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Women need to take back the public Gender dialogue from the Genderists.
From Right Wing Conservatives to Transgenderists, all the members of the Genderist spectrum claim that certain unrelated traits, roles, abilities and proclivities are based on reproductive sex (or it’s facsimile). And they are forcing their sexist beliefs into law. Females are being driven back into the dark ages.
Help me with this. What initiatives would fix this mess?
What are some of the Gender Initiatives that those harmed by Gender (females) should be actively lobbying for?

  1. Laws against Gender based marketing to children should passed, and enforced, including toys, activities, media including television film and internet.
  2. Genderism should be eliminated from public education, and not on an “opt out” basis either. All students should take Home Ec and Shop, whether they want to or not. Sex based discrimination such as hetero prom requirements and sex based dress requirements for school photos should be outlawed as well. Sex-based differences in rules about clothing should be eliminated. The only difference based on sex in public schools should be actually based on biological sex (and in defense of females against male predation traditions) such as female bathroom facilities, female sports opportunities, female locker rooms, appropriate sex-based health care. Schools should be evaluated for sex-based equality in achievement, and departments which show a sex-based disparity should be fixed.
  3. Violence against females should be prosecuted as a hate crime, with increased penalties.
  4.  Curfews for males in areas where male crimes exceed female crimes by more than 20%.
  5. Censure of advertising which exploits Gender stereotyping based on sex.
  6.  Penalties for all commercial enterprises who exhibit sex-based bias in numbers of females represented, female beauty requirements, sex inequity in producers, directors, staff, crew, techies, laborers, associates, workers, management, executive boards, union members, etc. Penalties exist until inequities are corrected. Funds from penalties go to training females.
  7.  States with more than 10% sex difference in representation should be federally penalized with decreased funding.
  8. All overseas aid should be retracted for countries with more than 10% sex difference in government.
  9. All laws enshrining  legal status for sex-based roles (“Gender Identity”) should be eliminated and replaced by laws against sex-based discrimination.
  10.  200% tax on pornography, tax benefiting initiatives to support females out of porn.
  11.  Huge fines for punters/johns, criminalization, and the money going to supporting females out of prostitution.
  12.  Class action suit reimbursing Lesbians and Gays retroactively for tax penalties for sex-based tax discrimination.
  13.  ?

Okay, help me out here. Add your legal initiative that will help fix this whole female hating/sexism/gender mess. Or critique the ones I’ve added. Let’s make a master list of what it would take to turn this shit around. A do-able, actionable, list of initiatives that we can lobby for.  Be realistic but visionary. Be concrete. Let’s make a list of goals to implement in 2012.


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  1. Sorry Gallus, I don’t have any faith in legislation anymore. Pass some law against rigid gender roles and we’ll just start seeing girls being arrested for performing gender or something.
    What we really need to do is increase female representation in government. Over and over again I’ve watched women from the left and the right put aside their differences and come together over basic women centered policies. Lily Ledbetter and Title lX were championed and passed by women on both sides of the political spectrum.
    If we try to pass legislation in a system dominated by male legislators we’ll wind up with crazy crap like my local school district five years ago that decided to address sexual harassment in school by mandating the length of girls skirts. I just can’t go there anymore.

    1. No but that’s perfect! Have fun here. So your initiative would be that no further laws would be passed until females are 100% represented? That the government should be shut down until females are represented? What would it take? Say that! Maybe females should go on a tax strike until we are represented? Don’t throw up your hands- say what you think would fix things.

  2. About number 1, why the “to children” insert into its wording? No one really needs “boys’/men’s clothes/shoes” and “girls’/women’s clothes/shoes” departments in stores. Anyone can wear anything, and it doesn’t have to mean squat about one’s “gender.” And voila–a lot less need, right there, to “transition.”

  3. Okay Gallus, as long as we’re having fun here, I think it should be illegal to have a 21 year old male managing a store and supervising 20 female employees, all who are over the age of 40. That absolutely drives me nuts. “I’m just a clerk, let me get the manager, this pimply faced little punk over here.”
    There should also be a law against Mormons. They can have their religion and everything, but if 3 older women come to my door to introduce me to the church’s 17 year old male “elder,” I get complete amnesty.
    I want mandatory cross gender education in school. Boys need to know how to cook, girls need to know how to use power tools. These are life skills, not gendered pursuits.
    I want non discrimination in employment. In my state it’s still pretty shaky. You can be fired for being gay or for simply for being perceived as gay. This is immoral, but it’s also a really idiotic business practice and bad for our economy.
    Our Senate is made up of two senators from each state. One of them should be female. Once we attain 30% representation in congress, we can get rid of the quota system. And no political party gets any public funding unless 50% of their candidates are female.
    I want a reproductive tax. Being born male should come with some responsibility. I have to carry car insurance, business insurance, homeowners insurance, but there’s no insurance on penises? What’s with that? I want mandatory liability insurance on anybody with a penis. Use it wisely, your rates go down.

    1. Okay Gallus, as long as we’re having fun here, I think it should be illegal to have a 21 year old male managing a store and supervising 20 female employees, all who are over the age of 40. That absolutely drives me nuts. “I’m just a clerk, let me get the manager, this pimply faced little punk over here.”
      OHHH THIS, SO MUCH! I have had little fucking twerps ‘manage’ me at more than one place I’ve worked. Psycho, abusive little control freaks, all of them. And, I’d worked there WAY before them, knew the drill and wasn’t offered the manager position, ever. HMM, wonder why? (mutters obscenities)

  4. 1. Constitutional amendment requiring all males refrain from interjecting their opinion or interfering in all women’s reproductive health or welfare.
    2. Federal law that compels health care carriers do not discriminate against women by refusing, charging exorbitant fees, or otherwise limiting coverage for uniquely female conditions
    3. Constitutional amendment eradicating the wage gap.
    4. Federal law compelling schools present alternatives to ‘hetero-normative’ sexual based education. Specific sub-sections will outlaw strictly morality based (abstinence) instruction. The law would mandate frank discussion on the impact on girls of societal constructed ‘gender sex roles’. Criminal penalties would apply for any educational entity or representative promoting ‘get married to a nice man and have a bunch of babies.’ Life sentences imposed on educators who cheerfully promote ‘a woman’s job is to please her man.’
    5. Federal law establishing and fully funding girl’s/women’s centers in communities with herstories of aggressive female suppression. Highest priorities placed on rural and insular communities. Enhanced criminal penalties enacted for systematic abuse of women by virtue of reducing them to walking wombs. Maximum penalties enacted for perverting the course of girl’s lives by depriving them of opportunities due by right of natural endowment. Forced male sterilization to annihilate bloodlines of said communities using crude methods. The castration method must be as horrific as the atrocities perpetrated on sisters all over to this very day.

  5. This is a wonderful idea, Gallus. Great suggestion, Jane.
    I don’t know where to begin. I just heard of a woman who trained a man and a year later he’s making twice as much as her. ($210,000.) No men promoted over women who trained them. Men have to prove they do better work to get promoted.
    No more reproduction until the environment is no longer polluted.
    Housing should be based on age. If you lived in an area for many years, you should have first choice of housing rather than a het couple in their twenties who can afford it only because they have rich daddies.
    Castration for rape. Really, it should be the death penalty. That would take care of overpopulation.
    No more tickets for not wearing seat belts. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)
    I could go on all night with this.
    Until things are fixed, girls who don’t obey the old sexist and male-demanded “femininity” standards should get rewards. Like state-sanctioned hybrid cars at age 16.
    Every female should get two hybrid cars from the government, in case one breaks down. (Females are most vulnerable from attack by strangers when using public transportation or walking at night.)
    No female should have to live with any male if she doesn’t want to. Houses for all females!

  6. What if: We do an expose on the whole bloody thing. I volunteer to be the ‘poor, mixed up female who really knows she’s a male’ and start going to M.D.’s, clinics, (like the one here in Boston–although it’s for children?) therapists, etc., and find out what they all have to offer me. I will wear a microphone, a camera, whatever, and we will design together what I’ll say, how I’ll present, etc. I think this would be not only a whole lot of fun, but very educational, and something we can give to the news media to broadcast. Would they? Does it mean I can go on the Jerry Springer show??????
    While we’re at it, should I tell them that I don’t want my right leg anymore, either?
    A Big, Strong Man, Born Born Into The Body of a Rather Small Woman…

  7. I think their should be laws protecting intersex people
    Their should be a law against genital mutilation of any kind
    Their should be a law where intersex people are recognized as a biological third gender
    Nondiscrimination laws that include intersex people
    They should make it a crime for anyone who claims intersex without any form of medical documentation
    Their should be laws where women are treated the same equally as men.
    Schools should be required to make spaces for women and gender neutral for intersex people as well.
    Job promotions should be based upon intelligence and not gender or sex.
    Rape of any kind should be a mandatory death sentence or Life without the possibility of Parole.
    Sexual assaults of any kind should be a minimum of 21 yrs and a max of life without parole
    Their should be a law where everyone shall have equal opportunity to every job that a man can do and gender should never be an issue, unless health or medical reasons prevent them from performing the job.
    I can go on forever, but I like where you are getting at

  8. It’s probably a pipedream, but something I would love to see done away with is the requirement for females to wear make up in jobs. Far more employers and companies than anyone would ever guess actually have this as required in their dress codes. There was a news story several months back about a woman who could no longer work at Harrod’s department store in England because they wouldn’t let her come to work unless she followed their strict “all women must wear full make up” rule. This can be very troublesome for women especially ones like myself with a more “butch” presentation, etc.

  9. Kitty, you are so funny! That is a brilliant idea! Maybe you could write a book and make a fortune too, huh?
    I absolutely agree, Nicky.
    I really agree, Lisa. Any male that requires that women appear in any humiliating way should be forced to do it every day for a year or the rest of their lives. (Like the prick who told me today that he likes high heels, so I recommended he wear them — but no, he only likes them on women. The arrogance of such an attitude of ownership of women.
    No, they’ve had decades of feminism to know better, not to mention common sense. Any male who has insisted women humiliate themselves in order to work to survive, should be castrated, and then have to wear what he demanded women wear. (Is that too mild?)

  10. I want the NCAA, the organization governing college sports, to change its policy on transgender people playing on women’s teams. The thin edge of the wedge is already in there, with one F2T player on a team (I’ll have to do some research, can’t recall which one.) How long will it be before it all goes the other way, and there are no women at all left on any teams?

  11. Actually, the radical feminists and some of the conservatives and religious groups who are against this sex based stereotypes and genderism (although they don’t agree with the radfems on other issues like homosexuality) could actually team up in order to end this stereotyping of the sexes done by genderists, As I remember in a symposium I attended once which was made by a religious organization it was said that men could have feminine interests and women could have masculine interests and it does not make them less of a man or woman.

  12. Here’s what I’ve found so far–
    << NCAA News
    New policy for transgender athletes
    Announcement pertains to postseason, not regular season
    The Associated Press
    Last Updated – September 13, 2011 2:40 GMT
    Contact | Archive | RSS
    INDIANAPOLIS — The NCAA is adopting a new policy regarding transgender athletes.
    The NCAA says athletes who have testosterone in their systems from medical treatment will not be allowed to compete against women’s teams in gender-specific sports at NCAA championships. They will be allowed, however, to compete against men.
    The exception is if a male is transitioning to being a female. The athlete would then have to provide documentation showing they had testosterone suppression treatment for one calendar year. The athlete would then have to continue to document the medical treatment each successive year to remain eligible for a women’s team in postseason play.
    The NCAA says individual schools can continue to make their own decisions about eligibility during regular-season play.

      1. Over time, there will be more data on the long-term consequences of cross-sex hormones.
        Speaking only for myself, I would be on them even if I had never transitioned, and was never going to. I spent so many years fighting just to have control over my own desires. Testosterone was toxic to me, and the way it made me feel was horrifying – like a prisoner in my own body. Self-isolation kept me from putting others at risk, but that’s no way to live.
        Losing Testosterone bought me freedom – clarity of thought, and the ability to be around women without a desire to objectify them. Life isn’t a constant fight to suppress the parts of me that put others at risk. I never acted on them – I would have taken my own life before hurting others like them, but there is more to life than fighting.
        I accept the health consequences – I just hope that we aren’t creating another generation of Thalidomide babies.

      2. @Kathrin
        “Over time, there will be more data on the long-term consequences of cross-sex hormones.”
        In my opinion that’s sad because how many people (especially young people) will go this way without knowing what will/could happen with their health in the future?
        ” I would have taken my own life before hurting others like them, but there is more to life than fighting.”
        I agree.
        ” I just hope that we aren’t creating another generation of Thalidomide babies.”
        This would be the worst case! I hope it never happens. But I heard something about that ftm mothers have a higher risk to give birth to autistic children. I hope that’s not true.

  13. I’d like to see the outdated, barbaric institution of marriage abolished. It is unethical to own other people. People should be together because they want to be together, not because some law written on a piece of bark in berry juice says so. If one doesn’t have a partner or children, the same benefits should be extended to 4 people of one’s choice – including women I may be smitten with in other countries. I should have the right to have whoever I damn well please in my life and in my home. I want these make-believe lines and boundaries between countries erased.
    I would like to see patriarchal religions recognized as the male supremacist, sexist, misogynist, racist, homophobic hate groups that they are and the organization of them, abolished.
    I want capitalism abolished as an economic system. Which is built on the backs of women and dependent on their free labor (2/3’s of the world’s unpaid labor is done by women). It is a pyramid scheme in which so many people suffer so a few may live well. It is also dependent on primitive accumulation of resources – which means more and more has to be acquired – which causes the invasion of other people’s land, the confiscation of their resources, and their enslavement, which in turn promotes sexism, genderism, racism, ageism, classism, nationalism and homophobia. Everyone should contribute to their communities and offer their skills and services for free. For example, I could fix folks’ computers in exchange for folks taking down my dead tree. This also means education and medicine will be free and no one will be homeless or hungry.

    1. Rather, Marriage should be only protected and registered by the religious organizations since they believe that the government is distorting this institution and abolish it in the government because in that way the married and non-married couples will be seen as equal in the eyes of the government.

  14. Marriage = the legalized ownership of women and children by men as sanctioned by the church and state (which is pretty much, one and the same).
    Marriage should not be protected under any institution any more than slavery or human sacrifice should be protected. More people have been killed in the name of god than for any other reason in history. It would be a big mistake to think religion isn’t as powerful as gov’t. While gov’ts have come and gone, religion remains. It is a key root in women’s exploitation and subordination and has single-handedly spread male supremacy and female subjugation into a global paradigm. The very word itself (patriarch) has its roots in religion.

    1. Preventing a religious rite like marriage will cause the religious people to get angry since some of the religious people especially christians only have sex after marriage, in christianity sex before marriage is a sin and maybe we also should promote a religion that is emancipates women.

  15. What about tampons and/or pads given free of charge to menstruating females? If Viagra can be covered by health insurance, why can’t items we need be given? Same thing should go for birth control, as needed.

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