Transgender Children: “The Transgender Taboo is a Threat to Academic Freedom”

"Little Boy in a Red Dress" William Matthew Prior (1806-1873)

Interesting article in the Telegraph about the controversial experimental sterilization treatments being conducted on Lesbian and Gay children by the UK’s National Health Service, and how ongoing transgender campaigns of harassment against researchers are preventing scientists from addressing difficult questions about the efficacy –and the ethics- of such treatments.
From the article:
“The operations are being paid for by the taxpayers, although I don’t think that’s the issue. If the state can pay several thousands to save a person from a life of misery and eventual suicide then I for one think that is money well-spent. And yet the strange thing is that, taking aside the fact that “blockers” may affect cognitive ability and bone density, there’s actually no accepted medical proof or consensusthat sex change operations actually help someone’s mental health; we may one day find that it does, but we simply don’t know enough at the moment.
Yet that hasn’t stopped the growth of a political orthodoxy that boys and girls are sometimes born into the wrong bodies – their gender does not match their physical sex – and that this is best fixed by hormone treatment and/or surgery later in life; and that anyone who finds this uncomfortable suffers themselves from a psychological condition, apparently, called transphobia.
This is the only explanation acceptable to the media and, indeed, the state, which spends a fair deal of money (which we don’t have) combating transphobia. Yet at the moment science is still quite confused about Gender Identity Disorder, and what is acceptable to say about it is constrained by taboo and threats, and academics who argue against the standard political narrative tend to get persecuted.”
Of course there are over a hundred comments on the article by the usual suspects: straight middle-aged men who adopted a transgender lifestyle (at least online) after decades of male privilege, heterosexual marriage, and careers. They echo the thoughts of career-military man turned trans-activist Autumn Sandeen when he states that the future of the entire transgender movement should be based on the meme of “transgender children”, because it “take[s] the sex right out of the trans experience”.

From TYFA interview with Kim Pearson:

Sandeen: “ I’ve always said there are two groups that are going to make change in transgender legislation and the “gender identity and expression” related language in legislation. It’s going to be trans youth because they take, you know, they demystify it and take the sex right out of the trans experience.”
Trans Youth Famly Allies director Kim Pearson: “They do. They do.”
Sandeen: “And then, transgender veterans – or people doing service like police. But it’s going to be military, veterans, police, fire, those kind of folks who are serving to send a message- especially veterans. It’s hard to tell a veteran, you know, “we don’t appreciate your service because you’re transgender”.

Pearson: “Right. And it’s hard to say no to kids, and the needs of kids and “keeping kids safe”. And you know, “being respected in schools” and things like that. It’s really hard for people to say no to that.”

Adult transgenders use children because they have decided that using children obscures sexism and the sexualized/fetish aspect of the majority of the trans movement. And what creates more sympathy than a suffering child?
Pay no attention to the 50 year old retired military police officer with anger management problems who wants to share a dorm room with your seventeen year old daughter because he demands his “right” to a pretend-girlhood he’s always masturbated about.
Pay no attention to the convicted serial child predator who demands his “right” to sit in a hottub full of children in a women’s locker room because of his “gender identity”.
Pay no attention to the ingrained culture of pedomorphisis practiced by the very adults who promote these treatments on children and shout down academic medical and scientific study.
Pay no attention to the children who are committing suicide after graduating from “transgender youth” programs.
Pay no attention to the teen-aged transitioners now filled with regret.
Pay no attention to decades of intersex activism from people with first-hand knowledge of the damage done from performing medical “corrections” and experimentation on minor children.
Pay no attention that this treatment causes unstudied changes in brain growth, insulin resistance, bone density as well as lifetime sterilization, “elective disablility” and drug dependence of gender-noncompliant children.
Pay no attention to the fact that there has never been a SINGLE follow-up study on the youth who have been medically experimented upon in the name of “gender” AND that activist groups funded by adult transgenders to actively lobby for such experiments on children REFUSE to participate in any of the proposed international research BECAUSE WHAT LITTLE RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE on gender-noncompliant children into adulthood CONTRADICTS THESE TREATMENTS.


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  1. I find this fucking scary as hell, because I KNOW as a kid, this would have been forced on me, as a hardcore tomboy who rejected female roles, and preferred playing with the boys, boys toys, adventures and fun, rather than the drudgery of female housework and housework imitation games by feminine girls. Nor did I want to be put in dresses and such. I finally accepted myself as a Female and as a womon, and had a place when I came out as a Butch Dyke at the tender age of 20! And what pride Lesbians had in their communities and of themselves at that time….a space long gone by now…replaced with this male identified b.s.!

    1. I agree 100%percent we didn’t hear about this for about 100 years and all of a sudden bam here it is and the thing that really pisses me off is that they blame are creative god for putting them in the wrong body come on every one knows that god don’t make mistake and they say the kids are are future shit if thats the case we all are fucked cause this world wound be a doggy dog world and all the transgender little wannabes kids will be in hello

  2. This is SCARY. Even on the Telegraph, we have the usual mistaken claims about the science from PhD holders in the trans crowd.
    Let’s face it, what motivates this? The FEAR from parents when little Johnny wants to wear a dress.
    Meetings such as the one at the Royal College of Psychiatrists at which Julie Bindel was going to appear, which was going to consider, in effect, non-surgical treatments for gender issues, was stymied by the trans crowd.
    What do the current proposals look like to me? We couldn’t find a gay gene to identify gays in utero, so now let’s use good ole non-conformity to gender stereotypes instead — catch the sissy boys and potential baby butches young enough, and we’ll just surgicalise them into heteronormativity. Even better, the kids themselves and the parents DEMAND this surgery, rather than you having to persuade them that the scalpel holder knows best.

  3. That’s very scary and even as an intersex person, when i was growing up I was always constantly having the maleness beaten into my by my folks and even the doctors as well. Even though I was not biologically a male.
    That’s why Transactivist are so much into trying to erase intersex people like me. They see Intersex people as well as women and lesbian as a threat to their agenda. They somehow believe in their heads that intersex people like me exposes their flaws in their agenda and exposes the cold hard biological truth that they like to suppress so much.

  4. As other commenters pointed out to said ‘Phd in Physics’, everyone has a phd in something when on the internet.
    I love this:
    “anyone who finds this uncomfortable suffers themselves from a psychological condition, apparently, called transphobia.”
    It’s frighteningly scary, a form of eugenics and men and women appeasers are at the centre of this, as usual, sigh.
    Girlie is such a dirty word, and it shows how much women are worth in reality.

  5. This is really sad. I raised four teen agers and I was thinking of all the battles over tattoos, lip piercings, giant holes in their ears, shaved heads, etc. It’s pretty natural for kids to want to experiment, stand out, practice some body mod, shock people. As adults, it really is our job to protect them from themselves, at least until they’re mature enough to understand that what they’re doing is permanent, something they will live with their entire lives. Their brains aren’t finished growing, they have hormones trying to balance out. Now is not the time to decide you need tribal facial tattoos.
    It’s really sad and offensive to try and exploit kids, especially since this is almost like a natural and normal part of their development. And all these so called professionals know that! We have laws to try and protect kids from things like tattoos, but apparently not when it comes to gender experiments, something that has far more damaging health consequences.

  6. As distressing as these “trans” whack-tivists have become, at least people are still speaking out against them. That gives me a small measure of hope. I’ve been thinking about what I can do to help push back the political tide on this issue. Of course, they are obsessed and make it easy for anyone who opposes them to be seen as “mean” and “hateful” to the well intentioned but ill informed. They managed to get over half of my posts on this issue deleted from a supposedly “progressive” website, for example.
    I think they’ve recently started over-stepping, however, with the attacks on Dan Savage and academics and others who have a more-knowledgeable fan-base or stronger social support. It was one thing to attack lesbians’ right to women-only spaces — in a patriarchy, that’s pretty ho-hum. It’s quite another to attack respected male academics.

    1. Great points, RoseVerbena. Just have to say, though, that the reason attacking Dan Savage is a dangerous thing for them is because his fan base is made up of straight pornsoaked liberal doods who are horrified at the thought of accidentally ending up in the bedroom with an M2T OR of having to take them seriously as women. It skeeves them out to the roots of their hair. All that gross trans SRS talk also roils their guts. Savage’s gay male audience has had enough of *those people* hanging on their very chic coattails. It makes for strange political bedfellows but it’s all good in the end if it derails the trans train.

      1. Thats what I’m saying nobody ever of this bullshit before and all of a sudden they put it out there and expects us to deal with it wtf I say go after the parents

    1. Hey GM can you help me? There is a person who commented on the article and says that XY and XX chromosomes aren’t male and female chromosomes when it comes to intersex people and says that pointing that out that they are indeed sex chromosomes is discrimination. O_O
      I’m confused right now. As far as I know female means XX chromosomes and everyone who has XY chromosones isn’t female. But this person says people with AIS are females with male chromosomes. How can that be?? I don’t want to let this person do soil the article with false claims.

      1. Don’t worry Lilly- humans are still a reproductively binary species. A person with AIS is a male whose body does not process Androgens/male sex hormones/testosterone. Since their bodies never masculinize, they can appear quite female, although technically they are males with congenital anomalies of sexual development.
        The reason the person who commented says that there is no such thing as sex-differentiating chromosomes in humans is because that person -Gina Wilson of OII Australia- is a transsexual and a genderist. He is a middle aged male who adopted transgenderism later in life after retiring from a successful career as an aeronautical engineer. He claims to have discovered late in life that he has a form of endocrine imbalance called “salt-wasting Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia”, which is possible since there are no outward signs in many males with CAH, who develop normally and have no higher rates of “gender identity” issues than the general population. Gina Wilson is a transgender male who co-incidentally may have a form of undetectable CAH.
        Regardless, he is exactly the sort of transgenderist trying to conflate intersex with transgenderism that Jeffreys mentions in her article. That is why he uses intersex to promote his genderist belief that sex-roles are innate and immutable and that human reproductive sex “doesn’t exist”. OII is an organization set up specifically to promote the idea that non-compliance with sex roles is a form of biological intersex. They promote the idea that transgenderism is a form of intersex.
        Genuine intersex individuals do not claim that sex-differentiating chromosomes do not exist, which they may know all too well due to problems with reproduction so common in individuals with genuine intersex differences of sex development.

      2. That’s why Intersex people like me and Intersex people within the intersex community are not fond of what OII has done to intersex people. They have made life for intersex people like me very hard to exist because OII has allowed transgender people into a group that is for intersex people only. Which as a result, they have conflated the difference between intersex and transgender people. From what I heard within OII, Gina Wilson of OII Australia isn’t intersex and is a Transsexual much like Zoe Brain. Their both genderist who want to erase intersex people and make transsexuals look as if they are intersex.They are trying to push and promote the idea that transsexualism is some form of intersex. Which vast majority of intersex people don’t believe and buy into. That’s why Intersex people me are totally against genderist and transsexual people who like to pretend and claim to be intersex like me. When they are not born intersex to begin with.

  7. Btw, I have read that in the past (probably the time this painting was drawn) all little children had to wear dresses because it was easier to change their diapers that way. Thus dresses are something humiliating for women: the people who wear dresses even as grown-ups whereas men grow out of them.

  8. Feurerverferin, you are so right about that. It’s a public statement as well as forcing girls and women to be sexually harassed, feel vulnerable and half-naked, and of course easier to rape. The English aristocracy keep their boys in short trousers until a certain age, and the upper class US imitate that. (You can see toddler John F. Kennedy Jr. in such clothes during his famous salute as his father’s casket goes by. It is obviously a freezing day, yet, he is not full/adult male yet.) Of course then those men get the most power. The rest of us are expected to continue wearing humiliating clothes. The old dress codes have come back in many place. Even high heels are insisted on.
    I hated being forced to wear dresses from kindergarten on. Even my first year at USF, we would not be allowed to eat in the cafeteria if we weren’t in dresses. We paid to go there, as the boys/men did, but they could do whatever they wanted. Dresses are a constant reminder of our inferier status.

  9. My favorite comment from the comments section for that article:
    “I don’t mind if a man wants to be a woman. It just that to them this …seems to involve wearing high heels and fur coats, drinking babycham and singing Hey Big Spender in a glamorous London bar.
    Has a transexual ever said they want the operation so they can clean skidmarks off the loo while having period pains and cystitis, then change a nappy, pick fifteen pairs of socks off the floor and clear up some dog sick?
    Have I just met the wrong people?”

      1. LOL – agreed. So accurate. There’s an obsession with pretending to be semi-glamorous female bar singers, not with living the day-to-day lives of most women.

  10. Just to focus on the military side of their campaign: it’s interesting that the idea is *past* service, not current or future service. How many FTMs are signing draft cards, how many MTFs would want to exist in uniforms (non skirted ones not for photo ops) where gender props aren’t readily available, and does anyone really want Bradley Manning — who punched a female superior in the face — as their mascot?
    OTOH, this idea is nothing new. I’ve often seen when MTFs are let into a space in large numbers and females stop being a common enemy, how they’re at each others’ throats over who’s a real woman. And there’s generally two, completely dichotomous and contradictory, ways of achieving that: either proclaiming femme since birth, I swear to god I never had an erection, ever, always liked silky things and treasured my “girly body feelings,” and never had any friends who were boys.
    But the counterpoint is the MTF who steps up and says she played football (ultimate oppression!), was in the military and pissed on the shattered corpses of enemies, raped teenage girls in asia/south america/middle east on leave, and all that macho stuff — which she really hated despite carrying it all out with a smile — is proof that her internal gender compass really points to “female.” She’s not one of those sissy boys who is transitioning just because he couldn’t make it as a real man. No, she’s for real. All the patriarchal death dealing can only mean she’s telling the truth about the need to transition.

  11. Thank you once again, GM. I am so grateful for your work here. It is not just though-provoking, but a real education, and extremely useful, well-researched, factual. You just get better and better.

  12. Just out of curiosity, is there any consensus as to how many transgender people there are just in the US? I’ve seen estimates from 30,000 to about 1 million.

    1. I have asked the same question, Jen. I have yet to get an answer that has any basis in research, or for that matter, reality. But it’s an important one. Big difference between 30K and one million.

      1. For example if you use the Dickipedia definition of transgender:
        “Of, relating to, or designating a person whose identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender roles, but combines or moves between these.”[2]
        “People who were assigned a sex, usually at birth and based on their genitals, but who feel that this is a false or incomplete description of themselves.”[3]
        “Non-identification with, or non-presentation as, the sex (and assumed gender) one was assigned at birth.”[4]

        Pretty much everyone in the US is transgender. lol. I don’t know anyone (but genderists) who feel that their sex is a complete description of themselves.

    2. One way to inflate the number of one’s group for political purposes is to define oneselves so vaguely, it applies to everyone. Especially if the definitions are also conveniently anti-feminist, for extra political advantage. After all, feminism is so “yesterday,” and what were women complaining about, anyway?

      1. fmnst,
        That’s how they are doing that to intersex people. They are co-opting and stealing the intersex name and community to inflate their numbers. Just so they can make themselves look big, when in reality they are a tiny community.

  13. I find transgender and genderqueer to be pretty meaningless words..they are way too vague and there are no clearcut explanations to these words. Any Butch could be considered ‘transgender’ since we violate heterosexual gender rules..same with any effeminate man who likes to dress in drag from time to time or who lisps and has feminine gestures, temperaments and sensibilities….same with genderqueer…they are both defined from heterosexual ‘norms’, not gay or especially Lesbian or Feminist ones…..and I’ve always wonder, if one is transgender, why not embodying sometimes one, then another and back again? Why just one way? Perhaps transgender=gender fluidity within one’s physical bio body without the hormones and surgeries or final destinations.
    Now transsexual is much clearer to me, because that means someone who has opted for either/and/or the hormones and surgery bit to change from one ‘jenda’ to another, with some kind of final destination in mind, and NOT switching back to the original ‘gender’ when it’s convenient.
    I remember learning both in Magick and Feminism(I was brought out by the Dyke Witches and were they ever radical!) that the power of naming is a very important Power to understand OUR OWN Powers and Strengths, as well as to name those things that both empower and disempower us….by keeping these words and concepts deliberately vague, allows them to blow the smoke and mirrors business on us, attempt to fool and tangle us up, and keep us away from clear thinking and any kind of objective reality in this whole ‘jenda’ business…..and when it comes to the next generation of kids, this is entirely scary and dangerous, lines must be drawn, and we must take a stand! Otherwise it will be a ‘Brave New World’ indeed which won’t need Dykes, Butches or even bio female women anymore, as distinct Beings or identities cuz anyone can be anything they want at any point in time, and if you’re oppressed it’s cuz you didn’t buy the whole program or the ‘new improvements’ for the ‘new you’.
    -My two cents,

  14. “that the power of naming is a very important Power to understand OUR OWN Powers and Strengths, as well as to name those things that both empower and disempower us” Fully agree with you on this one! When we’re told that we have to call people women who we don’t think are women (i.e. cos they’re MALE), or not call female people who are female, or call lesbian people who aren’t lesbian because they’re male, or say that being a lesbian means being attracted to people of the same female gender (rather than sex), then our language is being appropriated, our experience is being ignored. Butch gets labelled trans, whether we want it or not, just as men used to label butch as pretend male.
    Then even our bodies get re-labelled — if a surgically-constructed fuckhole can be called a vagina, where does that leave our body parts?
    Instead, in the brave new world, anyone can supposedly be anything they want if they say they are — hence why do you silly-old biological women keep complaining — if you don’t like being identified as a woman, be something else. If you don’t then it’s your problem……………..
    And meanwhile, the man (who is in no way threatened by those silly women who think they’re men in the head) carries on regardless…………..

  15. In 1959 I saw the first doctor under the British NHS. I was hypogonadal and obviously a transexed (transsexual & intersex) child. I tried to transition in 1967 and sucessfully at 15 in 1970 The NHS were playing silly games so I had to go privately. Life turned out swell. It saved my life. The care was mostly rubbish under the NHS but I survived, many did and many did not. There are hundreds of other Brits just like me still alive today and many who died because they did not get the care they needed from they NHS. Sex and/or gender diverse groups of people are a fact of life. It is the human right of every individual to determine their own existance and polite of others to respect those choices.

    1. HAHAHA! What the everloving FUCK?!?
      “..the human right of every individual to determine their own “existence” and polite of others to respect those choices.”
      Hahaha! Except those that are female, right? You conducted a multi-year legal harassment campaign against a lesbian support group for – their human right to have a support group for females! According to YOU, females have NO HUMAN RIGHTS and you have ejaculated your beliefs all over the Australian legislature with your INSISTANCE that females have NO RIGHT to SUPPORT GROUPS.
      According to you, females have NO RIGHT to SUPPORT GROUPS.
      You have dedicated your life to preventing female support groups. Your entire professional life is dedicated to that aim. That and rubber-stamping other men for state-funded sex-role stereotype transition. Your entire life has been dedicated to oppressing females and promoting male cross-sex role stereotypes and female impersonation. You, sir, are a professional female impersonator whose entire life revolves around your failed attempts at embodying females.
      It’s the “the human right of every individual to determine their own existance and polite of others to respect those choices.” UNLESS those humans are FEMALE.
      Because if you are female, you DON’T EVEN have the RIGHT to SUPPORT GROUPS according to YOU.
      Females are so incredibly inconsequential that such RIGHTS do NOT APPLY to us, according to YOU. Where was your “politeness” and “respect” for THE RIGHT of female humans to HAVE A SUPPORT GROUP?
      You are a PREDATOR. A MALE PREDATOR who HATES FEMALES. Your ENTIRE LIFE has been devoted to actively HATING and harassing WOMEN.'s-lounge/from-brendalana's-archives/1810/?PHPSESSID=ce43524bd8faa213af6c8bb951a1284f;wap2
      P.S.” Hypo-gonadal” my ass. Having a small dick and low testosterone has NOTHING to do with being female. Yanno, female, those humans you think have NO RIGHT “to determine their own existence and polite of others to respect” that existence. Jesus. You are the worst of the worst anti-female men ever to put two fingers on the keyboard and stain my blog with your cruel and hateful abusive presence. Let your name be recorded in history as one of the most hate-filled anti-women males ever to dedicate his life to destroying the human rights of the very females he seeks to impersonate.

      1. Gallus, Tracie O’Keefe is the same person who tried to erase intersex people and tried to forced intersex people into a group he called Intersex, sex and/or gender diverse group. He tried force intersex people in Australia under the so called trans crap called Intersex, sex and/or gender diverse group as a way of erasing intersex people and erasing the intersex name at the expense of intersex people.
        Tracie O’Keefe failed to erase intersex people, because intersex people were wise to Tracie O’Keefe’s game and trying to erase intersex people. They put a stop to it, but their are elements within Tracie O’Keefe’s gang who are still trying to erase intersex people and ultimately, women and lesbian as well.
        Here’s an example of how Tracie O’Keefe tried to erase intersex people from existence and tried unsuccessfully to co opt intersex into his so called Intersex, sex and/or gender diverse group
        It’s clear that Tracie O’Keefe is one of those men who not only hates women and lesbians, he also hates intersex people because they get so much sympathy that Tracie O’Keefe is so jealous of.

      2. Gallus,
        You should see Tracie O’Keefe rampant homophobia as well. He not only hates Women and lesbian people, he hates intersex people and wants every chance to try and erase intersex people as well. He wrote one article called Trans as intersex: Crossing the line.
        ” People from intersex, sex and/or gender diverse groups need to declare and emphasise our own identities, rather than letting others bully us into fitting into their version of who or what we are, writes Tracie O’Keefe
        Who knows what my genes say? Do I have the ‘transsexual gene?’ Is there that particular part of my brain that is common to transsexual women indicated within scientific literature? Will it really prove finally after 35 years with a vagina and 40 years with breasts that I am a real woman?
        People who are trans and claim their intersex status really mess with the system
        Some governments are currently condescending to keep the original birth records of trans people and issue new identity documents but they insist the original record was authentic. For trans people who transition and live the rest of their life stealth, their history undetected by the public, this is nothing more than abuse, if they identify as intersex.
        Intersex people who do not want trans people to be recognised as a form of intersex are also doing transphobia, along with those doctors and academics who are profiting from linguistically transgendering all trans people without their permission.”
        Here’s the link:

      3. Yeah, Gallus, I googled this Tracie O’Keefe – what an abusive ASSHOLE. It seems the only boundaries that matter to him are his own; to hell with anyone else’s, whether they be intersexed people, lesbians, or born-women. His kind of bullying has such a male flavor to it – yet another male who can’t and won’t take “no” for an answer. They just. Don’t. Get. It.
        To me, they are rapists, pure and unadulterated. That last line – “It is the human right of every individual to determine their own existance and polite of others to respect those choices” – is fantastically hypocritical coming out of his mouth. (Gallus, I really wish I could insert the rage comics Cereal Guy blowing out his cereal after this in my comment!) Tracie O’Keefe, you are a pathetic creature. You have such a deep animosity towards women that I shudder to think of the kind of “care” you offer them in your practice. (Hell, I shudder to think of the damage you’ve done that we don’t even know about.) Sadder still, you’ll take this response and wail about all the “transphobia” everywhere, never bothering to analyze your own predatorial behavior. LOSER. (Said in Lisa Simpson voice, as here: )

      4. Just FYI, Nicky’s position, stated in comments below, comes from a statement by OII Australia on “ISGD” from May 2011:
        We won the argument about this appropriating term.
        I’m not sure what you’re basing your earlier allegations on about Gina Wilson (OII Australia’s president), but your representation of our position is not factual. For example, the ISGD article, but also our recent joint Aus/NZ submission on the DSM.

  16. Thank you too, fmnst! Yes, the cult aspect of all the trans con is so extreme. But what’s even more upsetting is how so many women and Lesbians who are not technically part of the cult are as involved in policing and reprimanding the rest of us as the trans themselves. No criticism or independent thinking is allowed. No real trans seem to be part of Butch Voices, yet, they definitely support them, and that support ends up being against real Butches and real women. Or, in one group I’m in, most are as upset about trans as we are, but they get furious and lecturing about how terrible we are to express what I think many believe — which is that it’s a lie and con, and that there is no truth to “trans women” or “trans men.” We are informed that we have no right to tell someone what they feel, how the identify, etc. These women may not stop us, but they immediately marginalize us in groups as if we’re the fanatics and “haters.” So the policing takes many levels in controlling reasonable response of anger and examining all the sordid, horrible aspects of the trans cult. And this is coming from many women who themselves are very upset about losing friends and women to the “trans” movement.
    It’s like a war is going on, but therapy and “you create your own reality” attitudes make it so that the victims in all of this and the real harm being done is ignored so that the perpetrators won’t have their feelings hurt.
    I hope I respond when I’m mentioned — I have trouble when the dates are not in order.

  17. Just a heads up. Gina Wilson does NOT represent all Intersex people and is actively refusing to represent any Intersex person who’s opinions are different than hers. Discussion on Bodies Like Ours clearly shows that the majority of Intersex people in Australia do not like what Gina is doing, and do not feel she is representing us.

  18. GIF, OII Australia is a community organisation that depends on volunteer time and resources. It’s not a representative body and recognizes that, see
    Anyone is free to start something else, with like minded people, but claims of majorities expressing disagreement should really have evidence to support them.
    I’m not sure what posts at BLO you’re referring to, but please feel free to contact me in person if you like, name (at) and I’d be happy to talk with you – in confidence – about your concerns.

  19. Gina Wilson has huge male hands, something that would not occur in a treated CAH females.CAH females left male have their internal female organs removed before puberty.

  20. OII Australia never has evidence to support any of their claims.
    If CAH is not a disorder or a disease how come the support group – ” Living with CAH” is accepted as a sub group of CLIMB – – Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Disorders.

  21. this transgender stuff is the funniest thing I have ever heard of are we on some kind of comedy show hey wait a minute I have a transgender cat lmfas

      1. Mark – transsexuals want to remove the words male and female from every where except medical documents.Think of the fun you
        and Imfas will have then.

  22. More and more CAH women are marrying and having children. The CAH woman in the video – Happy and Healthy with CAH – is married, has two healthy children and is pregnant for the third time.
    CAH support groups in Australia, NZ and England now use the term Disorders of Sex Development instead of the offensive term Intersex.

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