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    1. Roughly the same attempt rate as those diagnosed with bipolar disorder, bulimia, and schizophrenia.
      Dana I hope you are feeling better now. Good to see you.
      By the way, the suicide attempt rates quoted in the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force “Injustice At Every Turn” survey that you are quoting are suspect. For example, the NGLTF compares their 41% estimate (since completed suicides are not participating in a survey it can only be an estimate) with what they claim is the National average of 1.6%- which is vastly different from both the annual and lifetime averages quoted by any other source. They seemingly just pulled that statistic out of their hat so to speak, which puts the rest of their statistics into question. See http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/12/03/trans-youth-family-allies-suicides/ for more information.

      1. Actually, it wasn’t from the NGLTF but from the National Center for Transgender Equality. I was a little disturbed when I first saw this post on GT, to be honest. Suicide is a real problem in my community with real consequences. But…at the same time, this survey was skewed, horribly. They avoided the word “transsexual” and mixed in results from all of those sucked into the transgender umbrella which includes people born transsexual, cross-dressing men and other gender variants. I think the suicide attempt rate would actually be higher in the transsexual community and not the “transgender identified” community. I have some serious problems with that survey. The agenda is clear. Hide the men behind the women.
        The transgender movement is about men’s rights and self-proclaimed women are leading it.

    2. Clarification of “since completed suicides are not participating in a survey it can only be an estimate”:
      Some diagnoses have INCREDIBLY high success to attempt ratios. Even a success rate of 20% depending on the disorder.
      IF trans had a 20% success rate (no one knows), the actual attempt rate would increase to over 50%, or even higher, for lifetime attempts.
      One thing is for sure. Trans report incredible lifetime distress and suicidal ideation, both before and after “transition”. Perhaps in future trans activists will devote more time and energy into lobbying for research, treatment and support of this distress rather than expend so much energy and effort into trying to coerce Gender Atheists into affirming the personal internal belief systems of Gender Believers.

  1. Well, since suicide is such a problem, it seems like we as a culture should be getting rid of the gender stereotypes that make people feel like they don’t belong. The whole trans ideology just reinforces this idea that you can correct your alleged “deformities” and somehow fit into society and all will be right with the world.
    I think of all the women who have died starving themselves to death, all the breast implant surgeries, all these atrocities that women put themselves through to meet some cultural expectation and it just makes me angry. Women have been there and done that, from the day we are born. We are always having a gender identity crisis because there is no right way to be a woman. After centuries of this crap, many women have figured out that it’s not the people themselves that are the problem, but rather the rigid gender expectations of our culture. Along comes this trans ideology and they seem to completely ignore all that wisdom and experience from half the human race. Rather then working to eliminate all these gender stereotypes that cause so much pain, they seem to want them validated. The thing is, that idea has been killing women for a long, long time.

    1. I saw a comment from a M2T yesterday on an article about a trans who died after injecting DIY silicone treatments into his own buttocks. The comment said that withholding free silicone treatments for transgenders was the same as forcing women to get back-alley abortions. True story.

  2. I’ve never commented here, though links to my website have been posted here. I read this blog regularly and absolutely think it hits the mark on the TG Non-Sense that fills the blogosphere.
    Anyway, I’ve also done an analysis similar to the one that is the point of this post. Unequivocally, the statistics don’t add up. If the rates of suicide (attempted or otherwise), violence, deaths, discrimination, etc were as published, the media would be saturated with reports of them…something that is clearly not the case.
    One statistic that is somewhat accurate is the number of post operative transsexuals. That figure is somewhere between 30,000 and 60,000. No one should dispute that not even the smallest fraction of those post operative people take part in whatever might be called the “transgender” community. And, an even smaller portion of that group participates in the online polls that generate the outrageous statistics that are published. No, the very vast majority of post operative transsexuals simply have their surgery and go about their business. Though there are so-call transgender activists who are post op, most are not and overwhelmingly their followers within the transgender hoards are transvestites and other transgender/gender fuck types who support whatever, no matter how absurd, the current online du jour cause is offered up by the GLBT blogs.
    I fully realize the perspective of this blog’s readership and respect it. I also fully acknowledge that many here consider any post-op MtoF transsexual as nothing more than another mutilated male nut case…including me. But, I need to say that there was a time – my time – when transsexualism was recognized as an extremely rare occurrence and most legitimate. As an example, my home state of Louisiana was one of the first states in the nation to grant post operative transsexuals the right to change their birth certificate…in 1968…44 years ago. As a background, the legislation was specifically passed to allow post operative transsexuals to have the right to enter into heterosexual marriages; and that right has been upheld in Louisiana’s courts. Further, the authors of that legislation were still around and were instrumental in passing anti same-sex marriage legislation many, many years later.
    Louisiana, never known as a bastion of liberal thinking, clearly recognized almost a half a century ago that transsexualism was a very exceptional case…even the most conservative of rednecks had enough insight to understand the issues.
    The transgender, and the cottage industry that has sprung up around them within the mental health field, have succeeded beautifully in destroying whatever legitimacy transsexuals might have had. It is worth mentioning that since the organized advent of what is now known as the “transgender community” and their host, the GLBT, there has not been even one piece of state or federal legislation passed recognizing the legitimacy of transsexualism. Any legislation passed in the past twenty years addressing anything even remotely related has simply revolved around discrimination and has in no way sanctioned the legitimacy of transsexualism. Just as podunk Louisiana had the wherewithal to recognize the difference between transsexualism and transvestism/crossdressing, so has the rest of the nation.
    Now, any dude who ever jerked off into a pair of panties or stretches out his wife’s slip when she’s at work (while prancing before a mirror) claims they are real, bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool woman when they are no more than transvestites…and have managed to piss off just about everyone on the planet except others like them in the process…including me and the readership of this blog.
    It is that group above, hidden in the anonymity of the internet where they are eternally the “woman of their dreams”, who participate in these online surveys that generate the stupid statistics that are offered up as Gospel on the net. It is not, for the very vast and most part, that 30,000-60,000 group of post-ops I mention above…believe me when I tell you that we are not the adversaries of this blog and its readership. All we have ever wanted was simply to have our surgery and go on with what’s left of our lives. We don’t march in the streets. We don’t cry discrimination every time something doesn’t go the way we want it. We don’t walk outside wondering when the boogie-man is going to jump out behind a bush and attack us…or wave any of the other banners the transgender carry. And, no offense meant to this blog or its readership, say what you will about us and that is fine…we don’t solicit or need any kind of validation or support. It’s the transgender, a group we have never associated with on any level that feel they need something…not us.
    Just my two cents…

    1. I read your blog regularly and respect it, although our perspectives are sometimes at odds. I enjoy reading your take on things. One of my favorite things about your blog is your sense of humor. People who can’t laugh (or make me laugh) bore the shit out of me.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughtful perspective.

  3. I wonder if SA-ET’s story about conservatives embracing trans is actually evidence of the great compassion of said conservatives, or evidence that trans ideology is, itself, very socially conservative.

      1. It’s a good way to make gay people disappear. “There are no gay people in Iran”.
        Lesbians in Iran face 100 lashes, and the death sentence should they continue to be together despite the lashings.

  4. It’s nearly impossible to come up with any hard numbers, in part because asking people who failed in suicide attempts why they do so would never get past an ethics board.
    I strongly considered ending my own life (ideation with a plan and timeline), but fortunately didn’t end up carrying it through. Had I done so, I would never have been documented, like many gay and lesbian individuals who end their life rather than face shame or rejection by their families. At one point, my relationship with my family hurt so much that I did attempt to end my life.
    We may get better numbers if the shame and fear associated with being different goes down, but as long as there are people who consider “checking out” less painful than “coming out”, we will never know the reason so many people end their lives.

    1. Or racism. For instance, the “survival sex work” rate of 1 out of 5. That probably means 75% of Asian and Hispanic “she-males” coming from gay backgrounds and less than 1% white males who identify as lesbians. The Transgender Day of Rememberance has a lot in common with Men’s Rights dudes who claim that they’re oppressed as WHITE men because Tupac and Biggie were shot, therefor being a man is dangerous all around and it’s all women’s fault.
      Or the homelessness statistic. Even if the number were true and not just pulled out of a hat: I work at one of the rare shelters that takes in everyone and our numbers are probably 45% female. Almost every female (90%+, maybe even 99%), no matter what she identifies as, whether she is straight or lesbian, has borne at least one child at some point and it has been the major cause of her poverty. Many feminists are arguing that being the so-called “sex class” (meaning objectified, being penetrable, or — good grief — “hole bearers”, etc.) is something all “women,” female or male, share equally. (And expect that equality or sameness to mean that transwomen should be roomed with other women, etc.) But when it comes to homelessness, actual female biology and the social impositions on mothers (rather than on biological fathers) is what matters in real life.

  5. I find it disgusting that the death of people, even trans, does not disgust you. And its people like you who drive us to it.

    1. Who the fuck are you talking to. Correcting outrageously false statistics kills trans people? Or just trans statisticians?
      Why don’t you look into why the mind of Charles Linden thinks such awful, ugly, unkind thoughts? Take some responsibility for yourself. Or don’t. I really could care less. Idiot.
      Oh and “people, even trans”- really? Just, really? I consider trans to actually BE people. Unlike you who has apparently created a lesser category. Just sad.

    2. > And its people like you who drive us to it.
      I had a number of people contribute towards my suicidial ideation. Religion and family, both of which went out of their way to affect my life, and turn the love that others had to shunning and emotional manipulation, so I could live the life they wanted me to, no matter how miserable. Hell is a perfect example of using the threat of [eternal] violence to scare and influence. Was fairly inevitable – I would have gotten it for being bi or atheist, too.
      Radfems, on the other hand fall into the “criticizing people’s choices, usually as a result of harm done to them” category. I have never known one to go out of her way to legislate against me, to try to strip my marriage away from me, to tell me I’m going to hell, to drive my family to disconnect from me to “save me”, or to beat me in the name of “godly love”. The write and say things, usually in spaces of their own. One usually has to go out of your way to hear their message.
      You go to someone’s site, complain about what she writes there, then have the nerve to complain that she’s harming you? If you don’t like her message, don’t read it. If you don’t like Janice Raymond’s books, don’t read them either.
      There is a big difference between oppression and self-expression. What you are asking for is to destroy her freedom of speech, to protect your right not to hear it – all while on her site in the first place.
      Grow up.

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