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  1. Cool!
    There are numerous valid issues and concerns about the whole trans movement, but for me I really look forward to those few blessed moments when gender is not a part of my identity at all. There are these moments in life when you are having so much fun or so engrossed in something that never mind gender, your whole “Identity” itself is completely forgotten. You just get to be there in the moment.
    This is the fundamental conflict I have with trans ideology in general. I’ve spent my whole life trying to create a world where people are not defined by gender, where gender is not a significant part of your Identity. Gender shouldn’t matter, it shouldn’t be All Important when it comes to defining who you are. Along comes trans-advocates saying the exact opposite, gender IS your whole identity, it’s how you define yourself.
    Says who? Not me. I never consented to any of this. As UP said in her previous quote, “….It essentializes sex stereotypes by renaming them consensual “gender identities.”

  2. On the girl scout issue. I used to know people who were very involved in girl scouts (at all levels), and let’s just say that some of the troops/camps were not too friendly toward out lesbians.
    And of course, now they are accepting MTTs over lesbians. It was only a matter of time.

  3. Thank you so much for guiding me to this publication — and for this blog. I can’t tell you how distressed I was to discover how insidiously anti-feminist and anti-female — and successfully so !!! — “trans woman” activism in America has become. While I have been focused on other things (health issues, survival) and not really paying attention, this onslaught against women has been taking the country by storm. I just didn’t know.
    As a multiple sexual assault survivor, the idea that any man can now legally just walk into any (previously) women’s restroom, dressing room, shower, locker room, sauna, etc. in my state is appalling. The fact that it is now legally “workplace discrimination” in my state to refuse to call a male “she” upon his demand is appalling.
    Previously I have taken the admittedly vague attitude that while I disagree with the basic premise of “trans women” (that one can become a “real woman” via the contents of bottles or boxes — or via mutilating surgery and dangerous hormones) I saw them as a tiny minority of harmless and pitiable people with a mental disorder. To wake up and realize that they are aggressively and successfully lobbying to be normalized and catered to throughout society — at the expense of women and of lesbians — at the expense of logic and reason itself — is pretty frightening.
    Reading the law is like entering a parallel universe where biology, medical facts, rationality and respect for women in general and female sexual assault survivors in particular have been suspended in order to cater to and enable a tiny minority of men with a mental disorder — in fact, it feels like the inmates have taken over not just the asylum, but the entire state of Washington, and several other states, too.
    How did this happen?!? I’m reading what I can and trying to catch up, to understand what is happening and what I can do about it.

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