Let's Do This Shit


Women need to take back the public Gender dialogue from the Genderists.
From Right Wing Conservatives to Transgenderists, all the members of the Genderist spectrum claim that certain unrelated traits, roles, abilities and proclivities are based on reproductive sex (or it’s facsimile). And they are forcing their sexist beliefs into law. Females are being driven back into the dark ages.
Help me with this. What initiatives would fix this mess?
What are some of the Gender Initiatives that those harmed by Gender (females) should be actively lobbying for?

  1. Laws against Gender based marketing to children should passed, and enforced, including toys, activities, media including television film and internet.
  2. Genderism should be eliminated from public education, and not on an “opt out” basis either. All students should take Home Ec and Shop, whether they want to or not. Sex based discrimination such as hetero prom requirements and sex based dress requirements for school photos should be outlawed as well. Sex-based differences in rules about clothing should be eliminated. The only difference based on sex in public schools should be actually based on biological sex (and in defense of females against male predation traditions) such as female bathroom facilities, female sports opportunities, female locker rooms, appropriate sex-based health care. Schools should be evaluated for sex-based equality in achievement, and departments which show a sex-based disparity should be fixed.
  3. Violence against females should be prosecuted as a hate crime, with increased penalties.
  4.  Curfews for males in areas where male crimes exceed female crimes by more than 20%.
  5. Censure of advertising which exploits Gender stereotyping based on sex.
  6.  Penalties for all commercial enterprises who exhibit sex-based bias in numbers of females represented, female beauty requirements, sex inequity in producers, directors, staff, crew, techies, laborers, associates, workers, management, executive boards, union members, etc. Penalties exist until inequities are corrected. Funds from penalties go to training females.
  7.  States with more than 10% sex difference in representation should be federally penalized with decreased funding.
  8. All overseas aid should be retracted for countries with more than 10% sex difference in government.
  9. All laws enshrining  legal status for sex-based roles (“Gender Identity”) should be eliminated and replaced by laws against sex-based discrimination.
  10.  200% tax on pornography, tax benefiting initiatives to support females out of porn.
  11.  Huge fines for punters/johns, criminalization, and the money going to supporting females out of prostitution.
  12.  Class action suit reimbursing Lesbians and Gays retroactively for tax penalties for sex-based tax discrimination.
  13.  ?

Okay, help me out here. Add your legal initiative that will help fix this whole female hating/sexism/gender mess. Or critique the ones I’ve added. Let’s make a master list of what it would take to turn this shit around. A do-able, actionable, list of initiatives that we can lobby for.  Be realistic but visionary. Be concrete. Let’s make a list of goals to implement in 2012.