Transgender Children: “The Transgender Taboo is a Threat to Academic Freedom”

"Little Boy in a Red Dress" William Matthew Prior (1806-1873)

Interesting article in the Telegraph about the controversial experimental sterilization treatments being conducted on Lesbian and Gay children by the UK’s National Health Service, and how ongoing transgender campaigns of harassment against researchers are preventing scientists from addressing difficult questions about the efficacy –and the ethics- of such treatments.
From the article:
“The operations are being paid for by the taxpayers, although I don’t think that’s the issue. If the state can pay several thousands to save a person from a life of misery and eventual suicide then I for one think that is money well-spent. And yet the strange thing is that, taking aside the fact that “blockers” may affect cognitive ability and bone density, there’s actually no accepted medical proof or consensusthat sex change operations actually help someone’s mental health; we may one day find that it does, but we simply don’t know enough at the moment.
Yet that hasn’t stopped the growth of a political orthodoxy that boys and girls are sometimes born into the wrong bodies – their gender does not match their physical sex – and that this is best fixed by hormone treatment and/or surgery later in life; and that anyone who finds this uncomfortable suffers themselves from a psychological condition, apparently, called transphobia.
This is the only explanation acceptable to the media and, indeed, the state, which spends a fair deal of money (which we don’t have) combating transphobia. Yet at the moment science is still quite confused about Gender Identity Disorder, and what is acceptable to say about it is constrained by taboo and threats, and academics who argue against the standard political narrative tend to get persecuted.”
Of course there are over a hundred comments on the article by the usual suspects: straight middle-aged men who adopted a transgender lifestyle (at least online) after decades of male privilege, heterosexual marriage, and careers. They echo the thoughts of career-military man turned trans-activist Autumn Sandeen when he states that the future of the entire transgender movement should be based on the meme of “transgender children”, because it “take[s] the sex right out of the trans experience”.

From TYFA interview with Kim Pearson:

Sandeen: “ I’ve always said there are two groups that are going to make change in transgender legislation and the “gender identity and expression” related language in legislation. It’s going to be trans youth because they take, you know, they demystify it and take the sex right out of the trans experience.”
Trans Youth Famly Allies director Kim Pearson: “They do. They do.”
Sandeen: “And then, transgender veterans – or people doing service like police. But it’s going to be military, veterans, police, fire, those kind of folks who are serving to send a message- especially veterans. It’s hard to tell a veteran, you know, “we don’t appreciate your service because you’re transgender”.

Pearson: “Right. And it’s hard to say no to kids, and the needs of kids and “keeping kids safe”. And you know, “being respected in schools” and things like that. It’s really hard for people to say no to that.”

Adult transgenders use children because they have decided that using children obscures sexism and the sexualized/fetish aspect of the majority of the trans movement. And what creates more sympathy than a suffering child?
Pay no attention to the 50 year old retired military police officer with anger management problems who wants to share a dorm room with your seventeen year old daughter because he demands his “right” to a pretend-girlhood he’s always masturbated about.
Pay no attention to the convicted serial child predator who demands his “right” to sit in a hottub full of children in a women’s locker room because of his “gender identity”.
Pay no attention to the ingrained culture of pedomorphisis practiced by the very adults who promote these treatments on children and shout down academic medical and scientific study.
Pay no attention to the children who are committing suicide after graduating from “transgender youth” programs.
Pay no attention to the teen-aged transitioners now filled with regret.
Pay no attention to decades of intersex activism from people with first-hand knowledge of the damage done from performing medical “corrections” and experimentation on minor children.
Pay no attention that this treatment causes unstudied changes in brain growth, insulin resistance, bone density as well as lifetime sterilization, “elective disablility” and drug dependence of gender-noncompliant children.
Pay no attention to the fact that there has never been a SINGLE follow-up study on the youth who have been medically experimented upon in the name of “gender” AND that activist groups funded by adult transgenders to actively lobby for such experiments on children REFUSE to participate in any of the proposed international research BECAUSE WHAT LITTLE RESEARCH HAS BEEN DONE on gender-noncompliant children into adulthood CONTRADICTS THESE TREATMENTS.