In which Gallus Mag utters the word … "Moderated"

  1. GallusMagJanuary 15, 2012 at 6:33 AM #

    This is just sad. This post and thread is really gross. You’ve trolled everyone because you were confused (and lazy) but hey, that’s cool. Could of happened to anyone.
    The Genderism conversation has moved on over the years…. This is like reading Rumplestiltzkin’s thread. Trans people don’t give a shit about “twanz”. That’s THEIR fucking dialect. Their fucking 4chan “the internetz” fucking invention. For realz.
    Even the titles, about how “Nine-duece utters the word trans” like it’s a dirty fucking word. Like you are getting your white gloves dirty. Like trans are blow you. (puns are fun). Well guess what trans isn’t a dirty word. And unlike your philosophy, trans aren’t fucking mutants because they shelled out for some fuck-hole insertion. They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”. At least some of them are. And unlike you we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM. We’re not running after them, throwing it in their face. We’re OFFERING it. Because we KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT suffering intensely due to Jennnnndahhhhhhh.
    Seriously you crack me up. And I truly believe that you mean well. Truly. At least I think you probably do.
    But body mods making women men and men women- or making people mutants as you propose? NO.
    What about all the nullos? Are they “not men” because they had their gear redacted? Are they mutants? What about the guys working an executive model neo-vag that they bought themselves on a Thailand vacation because they always masturbated at the idea of having one of their own? Are they women? No. They don’t feel they are. Are they “no longer men”? No. Are they mutants? No, they’re guys who did body mods. So what? Better get used to it. We’re on the verge of the age of trans-humanism. (google it).
    Just because someone does body mods that put you into cognitive dissonance ) doesn’t mean that reality itself has shifted. Get ahold of yourself! Or don’t. But leave those of us that DO have something to offer and that AREN’T snooty people with white gloves who can’t handle the reality of modern life to do our work. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We’ll go on without you. Here, you keep the canteen. It’s cool and refreshing. We’ll send help back for you when we get there.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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  1. Is that you getting moderated, Gallus? I’m sorry that happened. I’ve had a frustrating week of trying to comment at various places myself.
    You know what really bites? So called feminists deleting, moderating, and trying to silence other women. It’s ironic, I have never been kicked out of a right wing site, even when I post hostile or moronic messages, but just this week alone I’ve had a dozen experiences with being silenced by other so called feminists. Arrrgggg…!
    “…They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”. At least some of them are. And unlike you we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM. We’re not running after them, throwing it in their face. We’re OFFERING it. Because we KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT suffering intensely due to Jennnnndahhhhhhh…..”
    That part was really good! People, feminists, who are trying to sell trans-ideology under the guise of compassion are flat out wrong. It’s not empathetic to subscribe to an ideology that demands that people alter their bodies in order to conform to the fetishized ideal. And damn right WE know something about that! 300,000 women just found out they have leaking industrial grade silicone in their French made breast implants. Women are the experts on body mod and mutilation. We’ve been trying to meet the gender standard for centuries. It’s cruel, it’s obscene, and it kills people.

  2. And unlike your philosophy, trans aren’t fucking mutants because they shelled out for some fuck-hole insertion. They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”.
    Yes. It seemed strange to me when ND suddenly referred to trans as being outside of woman & man, using rather esoteric words to describe the place they inhabit which she couldn’t pinpoint. I am glad she was called out for it because once you drop arguments that suggest some impossibility of categorization the discussion reverts back to individual cases and forgets structure & power.
    For me, various forms of transgenderism in the world have always been efforts by a social structure to keep itself from falling apart. I said as much over at the first post ND did. (Although I didn’t want to imply that patriarchies with more than two gender roles do not oppress according to gender. It really did come over like that, I fear.) So trans has never been anything special despite continuous efforts by queer/pomo-feminist academia to portray it that way. What is worrisome in the development of the psychiatrically approved transsexualism which originated from Western Europe is the whole surgical shebang. Namely the fact that some people’s first reaction to encountering people with “gender dissatisfaction” (clinical term which is laughable if you consider what it entails) was “Make it fit”, i.e. “Make it disappear”.* To the point where even the offending genitals are “disappeared”, i.e. cut off because you also have to conform in the bedroom. A “real” woman needs to be penetrated.
    Extremely disgusting and I won’t support it.
    In any case, I am sorry your comment is being modded/will never appear. It has also happened to me somewhere else and I am glad you do not seem to feel guilty over it like I did. ND should at least have clarified the “twanz” business. Or perhaps she did and I didn’t notice? I didn’t even know that trans used “twanz” to name themselves and thought it had been invented by DaveSquirrel. (rofl)
    *To be fair, even in societies which have “two-spirits” or the like difference is disappeared into the binary.

  3. I am so sorry you were not printed, Gallus. That kind of censorship is so disgusting. I keep wondering how much we are not permitted to see, and how many feminists just give up and quit trying to post or even read blogs, which of course leaves the right wingers (including those claiming to be feminists.)
    Yttik,I’m so sorry you’ve been censored by “feminists.” What are they so afraid of that they won’t print you? I mean, they can then respond. But censoring is right wing and not feminist. I’d like to talk with you to find out where this happened to you. I’m hearing from friends about this happening and am trying to compile information. It really helps to know you are not alone.
    Gallus, I LOVED the link to the quiz. Thank you!

  4. Brilliant comment, GM. I’m glad it gets to see the light of day so the rest of us can enjoy it.
    “And unlike [9D] we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM.”

  5. Yet more censorship on Rage Against the Man Chine, on her 3rd thread – I agreed with Rusty’s post and said that the radical feminist position on trans is treated by transactivists and their allies as a thoughtcrime against trans ideology. Also that they try to prevent the thoughtcrime from even occurring by dicktating the terms of the discussion and even the words which it is acceptable to use, just like in the book 1984. Comment moderated and then scrubbed by 92.

  6. Thank you Gallus. There are two things I so appreciate about this post–and am so grateful you posted it even if Nine Deuce was unwilling to.
    The first thing is the idea that the trans critical theory of rad fems is actually quite liberating to trans, when you get down to the bottom of it. I had never really realized how much that was true. But then, to use words from the Christian tradition, the truth sets us free. There is always freedom in truth. So I appreciate you pointing that out so clearly. It makes perfect sense, but I hadn’t “gotten” it until you posted this.
    The second thing I appreciated about this post was that it was the last missing piece to helping me figure out my own discomfort with the use of words like “twanz” and “tranny” by rad fems. I have been uncomfortable with that, but my feelings were largely unexamined and I attributed it to a sort of spiritual belief about loving enemies, even as we hold them accountable and name their abuses. Reading ND’s posts, the comments, and the other spin-off posts has helped me to examine my feelings and come to a better, more contextual understanding. I’ll just quote from part of a comment I left on ND’s latest post (still awaiting moderation as I type this):
    I began to see that these slurs are most often used by Rad Fems in talking about trans theory as a whole, trans activists as a group, or in the rare case that they are talking about an individual, it is one who has done something abusive or oppressive to women, including stalking, harassing, assaulting, stealing precious resources, etc. No one is running up to those trans individuals that largely keep to themselves and calling them names. No one is doing any violence to trans individuals who aren’t doing anything to harm women. Hell, no one is even trying to ban SRS! Yet RadFems are getting accused of these things all over these comment threads and elsewhere. All Rad Fems are trying to do is defend their women only spaces and their limited and precious resources to be directed toward WOMEN’S liberation.

    1. As several “trans women” have already explained it to me on-line: even one iota of disagreement with their world-view is considered a mortal attack.
      Their logic runs thus: “lots of people like me attempt suicide [per a study I cannot validate]; therefore, if you say or do anything that makes me feel the least, tiniest bit challenged then you are really wishing death on me, hoping that I die or trying to kill me.”
      Histrionic? Yes. Manipulative? Hell yeah.
      Backstory: I have a relative who has been diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder and she is LESS histrionic than most of the radicalized trans-activists I have encountered on the interwebs. I have learned through hard experience that catering to her does no good. She just finds something else to be histrionic about ten minutes later.
      I don’t cater to histrionic manipulators; therefore I am “trying to kill” them.
      Yeah. Sure. Whatever.

      1. yes! Before I even discovered radical feminism, I was taken aback by the level of histrionics displayed by many trans individuals. The etymology of that word has a sexist history, but I haven’t found a better one, nor a more clinically accurate one, to describe the behavior. What you are describing is EXACTLY what I observed myself.

  7. Thinking about the issue of tranny histrionics. First, when someone is histrionic, based on my own experience, to me it indicates they are in severe emotional pain.
    I can well imagine someone going through what trans go through around not fitting into the patriarchal sex roles, to the point of thinking they are not really the sex they are, and feeling like a misfit and hating it (and therefore, themselves) to the point of rejecting their own sex/body, perhaps going through hormone treatments or SRS, and being rejected by people before or after the procedures, that it would make sense for many of them to be in severe emotional pain.
    The problem is, they are victims of not of their bodies, but of their thinking about their bodies, or the patriarchal thinking they have been taught about sex roles and their bodies.
    We can work ourselves into great emotional distress with inaccurate, unrealistic, or unquestioning thinking. It’s a shame so many seem to have so little exposure to feminist ideas in general, and have not availed themselves of basic feminist writings.
    Has anyone ever created a reading list of feminist writings about biology and sex roles that might be constructive to people considering adopting a “trans” identity either for themselves, or for their child or loved one?
    I would put Susan Griffin’s “Woman and Nature” on the list.
    What books and articles would others put on the list?

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