0 thoughts on “Monday Night Double Feature: Body Mod Edition

  1. Oh gawd. What a horror story.
    I notice in the first video, there’s no mention of where all these uteruses for transplant are going to come from. They don’t grow on trees you know. You can’t just run down to the drugstore and buy one. Uteruses are inside of real, living women.

    1. But hey, we’re dispensable. After all, women aren’t even real, according to certain gay* postmodern theorists.
      *I don’t call lesbians ‘gay’ and don’t allow anyone to call me ‘gay’ because of the sexism in using a term *specific for males* “universally” for females & males.

      1. I never thought of that. I’m going to stop saying “gay” when I talk about lesbians. If anyone says it sounds “odd” (like they say when they notice the fact that I refer to women, even young women, as “women” instead of “girls”!), I can simply say, “I wouldn’t refer to people in general as men or mankind, so why would I use what is considered a male-specific term to refer to women?” Thanks.

  2. I am horrified also. How far are we willing to go? Stories like this remind me of novels like “The Handmaides Tale” and “Oryx and Crake”. Seriously… we are entering into dangerous waters! Real, living women indeed!! What happens when science can develop a uterus in the labratory? Does the need for women then become obselete? There are so many directions this can go. It just frightens me.

  3. Well, I am sure that at first they would go on an organ donor list like with everything else. But there is a black market (aka murder) for these things. Capitalism, it has something for everyone!
    What I don’t understand is where the hell they would put it. I don’t really know how large uteri are, but they do take up space. Presumably male bodies already have something already there? Where a uterus ought to be?
    Okay, someone already ‘answered’ this:
    According to our friends at Yahoo answers, female hips help make room for the uterus. Those hips that males don’t have.

  4. “Presumably male bodies already have something already there? Where a uterus ought to be?”
    Hips for pregnancy, but males have extra empty space compared to females, too, which is why males are more at risk of hernias in general: less to stop stuff from springing out. /just as smart as people on yahoo, fer real!

  5. horrific, but unsurprising. This is the goal.. all male literature, movies art have been leading to this point for centuries. Usurp women’s life-giving powers. This is why so much research goes on it rather than on curing diseases. All we can do is pray that the women’s revolution *happens* before men create these frankesteins out of women’s body parts.

  6. I’m on a waiting list for a full-body transplant. That way, I can keep my head with my own brain, and have the body of a six-foot, nine inch Amazon, who will be (we hope! keep fingers crossed!) 17 years old, and extremely talented in basketball.
    So, I’m going back to college on a full athletic scholarship, as a trans-something-or-other, and I will live practically forever, too. I think Stanford. Just hope for that perfect motorcycle accident. And a really good neurosurgeon. xx!

  7. “She was born female, I hope that doesn’t offend anybody.” Horrific indeed.
    Uterine transplants are in the main very restrictive (usually to family members) and have poor results, even when it’s an identical twin transplant. Better results come from ovarian transplants, though this too is only really successful in women who freeze their own ovarian tissue prior to cancer treatment – most chemotherapies will kill ovarian tissue.

  8. What I find so amusing about this is:
    How many men would willingly sign up for sore nipples, nausea, vomiting, weepiness, cravings, weight gain, aching back, Braxton-Hicks contractions, bladder pressure/leaking, bloating and swelling, constipation, etc. etc. etc. for months on end?
    They’re not really thinking this through.
    Month after month of painful, messy, inconvenient menstrual periods are character-building biological boot camp for what comes in pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and motherhood.
    Being in a female body is not for sissies.

  9. Kitty, you are so funny. I appreciate being made to laugh. Thank you!
    So how many animals are being tortured while they play these games? Oh, I mean, “scientific research.”

    1. Exactly! It’s not like there is a critical shortage of uterus-bearing human beings on the planet, either. What? Three and a half BILLION women aren’t good enough to keep the human race up and running? We need Frankenbellies to carry the load “for” us?
      Science needs to invest precious time, money, research equipment — and torture lab animals — to give a tiny subset of men a uterus? Really?
      (**** dull whump of gently banging head on desk here ****)

  10. well the current aim is to give women who lost theirs a uterus…
    ps scientific research is not “playing games”.And we “do not get of by torturing animals” my lady.We have to test firstly on animals in order to minimize the danger of harm for humans.

    1. Maria, I think we should contemplate why women are so desperate to become pregnant that they are willing to undergo dangerous surgeries to have an uterus implanted. I think this would do more to solve the problem than perform unnecessary and invasive procedures.
      When it comes to MtTs I see so many potential and life-threatening complications that I’m sure no doctor would work with trans.

  11. Who the hell said anything about scientists “getting off by torturing animals”?! The point was that any research will require testing on animals first, which many times means suffering for the animals. But in this case, it would be truly needless suffering, serving only to indulge the fetishistic whims of a tiny subset of men.

  12. men have granted themselves the god-given right to “study” .
    NOwadays it’s animals, but in the past it was women, Jews, whoever…
    *None* of their “study” is worth it, in my opinon, because (when they are not doing harm) all they are doing is trying to mitigate the harms that men have caused in the first place.
    Take cancer for instance. I live fairly close to Fukushima, a man-made tragedy that will pollute the earth for hundreds of years… We will need lots of “doctors” and “research” to overcome the diseases that will stem from it… Look at the shit we eat because men usurped women’s control over food and now we eat chemicals every day, then they tell us their medicine can “cure” us when we get bowel cancer, and we should be grateful.
    Women are told to wear bras, told not to feed their babies with their own milk and instead feed them *man* made milk… and then we get cancer of the breast, so that gives the “doctors” another reason to “research” and “operate”.

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