0 thoughts on “Saturday Night Double Feature- Performance Art Edition

  1. In the first video, is the point that all are equal? Or none of the differences should matter? Then why is the F2M not shaved at all with her new “male” hair growth, but the women are shaved except for a little unnatural pubic stripe? I have NEVER seen female bodies with hair like that, and most have hair going up to their navels and elsewhere. Yes, creepy!

    1. Speak for yourself! I have stuff all body hair; certainly not up to my navel! Maybe you should stop hanging out with people with pcos?

  2. I really liked the second one. What really stood out for me was the idea of “I want my art to be universal”. A woman’s art- or any experience- is never “universal”. It’s always gendered. And figures of women depicted in art are never “universal”. A male figure can represent “everyman”, “the human condition”, “humanity”, “mortality”- but a female figure in art never represents universality, even when the artist intends it as such.
    The first video was lolololololol, although the lisa gerrrard music was pretty.

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