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      1. That was too funny 🙂
        I guess we should expect a response from all the twanz cause they think biology is twansphobic.

  1. Nooo so much twanzphobia!! Biological sex isn’t real! If the makers of that commercial are lesbians we should totally stalk and harass them.
    I’ll bet this is going on in some trans activists mind if he sees this commercial. 😉

    1. Please please please let there be trans flash mobs protesting tampons as transphobic! Pleeease! As a little New Years Present for Gallus Mag! I would seriously pay good money to see trannys storming the tampon aisles in protest of Tampon Transphobia!!!!!. OCCUPY TAMPONS! OMG someone get me a youtube of the tranny rage in the tampon aisles!!!! Please!

  2. I hope the twanz form mobs and stage televised protests, too, in all their , sequinned glory. Most people – myself included once upon a time – see twanz as weird, but harmless people and accept their stated jendah, out of pity, really. They need to see the lunacy of twanz firsthand, in both their ideology (which becomes obvious when it’s extended beyond “I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body!”) and practice (of stalking and intimidation). They’re already starting with this Facebook threat to mobilise if their demands aren’t met. They can’t just stage a protest, they have to threaten.
    And of course, the myth that there are clear, visibly apparent differences between transgenders, transvestites, autogynephiles and dudes just donning a frock to get into women’s private spaces needs to be busted, and the more twanz publicly reveal their true colours, the more likely this is to happen.

      1. !!! “Occupy Tampons” !!!
        That’s too funny.
        Maybe if they spend some time at home focusing on manifesting their inner menstruatrix they’ll leave lesbians alone for five minutes.

  3. Of COURSE there’s an ultimatum. Of course.
    And I’m with you, GM – please, pleeeeeeease let there be trans flash mobs in the tampon aisles!!! Best late Christmas present EVER!! (“Occupy Tampons” is brilliant, BTW!)

  4. So they are fighting against something they will never need to use anyway?
    “Dang! These tampons are tranzphobic!1!1! We have to start a revolution right now!”
    Again biological sex kicks them in their butts.

  5. There’s only one thing a tranny hates next to a woman and thats a gay man. This is what happens when you let heteros into the LGBT. Who is protesting this ad? A bunch of middle aged heterosexual white men, that’s who. Are the trans who come from the gay male community protesting this ad? Oh hellllls no.
    Middle aged married hetero white dudes who hate gays and decided two years ago that they wanted to take up space in the “LGBT” are doing this shit. Seriously. There was actually a trans activist who started a campaign in the UK last year to ban gays from doing drag AT GAY PRIDE. Because as “transwomen” they thought it was sexist? Of course not. Because they didn’t want the public to confuse them with lowly faggots. At the gays OWN parade. Jesus. I’m not defending sexist drag, but the homophobia, it burns. And now these guys want to shit all over the gay boy actor who did this ad. Over and over on the Facebook wall these idiots insist that an actor playing a drag queen is “A Woman”- WHETHER HE WANTS TO BE OR NOT. Jesus, get over yourselves, just because a homo does drag better than you do trans doesn’t make him “a woman”. Lordy.

  6. There’s a handful of trans that don’t appear to hate women and gays, some of them readers and commenters and supporters of this blog. Obviously you are exceptions to my above commentary/rant.

    1. There are transpersons that support this site? How is that at all possible? I don’t know, it seems to me like a trans supporter of this site would be like a black supporter of Stormfront.
      I should point out that if you actually have to come out and say that they are the exceptions, then perhaps your generalizations are two broad.
      It’s the classic “I hate the (insert group here) But not you though.”

      1. HAHAHAHAHah! Look what the cat dragged in. I don’t usually publish comments from the deranged, but seriously, in this case I am honored- HONORED I say to host the LEGEND- the king of transgender homophobia himself:
        Violet Gray aka Rose White aka Fleur Black, whose theory of homosexuality is that the gay man’s “..brain has been turned pseudo-female by the testo-to-estro conversion that converts a mouthful of sperm into a dose of estrogen that has given him strange feelings of femininity that are anathema to a homo and which he then compensates for by decrying those male-bodied people who do become happy women”.
        But there is WAY way more! Seriously, this is the most homophobic trans that HAS EVER LIVED. And you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to read a summary of his lovely ideas (if you’re a glutton for punishment –or- interested in the lives of extraordinarily mad men) here: http://zagria.blogspot.com/2010/06/rose-whites-harry-benjamin-syndrome.html
        Or just google him.
        Don’t miss the section on his theory of Lesbianism “..in which the estrogen from vaginal sex is ingested and then upsets the body’s chemistry that is stimulated to produce more testosterone to regain equilibrium. But this continued supply of estrogen causes the output of testosterone to then cause a masculinisation of the brain and the body which makes the lesbian feel male and seek more and more vaginas to get the fix of estrogen.”
        Thanks for stopping by guy!

      2. > it seems to me like a trans supporter of this site would be like a black supporter of Stormfront.
        One doesn’t have to agree with everything someone says to feel that their opinions are worthwhile, and that their statements and positions have worth.

  7. As Fwancis said upthread, there is no difference WHATSOEVER between a dude in a dress and a “transwoman”. None. Only their personal philosophy and self concept, which is THEIR BUSINESS. Not OUR PROBLEM.
    Stop trying to convince, cajole, and BULLY people, (especially actual females – who they direct most of their bullying onto) into sorting out YOUR bullshit for you. It’s not OUR JOB to confer imaginary female”ness” onto you. Even YOU can’t decide who is the “real trans”. To anyone not living IN YOUR HEAD, there is no difference. Get over it. Have a little pride in yourself. If you want to pretend you are female, if you want to do body mods to “pass” as female, if you want to call yourself “Brittanee Mercedes Hennessey Divine”, whatever, that’s your problem. It’s a free country.
    But stop trying to ENFORCE your private Genderist philosophy onto the ATHEISTS among us. Do it for yourself. Really. Because you are fighting a battle that will never be won. Come to terms with it. Because bystanders to the PRIVATE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS IN YOUR HEAD have a right to ignore them. Seriously. It’s nothing to threaten suicide over. It’s nothing to threaten murder over. It’s NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. Your belief system is NOT THAT IMPORTANT TO ANYONE BUT YOU.

    1. GallusMag, will you marry me?
      I have never heard it put more beautifully:
      “…bystanders to the PRIVATE THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS IN YOUR HEAD have a right to ignore them. Seriously…”
      Give me fifty-thousand gay male drag queens any day over one trans “real girl” (a near stranger) who very earnestly tried to explain to me why I should want to be his lover after his (very partial) transition because after all, he is a “real lesbian”.
      Not to mention all the hints that he might kill himself if I dared to reject his wholly unlooked-for and unwanted advances.
      In my experience, _some_ of these dudes are more manipulative than a sugar-seeking kid on a candy high.

  8. Ahhh I respectfully disagree with them doing body mods that require surgery and drugs. Because in a publicly funded health system we the taxpayer fund this. Whether we like it or not. Funding includes living expenses while this is done, before and after. Some provinces have stopped this but not all.

    1. Yes, that’s a good point. That goes under no one being forced to care about your lifestyle choices. We’ll help pick up the tab later when you get liver cancer or blood clots from doing your recreational drugs, but we shouldn’t have to pay for you to do that to yourself.

  9. Gallus, the YouTube page for this commercial is also full of trans idiots screeching about twanzphobic it all is. Men. Whaddya gonna do.
    I’m still laughing over “Occupy Tampons”!

  10. a news article about this landed on Fark so it’s getting a lot of exposure: even dudebros who are generally on board with gender-nation are finding it ridiculous. OTOH, the ridicule is more for those who complain about anything as being overly feminine and anyone who disputes gender being innate or biological sex being a fact of life that has disparate consequences is getting beaten down even harder as redneck hicks who don’t know that some biological women have had hysterectomies too, what about them, etc., by the “we’re smarter than you” crowd. Being ignorant of “accepted popular academic trends” is evidently more feminine than being a whiner in dudebro land.

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for this, Gallus. Just brilliant and very entertaining. I think it’s amazing that the issue of men posing as women must have become so common and so universal that a company would use this as a marketing tactic. This is just what we need. If even very mainstream het women are feeling put down and pushed out of being “real women” by men — enough for the makers of this ad to expect that most women (and girls) would identify with the woman in the ad — then things really are improving. This ad captures so much of what we’ve seen from the trannies. And now a mainstream woman is shown being triumphant in proving that no man who is caricaturizing her can EVER be a real woman. Does this mean that most women have now experienced men like this in public women’s restroom? If enough women are fed up with these preening narcissistic female-hating men, then that would change everything.

  12. I just posted there and the trannie attacks are pouring in. I’m called “elderly!” That’s a first. Obviously the trannies know who I am. One now has inadvertently told all there about Janice Raymond’s book.

  13. Whoa! Holdon! You mistake me for someone else! 0_0 I don’t know who this Rose person is, sounds like a trans activist? But that is not me! I’m a long-time reader of this blog who’s just seeking to understand where I am on the gender issue, and also where you’re coming from. I’m usually a ghost on the rad-fem wordpress boards.
    This is my Youtube Channel:

    This is my facebook:

    1. Holy Shit dear! Didn’t you google your fake name before choosing it???? Awww, I’m quite disappointed. I was flattered that Violet Gray had crawled out of his crypt to spew nonsense on my blog. But it was only your nonsense. What a let down. OOps not your fault. You might want to change your name tho. I would if I were you. My goodness.
      Oh, and you certainly haven’t been a long term reader of this blog if you characterize is as a hate blog as you did. It’s anti-gender, not anti-people. Lots of trans people read and comment here, which you should know if you read here. You seem like a nice person, except for the whole “comparing me with Hitler” thing. Good day to you.

  14. Ah, I see, I apologize if I offended, it’s just the impression that I get from what I’ve read. (I wouldn’t say this is exclusively your fault, but I read some of the comments and I’m like “wow, THAT was harsh.”
    I’m really just trying to figure it all out, and I read blogs like this because they offer criticism in a depth that I don’t find elsewhere. But in an earlier post you said ” there is no difference WHATSOEVER between a dude in a dress and a “transwoman”. I can’t imagine that not offending the trans people who read this blog? I’m not trying to shout you down I’m just being honest as I know how.
    My last name is actually Gray, the name Violet was given to me by my friends because of my obsession with purple. I really wanna go find this OTHER Violet Gray person lol
    Anyway, thanks for the clarification, and being honest enough to post again and clear it up on your blog! 🙂

    1. I said to an objective observer there is no difference, and it’s not our JOB to care about what is in your head. To you there may be a huge difference, but no one cares. And they never will. And the trans rights movement is ridiculous to expend energy on trying to force us to read your minds. There is no discernible difference. Finding that “offensive” is an unrealistic expectation and a political dead end. Hope that makes sense.
      I don’t hate trans people- I don’t even dislike them.
      I hate gender.
      Trans people are welcome to comment as long as they are interested in conversing in a friendly manner on a blog that protests Genderism. Also, people are pro-nouned by sex not “Gender” on this blog- which should be no problem for you because you have no shame about admitting you are male.
      Thanks for the clarification- and you should totally look up Violet Gray, and maybe use the last name you use on your YouTube account instead? It’s up to you, but that was a hilarious case of mistaken identity!

    2. Do you ever read about the horrible things the trans do and say to and about women, and say to yourself, “Wow, THAT was harsh! In fact, WOW, that was a threat of violence! WOW, that was the most misogynist thing I’ve ever seen!”?
      If you don’t, you are not reading closely.

  15. Oh, and what brought me out of my shell was just that I rightly or wrongly, I’d always had the impression that you were disdainful of trans people, and that you were being frank and open about it. So when you said there are trans supporters of this site it really through me for a loop! I was just wondering, how do these trans persons, not offend you and others do? Are you specifically addressing trans activists? (though to be completely honest, some things I’ve heard from SOME outspoken trans persons make ME mad.)

    1. “, I’d always had the impression that you were disdainful of trans people, and that you were being frank and open about it”
      Wait what?? After ALL those things she posted : Trans wants to kill lesbian with baseball bats, trans want to force women to have sex with mtfs, transgender bathroom fantasy and so on.
      After all these – you say that GM is the one who is disdainful here?? You’ve gotta be kidding!
      I hope I was misunderstanding the quoted sentence and you don’t mean it the way I understand it right now.
      (was that correct english? sorry for mistakes)

  16. Great! 🙂 Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I’ve heard the criticism of this commercial that she took out the tampon in the mirror, meaning that she had no use for it at that moment, it was just her being a “bitch.” I thought that criticism was valid, but upon reflection, I felt like it was the other person who initiated the “contest” in the first place.

    1. I took it as… a female was performing the male-invented culturally enforced femininity traditions that females are forced to comply with, and punished if they don’t -punished socially, financially, and in every way for non-compliance, and a female impersonator comes up next to her and performs all the same superficial gendered rituals, and at the end the woman whips out the tampon which says: “Dude. Some wisdom. All this gender bullshit really has nothing to do with being a woman. Bottom line is: being a woman just means you have a female sexed body. Full stop. The rest is all fake.” His gender fantasy of womanhood thus debunked, he walks off with his tail between his legs. More likely his gaffe- haha. What horrified some trans is the same thing that always horrifies them: the fact that sex exists and gender is made up sexist bullshit.

  17. Violet, it horrifies and enrages them (not hard to do) that any “bitch” (all women) has the ovaries to point this out to them. SEX EXISTS. THEY ARE MALE.
    Why does this enrage them? Because they really, truly, hate women.

  18. Someone asked me to weigh in on this ad. Here are my thoughts:
    I am only weighing in because you asked me to. 1. It was funny. I don’t think this ad is misogynist per se (so they both can compete on the “feminine” trappings of “what makes a woman” but at the end of the day, you can’t deny female reality. We bleed – as a class). That said, ad didn’t speak to me, but I am sure I am not the audience for it. 2. Drag is misogynist. 3. The Gay Community is misogynist. 4. The trans community tends also to be misogynist with little to no analysis of anything as anti-female (e.g., witness the recent outcry over Work It, witness anything written by Monica Roberts, witness the allegation that lesbians are bigots for not wanting to have sex with trans women with penises, see http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/whats-up-with-toronto-sherbourne-health-center-threatening-lesbians/). 5. Trans men menstruate because they are female, no matter how they identify, and no disrespect to anyone’s identity. 6. If we are at the point where it is transphobic to acknowledge female reality (i.e., that females as a class menstruate), we have entered the Twlight Zone. 7. Plenty of things in the world are offensive. People shoudln’t let this shit ruin their day.

  19. ” If we are at the point where it is transphobic to acknowledge female reality (i.e., that females as a class menstruate), we have entered the Twlight Zone.”
    If we are reaching this point. If it’s someday transphobic to recognize that there are indeed two sexes. How will it continue??
    I guess after the whole trans cult is reaching its peak it will getting smaller and smaller.

  20. I saw this video and didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t strike me as particularly funny or clever, but good grief!! The next day I read about “the most hateful, bigoted commercial, evah.” The comments, the response, the faux outrage, now that made me laugh. WTF, people? Women are oppressing you with their tampons? Their tampon refuses to validate me as a woman? What? You feel entitled to OWN tampons? Women get tampons and I don’t?

  21. You are so right, Kitty. And Gallus, you said that so well. What an incredible double post you did yesterday.
    I got the usual hostility after posting there, but just saw one of our gang, and many, many women and some gay men supporting the ad. Perhaps the tide is turning. All we have needed is for more women to have contact with men claiming to be women. That contact inevitably will lead to anger and outrage because of how female-hating those men are.
    I just noticed the line, “Libra gets girls.” Is this appealing to Lesbian desires? I just love it — such a short, simple display of how men just are not women. Ever.

  22. it was not the ‘trans-community’ that was upset. it was a few, vocal individuals with some kind of toilet performance anxiety that claimed to speak for all of us.
    and in so doing caused tons of damage for trans women, who are now once again linked with gay male drag queens in the public mind.
    i’d like to hunt them down and beat sense into them, but they are probably to well hidden inside somewhere, never going out.

    1. You should see all the twanz commenting and calling people twanzphobe and pretending to act laydee like. Their also showing their male privilege as well.

    1. “Occupy Tampons” was used in the last episode of 2 Broke Girls. The show is generally criticized for being “too vulgar” by male critics who don’t seem to have a problem with HBO or Showtime and daring to mention tampons was seen as going beyond the pale.

  23. I believe someone already said it at some point, but this makes me think of Loretta in “Life of Brian” I guess we need to fight for their right to have periods even though they don’t have ovaries or a uterus

  24. So while there are a lot of mysoginistic ads in TV and we can do nothing, one “transphobic” TV ad that says – Brace yourselves – SEX EXISTS (!!! Drama, tears, swoons) and ONLY WOMEN MENSTRUATE gets pulled.
    Seriously? I’ve been seeing everywhere the woman in the video acts privileged – Just because she needs a tampon. Just because she bleeds. So we oppress trans existences just by existing, yes? If we menstruate, we’re oppressing them, if we get pregnant, we’re oppressing them, if we lactate, we’re oppressing them. Whaaaat? Why does half of the population means less than 0.04 of it? Oh yes I forgot, transwomen are men. So now they matter, and matter a lot.
    Holy shit what an horrible world. Before, menstruating would mean we were dirty, we were savages, we were witches because we didn’t die when we bled. Men did that. Men told us bleeding was bad. Men told us cleasing our bodies of unnecessary things was bad. Pregnancy meant we were sluts (And it still means in some places) and we deserved the pain of man-corrupted childbirth (“Sadistic obstetrician” position and all). Lactating was gross. But feminism is over, rite? We can menstruate, get pregnant and lactate as long as we want!… Oh wait, no, because if we do that we’re totally oppressing men wanting to be women, so we need to stop and hide our bodily functions because otherwise they will be SO offended and we will be SO transphobic.
    Same thing, another disguise. The female body is still reduced to bad things – Because of men. Holy shit that sucks so much. >_< I'm still appalled.

  25. Yes, our existence does “oppress” trannies. I mean, how dare we exist and threaten their delusion that they are women?
    I thought the woman in the ad looked nervous at first, as a woman would in a women’s restroom next to a much bigger man. Male presence, especially where they are not legally allowed, implies potential violence and danger. Women often forget the tiny nuances and glances and body movements that is a reminder that most men have sexually harassed females and the potential for rape is there, as well as being hit or groped.
    I was at a Lesbian concert in a cafe last night, with most of the audience women. The owners are a het couple and very friendly and supportive to us. The man confided his concern about a particular man who shows up only at the Lesbian concerts and said he didn’t know what to do about him. The problem man is large and glowers and smirks, and looks at us all with a possessive leer. He stalks around threateningly. I’ve seen him insist on dancing next to a Lesbian and start grabbing her — and refusing to stop when she pushed him away. He has long dyed blond hair and I would not be surprised if he decided he was a Lesbian, which would get him more of what he’s obviously wanting. But the most striking thing to me was all the body language and expression which were definitely threatening. And that reminded me of the smirking man in the ad.

    1. I don’t know where you are, but in every bar I’ve been to, there’s a sign that says, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.”
      The bar owner should just ask him to leave and let him know that he’s not welcome back. Doing it firmly but kindly should do the trick.
      You know he must have been kicked out of a lot of places with that kind of behavior.

  26. Kitty, you are so funny!
    You’re right, Rose, but people are so reluctant to do that here. It’s a coffeehouse. Maybe their more prepared at a bar. I was glad to know that the male owner is concerned about it though.

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