Led by the parents who simply didn’t know (or want to know) better

One of the saddest reports yet on the sterilization of a gay child to “cure” him of his sex-role nonconformity and homosexuality. He is also framed as a deformed child with a medical birth defect for his “unacceptable” tastes in toys, activities and clothing.
The whole Boston Globe article, titled “Led by the child who simply knew” is an exercise in the triumph of conservative homophobic sex-role norms, and the promotion of heteronormativity through reparative experimental medical and surgical “therapies”.

 “ Wyatt was a girl to the core, and now lives as one, with the help of a brave, loving family and a path-breaking doctor’s care.” The Globe’s Bella English fawns.
What makes this gay male youth “a girl to the core”? The article compares his sex-role conformity to that of his identical twin brother:
“ Jonas and Wyatt Maines were born identical twins, but from the start each had a distinct personality.
Jonas was all boy. He loved Spiderman, action figures, pirates, and swords.
Wyatt favored pink tutus and beads. At 4, he insisted on a Barbie birthday cake and had a thing for mermaids. On Halloween, Jonas was Buzz Lightyear. Wyatt wanted to be a princess; his mother compromised on a prince costume.”
Jesus. They couldn’t even let the four year old kid dress as a princess for Halloween- because that would be unthinkable for a boy, get it? God forbid you let a tiny impressionable kid wear a princess costume without making it into a horrible taboo so memorable that the family still recollects the “incident” ten years later. So much for being “led by a child”- sounds more like you made a big fuss about his liking sparkles and garments that drape. It gets worse:
“Once, when Wyatt appeared in a sequin shirt and his mother’s heels, his father said: “You don’t want to wear that.’’
“Yes, I do,’’ Wyatt replied.
“Dad, you might as well face it,’’ Wayne recalls Jonas saying. “You have a son and a daughter.’’
Yep, cause that’s what girls are.
The article goes on to tell us that the parents wondered what was up with the kid, was he gay? Was he too young to even speculate? One thing was for sure. It wasn’t okay, whatever it was. After the parents put the kibosh on the four year old’s play behavior and made a big taboo out of it, the kid said he didn’t want to be a boy! What four year old would if it meant you couldn’t play the way you wanted? If it meant you were “bad” for dressing as the little mermaid or whatever the fuck? Can’t I just be a girl then, and play the way I want without all the angst and trouble? Being a “princess boy”  was apparently not an option.
“Baffled, they tried to deflect Wyatt’s girlish impulses by buying him action figures like his brother’s and steering him toward Cub Scouts, soccer, and baseball.”
“When the boys were 5, Kelly and Wayne threw a “get-to-know-me’’ party for classmates and parents. Wyatt appeared beaming at the top of the stairs in a princess gown, a gift from his grandmother.
Kelly whisked him off and made him put on pants. Though she and Wayne were accustomed to his girly antics, they were afraid of what others might think.”
Jesus. What an incredibly humiliating experience- and message that must have been for Wyatt. But his parents just couldn’t deal with a boy like that. Grandma’s princess gown was a dirty shameful secret to them. And this kid’s flaaaaaaaming clothing choices were a humiliation. Like some sort of tragic birth defect.
“Even when we did all the boy events to see if she would ‘conform,’ she would just put her shirt on her head as hair, strap on some heels and join in,’’ Kelly says. “It wasn’t really a matter of encouraging her to be a boy or a girl. That came about naturally.’’
Because boys don’t want to have long hair and wear heels. Ever.
That’s what girls are.
When Wyatt was taught that boys don’t do these things, and he said well then I don’t want to be a boy, mom started researching transgenderism. Dad hoped Wyatt would grow out of this sex-role nonconformity but was fearful that he wouldn’t.  Such behavior being unnatural and unacceptable and all…
The Globe reports that “Even the family Christmas card became a challenge. They would write about Jonas’s affinity for sports and Wyatt’s “flair for the dramatic.’’
Oh my goodness! The challenge! It was like Darfur with the kid being a giant drama queen! What will the neighbors think! The agony of a boy like that.
That’s what girls are.
Mom talked to the family doctor, who blew off her concerns. Nothing wrong with the kid! The Globe is careful to describe him as an “elderly pediatrician, nearing retirement” – cause those old doctors with a lifetime experience are, like all elderly people, incompetent- right? Mom needed a doc who understood this kid needed fixin! So mom went shopping for a doc who had a more Genderist philosophy and who was supportive of the idea that there was something wrong with Wyatt. She found one. And all before the first grade!
Poor kid. After all the agonizing and “challenges” over the poor kid’s “unacceptable” behavior they stuck him with a therapist at around age 6. Gotta fix this kid! Mom kept up her sex-change research all the while, and when he was eight, she heard about a Boston doctor’s fledgling experimental eugenics program that aimed to “cure” dramatic, flamboyant boys like Wyatt- by turning them “into girls”, thus “fixing” them. He would fix everything!!! Wyatt started calling himself a “girl-boy”, and his parents finally allowed him to grow out his hair a bit longer. In a school essay he wrote that he “likes to wear bikinis, high heels, mini-skirts”. LOL no boy- even one pissed off that he was taught from the age of four that he had a sex-role birth defect would write that.
That’s what girls are.
When he was nine the parents had his name legally changed from Wyatt to Nicole. Well, dad says he left the whole thing up to his wife. But whatever. After Wyatt’s name was “fixed” the family allowed him to grow his hair long and wear the clothes –finally!- that he wanted. There was no humiliation now. He had a birth defect- a sex-role birth defect!
The quotes from Dad and his son Wyatt/Nicole from this point forth in the article are pretty much verbatim quotes from the speech they gave at a GLAAD fundraiser they appeared at. Suffice to say that when the parents finally allowed him to act as he wanted everything went swimmingly. Until one day. The Globe reports that:
“But one day a boy called her a “faggot,’’ objected to her using the girls’ bathroom, and reported the matter to his grandfather, who is his legal guardian. The grandfather complained to the Orono School Committee, with the Christian Civic League of Maine backing him. The superintendent of schools then decided Nicole should use a staff bathroom.”
The truth is that another boy started using the girl’s bathroom too. He didn’t wear dresses or change his name but for whatever reason the other kid also started using the girl’s restroom. Faced with increasing numbers of boys potentially using the girl’s room, and no way to make a distinction between Nicole’s use of the girl’s facilities and the other boys doing so, the school decided to keep the restroom set aside for female bodied children for female bodied children and to allow Nicole to use a private staff bathroom if he wanted.
Nicole’s parents did not like the fact that the school was not pretending that their son was female-bodied. They did not like being reminded that he had male anatomy. They found the compromise of access to a private staff bathroom was unacceptable because it made real the fact that their son was not female. And a son like that was not okay. What if their “deformed” son was bullied? The school district responded to parental concerns and was determined to prevent the child from being bullied, even assigning a paid staff person to keep an eye on Nicole in between classes to make sure no bullying occurred- even though Nicole was “elected vice president of her class and excelled academically.”
All these measures were not good enough for the parents, who decided to sue the school for having separate restrooms based on sex, not “gender”. Because their son now says he has a feeling inside, one that says he is no longer a boy-girl, but a girl-girl, and that “feeling” that a male can have- is what a female is.
The case is pending.
The parents continue to pursue a “fix” for their challenging, dress-liking, drama-loving son. They found that in Dr. Spack, the doctor who runs the experimental reparative treatment center in Boston:
“The most striking thing about these kids was the fact that they were just normal young people who had this incredibly unusual and problematic situation,’’ says Spack, 68.” (Gee, Boston Globe, shouldn’t that be the “elderly and nearing retirement” Dr. Spack?)
Dr Spack says “we can do wonders” with the appearance of children medically/surgically “if we can get them early”. Oooooh. Medical wonders on the appearance of formerly healthy children, causing lifetime disability and sterility before the age of maturation…. You cwazy science you!
The Globe outlines the arguments against the sterilizing disabling “treatment”: religion and that the kids are too young. It never occurs to the writer that sex-roles themselves are artificial. Oh hell noes! Birth defect! Deformity! Incorrect! Fix! Girls=femininity, Boys=masculinity! Conform! Conform! Conform! Heartwarming story of challenging adversity!!! Maintain order!
The Globe reports- and I want you to remember this in years to come- that the Gender Management Service Clinic run by Dr Spack in at Boston Children’s Hospital, referred to by the happy shiny acronym “GEMS” : “Though GeMS treatment is now considered the standard of care by mainstream medical groups, some have their doubts.”
That is total crap. Even the WPATH standards of transgender medicalization – which are written for the sole purpose of preventing lawsuits against the very few doctors worldwide that engage in these practices (even though they are very profitable and have long waiting lists)- does not rubber stamp the radical experimental “treatments” of Spack’s “GEMS” reparative childhood gender treatment. Research, Boston Globe, research! You’re talking about bullied gay and sex-role protesting children being sterilized in childhood here! Best to research the facts about that, huh?
The Boston Globe actually quotes bible passages here. Not kidding.
The Globe goes on to say that only 95 children have been treated at Boston Children’s Hospital’s GEMS clinic since it was started five years ago, even though the clinic purports to be primarily established to treat intersex children (those with disorders or differences of sexual development such as AIS or Turner’s syndrome or congenital anomalies). What does that tell us? That tells us that caregivers of intersex pediatric clients are running away from, not towards the “help” offered by this clinic. And since they report that one third of the clinic’s child clients are on puberty blockers that tells us that this is a failed DSD/intersex clinic now recouping it’s losses by “treating” gender-rebelious children like Wyatt/Nicole. Such treatments are very expensive and privately paid because they ARE NOT considered the standard of care by mainstream medical groups and insurers. Thus they are very profitable.
“The effects of the blockers — an injection given monthly to prevent the gonads from releasing the unwanted hormones — are reversible; patients can stop taking them and go through puberty as their biological sex. This is critical, Spack says, because a “very significant number of children who exhibit cross-gender behavior’’ before puberty “do not end up being transgender.’’
This is a lie. The part about “most kids who exhibit cross-gender behavior before puberty do not end up being transgender” is true. But NOT when those children are put on puberty blockers! The ONLY study of sex-role noncompliant children “treated” by puberty blockers (70 children in the Netherlands) shows that EVERY child put on puberty blockers goes on to cross-hormone “treatment”- a reversal of every outcome study for non-treated children. In other words, putting children on puberty blockers prevents them from growing up non-transgender. Once children are placed onto puberty blockers, the normal maturation is aborted, which prevents that majority from not ending up “being transgender”. And Spack damn well knows this. Puberty blockers prevent resolution of childhood gender dysphoria. Those children were not followed past cross-hormone treatment and no long term outcome studies have been done.  No other studies have been done. These kids are truly guinea pigs for homophobic conservative people that have taught them they have “birth defects”.
In the article pics you can see how Nicole has been placed in suspended pre-puberty, compared to “her” twin brother. He looks like a younger boy. The family pays around $1200 a month to do this to him. Nicole says: “I would say my brother got lucky with me. Because we grew up with only boy neighbors, I developed a liking to shoot-’em-up and military video games,’’ she says. “I could have come out a lot girlier.’’
Ohhhhhhh. Wowwww. That’s why females like FPS and military RPGs!!!! Because they grew up with boy neighbors ! Cause them are boy things!
And not what girls are.
“Nicole says she’s excited about the idea of surgery, though a bit worried about the results — “and maybe the pain, too.’’
No wonder. More than half of males who undergo such surgery suffer from urinary incontince for the rest of their lives. Chronic urinary tract infections are another complication.
From a trans forum: “I had the op – a colovaginoplasty – in the late 90s. I don’t know any other transwomen and I’m wondering if others have experienced a rather icky situation I have had the whole time post-op.
I get a buildup of … stuff … at the back of my vagina which needs weekly douching. When I had the surgery I was told that the colon lined vagina was self-cleaning.
I had the buildup checked out very early by my GP because I was worried I might have a fistula or something. It smelt so awful. No e-coli found. Apparently it’s a buildup of the the natural lube and slewing. It seems that there’s a kink at the back, behind the muscle, where the stuff collects. So I’ve douched weekly all these years to keep clean.
I’ve been to a number of surgeons and apparently there’s nothing that can be done to fix the problem. It’s for life.
Trouble is, when I douche I can never push all the stuff out. I’m sorry, I know this is gross. It means that the stuff I haven’t been able to get rid of straight away hangs at the back and it suddenly pours out afterwards without warning. Sometimes it happens six hours afterwards. This means I have to waste one night every week on cleaning.”
But hey, it might be worth it to Wyatt. Not only can he finally act the way he wanted to since his parents rejected him at the age of four, but he is now getting attention, huge special snowflake attention for his “transgender” status. And still from his parents, in this quote his dad Wayne:
“In conversation later, Wayne tells another story of how things have changed, for good and forever. He and the twins were getting out of the car recently, and he grabbed their hands to walk with them.
Jonas, being a teenage boy, shook his father off, while Nicole was happy to walk hand-in-hand, swinging arms.
“She’ll do that the rest of her life,’’ Wayne says with a wide grin. “It was an epiphany for me.’
Because men just don’t do that! Unless you live in the middle east, where all men hold hands. But hey. Maybe they can be fixed.
[bolding mine-GM]

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  1. Thanks for filling in the silences about these issues. It’s terrible that this ‘trans-happy’ narrative disguises both the extent to which family and society, not ‘innate gender’, guide these pathways, and also the reality of post-surgery life.
    Yet we’re led to believe that this narrative is simply promoting informed self-determination of trans people.

    1. That’s the same line of Crap they try to feed to Intersex people as well. I have seen it so many times that is nauseating. I even have seen some trans claim that their so called “self-determination” and Narrative is almost like intersex people’s narratives.

  2. Ironic how this is happening in lefty-liberal Boston. Hard to know what’s worse for a gender non-compliant kid these days — to grow up in a socially conservative area and deal with harassment and violence, but have your gonads left alone, or to grow up in a place like Boston or San Francisco and get labeled “trans,” and be subjected to these bizarre procedures, by well-meaning liberals who are actually a helluva lot more conservative than they realize.
    It’s funny, too, that Wyatt’s parents felt the need to change his name. In the unliberal South, it’s traditional to pass on family names to children of both sexes, and Wyatt would be a perfectly acceptable choice for a girl.
    I wonder if the grandmother, the one who gave him the princess gown, tried to tell the parents to back off and let the poor kid be himself, and got ignored like the “elderly doctor”?
    Also, where the hell is the American Medical Association? Why is it considered okay to mess around with kids’ hormones like this, because of a perceived social emergency, at a time when doctors are becoming increasingly cautious about any kind of hormone treatment for adults with actual medical conditions? That $1200 a month Wyatt’s family is spending on hormone blockers, which are doing God knows what to his body, would probably cover tuition at a decent private school where non-conforming kids don’t get beaten up.

    1. Yes, this whole thing is actually very conservative and it’s designed to destroy gay and lesbian children, as well as any other child who doesn’t conform to sex roles.
      I don’t know, I think I’d rather get into some fights at school than get maimed by the medical establishment and have to rely on them for the rest of my life.
      Also, $1200 a month! Wow that’s some bullshit. If those abusive assholes had just accepted their son as a boy who doesn’t conform to sex roles, they could have used that money to send both their sons to a nice college. If I had that kind of spare change lying around, I sure wouldn’t use it to mutilate children.

  3. Just a random thing I noticed; “It means that the stuff I haven’t been able to get rid of straight away hangs at the back …”
    I’m assuming that “back” refers to a hard-to-reach terminus of the orifice.
    But, I think of that as the “top” of my personal anatomy, not the “back”–I guess because it’s the “top” relative to my head when standing. It’s the “back” from the perspective of a penetrator while one is horizontal.

  4. “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken [adults].”
    Many parents simply do not think of their child’s future. It is all about how that parent feels at the present. The parents are ashamed of a potentially homosexual son, so magically, they will get rid of the problem by turning him into a heterosexual daughter. It is total rubbish.
    You are right, this method supports heterosexual norms.

    1. That was the same line intersex people have been through as well. It was what the parents and medical doctors wanted and not what the Intersex kids wanted. It’s why Intersex people have been abused by the medical system and parents have absolve their responsibilities as well.

      1. That’s true! Intersex people have gone through all sorts of medical abuse. Most of the treatments aren’t designed to actually help them. Now instead of just harming intersex people, they’ve gone after children who don’t conform to sex roles and heaven forbid, may turn out to be gay or bi.

  5. Thank you for this awesome rebuttal, Gallus. You get at the core of what it really is: conservative sex-role preservation. I was doing a little research on the Boston Children’s Hospital “Gender Management” clinic yesterday after reading this story, and came across this ominous gem on their site: “all children deserve to grow into confident and happy individuals who are able to take their rightful place in society.” Seriously…. “rightful place in society”, especially when used in a gender context, is NOT OKAY. It also makes it crystal clear what the motive is, which is what you have detailed here.
    I’m also afraid to know what they might mean by “gender-related testing”. I imagine there being little blue boxes and little pink boxes that the children check off.

  6. “More than half of males who undergo such surgery suffer from urinary incontince for the rest of their lives. ”
    Were do you got this information?
    Anyway, poor boy. He is a guinea pig because of crazy genderist parents. And still nobody knows how his health will be affected. And still there is nothing but applause from the LGB community. Isn’t it crazy? They are applauding to the blatant homophobia. That’s just sick.

    1. The mainstream LGB community is a clusterfuck of stupidity right now. And my parents wonder why I don’t hang out with them anymore. It’s sad that the only people I know who oppose this stuff are radfems on the internet and a few straight people I know. And even though this is the conservation enforcement of sex roles, a lot of center-right people tend to oppose transgenderism.
      I would also like to know more information about SRS. If that many males who get it suffer from urinary incontinence, that’s kind of important to know. Hopefully such information will discourage adults from getting SRS.

  7. Thank you for writing this piece GallusMag. I initially read the story linked on “Blokesville” (where of course there is the usual anti-reality pro-delusion nonsense spin on it, including bannings of the “transphobic” to boot).
    It really makes my blood run cold that so called social justice/progressives can be this reactionary, and enable such harm in the name of their gender gods.

    1. People who support this should really have their social justice/progressive card revoked. Mutilating children is not social justice.

  8. ‘He recounted young Wyatt asking him, sadly, “Daddy, why can’t boys wear dresses?’’ Wayne hated to tell his son that society wouldn’t accept that.’ This says so much about the way kids can be treated in order to deal with society’s problems.

  9. I wonder if she’s had such bad experiences with ex-het Lesbians and some Lesbians who went back or became bisexual, that she’s testing you.
    Yes, most Lesbians are lesbophobic and self-hating. And yes, you can get rid of it or change, just as you would if you found yourself doing anything else oppressive. It doesn’t help that there is not much of Lesbian communities anymore.
    Interesting observation, mudskip, about the “back” versus “top” of the orifice. I’m guessing all females think of it as the top.

    1. Yes, internalized self-hatred seems to be the issue. I also wonder why LGBs accept these butcheries. Are they afraid of a greater diversity within themselves? Or do gay men insist that at least they are masculine despite homosexuality? With maybe half of gay men being “girly”, they would appear to be less masculine and thus throw some of themselves (!) under the bus? Does this apply to lesbians, too? (Well, plain self-hatred for being female would have to be counted in as well) Is “to be normal women and men” the issue? And this is why they took trans serious? All this despite the sideeffect that LGBs associate themselves with sickness? It this some weird harm reduction strategy? You know, like lots of people including themselves already think that homosexuality is a desease and through trans they can point at people who are even more “sick” than themselves but with clear boundaries? How sad.

  10. So sad. Could the bar for gender non- conforming, quick, whisk you off to the specialist! get any lower? And the two examples of what ” all boy” and ” must be a girl ” constitutes seems so extreme. This is pure patriarchal backlash, tightening up the screws on those little boxes.
    My 4 yr old son was recently invited to a “pirates and princesses” party. I groaned inwardly as I handed him the invitation. He couldn’t decide between pirate or princess. We didn’t have a costume for either and being a radical feminist who has not let Disney takeover her children’s imaginations and has problems with both archetypes and given that we’re all animal lovers in our family, I suggested that he might like to go as ship’s cat. He was delighted and had a great time and was also a big hit at the party.
    Parenting is made up of thousands of these little decisions and negotiations. To say that this boy ” simply knew” is utter bullshit. Parents and the world around them, shapes children’s realities.

  11. It’s really sad that fitting in and conforming to society’s expectations is such a motivator for parents, because it’s the radicals and the non conformists that have really given us some of the best things that a society can offer. I mean, Einstein was flunking math and often found in the corner with a dunce cap on. He wasn’t exactly a popular kid. People thinking outside of the box, people who found themselves unable to conform to expectations are the ones who have created real change in the world. Those kids need our support, not attempts to mold them into something society finds more acceptable.

  12. As a girl, I knew I wanted to be a football player with all my heart. I knew I wanted to be a cowboy with all my heart. I knew I wanted to be GI Joe with all my heart.
    My parents let me be all those things. I had a football uniform and went to football camp with the boys, I had a cowboy outfit and wore it to school every day for weeks. And I had an WWII army helmet and utility belt and crawled around on my belly in the bushes looking for the enemy for hours.
    Of course other parents raised an eyebrow or two. And everyone still left me alone to simply be a child.
    How truly fucked up this gender trending is that children can’t just be left alone to be who they are. Parents and medical people who do this should be deeply ashamed of themselves. And as a society we need to shame this movement out of existence.

  13. And I loved toy guns, had an army helmet and canteen, loved to carve sticks with jacknives… and played softball, football and basketball. I loved canoeing, setting up tents in the forest, shooting at targets with plastic shells from a toy bazooka.
    Loved metal shop, woodworking, taught myself to play chess, when there were no girls at all in the chess club. Carved things with a little box of whittling knives…. my parents tried the dolls, but realized I was so much happier with my army uniform, combat boots, and little jacknives.
    And once pants were allowed in school, I never wore dresses again. And I am a completely happy Dyke, who now wears monogrammed shirts and cuff links…. and my bosses and colleagues are just fine with this.
    It is horrifying to realize that girls who are baby Dykes are actually being drugged with hormone blockers just because they love certain toys, and want to be free. And who is the biggest threat now to butch dykes out there? The gender trender idiots, the conservative trans movement that would have us revert to stiffling “gender roles” that have nothing to do with lesbian freedom or women’s liberation. It is a new tactic of the patriarchy, and we’re on to it!
    They just don’t want little girls to be free and have a happy childhood with toys of their liking!

  14. I know there are NO (!) studies about the effects of blocked puberty but a friend who was a student at a university gave me some interesting information about possible mental problems of late puberty because the puberty is blocked until the child is 15 or 16 years old (or am I wrong)? There is a coincidence between mental illness and early or late puberty.
    Now I guess the trans ally/activist will say: “But the puberty isn’t stopped entirely the children get cross gendered hormones.”
    That’s true but there is a big problem. It’s possible that things which are important for the adult brain but haven’t developed because of blockers will not develop later or will not fully develop. Regardless of later hormon usage.
    They did experiments on animals but only a few (they talk about possible effects on humans in the article too). But who needs animals if you have humans?? Why couldn’t they test the blockers further on animals? There are so many unanswered questions and possible problems but they are using children and the trans community is cheering.
    Another problem is how Gonadotrophin blockers effect the Synaptic pruning because it’s completed by the time of sexual maturation in humans. But there are no studies. It’s terrible.
    There are countless of possible problems but the only thing trans actvists/allies do is pushing this agenda without mercy.
    As a human being I can’t agree with all this. I don’t care if trans activists are insulting me or calling me a transphobe it just shows what a fascist bunch they are. If they would really care about the children they would make sure that the children are healthy and will not suffer side effects of all the sex steroids and so on. They can change laws but it seems they aren’t able to arrange that animals will be tested with all these drugs BEFORE children suffer. People who don’t agree with them aren’t transphobe it’s more that many of the trans allies or activists are HOMOPHOBE. The LGB(T) community should start to fight homophobia in their OWN community.

  15. Thanks for writing this. It baffles me that the trans narrative is powerful enough to make so many people view this instance of child abuse as “inspiring” and “moving.”

    1. That’s why Trans people like to steal other people’s or communities Narratives and write it as if it was their own narrative. It’s very typical of the male-identified Trans to steal other people’s narratives to fit their story or to fit their lies and con. Give you, one example of this, is Zoe Alan Brain who likes to write a very sob, convincing narrative by stealing narratives from Real Intersex people to convince others of his so-called Sob, “inspiring” and “moving” story. That’s why a so-called trans narrative is packed full of lies, deceit and a bit of con artistry and their goal is to hide all the abuse they do to these kids and all the wrongs they have done to women and Intersex people.

  16. I was thinking about this boy and wondered how much, the parents’ desire to feminize him came from a size difference with his brother. You often see with twins that one twin will be significantly smaller and weaker than the other from birth. I wonder how much the idea that female equals lesser male has influenced the parents and how a physically smaller or less robust boy is more likely to be feminized in the minds of general society.

  17. I’m reminded of skater Johnny Weir. He also loves sequins, lace and tiaras. He’s able to express himself freely, and he became an amazing success, all the way to the Olympics. I get the impression he must have pretty understanding parents. Why can’t these kids just be allowed to be themselves without hormones, surgery, or stereotyping?

  18. Here’s some good news, at least (link broken):
    h ttp://newsfeed.time.com/2011/12/15/british-toy-store-scraps-sexist-sections-for-boys-and-girls-toys/
    (The bad news, of course, is that in 2011, there are still people who scream bloody murder about this.)

    1. So wait, the school did NOT force the kid to use the boys’ bathroom? Just a unisex “one-holer” type bathroom?
      As long as the kid is able to use it without having to go get a key from someone every time, and as long as that same bathroom can be used by other students too if they want for whatever reason, I don’t see how it’s so terrible? Friends can all start using that bathroom in solidarity if they want! (Surely the hurt is that the kid knows it’s a singling out, I guess.)
      But… not being able to have friends because of being denied access to the girls’ bathroom in 5th grade? I can’t remember spending all that much time in the bathroom in school in groups, other than cleaning it (I suppose we got some solidarity there, but…)
      Meanwhile I’m wondering if the child is fully stealth at the new school, or do at least the administration know what’s up?

  19. Thank you for this article. This culture of mutilating and sterilizing children is sick. Perpetuation of gender behavior stereotypes and panic and fear of gay or other is bringing these parents to the sick conclusion of harming their children.
    I *wish* the Transgender Agenda could understand that: 1) There’s nothing wrong about being “non-neurotypical”. It doesn’t mean that you are abnormal, just different than average, 2) Being a non-conformist to gender behavior stereotypes does not signal that the brain is in the wrong sexed body, 3) Pushing your child to live as the opposite sex is wrong. Why not just say, “it is ok for boys to wear Barbies” rather than “you are a girl in a boy body”, 4) Teaching love and acceptance for one’s own body, and the parts attached, is alot healthier than teaching that the body needs to be fixed, 5) Quit mutilating and brainwashing young children, terminating your child’s reproductive rights is wrong. 6) Lay off the prescription meds it’s warping people’s minds.

    1. I fail to see the difference between a conservative parent telling their son that they should play with “girl” toys and a trans agenda-supporting parent telling their son who likes “girl” toys that he’s really a girl.
      It was bad enough when adults with serious body issues and sex dysphoria were getting SRS but now it’s been imposed on innocent children.
      Interesting story, I’ve been taking birth control pills to treat my endometriosis for almost a decade. My doctor gave me the lowest dose that existed because he said that a teenager did not need to be taking too many hormones. Now, I am female and these are female sex hormones I am taking to treat a medical disorder. If a teenage girl taking birth control pills to treat endometriosis is something that is concerning, then why on Earth is it okay to give a child hormones and delay their puberty without a medical condition?
      Speaking of the hormones, those parents have some serious rich people privilege to be paying $1200 a month for their son’s hormones and filing frivolous lawsuits against the school that was already accommodating their son.
      On that note, women still have to pay a ton of money for contraceptives, abortion, and reproductive healthcare yet the trans lobby is all for spending money to make insurance cover mutilating children.

    2. There’s one huge point that is wrong in your argument: the parents aren’t throwing this onto the children. It’s the children who are insisting that they are in the wrong body. What parent would WANT their child to have a harder life with dealing with ignorant/bigoted people, having to take hormones for life, getting expensive surgeries, potentially losing those they love because of nonacceptance and other things that come with living as a transgender individual. There is proof that transgender individuals have brains more similar to the opposite sex than their own.
      On another note, hormones aren’t typically $1200 a month. With insurance, it’s as little as $5 every three-five months. Maybe you should do more research before trying to throw out false information.

      1. Damien- Lupron (“puberty blockers”) hormone treatments cost over a thousand dollars a month. Please read more carefully, I am sure you are an intelligent young woman, please act like it.
        Plenty of parents WANT transgender children. For some, it’s a form of Munchausen-by-proxy, for others, a “solution” to the “problem” of having a gay or gender noncompliant child. Even the staunchest advocates of eugenically sterilizing gender nonconforming children admit as much. “Educate yourself” lol.
        Also, LOL transgender laydee brains. Really now?

      2. “Damien,” this “proof” that you speak of? It does not exist. You’re perpetuating a lie. There are no extensive, conclusive, proven-through-repetition, published, peer-reviewed experiments or studies “proving” that trans people “have brains more similar to the opposite sex than their own.” You really need to do more research before throwing out false information.
        God, I’m so sick of this trans trope of “proof.” They’re like some right-winger who uses the tactic of endlessly repeating something that’s completely untrue until people start to believe it as fact. Sad, really.

  20. They aren’t “transgender laydee brains.” They are female brains stuck in male bodies or male brains stuck in female bodies. I have never heard of a parent wanting their child to be transgender out of the hundreds of transkids and adults I have met. Also, transgender people can be gay, bi, lesbian, pan, etc… just like cisgender people, so it doesn’t automatically make someone “straight” if they transition genders, especially since gender, sex, and sexual orientation are completely different parts of a person.

    1. It’s the transgender movement that promotes a connection between social sex roles (“gender”) and sex, not feminists.
      Why re-name yourself Damien? Because you have a “male brain sex”?
      As for parents wanting their kids to be transgender, I suggest you research further.
      Stephanie Brill, founder and Director of Gender Spectrum Family Conference:
      “Brill explained, “Frequently parents will come to us at the end of their rope, saying, ‘I’ve tried everything to change my child, and it isn’t working.’” They may be afraid that their child will be teased or bullied, or frustrated that the child is refusing to obey rules they have established.
      On the other hand, she has found, ultra-liberal parents may sometimes jump too quickly to the conclusion that their child is transgender, when the child might be at another point along the spectrum.
      – See more at: http://www.mombian.com/2011/08/05/conference-offers-lifeline-for-gender-variant-children-families/#sthash.UD660OzZ.dpuf
      Meeting a Transgender 8 year old:
      Transgender Surgery at Sixteen:
      “There are people who are sympathetic to families with kids like Jazz but worry about the rush to adopt the trans identity. They point out that long-term studies of young children with gender dysphoria have found that only about fifteen per cent continue to have this feeling as adolescents and adults. (And these studies, which relied on data from Dutch and Canadian research teams, looked only at children who were referred to a clinic for gender issues—presumably, many more kids experience gender dysphoria in some measure.) The long-term studies have also found that, when such kids grow up, they are significantly more likely to be gay or bisexual. In other words, many young kids claiming to be stuck in the wrong body may simply be trying to process their emerging homosexual desires.
      Walter Meyer, a child psychiatrist and pediatric endocrinologist in Galveston, Texas, has prescribed puberty blockers and considers them worthwhile as a way to buy time for some kids. But, in an editorial that ran in Pediatrics last March, Meyer urged families not to jump to the conclusion that their fierce little tomboy of a daughter, or doll-loving son, must be transgender. “Many of the presentations in the public media . . . give the impression that a child with cross-gender behavior needs to change to the new gender or at least should be evaluated for such a change,” he wrote. “Very little information in the public domain talks about the normality of gender questioning and gender role exploration, and the rarity of an actual change.” When I called Meyer, he said, “What if people learn from the media and think, Hey, I have a five-year-old boy who wants to play with dolls, and I saw this program on TV last night. Now I see: my boy wants to be a girl! So I wanted to say in that article that, with kids, gender variance is an important issue, but it’s also a common issue. I’m saying to parents, ‘It may be hard to live with the ambiguity, but just watch and wait. Most of the time, they’re not going to want to change their gender.’ ”
      Eli Coleman, a psychologist who heads the human-sexuality program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, chaired the committee that, in November, 2011, drafted the latest guidelines of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, the leading organization of doctors and other health-care workers who assist trans patients. The committee endorsed the use of puberty blockers for some children, but Coleman told me that caution was warranted: “We still don’t know the subtle or potential long-term effects on brain function or bone development. Many people recognize it’s not a benign treatment.”
      Alice Dreger, the bioethicist, said, of cross-gender hormones and surgery, “These are not trivial medical interventions. You’re taking away fertility, in most cases. And how do you really know who you are before you’re sexual? No child, with gender dysphoria or not, should have to decide who they are that early in life.” She continued, “I don’t mean to offend people who are truly transgender, but maybe a kid expresses a sense of being the opposite gender because cultural signals say girls don’t shoot arrows, or play rough, or wear boxers, or whatever. I’m concerned that we’re creating feedback loops in an attempt to be sympathetic. There was a child at my son’s preschool who, at the age of three, believed he was a train. Not that he liked trains—he was a train. None of us said, ‘Yes, you’re a train.’ We’d play along, but it was clear we were humoring him. After a couple of years, he decided that what he wanted to be was an engineer.”
      Some parents worry that their children will be prematurely locked in place by the new emphasis on identifying young kids as trans. One mother in San Francisco, who writes about her family using the pseudonym Sarah Hoffman, told me about her son, “Sam,” a gentle boy who wears his blond hair very long. In preschool, he wore princess dresses—accompanied by a sword. He was now in the later years of elementary school, and had abandoned dresses. He liked Legos and Pokémon, loved opera, and hated sports; his friends were mostly science-nerd girls. He’d never had any trouble calling himself a boy. He was, in short, himself. But Hoffman and her husband—an architect and a children’s-book author who had himself been a fey little boy—felt some pressure to slot their son into the transgender category. Once, when Sam was being harassed by boys at school, the principal told them that Sam needed to choose one gender or the other, because kids could be mean. He could either jettison his pink Crocs and cut his hair or socially transition and come to school as a girl.
      Hoffman ignored the principal’s advice. She told me, “Are we going to assume that every boy who doesn’t fit into the gender boxes is trans? Don’t push kids who aren’t going to go there.” Still, as Hoffman’s husband said, “It can be difficult for people to accept a child who is in a place of ambiguity.” A kid with a nameable syndrome who requires a set of specific accommodations at school (recognition of a new name, the right to use the bathroom and locker room he or she wants to) is, in some ways, easier to present to the world than a child who occupies a confusing middle ground.
      Many other parents believe that they will be saving their children pain in the future if they sort out their gender confusion now. This impulse is ratified by many transgender adults, who say they wish they could have skipped going through puberty in the wrong sex.
      At a conference in Philadelphia devoted to transgender health, I attended a panel of parents discussing their gender-nonconforming kids. A man in the audience said that he had a son “who, at two, was very clear in teaching us how he wanted to dress and how he wanted to be in the world. Now he’s almost three and I’m trying to let this be a wonderful gender-fluid period, but I wonder if I’m holding him back. Like, should I be asking, ‘Do you want to be called he or she?’ ” A woman in the audience confessed to her own desire for closure: “We want to know—are you trans or not?”
      Last summer, I met Catherine Tuerk, a nurse who started a support program for gender-nonconforming kids in Washington, D.C. She showed me a photograph of herself as a child of nine or ten. In the picture, she looks exactly like a boy. Her hair is cut in a ducktail—she recalled dashing into the barbershop in her little Pennsylvania town and asking for a crewcut, and being offered a compromise. Some of her fondest memories of her nineteen-fifties childhood were of racing around town on her bike in only jeans, a cowboy belt, and high-tops—“A shirt would have ruined everything,” Tuerk said. She called this period her “glory days,” and sometimes wonders why some of the girls she’s met through her work today don’t have more fun “liking to be boys,” as she did. It was a paradox: she grew up in a time when gender roles for adults were much more straitened; yet, as a young girl, her ambit had seemed wider, partly because there was less awareness of what her behavior might augur for adulthood. As a heterosexual who became a happily married mother, she acknowledges that her memories may remain lovely for her because she was untroubled by her gender identity. “But who knows what would happen if I were growing up like that now?” she said. “I’d be Carl, I guess.”
      It is common today to speak of the plasticity of the adolescent brain. A recent Health and Human Services Department memo cited research suggesting that in adolescents the brain is still evolving “in its ability to organize, regulate impulses, and weigh risks and rewards.” Because brain circuitry is still falling into place, it can be difficult for adolescents “to think critically before making choices,” and they’re more driven by impulse. In the legal realm, this research has provided a scientific anchor for the idea that juvenile criminals should be treated with leniency; in the domestic realm, it has contributed to parental hovering and an acceptance of delayed adulthood. Trans politics, however, is moving in the opposite direction, toward allowing adolescents to make profound, unalterable decisions earlier.
      The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, in its latest guidelines, still recommends that Americans wait until eighteen for genital surgery, but says that chest surgery may be done earlier. There is some scientific grounding for this position: researchers have found that, if a young child’s gender dysphoria persists past the onset of puberty, as Skylar’s did, he or she is likely to retain those feelings into adulthood.
      Nevertheless, some surgeons who do gender reassignment are skeptical of early surgery. Charles Garramone, a plastic surgeon in the Fort Lauderdale area, will not perform sex-reassignment operations on minors, because, he says, “patients need to have a mature outlook in terms of being able to really understand the irreversibility of this surgery.” In addition, Garramone thinks that the skeletal structure underlying the chest of a sixteen-year-old may change enough over time so that a second surgery will be required. Kathy Rumer, a plastic surgeon outside of Philadelphia who has a large transgender practice, also declines to perform reassignment surgery on minors. “I have had parents plead with me,” she says. “And I can feel for them. But I don’t want someone coming back to me when they are twenty-five saying, ‘I didn’t really want this. It was my parents.’ Adolescents are really in flux. I wouldn’t want to make a permanent change based on that stage of life, which can be difficult, no matter what you’re going through.”
      I could post links to this shit all day.
      Now you HAVE heard of parents wanting their children to be transgender. Hope that helps!

  21. I didn’t re-name myself Damien which shows that you jump to conclusions too. The reason it’s fine to put a child on hormone blockers is because it doesn’t do any irreversible effects, so if the child comes to the conclusion that they are not transgender, instead of going to the next stage of hormones, they stop the hormone blockers and normal puberty with take effect.

    1. What you say about blockers is incorrect:
      Also, you lied about the Damien thing, “skater girl”.
      So, you are not engaging with honesty in good faith. Do you know what that makes you? A troll, “Damien”. A troll.
      Since you are female, and only 23, I invite you to return IF and WHEN you would like to interact in good faith. That will likely never happen, so.. take care.

    2. “The reason it’s fine to put a child on hormone blockers is because it doesn’t do any irreversible effects.”
      Too bad no one here buys your obvious lie. People who had to take blockers because of precious puberty STILL suffer from the side effects YEARS LATER. It’s really disgusting how trans activists don’t give a fuck about the health of children.

  22. Best piece evarrrrrrrr! If I want to say it like a girl! This is good for sharing with people who haven’t put 2 and 2 together about gender roles being conservative yet. Makes the point without even needing to resort to using abstract nouns like misogyny that genderists’ brains seem incapable of processing logically.

  23. http://m.snopes.com/2015/10/02/jewel-shuping-blind/
    Woman with BIID (Body integrity identity disorder) blinds herself while under treatment. The woman claims that a psychiatrist poured drain cleaner in her eyes but it seems far more likely that she did that to herself. While embellishing her fantasy life, she added the consensual blinding-by-shrink.
    There are many parallels here. The most dramatic being, of course, the inability of modern psychiatry to deal with strong, deeply felt fantasies. This is not surprising, we still don’t know very much about how the human brain works. Talk therapy and even drugs have limited effect.
    I have to wonder if even the well-meaning shrinks, the ones not motivated by profit, aren’t a bit relieved to finally be able to offer some type of “legitimate” treatment to anyone who has an obsessive fantasy.

    1. They dont look like brother and sister in that picture. They look like a couple. Is that on purpose? To reinforce the male/female contrast between the two of them?
      I don’t think they meant this, but it looks incestuous.

      1. “Is that on purpose? To reinforce the male/female contrast between the two of them?”
        Sure it’s on purpose, for the reason you guessed. A “real” girl, especially a pretty one, folds herself up nice and small and into the protective arms of the man nearest to her. Husband, father, brother — the yin/yang postures and signifiers don’t change, they are the same. Marilyn Monroe, being a gender goddess, knew this, and so she openly called her lovers “daddy.” How cute. Perfectly wholesome and normal, yes?
        Ugh. We see it all the time. The traditional slow dance of father and newly-married daughter is an example of this. It’s clearly meant to be romantic scenario and even flirtatious, so we’re supposed to notice but never, ever say what we’re seeing. There’s a similar thing, too, where a son shows chivalry towards his mother, turning her into the lady, the object of his romantic affections.
        These are the strict rules of gender/heterosexuality. Everyone in his or her proper place and role, even if the lines between familial and sexual love get blurred. Never mind, though. Just clasp your hands together and say, “aww, ain’t that sweet!” Otherwise, you’re an unfeeling brute who always sees and imagines the worst in people. Right?
        It’s a very weird picture. But if you have to say anything about it, just say how stunning they look!

    2. I have to ask, is it normal to associate your genitals with your sex at age 2? This article told the same old story about the kid hating his genitals as soon as he could talk. I’ve raised a girl and a boy, and they never obsessed about their genitals. I grew up with all sisters, and I never even knew that boys had something different in their pants until a schoolmate told me when I much older. I never even thought about my genitals until I was older. I did go around insisting I was a boy, because I liked bugs and science and math, but I didn’t know that I was supposed to also ask plaintively about my nonexistent penis.
      So are parents making this story up, or are these kids being sexually abused so they have way too much knowledge of sex, or what?

      1. OMG, that Cosmopolitan’s story is just nuts!
        I can’t believe those words came from a woman… well, it could’ve been worse I guess. Worse as in “some men have a front hole and some women have outsie ovaries and a lady dick”.

    3. Do the puberty blockers not work? Wyatt (Nicole) looks like Harry Styles. Not a bad look, but it’s androgynous and no transgender person worth their salt is aiming for androgynous. I saw another photo on the web of Wyatt in this tv show that he’s on and he was bigger and broader than a male costar. What gives?
      The People article is sad. It was the mother who decided that one of her adopted sons is transgender because he liked girls’ toys when he was an infant.

      1. LOL, the “magic” of puberty blockers still got him some huge ass feet, and made him taller and with broader shoulders than his male co-star.

  24. There’d be a better use for all those puberty blockers. Again and again I read about girls in Brazil getting pregnant through rape at age 5 or 10 or 11. When they shouldn’t be menstruating.
    Why doesn’t someone pay for puberty blockers for them, to delay puberty until they are at least 12?

    1. Nicole just had sex reassignment surgery. So young. It’s heartbreaking. You can sense the skepticism of the reporter in this news segment. When she asks Nicole how she could possibly know, at 3, that she wanted to be something ‘different’ and Nicole says ‘I don’t know’ but it’s pretty clear the answer is that her mother gave her the idea of ‘different’. How bad is the parenting here, telling the other son that he has to ‘look after’ his girly twin—he should not have been weighted with that responsibility. No wonder Jonas says now that he’s looking forward to ‘being away’ from Nicole and having his own space. And the ending…when Nicole was she’s ‘incredibly happy’ but nothing about her voice or expression is convincing. Sad.

      1. Ugh. Poor kid. Major nose job too. I was gonna quip about the absurdity of an “incredibly happy” nineteen year old but then I watched the video and it was too sad, 🙁

      2. It’s true…when “Nicole” is talking about how SRS is “something I’ve always wanted” he shakes his head “no.” Watch when he’s talking, pay attention to when he closes his eyes for a few moments while speaking or shakes his head “no.”
        Putting these kids on TV forces them to tell the story over and over. The parents tell the story, everyone defends the story, and surely it gains a momentum of it’s own. How can a person think clearly once this train has publicly left the station? If “Nicole” had any doubts or second thoughts, how could he possibly articulate them? Even to himself, let alone his family or the public?

      3. I’m always skeptical about media M2Ts undergoing GRS (Genital Removal Surgery). I don’t think they actually get the procedure done, unlike that one guy “Lucy” Parker aka Teen Transsexual who got a BBC special for it. Because every time they’re asked about the surgery, they don’t seem to have any idea of what is done, they don’t speak about having to insert giant dildos in order to not get their wound closed or how long it takes or anything else related to it. Or when they do say something, it’s the same thing about the penis getting inverted. But mostly I doubt about it, because they’re narcissistic as hell, and every time they get something done you see them talking about it, yet about their “most important step” to become a “woman” they never say a single word. Besides, aren’t most heterosexual?
        Not sure why the media does that (pretend every single one of them gets GRS) when they play a huge part in promoting that “genitals don’t define your sex” BS.

      4. He also says he went to his dad in diapers at four crying about having a penis. What four year olds wear diapers, and why would a four year old hate his genitals? It’s an odd memory for him to have given that most children are toilet-trained well before then. The father comes across as a total creep in the film, with his crocodile tears about having to “dig deep into his soul” to accept his sexualised feminised son.
        They should be looking at the father and what he’s been up to instead of accepting at face value this story from a dysfunctional family, which is likely covering up something really unpleasant.
        Sexual abuse victims – that’s what girls are, not boys

      5. The father’s behavior is enraging in other ways. It took him years to get over Wyatt being “Nicole”, but when other parents were uncomfortable with Wyatt sharing a tent with girls on a camping trip, that was the worst, most horrible thing that has ever been done to his “daughter”. The parents of these “trans” kids get years to get used to the idea. Other parents have to roll over and play dead on command.
        One thing that’s extremely accurate about the show Transparent is how completely non-sympathetic trans supporters are toward all the rest of us. The daughters on the show would have flipped their shit seeing a pig in a wig in the women’s bathroom until their father decides to transition, then, suddenly any woman who has a problem it is a heinous “cunt”.

      6. I had a moment of doubt about the SRS happening at all too, when “Nicole” is shown hanging out with family soon after. Not, you know, enduring 8 weeks of bed rest.

  25. The Nightline piece says that the Maines won their suit against the school district – I thought they lost. Was there a subsequent suit, or part of the suit?

  26. @CisWomanPrivilege,
    “OMG, that Cosmopolitan’s story is just nuts!”
    I checked out that Cosmopolitan article that 4thwave now linked to. I was rolling on the floor laughing at it all. It has to be one of the funniest yet disturbing things I’ve ever read. The kid is 7 years old, 7 years old for crying out loud, and her mom is telling her this nonsense. I consider this child abuse. They are lying to 7 year old kids, and filling their head with things that aren’t biologically impossible.
    “My 7-Year-Old Trans Son Asked Me Where Babies Come From –
    Sometimes mommies make sperm and sometimes daddies make eggs.”
    “Let’s start with what you know. Where do you think babies come from?”
    He (*a 7 year old female child) scrunched up his face in that thinking-hard look and then said slowly: “From … your belly?”
    Close! The uterus. The uta-what? The uterus. It’s the part of the body where babies live before they are born.
    Do boys have uta-whatevers?
    You remember how we talked about the different body parts that people have?”
    “A bagina and a penis?”
    “Vagina, and yes. Those parts are used in making babies.” This ship was sinking fast. I tried harder. “We call them reproductive organs, and these organs produce different things. The penis makes sperm, and the vagina and uterus, along with some other parts, make eggs.”
    “Eggs?! Like a chicken?”
    Well, yeah, kind of like a chicken, only these eggs don’t come outside and you can’t fry them up for breakfast. This was getting totally off track. I tried to refocus.

    “A baby is made when the sperm finds the egg and fertilizes it. That’s how you and your brother were both made.”
    My son stared at me for a couple seconds and I could see the wheels turning, the thoughts flying, the cylinders firing off. I was a little bit afraid of what was going to come out next.
    “So a mommy makes an egg and a daddy makes a sperm and they put it together in the uta—”
    Uta-whatever, but no, that wasn’t quite right.
    ….Sometimes mommies make sperm and sometimes daddies make eggs (*this bat crap crazy mother is telling her 7 year old female child that mommies make sperm)
    “To make a baby, you need sperm and an egg and a place to grow it, like the uterus. A baby doesn’t need a mommy and a daddy. A baby doesn’t always have a mommy and a daddy. But what a baby does need is love, unconditional love, and support.”
    It should be against the law for women like her to breed.

    1. More sad stuff from Wyatt (Nicole) Maines, from an interview with a Portland newpaper:
      Shortly before the surgery on July 28, Nicole said she thought about Wyatt, something she hadn’t really done in years.
      “There was a long time when I wasn’t comfortable with Wyatt or that name because it felt like that was a reminder of a time when I wasn’t comfortable with myself … and I really didn’t want to go back there,” she said. “But recently, I’ve really accepted that Wyatt was a part of me.”
      Kelly said Wyatt was “just a name.”
      “I picked the name, I miss that name, but the person is still here,” she said. “I just told (Nicole) that if she ever has a son she has to name him Wyatt.”
      Again, the horrible parenting. Wyatt is getting in touch with his buried lost self, the male self he was never allowed to have, and his mother dismisses it as just a name. And can Wyatt be allowed to pick the name for his future children please, instead of his mother dictating it.
      It’s revolting how much this story, including the forthcoming book by a Pulitzer winner, focuses on the hardships and heroism of the father when Wyatt is the one paying the price.

      1. I agree Artemis, the kid wasn’t allowed to be himself, even though all the trans propaganda tells us that transing allows kids to be their “authentic selves”, this was taken away from Wyatt. I just watched the abc piece on this family and the part where mom says, “do I worry about the surgery, sure, i’d rather she was a girl to start with,” says it all. The father with his football and basketball dreams and mom who really wanted a girl, and Wyatt probably from his first conscious moments didn’t know whether he was coming or going trying to please everyone but himself, it’s a tragic story.

    2. “To make a baby, you need sperm and an egg and a place to grow it, like the uterus.”
      What? You only need “a place” to grow a baby — a place “like” the uterus?
      So, if there isn’t a uterus handy, just use something similar, like — I dunno — a yogurt crock or a goatskin flask?
      But whatever container you decide to use, my dear little son, be sure to keep it nice and warm! Oh, and a light mist with a spray bottle, at least twice per day. Remember: love is all you need!
      OK, the woman is stupid and/or a lunatic. But it’s Cosmopolitan Magazine that decided she’s some kind of hero, and that this utterly misogynist anti-science metaphysical cultist piece of shit was fit for print.

    3. If it’s any consolation, I guarantee that this conversation did not happen as transcribed. “Uta-what” (7 year-old children are generally not confused by simple three-syllable words), “Eggs!? Like a chicken?” (any semi-conscious child that age is aware of the concept and biological function of an egg outside of the context of a breakfast food), and the neat, paragon-of-progressive-parenting way the conversation unfolds are dead giveaways that this is a pathetic fantasy invented to grub for attention and approval from strangers.
      I would allow that perhaps she attempted this little brainwashing activity. And it would be sad enough if the only result were another misinformed child, but I despair that her mother is given even a modest platform to spout this claptrap and be held up as a model parent. Bad enough that she is pimping her child for social media accolades, she’s decided to seek the attention she craves by pushing her child into a dangerous cult that can lead to permanent physical damage, to say nothing of the mental and emotional harm. Sheesh.

  27. Question:
    Did he get his genitals mutilated at age 17 or 18?
    This is what we do know:
    He was chemically rendered infertile through GnRH agonists and cross gender hormones when he was in his teens.
    Trans sources say that the GnRH agonists (puberty suppressing drugs) are “reversible” which is a lie. They know that most of the children given GnRH agonists go from the puberty suppressing drugs to cross gender hormones. Pumping a kid full of cross gender hormones before their bodies have the time to sexually mature renders them infertile. The use of GnRH agonists for what essentially amounts to a psychological diagnosis in children is an off label use of this particular class of drugs.
    4th Wave Now links to an impartial PBS article that basically says that the medical risks of “transitioning” children are both known and unknown.

    Kingpins of pediatric transition confess: We have no idea what we’re doing

    In quoting the PBS article, 4th Wave Now points out the absurdity of it all,
    …Another potential dilemma facing transgender children, their families and their doctors is this: Taking cross hormones can reduce fertility. And there isn’t enough research to find out of it is reversible or not. So when children make the decision to start taking hormones, they have to consider whether they ever want to have biological children.
    [Take a breath and ponder the above sentence: CHILDREN have to consider whether they ever want their own biological CHILDREN.]

    Kingpins of pediatric transition confess: We have no idea what we’re doing

    It appears as if doctors are already trying to cover their ass just in case this experiment on children . For example, this is an “Informed Consent for Estrogen Therapy for Male to Female Transition”. Among other risks, it states,
    “I understand that there are brain structures that are affected by testosterone and estrogen, and that current medical science does not understand these structures adequately. I understand that taking a hormone which will likely affect a part of my brain whose function is not clear may have long-term effects on the functioning of my brain which are impossible to predict. These effects may be beneficial, damaging, or both.”
    It looks as if this informed consent form is for adults as well as parents. Scroll on down where it says, “Patient Signature” or “Parent/Guardian Signature”. Why is there a blank space for the parent’s signature? Some doctors are giving teenagers cross gender hormones.
    The PBS article states,
    “While the Endocrine Society’s guidelines suggest 16, more and more children are starting hormones at 13 or 14 once their doctors, therapists and families have agreed that they are mentally and emotionally prepared.”
    Do rational people really believe that 13 and 14 year old children should be taking cross gender hormones? Children aren’t mature enough to make these kinds of decisions.
    This young male will be tethered to the health care system for the rest of his life (a life time of hormones and possibly more surgery). Big Pharma makes a handsome profit when they start kids on puberty suppressing drugs when they are 11 or 12, and keep them on drugs for life. The cost of puberty blockers is approximately $1,200 per month for injections and can range from $4,500 to $18,000 for an implant.
    When this experiment on children crashes, doctors can’t completely escape liability because children aren’t mature enough to give informed consent. The prefrontal cortex of the human brain sometimes called the judgment center of the human brain isn’t fully developed until the early to mid-twenties. There is a reason we don’t let teenagers take out bank loans or buy alcohol. The fact that children feel different doesn’t mean that they have the maturity and judgment to make rational decisions.

    1. “I understand that there are brain structures that are affected by testosterone and estrogen, and that current medical science does not understand these structures adequately.”
      Uhm hello? It’s not just the brain but the ENTIRE body that gets affected by hormones. Why are they only talking about brains? Bones, liver, heart, genitals…Informent consent – my ass.

  28. NPR Fresh Air interview today with the parents and book author:
    Unbelievably sexist and homophobic. Poor kid.
    “Kelly Maines: Back then … the popular way of proceeding was gender neutral, try to keep her gender neutral. But Nicole did not like that at all. It took a while. I think it was about when she was 7 … we had a birthday party for her and Jonas and we gave her all the boys toys … and she was very unhappy and I looked at Wayne and I said, ‘That’s it. I’m not doing this anymore. It’s not working. She’s angry. She’s doubting herself. This is not healthy. She has to have a safe place here.’ So we took the toys back and we got her some mermaid things, and she was very, very happy with that and about then that’s when I was like, ‘This is crazy. I just gotta do what’s gonna make this kid the best person she can be.’ …
    I would be in those aisles in Target with girl’s clothes like, “I wish I could get this for her, for Wyatt. I know Wyatt would love this. I can’t. I can’t.” Or sometimes I would [buy the girl’s clothes] and it would be like, “These are your home clothes. These are your school clothes.”
    It’s always completely out of the question for these people that a boy simply likes frilly clothes, long hair, and mermaids.

    1. “Amy Ellis Nutt: In the first six weeks our gender anatomy, our sexual anatomy, is set. Essentially we all begin in life asexual and then certain genes and hormones kick in, and our sexual anatomy is determined to either have male genitalia and male reproductive organs, or female. However, scientists are learning that while that happens at six weeks, it’s not until six months that the brain masculinizes or feminizes. That is, that the hormones in the brain determine is this the brain of a girl or is this the brain of a boy? Sexual orientation, they’re also discovering, is a third process, but what they’re really focusing on is trying to understand that they’re not all congruent.”

      1. “So at six months the drunk gender faerie flies up the mothers’ bergina and really goes to town screwing up the works, making boys’ brainz crave pink sparkles and high heels and girls love short haircuts and being doctors and truck drivers.”
        “Science” by Amy Ellis Nutt. I listened to this today as well, and it’s really sad that the good people of NPR will not ask any hard or challenging questions about this topic, ever. Very disappointing, Terry Gross.

        1. Terry Gross was truly bizarre.
          She did bring up how Nicole balked when it came time for surgery and was worried he would be dysphoric with his new penile inversion, but then he went through with it anyway. Then she asked if he regretted the surgery: but he just had it, apparently. Then all those weird questions about how the love of high heels makes you female. Very strange interview indeed.

      2. I’m so done with Terry Gross. It’s getting so it’s easier to name the authors, radio programs, periodicals, websites, etc that are NOT dead to me – it’s a short list living on Planet Trans. “Planet Trans – Where the men are the women and the women are shit!”

      3. “She did bring up how Nicole balked when it came time for surgery and was worried he would be dysphoric with his new penile inversion, but then he went through with it anyway.”
        He will regret it. If he was worried before – the worries wil be still there after surgery and could turn into something much uglier.

      4. Question on this front: The last gen of media circus feminine gay boys getting srs and becoming real women tm are all now in their early 20s. What is the outcome for these people? Thinking Jackie Green, Kim Petras, etc. They have all dropped off the radar rapidly post srs. Even Luke Hill has disappeared into obscurity in no time at all.

        1. I’ve noticed that too. Jackie Green has been MIA for about three years, ever since his failed attempt to win the Miss England beauty pageant. His parents still run Mermaids, though, churning out more gay boys for medical “correction”.
          Luke/Katie Hill’s autobiography was revealed to have been ghostwritten by Ariel Schrag, which was a really bad career move for a professional transgender.

    2. So they were trying to keep things gender neutral but, at Wyatt’s seventh birthday, gave him nothing but “boys” toys? I’m calling bullshit on that.
      It makes me think of friends and relatives who swear up and down that they raised their daughters in a gender neutral way but the girls “naturally” gravitated toward princesses. Meanwhile, I’ve seen how they’ve treated their daughters since birth and the toys they’ve given them. All pink and lace and dolls and gender policing from day one. Gender neutral, my ass.
      My sister is one of these “gender neutral” parents, and another ass-backward thing she did with her daughters was give them only white dolls to play with (her daughters are mixed race). Her daughters then rejecting mixed race and black dolls later on I’m sure was just a “natural” inclination toward whiteness. No social conditioning there at all.

      1. This family is hideously dysfunctional. Dad says “I reacted the way men do. I checked out”. (No gender stereotyping there, naw). I remember reading at the time that Dad ended up living hours away from the rest of the family for years on end, to avoid the whole clusterfuck. In this interview Mom says her biggest worry was that Dad was going to take the kids away from her. But she wasn’t sure BECAUSE THEY NEVER DISCUSSED IT. What?!?
        I can’t imagine what that must have been like for the kid at the center of it all. And speaking of which: Why is Nicole not being interviewed? I mean, he is the subject of the book, no? Did he get tired of the gender euphoria act, or is he saving it for Oprah?

  29. Brave??? Huh?
    I have 4 kids, 3 girls and 1 boy who was the youngest. Can I say girls and boy these days?
    Anyhow, brave is going to the shops with a 5yo boy who is carrying a barbie doll because he loves the long hair whilst wearing a pink top he stole from one of his sisters because he likes pink.
    I didn’t raise my children as gender anything, back then they were just kids with imaginations. They played with dolls through to horses, bikes,trucks, swords and fortresses. They all wore skirts at one time or another, even my son.They lived in jeans mostly. Some weeks they changed their names to male or female names of their choosing and would not answer to their given names even at school so their teachers went along with it till it passed. My son wanted to be like his sisters. He played with whatever was available and I didn’t think anything of it at the time.
    If anyone looked at them oddly I just laughed and said, ‘kids huh’?
    I am so glad I never had the conditioning that parents are getting these days regarding gender. I am sick to my stomach when I think what could have happened if a gender specialist had got hold of my kids. Having said that I would have never allowed any child of mine to decide something as important as taking blockers or surgery until they were old enough to know what they were doing. My job was to keep them safe regardless of what they wanted to do.I had the ,’I’ll kill myself” routines when they didn’t get their way, it’s normal for kids to push their boundaries.
    NONE of my kids noticed their genitals in a big way until they were around 4/5 years old either although my son did wonder why he didn’t look like his sisters and demanded I do something about it so I told him he had to grow bigger and then we could talk again. He is 22 now and not trans btw.
    My eldest daughter is a teacher and told me that girls are reaching puberty at 6/7 years old these days, boys a little later which gives me the creeps.
    She has been teaching for 13 yrs at various states and schools over here in Aus and has NEVER come across a trans child so far and wonders why it’s so prevalent in the news.
    Anyway, I do wonder if parents are taking this trans thing too seriously due to how exposed it is now rather than just going with how all kids are when young. Just my thoughts and life experiences.

  30. Went to see Nicole and her father deliver a speech the other day, at the University that she & I attend (the father is also a professor there). The event was the opening of what was basically a sort of day of “celebration” concerning her, wherein there were a number of events such as receptions, book signings and two speeches (I saw the first one) in one of the university’s largest lecture halls.
    The event consisted mostly of a half-hour presentation delivered by the father wherein long segments of footage of Nicole as a toddler playing with dolls, etc. were shown. There was a discussion about the evidence of her femininity which apparently manifested itself in her wearing dresses on her head ? Another long portion was clips of Nicole appearing on television.
    Eventually we got to Nicole’s ten minute speech, which didn’t really consist of anything besides trans stat regurgitation. It wasn’t hard to see inflections in her voice and mannerisms of what you could either call “flaming gay”, or the attempt to adopt something akin to what one would assume would be a woman’s manner of speaking had they only been exposed to text-message chats from circa 2006.
    There was a booksigning and sales event following the speech.

  31. Why can we have Tomboys when we don’t have an equivalent for boys other than words like effeminate or sissy which sounds horrible. I was a tomboy and it didn’t bother me or others. My brother being called sissy would have had different connotations. The whole gender problem is that we have no male equivalent of “tomboy.
    ” Jesus. What an incredibly humiliating experience- and message that must have been for Wyatt. But his parents just couldn’t deal with a boy like that. Grandma’s princess gown was a dirty shameful secret to them”.
    Seems the humiliating experience was being had by the parents.

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