UPDATE: Creating Change 2012 – Lesbian Caucus Added

Update to this posthttp://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/01/18/creating-change-2012-lesbian-and-womens-workshops-rejected-call-for-action/

As a result of pressure applied by women and lesbian activists- many of you readers of this site- the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has responded to the outcry over the lack of representation for lesbians and has agreed to host a 60-minute Lesbian Caucus on Saturday January 28 at 6:30 pm.

If you are attending the 2012 Creating Change conference in Baltimore please add this event to your schedule and attend this important session. This newly added one hour session remains the ONLY event at Creating Change 2012 that addresses the needs, concerns and future of specifically female and lesbian activism.
Please attend, support, and participate in this caucus. Please distribute this update in your Lesbian networks as soon as possible.
GenderTrender continues to compile a list of women’s and lesbian workshops which were rejected from this year’s Creating Change conference. Please continue to contact me with information about rejected workshops and events. As always, your information and comments will not be published if you wish to share this information privately. Thank You.

0 thoughts on “UPDATE: Creating Change 2012 – Lesbian Caucus Added

  1. Guess the gave the game away on this one. Lesbians are hated, and they don’t want us to organize around exclusively lesbian issues because then the T’s will get all upset.
    So the pressure made them create the one hour, big of them. The next step is to get as many lesbians as possible who were going to the conference to create workshops on the boundary of the conference. Maybe all the ones that were rejected can find rooms and get together, because the key always is for lesbian only space, so that real conversations and networks can be built. As long as they marginalize lesbians, and steal our labor for every group but our own, they destroy lesbian politics, culture, and intergenerational communication.
    So good work everyone. And I am surprised at Kate Clinton, I wasn’t aware that she had sold out too, but again, it is always about the money. If they think they can’t squeeze dollars out of lesbians, we get dropped from the program, and I do know that trans (with male salaries and careers) do often donate a lot. We need to keep pushing. I know I am still going to report the rejected workshops, and get more emails going toward NGLTF… they’ve tipped their hand and exposed the big lie… erase lesbians, substitute trans, and the gay men win yet again. Bi-women get to sleaze in as they usually do.
    It’s a pretty transparent strategy.

  2. If lesbians pull the energy plug, well…. What if lesbians really focused on other lesbians, wouldn’t that CREATE change?

  3. Yes, indeed it would, Sheila! I would LOVE to know the workshops that got rejected. Sounds eerily too much like Butch Voices where us Female Loving, Female Centered and identified Butch Dykes got our workshops censored, most of us from the host Oakland community…….not just once, but both times Butch Voices was in Oakland….I didn’t even submit a workshop the second time…….if they can have ‘Radical Faeries’, why couldn’t they have women only or a Dianic workshop as well????? I don’t share my spirituality with men!
    You don’t have to list the women who would have done the workshops, if they want to keep their anonymity, but I would LOVE to know the workshop names and descriptions that got rejected!

  4. Well, here’s an idea. All the women who do want to do workshops… connect, and plan ahead next time.
    Get some rooms near another “Creating Change” event but get your women to set up and create alternative workshops for lesbians only. Use lesbian energy to get outside the male system of NGLTF, and circumvent the sell out Clintonesque types.
    Same could be done for butch voices too.
    We see the handwriting on the wall… .lesbians doing events for the benefit of lesbians are taboo, male to trans are allowed to waltz into lesbian events, so we need big dykes to keep the trans out, we need brave lesbians out there creating change for lesbians, and we need to drive around the non-tax paying corporate Gay Inc. sell out crowd.
    Follow up with the Internet Dykes and radical lesbian feminist sites, have a place for all the butch dykes, African America dykes etc. who were rejected to create anew. We can work on the margins of the Gay Inc. mafia, just as we did back in the day with all the liberal het sell out feminists who used to lesbian trash back then. It’s really all the same thing again and again and again. The key is for lesbians to create outside all those systems for our own benefit, uplife, and power!!! Good luck, and excellent work alerting all of us to what’s going at the NOT CREATING CHANGE patriarchal male impersonators lobbying group in Baltimore, very good work!!!

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