MSNBC: Manning to use "Gender Identity" defense against treason charges

According to an article published today on MSNBC, attorneys for Bradley Manning, the WikkiLeaks guy, are planning a Gender Identity Disorder defense to show diminished capacity due to mental disorder.
From the article:
“The defense stated Saturday that Manning, 24, had written to one of his supervisors when he was stationed in Iraq before his arrest and said he had concluded he was suffering from gender identity disorder, which is classified as a medical disorder in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. He included a photo of himself dressed as a woman in the letter and said the issue was affecting his ability to do his job or think clearly.”
“Manning is charged with aiding the enemy and violating the Espionage Act. If found guilty, he could be sentenced to life in prison.
If Manning’s case does go to court martial, his attorneys will apparently be just the second defense team to attempt to use a gender identity disorder as at least a partial defense in a military case, according to Jack King, a staff attorney with the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys specializing in mental health issues.
The only other case on record, he said, involved Karen Davis, a Navy electrician’s mate, second class, formerly known as Charles Marx, who was prosecuted in the mid-1980s “for wearing women’s clothing (a skirt, nylons, a women’s blouse, a bra, women’s fashion jeans, nail polish, a purse, and a wig) on numerous occasions while at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.”
In appealing her court martial in 1988, Davis’ attorneys argued that such conduct was not illegal. They also stated that, while living as Marx, she had been diagnosed by several Navy psychiatrists as having gender identity disorder and that cross-dressing was therapeutic.
The military appeals court allowed her dishonorable discharge to stand for the reason that cross-dressing was “prejudicial to good order and discipline and discrediting of the Armed Forces.”
King said such a case would be unlikely today, given the greater understanding of gender identity disorder.
“Now, if a person could show that because he or she believed themselves to be a member of the opposite sex they had an irresistible impulse to cross-dress, they would in all likelihood qualify for a medical discharge,” he said.
Several attorneys who work with transgender legal issues said they were not aware of a gender identity disorder defense being raised in a civilian court, and King said it’s easy to see why not, noting that such a diagnosis “doesn’t prevent you from knowing right from wrong.” The disorder is most often raised in criminal proceedings as part of an overall insanity defense, or by expert witnesses arguing that a defendant is so mentally damaged that he or she should be committed, he said.”
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12 thoughts on “MSNBC: Manning to use "Gender Identity" defense against treason charges

  1. What a twist. How… cynical. Methinks he’s going to get more sympathy for being “a woman trapped in a man’s body, poor dear” than he would for being “gay in the military”.

  2. It seems to be saying that transgenderism is insanity. Well all right! I say whatever has a good chance to save him is what his legal team should do. Manning brought about the end of u.s. military in Iraq by his revealing war crimes. He is beyond brave. He acted to do the right thing at great danger to himself.

  3. I think Mr. Manning was very brave, and his defense team should do what will keep him out of prison.

  4. You do know that the illustrious Mr. Manning was to be discharged for punching a female soldier in the face, right? She was an intelligence analyst. His superior. And he punched her in the face.

  5. Thanks, Ashland. That is really upsetting and disturbing. But I still stand by my statement above. Manning’s brave act (if he did it) made secret info known that inspired the Tunisia uprising, then the Arab spring, and on to people’s uprisings all over the globe. And his (alleged) disclosures are responsible for the u.s. military leaving Iraq, which I have no doubt is saving untold numbers of girls and women from being tortured, raped and killed.

    1. He didn’t do any more than any grassroots infiltrator does on the regular, he just took a deal with someone to *publicize his*. Then he was used as a rodeo clown and a host for the blood sucking Assange.
      All one has to do is read official new reports and whitepapers to find out all we need to know about wars around the world. The truth is published and no one reads it. It’s insane.

  6. I think you are ascribing waaaaay too much as due to his actions, especially your last sentence. I think he’s a very, very fucked-up individual. But I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

  7. Thanks for that report Ashland. I’d never heard about Manning punching a superior female officer in the face. That would be grounds for court martial right then and there wouldn’t it?

  8. @GallusMag This one showed up on the MSN page and this goes to show that the criminal class in the brigade gets rewarded for their despicable deeds. [And please cross post this, if it does not seem to fit here].
    Yep crime does pay…..and yet this person is lionized because what was done was a ‘patriotic act’, if one reads to excrement that is posted on other sites about this creep. If one has a degree from Harvard, guess what? You should get your money back, because all one needs to do is say they are a brigade member, be mentally unstable, commit violent acts towards superiors in the military as well as to female members of one’s family and commit treason…and BOOM…..they can get to be a fellow at same.

  9. And SURPRISE SURPRISE SURPRISE……This morning, Harvard wised up and withdrew the fellow status. Either this is an epiphany or the uproar from those, who know that the brigade operates no better than brownshirts got to the Crimson regulars.
    The fact they were stupid enough, PC enough, etc to do offer in the first place, points to a very severe lowering of standards. Also, while they are using spin to say this was a ‘mistake’, it cannot possibly be. As one learns from this site and others which are not afraid to call a spade a spade, these punks are all about the ‘end justifying the means’.
    Why do I have a feeling that if this creep had committed murder, that a full professorship would have been offered???

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