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  1. “Transmisogyny”: The belief that misogyny becomes much worse and more severe when experienced by people that matter (ie males).

    1. Yeap and so typical of twanz on huffingtonpost trying to call everyone twanzpohbic and delusional.

  2. Valerie Keefe, all over the Michigan Festival Forum page, too. Good lord I am tired of this. Until I get the hang of the screen shot, here is the transspeak new word of the day from Mrs. Keefe herself:
    That’s who you help out when you buy these tampons. Valerie won’t be buying them. (Duh!)

    1. Valerie Keefe is the guy who inserted himself into a thread on the Michfest board where women were discussing menstruation experiences to relay his equivalent (to him) experience of bleeding when cutting himself SHAVING HIS BEARD. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.
      He’s also the sicko who goes around impersonating a “detransitioning” FTM begging for help on Lesbian blogs.
      Seriously, check out that link. You won’t BELIEVE the gross.

      1. It could be worse, women, lesbian and intersex people would have to contend with the Zoe Brains of the world. Who are running around and spewing crap that would make anyone vomit their stomachs out.

      2. Could it be this Valerie keefe who keeps calling people twanzphobic and spewing crap on huffingtonpost
        [link removed- GM]

      3. Yeap and Valerie Keefe has people like kitteybuger on Huffingtonpost spewing crap and the most recent is using Zoe Brain as a reference.

  3. You should see Valerie Keefe’s blog on Huffington post. It would make most people want to vomit in the toilet
    [link removed- GM]

  4. I guess I can trust my instincts, then. I had a bad feeling about this one the first time I saw him post. Which is ALL THE TIME. Thank you so much Gallus!

  5. A Valerie Keefe writes on the HuffPo here – claiming that men are “the victims in roughly half of domestic violence cases”.
    Leaving aside the rest of the article which implies that the social bullying and punishment of those who seem to flout prescribed sex roles are in fact the fault of 2nd Wave feminists (yep, you read that right) – this is seriously troubling repetition of men’s rights activist – style politics.
    The link which she includes as proof is just a clearinghouse article – near the end is an acknowledgement that it’s not endorsed by any authoritative body.
    But it ignores several important points on the collection of information on domestic violence:
    1. information focussed on individual incidents often fails to distinguish whether force was used as attack or in defence. Nor whether it was the culmination of a series of (often unreported) attacks by violent male partners.
    2. information gleaned from questioning those involved can be biased by the greater propensity for women to disclose their usage of force, despite it being less powerful, and the greater propensity for male perpetrators to deny and minimize.
    3. As a consequence of those points, hospitalisation and murder figures offer a much more accurate picture of what goes on.
    The WHO’s 2002 ‘World report on violence and health’ explains that:
    “Studies from Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and the
    United States of America show that 40–70% of
    female murder victims were killed by their
    husbands or boyfriends, frequently in the context
    of an ongoing abusive relationship []. This
    contrasts starkly with the situation of male murder
    victims. In the United States, for example, only 4%
    of men murdered between 1976 and 1996 were
    killed by their wives, ex-wives or girlfriends [].
    In Australia between 1989 and 1996, the figure
    was 8.6%[].” (p.93)
    “Studies in Canada and the United
    States have shown that women are far more likely to
    be injured during assaults by intimate partners than
    are men, and that women suffer more severe forms
    of violence (5, 34–36). In Canada, female victims
    of partner violence are three times more likely to
    suffer injury, five times more likely to receive
    medical attention and five times more likely to fear
    for their lives than are male victims (36). Where
    violence by women occurs it is more likely to be in
    the form of self-defence” (p.94)
    So this is the person who’s claiming near the end of this HuffPo article that “I am reminded that I love feminism”. The person who denies one of the basic reasons for feminism’s existence; that male violence is a major factor enforcing women’s subjugation. O’Keefe, it seems, prefers to claim that in the domestic situation at least, the violence exists in a level playing field. So, presumably, if equality in that significant realm has been attained, then surely men and women are equal in the rest of the domestic sphere too – the family unit no longer oppresses women.
    Wonder what this leaves feminism’s tasks as, according to O’Keefe? Well, she says “I love a movement that says our bodies are not our destiny”.
    She’s gotta mean trans bodies, because darned if I can see how the politics she presents are a path for women no longer being oppressed as a sex.

    1. > Studies in Canada and the United States have shown that women are far more likely to be injured during assaults by intimate partners than are men, and that women suffer more severe forms of violence … Where violence by women occurs it is more likely to be in the form of self-defence.
      It’s sad that studies are necessary to prove (instead of document) what should be fairly obvious to everyone. Men tend to be stronger than Women (due to Testosterone), so all things being equal, women will tend be significantly disadvantaged when violence is used relative to men.
      Even if women were insane enough to have the same propensity towards violence as men, it wouldn’t be to their benefit, as they would tend to end up on the losing side anyway. Women tend use violence as a last resort (self-defense), because it makes no sense in the vast majority of cases.
      I can at least understand why someone might want to argue that men and women are equally victims of emotional abuse, but a night in any major hospital, clinic, or shelter should quickly show the absurdity of claiming that men and women are equal on the violence front.

  6. I wish that people, all people, would stop judging transsexuals by the very public actions of a few crazy types who in no way are typical of the majority. It is unfair. I live a quiet life, bother no one, support myself and live my life generally in a dignified fashion that while of no great importance, is at least respectable. Not unlike the vast majority of transsexual women. We are mostly unremarkable and undetectable.
    Oh yes and it might be a surprise to some. While I live as a woman, I dont pretend that I am exactly the same as someone born female. I wish I could, but that is obviously impossible.

    1. Is this a general beef of yours, Amber? It doesn’t seem an apt criticism of the thread so far, which is analysing what is so very wrong with the politics of this particular trans woman.
      I do entirely agree with you that assuming homogeneity in the politics of trans people is unuseful. It would be great to see more trans people speaking out against these obviously woman-hating positions though. I think that without these objections, the default positions of Keefe and similar types is to take this as endorsement of their views.

  7. A man who has an operation and then calls himself a female has absolutely no analogous life experience to a born woman, who was born and raised in a woman hating world, had to fight womanhatred, male threats and economic disenfranchisement every day….
    every time I meet a Male to trans— all I have to ask is what this person does for a living… airplane pilot,
    fire chief, PhD in philosophy, talks about male philosophers and is an atheist…. all of this a the ye old lesbian bar that has been overrun by trans and tranny chasers… yeah right, these males castrated are just like people who were born into female bodies and dealt with lifelong womanhatred.
    Nothing in common at all. The male to trans is a female impersonator constructed by the male enabling medical establishment… and what historically is the purpose of eunichs? To invade all women’s spaces and sub for the patriarchs guarding the harems (property of men). Nothing new under the sun, so I suggest trans come up with a better definition. They are not women at all, but impersonators of women, or men who don’t want to “play the role” of men. They are people who want a new social role, but they are in no way women in any way, shape or form.

  8. Since I don’t ever read other trans people objecting to the stalking, the invasion of Michigan, the attacks on lesbian spaces… they never counteract all the Zoe Brains, the Valeries…. since I never hear Male to Trans bringing up this stuff, or the penis people showing off their penis at Michigan’s showers… or the vandalism and threats to Fest goers over the past decade or so… the silence speaks volumes, the anti-feminism speaks volumes, the rape threats speak volumes… so if they aren’t speaking up against the creeps of this “movement” who really threaten women’s safety, what does this say about the trans movement overall?

    1. The problem is that the twanz never counteract the Zoe Brains and the Valeries in their community. They don’t have the guts to stand up to the Zoe Brains, the Valeries. Which is why women, lesbian and intersex people are the ones who are trying to stop the Zoe Brains, the Valeries of the internet.

  9. @SheilaG, some do. PlasticGirl, Julian Real, Long Lost Hawk, transfemmergence, and other trans commenters on this site whom I’ve noticed but not remembered (apologies, I don’t tend to remember names unless I’ve seen them many times).
    [Real recently posted on the importance of respecting feminist women’s choices in how to organise, at ‘people of color organize’. The article was taken down quite quickly, but is still up here. I didn’t agree with it all, but thought it could have worked as a useful discussion starter on that site. (To clarify – regardless of my not being a separatist, my position is also that women need self-determination in deciding what our political needs are, and hence who we are and how we organise, and I find trying to impose organising methods on feminists who don’t want them to be incredibly stupid and sexist.)]
    There does seem to be a problem in that the most outspoken trans activists are often the least feminist. I don’t feel inclined to blame apolitical trans people for not engaging with these debates, since it probably means they’re unaware of them, as most non-trans people are unaware of political debates (despite this meaning that their everyday actions reinforce the status quo). Indeed, the problem seems to be a society-wide loss of feminist understanding, coupled of course with a misplaced envy/ romanticisation of the oppressed sex, and sometimes resentment of us too, for having what some trans women wrongly perceive as feminine “cis-privilege”.
    I do agree that when certain prominent trans activists (claiming to be feminist women) make numerous public statements that echo what the MRAs are saying (particularly but not solely on domestic violence), without this attracting much criticism from other trans activists, this indicates a major problem with the politics of trans activism.

  10. Valerie Keefe a.k.a. Sean Tisdall has a particularly malignant strain of the disease.
    He’s another one of the “lesbimanz” who thinks lesbians should be happy to welcome his 6’3″ biologically male body into their beds — not to mention into women’s showers, dressing rooms and restrooms. Why? Because some fraction of his mid-brain is “lesbian”. Sure, dude. Whatever.
    He thinks he should have a prominent public voice but that Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and other (his distain here) “second-wavers” should be silenced, because of course HE is the arbiter of “real feminism”, what with his lifetime possession of a penis and all — he knows ALL about women’s oppression and he’s happy to tell natural-born women what’s what vis misogyny. We should listen up.
    He will do his utmost to get your posts on Huffington Post deleted.
    That’s because he’s all about liberation and stuff.

    1. Yeap Valerie Keefe is a piece of work. Both Zoe Brain and Valerie Keefe are in a league of themselves. Both of them together, who needs enemies anyway.

  11. Rose, I’m glad you brought up that part about the silencing of even talking about second wave feminists. It makes me SICK. Gloria Steinem, et al., made lives for women today so much easier. I can’t believe the lack of appreciation or respect.
    And this “Valerie Keefe” character? Revolting. On every level.

    1. I understand that for every Martin Luther King there is a Malcolm X — but the disrespect some young women have for the pioneers who made their little bit of freedom possible — by standing up when standing up was almost unthinkable — depresses me to hell and back.
      Then to add the insult of males pretending to know more about women’s oppression than we do? And so-called “progressive women” looking up to them as seers and sages — giving them voice while silencing and deleting comments from actual feminists — because the T’s are so oppressed and non-conforming (ha!) that we must coddle and cosset their every whim?
      It’s just appalling.
      Where is the analysis behind that kind of behavior? Where is the understanding? Where is the wisdom?

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