m-holier-than-thou filters. Too lazy to bother to spellcheck her posts for her readers, her “writing” is a miserable morass of self-pity and sanctimoniousness. Do your mind a great favor and stay far, far away.

  54. Does any body know how to get in touch with this woman? Chloe Jennings-White? Or if you’re able to pass my information along to her, I would appreciate it.
    Thank You

  55. The Men of the Internet have discovered this:
    What’s seriously fucked up is that none of them figured out he’s a dude (despite it being a trans-cult community to some extent) because they are laboring under the idea that fucked up behavior is feminine (munchausans/wtf-ever). So misogyny is helping this fuckwit pass as female with the male community.

  56. I’ve done some research on the schizophrenia spectrum lately, which basically involves high levels of pathological schizotypy, to include unusual experiences (all the way up to delusions and hallucinations), cognitive disorganization (all the way up to disorganized speech and word salad), introverted anhedonia (negative symptoms), and impulsive noncomformity (all the way up to disorganized behavior and catatonia), and I was looking at the self-experiences that are common in the disorders on the spectrum and I found that some of them seem to correlate to those that the transgender, the BIID people, and the transabled seem to have. Of course, this doesn’t mean these people are on the schizophrenia spectrum, but it does show that having these self-experiences may not exactly be signs of a healthy mind.
    Basically, here is a big long list of self-experiences common in schizophrenia, which include many examples from patients with schizophrenia:
    One objection may be that these experiences in schizophrenia are necessarily delusional and thus distinct from those in, say, GID, but that is not true. In schizophrenia, they more form the basis of delusions, but they are not inherently delusional and are often present when the patient is not experiencing psychosis. Keep in mind the use of “as if” to describe experiences, meaning that the person experiencing it knows it’s not real.
    For the transgender, you’ve got item 2.11.2 “A feeling _as if_ being of the opposite sex…” You also frequently see 2.10, “Sense of change in relation to chronological age.”
    For the BIID people, you’ve got item 3.3 “Somatic depersonalization (bodily estrangement).”
    For the transabled, you’ve got a whole host of combinations of experiences in sections 2 and 3, particularly those relating to depersonalization, sense of change in relation to identity, and motor disturbances.
    Of course, I think there is also the major component of jerkholery which is essential in these groups, but not in schizophrenia. Plus, as someone on the autism spectrum who dealt with the stigma of being in a separate special ed class (inside of a regular school) for most of grade school, the very idea of “transautism” seems insulting.

  57. This article seems to be created to disgrace the person as a man instead of the fact that the person is getting special treatment for being a fake paraplegic! Would this person wrote the article if it really was a women? Doubtful

    1. Craig, maybe you haven’t noticed the focus of this website. It deals with the issue of transsexuals, particularly their interactions with the lesbian and gay communities, but also the straight. Also, did we read the same article?! The same comments?! Many here, including Gallus, have condemned this man’s actions as a fake paraplegic. I know I’d be just as disgusted if he was a woman, and I’m sure many here would agree with that. Stop trying to stir the turd and take your not-so-subtle misogyny elsewhere.

  58. I wonder how many Baghdad residents are fake lesbian paraplegics. I wonder how many of the million+ who will live and die in the slums of Mumbai are contemplating having a doctor injur their spine…
    This man is the very definition if “first world problems”.
    Too bad there isn’t a way he could “donate” the good portion of his spine to someone who was injured.
    I say, if this guy is going to “become authentic”, he must sign a contract forbidding him from public assistance. At that point, I don’t care what he does with his body so long as nobody but him is paying for it.

    1. Un. Fucking. Believable. – well, except for the part about how his wife does all the housekeeping and gardening, while he presumably sits his ass in his wheelchair and watches. Nothing surprising about that. What a piece of shit.

    2. Ah but this story has also bubbled up again on YouTube:
      In the comments quite a few people pick up on the fact that “she looks like a tranny” or ask “is that a man?”
      And Jennings-White is still doing the same old same old dodge – people point out “able bodied person pretending” and he runs to say “oh but I have disabilities! I do!” and lists up UNRELATED (or very tenuously related) STUFF.
      There’s an article in the Sun from the UK, at
      In that one he’s more forthright about purposely taking advantage of grey areas to be prescribed braces in the first place:
      “A month before the wedding, in December 2006, a skiing accident really did leave Chloe with a back injury and a perfect excuse to get leg braces.
      She admits: “I didn’t really need them, but I decided to use it as a reason to get some. I wouldn’t need my pretend splints any more.”

      Honestly that’s the most open admission I’ve seen from any of the articles. Usually it’s all about the deflection to “but I am disabled! I have fibromyalgia and back problems! Plus hearing loss!” (yeah none of which normally require braces and a wheelchair though! THAT is what your “ignorant” commenters are always pointing out and you’re always dodging…)
      There’s a new post up on the main transabled site about it also, with the usual defenses. Lately in addition to the defenses there’s always “and anyway most of my friends have disabilities and they share EVERYTHING with me” with mentions of how these people are 100% ok with the transabled thing and also spend lots of time making jokes about their bladder issues and whatever else because hey, Chloe is accepted as one of them – honestly, it comes off as weird fetishism of the worst order.
      Anyway. 🙂
      The article started a thread on reddit.
      Speaking of reddit, I just want to say that whoever “veronalady” is, I’ve very much appreciated her comments lately.

      1. …and there’s more! (I guess these bursts of media spectacle happen in waves.)
        Latest is from the Salt Lake City Tribune (
        This article mentions the “intersex.” More interestingly, it properly names the psychotherapist who appears in the YouTube clip, as “Mark Malan, an Ogden sexologist who works with Jennings-White on gender identity issues.”
        Better yet, it says that even HE thinks (as I do, but what do I know, I’m just some random internet hater) “it’s about identity.” Of course it is. If you read all of the writings from the beginning of the transabled website, that much is pretty clear. (Very much including the memoirs of the site owner, also, who similarly denies all the time that it can be a psychological thing about identity from childhood.)
        The article goes on to say:
        “She doesn’t believe, as Malan suspects, that it was any special attachment to her aunt that caused BIID; rather, she thinks seeing the leg braces helped her to define a pre-existing inclination.”
        Yeah. So even the guy who he always is referring to in the “but therapists say I’m not delusional, no,” apparently the main person he sees and always refers to as his psychotherapist, is thinking (as I did, before any of this made the news at all and it was just some weird website I found while surfing around some extreme body modification websites) that it’s about identity and specifically about identifying with a disabled person and kinda “wanting to be them.” Hell, even Jennings-White in the past has written about situations in which the wheelchair just wouldn’t be practical and so he settled for braces, or one brace, or at least a crutch, because… (wait for it)… it wouldn’t do to appear able-bodied. That would be psychologically problematic… why? I’m interested to know.
        Obviously it’s about identity. That’s what makes the whole thing so fascinating… what drives someone to want to belong to a marginalized group?
        “Delusional” is a red herring anyway. Yeah, you’re not delusional. But why are you so insistent on being perceived as disabled?

      2. @Adrian, 4:31
        ” … what drives someone to want to belong to a marginalized group? ”
        Masochism. The whole psychological mess of sadomasochism is fundamental with these fellows.

      3. Adrian, I thought seriously about your question, why the need to appear disabled and female? Here is one possibility: disabled women are at such an incredibly disproportionate risk of male predation. If you’re a wolf looking for sheep’s clothing, this is the ultimate. The first time I read this story I was appalled and disgusted. (It happens that I have a family member who uses a wheelchair and has no choice about it, and I simply can’t imagine how demoralizing she’d find this.) But now there’s this other layer; the idea that it’s likely a ploy to get women to let their guard down? This individual scares me.

      4. Wolf in sheep’s clothing indeed. Whenever I see this thread come up in the new comments bar I think of this guy who lives in my city and can often be seen on public transit. (It’s not that big of a city, if you ride the bus for a while you know all the “characters.”) He’s middle aged and white and cross dresses…I have no idea if he considers himself “trans” or just a cross dresser, but at any rate, he is worse at dressing himself than any woman I have ever known. He wears extremely inappropriate short skirts and plunging necklines and weirdly dowdy opaque hose…and does not shave his chest or legs which makes him quite the sight. Sometimes he sits across from women and well, doesn’t sit like a lady let’s say, so unless you cover your face, you see everything. SO GROSS.
        *I* dread seeing him because he’s always creepy and inappropriate with young women. I am getting old enough to not be as much of a target for his “attentions” anymore but I feel like I should do something when he creeps on the teenage girls and dread having to intervene. The *drivers* all refer to him behind his back nastily because he pisses on the seats or leaves…well they don’t say exactly, but some sort of “biohazard” they have to deal with.
        He has taken to using either a rusty old walker or mismatched set of crutches at times. Now I know not all disabilities are visible, but there’s a real lack of credibility to how he carries off this act. For one thing, even the poorest disabled people usually are able to get a properly sized cane, etc, because Medicaid will pay for it or the low income clinic will help them find one. You don’t even see homeless people using these rusty Goodwill things. I think he’s a faker and either it’s another fetish for him or it’s part of a ploy to get women to pity him so he can get close enough to creep on us. He literally makes me feel sick. And what makes me FURIOUSLY ANGRY is the idea that that healthy reaction of mine is something young girls are being taught to ignore in the name of being PC with “trans issues.”
        But the bottom line of dealing with people safely is, when someone represents themselves as something other than what they really are, BE CONCERNED. Deeply concerned. It’s not safe to ignore that instinct.

  59. Many layers here. Ableist, Lesbian-appropriating, female-appropriating sadist enjoys the attention. He’s autogynephilic and gets his kicks with all the television interviews and has no real desire to be paraplegic. He admits enjoying making his wheelchair fall over (like at his local Dyke March) to get a reacton and sympathy. He uses disabled services, when not hiking. He orders people around at his work and in stores to do thing for him. (When he “came out” to a co-worker who he clearly is the boss or supervisor of, the man looked furious, but had to hide it.)
    Yes, it’s likely he uses this to get women in vulnerable positions, like the woman-skinner in Silence of the Lambs. Disgusting on every level.
    And if he does attack anyone, that will add to statistics of violent women.

  60. My deepest thanks to Gallus Mag and all who have commented here. I came upon this site through an article by Elizabeth Hungerford (“Sex is not Gender”) on
    I read it because a couple of months ago I had read another article on the site about the behavior of some M2F’s who behaved in a physically aggressive way towards women at an event (sorry, don’t recall all the details). They approached the women’s literature table and pushed everything onto the floor, yelling, etc.
    I’ll be honest: the claims made in that article, especially with respect to minors were so fantastic, I was skeptical about them until today. I was totally unaware of this phenomenon. I was completely baffled about why these M2Fs were so insistent on imitating the narrowest and most limiting example of female behavior – the one preferred by patriarchy.
    I confess that before today, I was utterly taken in. But even in fictional representations meant to be favorable to trans women/girls (recent episode of tv show Major Crimes) that self-centeredness (I know, I made up a word 🙂 ), oblivious narcissism, and oxygen-sucking need to be the center of attention comes through with all the subtlety of a freight train.
    In addition to reading about this disgusting charlatan, today I also read the post and comments “What Separates the T from the LG”. My thoughts were along the lines of, “Yeah. Ok, if a man wants to be called ‘Sue’, I’ll call him Sue.” Personally, I don’t treat women differently than I treat men. Yes: I’ve had men dislike me because I don’t think they’re automatically any more special or valuable because of their sex than women are. And yes: I completely and utterly refuse to let anyone tell me how I should feel about them (or anything else). OMG! A couple of the men posted comments with their demands about how women should treat them! When I read that, I thought, “Who the HELL do you think you are?” But they know who they are: privileged men whose own space in our culture isn’t big enough to satisfy them – so they have to try to take up other people’s spaces as well!!
    Thank you so very much. I really learned a lot today.

    1. When I searched for Chloe Jennings-White gender trender it came up on the first page. I don’t know if Google is burying less obvious search terms.

    2. If you mean this one and not the NatGeo story, GenderTrender was at the top of the short list using the auto-complete options when I started with “National Geographic Chloe.” It actually gave me a drop-down list that had ‘national geographic taboo chloe’ which then shows this at the top of the list….

    3. It’s still there. I googled his name and national geographic and your post is number 2. When I google “fake paraplegic national geographic” it’s number 1. Same with “fake handicap and national geographic.”

      They take out the part about the GID, and this being a trans born-male
      He still seeking a doctor to do an operation to make him a crippled woman. You see, his wife has been playing along with the woman thing and the handi-cap fetish early on and is not able to tell him to stop as it escalated and took over his life.
      Could be a Domination thing or his wife is extremely passive, her self confidence[and self esteem] already destroyed and dependant on him.[wouldn’t be the only m/f relationship like that]., and he wants a 24/7 lifestyle of living like and really feeling like a disabled woman’. Could be a diaper fetish thing too,,
      who knows. I bet if he does succeed in crippling himself.. I am sure he will have the fact he was able bodied before removed from papers -just like a guy with a body builder addiction that wants to get rid of all his puny before pics.. Same thing going on mentally,
      Pretty much, his addiction will escalate once he gets that and that level of the fetish was already ‘had’, and he will move on to his next life-altering thrilling lifestyle with his caregiver- wife, maybe he will pretend to be blind next and want doctors to blind him.
      What would clo-he do without his slave, er um, I mean- ‘wife’

      1. Because taking care of a paraplegic is just shits and giggles for the caretaker. I feel so sorry for that woman. I hope she sees the light before she starts having to wipe his ass.

        1. OMG, you are right. It has been a while since I read this, usually I re-read if it has been awhile-
          I was following comments- there have been some awesome thing said in the last, week, some of them I waited years to hear.
          Please back up your site with the comments. 🙂
          I will definitely wait to re-read to reply if I am on my phone.
          I mistaken this person for a female because of a photo that doesn’t really look like the person in the video.. :/

      2. Well, fair’s fair. I’ve often snarked that if transwomen are that eager to get into lesbians’ pants, they should have sex with each other. Kudos to those two for leading by example.

      3. So his “wife” probably gets off on the idea of being the Brave Lady Caretaker. Just like Florence Nightingale!

    5. From today, Google search:
      Search Results
      National Geographic’s “Taboo” : Fake paraplegic Chloe ……/national-geographic-taboo-fake-paraple…
      National Geographic’s “Taboo” : Fake paraplegic Chloe Jennings-White. February 1, 2012. Someone dropped me a line about a show they saw on the National …

  61. Is anyone else reminded of the kids’ book HARRIET THE SPY? Harriet spies on this rich spoiled woman who spends all her time in bed, telling all of her friends that the secret of life is to stay in bed and refuse to move because it’s just the most wonderful thing in the world.
    Then she’s told by her doctor that she’s seriously ill and will be confined to bed for the rest of her life…and is horrified, and refuses to get in bed for any reason.
    Let’s see how long this vile narcissist actually enjoys being paraplegic once he can’t just get up and walk around when nobody’s looking. What a disgusting bit of insensitivity. Sadly not surprising from a M2T; hey, why co-opt only one group’s oppression? What do you think he’ll do for his hat trick–blackface?
    Taking handicapped parking spaces…the doctor who agreed to that ought to have his license pulled.

  62. I apologize if this article is too off-topic but it does have to do with BIID. This North Carolina woman claims that she was able to convince a “sympathetic” psychologist to blind her.
    And, she is now blind and “happy”.
    This is health care in 2015. Will we see the DSM diagnosis for the “trans-abled” change in a few years so that it is no longer a “disorder” but something like “Ability Dysphoria”?
    And of course, the cure will be mutilation, just like it is for transsexualism.

  63. If he becomes paralyzed from the waist down, does that mean he won’t be able to get a boner for all his fetishes anymore? Seems a little counter-intuitive. Maybe he didn’t think that far ahead?

  64. How is this even legal? There are real people with real physical and mental disabilities. This man makes a mockery of them, and he is allowed to live freely instead of being put in a mental institution? Identity politics is going down the rabbit hole fast. When are we as a society going to say ENOUGH!?

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