In which Gallus Mag utters the word … "Moderated"

  1. GallusMagJanuary 15, 2012 at 6:33 AM #

    This is just sad. This post and thread is really gross. You’ve trolled everyone because you were confused (and lazy) but hey, that’s cool. Could of happened to anyone.
    The Genderism conversation has moved on over the years…. This is like reading Rumplestiltzkin’s thread. Trans people don’t give a shit about “twanz”. That’s THEIR fucking dialect. Their fucking 4chan “the internetz” fucking invention. For realz.
    Even the titles, about how “Nine-duece utters the word trans” like it’s a dirty fucking word. Like you are getting your white gloves dirty. Like trans are blow you. (puns are fun). Well guess what trans isn’t a dirty word. And unlike your philosophy, trans aren’t fucking mutants because they shelled out for some fuck-hole insertion. They are human beings who are suffering INTENSELY due to “Jenderz”. At least some of them are. And unlike you we are offering them a nice cold refreshing glass of FEMINISM. We’re not running after them, throwing it in their face. We’re OFFERING it. Because we KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT suffering intensely due to Jennnnndahhhhhhh.
    Seriously you crack me up. And I truly believe that you mean well. Truly. At least I think you probably do.
    But body mods making women men and men women- or making people mutants as you propose? NO.
    What about all the nullos? Are they “not men” because they had their gear redacted? Are they mutants? What about the guys working an executive model neo-vag that they bought themselves on a Thailand vacation because they always masturbated at the idea of having one of their own? Are they women? No. They don’t feel they are. Are they “no longer men”? No. Are they mutants? No, they’re guys who did body mods. So what? Better get used to it. We’re on the verge of the age of trans-humanism. (google it).
    Just because someone does body mods that put you into cognitive dissonance ) doesn’t mean that reality itself has shifted. Get ahold of yourself! Or don’t. But leave those of us that DO have something to offer and that AREN’T snooty people with white gloves who can’t handle the reality of modern life to do our work. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. We’ll go on without you. Here, you keep the canteen. It’s cool and refreshing. We’ll send help back for you when we get there.
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