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  1. What horse shit. And that was 14 minutes long, and was part 1 of 6?!?
    The pornographer needs to tell us what “butch” is to help sell porn?

  2. Watching this video is like nails on a chalkboard. First, if you are going to be on a panel at a conference, Twiggy Danger, BE PREPARED. And maybe, bathe? I dunno. Just a thought. This “too cool for school” routine is garbage. How is it that kids see this and think “yeah, wow, cool”?!? Watching the twee makes me feel angry. I don’t know any butch ladies (or any ladies) who act that that.
    I am happily SQUARE.

  3. This is what lesbians have to put up with at conferences supposedly for lesbians. I’m just so sick of this, and if this is representative of “Butch Voices” geez, that IS scary.
    I meet so many lesbians in this city who constantly complain about the lack of REAL lesbian space–it’s a never ending complaint here. I knew there was a reason I was avoiding Butch Voices, and the guy at the far left on the panel… ugly… it’s guys dressing up and invading… lesbian spaces yet again.
    When is the community going to wake up, and get rid of this nonsense, so that actual lesbians can build an actual community!!
    Plug uglies to quote Mary Daly. And what dyke do you know about who goes on and on and on about clothing….zzzzzz

    1. It’s the same thing, that intersex has to put up with all the time. You have M2T’s and M2T-pretending-to-be-Intersex at all intersex conferences for intersex only. If that’s what thy pass for intersex, then we are living in a SCARY times.
      I know so many intersex people that constantly complain that their is no space for REAL intersex people and that all the so called intersex spaces get invaded and taken over by M2T’s and M2T-pretending-to-be-Intersex. That’s why most intersex people stick to their own condition group because the M2T’s and M2T-pretending-to-be-Intersex have hijacked and stolen the intersex community.
      I often wonder when is the rest of the intersex community going to wake up and realize that they need to stop coddling to these M2T’s and M2T-pretending-to-be-Intersex and start thinking for themselves and their community.

    1. This picture just screams “Employee me!”
      seriously? look at how dirty his finger nails are too. this picture creeps me out and makes me so fucking angry.
      no wonder why i stopped blogging with these shitkickers sending me hate-mail all the time.

  4. Ah yeah and on the blog you can read quotes like:
    “”Today, I bound my breasts for the first time since getting them over a year ago. It’s simultaneously the queerest and most feminine I have ever felt.
    genderfork (via genderqueer)”
    Again – what the hell. So breast bounding is what butches do and it’s feminine not only this but it seems to be a good thing (besides being not healthy for breasts). Enough with this woman hating shit.

  5. Tobi is the prick who had a workshop at the Butch Voices conference, while no female-identified Butches were allowed to have a workshop.
    This is so infuriating. Men can’t be Lesbians and they certainly can’t be Butch. I have yet to see a man or trannie who looks, sounds, or acts remotely like a Butch, and these men certainly don’t. Men get so much more respect and privilege in patriarchy — from men, het women, and, sadly, most Lesbians. But that’s not enough — they want to appropriate every last bit of female identity they can steal. Butches, who are the most oppressed of Lesbians, who are ridiculed by men, het women, and most Lesbians, are still the women who are the furthest away from men, so of course that’s exactly where these men want to intrude and coopt and violate. They would wipe us out if they could and wrap themselves in our skin.
    But I say again, those pricks will never have what they really want: They will never be intimate with a Lesbian — they will never have that deep physical/mental/emotional/spiritual bonding with a Lesbian. Because, by definition and reality, any woman who is sexual with them is not a Lesbian. And they also will never be intimate with a Butch.
    Don’t these narcissists ever get bored with each other?
    Great post, Gallus! Hahahahahaha indeed!

  6. I usually don’t watch the videos you post because I know they will make me scream.
    How clueless are these d00ds to think that any normal person will watch this panel and see them for anything other than what they are — d00ds?
    How sad, how sold out are the women in the audience and at BV that they will actually allow these men to appropriate the experiences of women, lesbians and butches? And sit there while they make fun of butch lesbian women?

  7. You have to wonder at the insanity of lesbians allowing these men in the gate at BV in the first place, and then having no workshop for lesbian butches– born women that is. If that isn’t a definition of internalized butch/lesbian hatred I don’t know what is.
    The guy with the baseball bat and the woman hating / death threat tattoo…. I used to think Silence of the Lambs was an exaggeration, but seeing that creepy guy with the baseball bat looked just like him in intent and woman hatred. Now why are these guys allowed into lesbian events?

    1. Not only are Death threats their hallmarks of trans. It’s also their stalking, harassing and bullying behavior that is their hallmarks. It is their Male inborn raised behavior that is their hallmarks.

  8. This Butch never bound my breasts. I know very few who have. That prick is such a prick. Nothing female or Butch about him. Where do they get these weird ideas of what Butch is? Probably from male porn. They have no clue what a Butch is. I believe they get tired of playing sissy and want even more attention and to appropriate even more from us. Then they probably think they don’t have to work as hard at appearing “feminine.”
    This was not an open forum at BV. This was one of their workshops and no one I know went to it. It was not impromtu — they were on the schedule — at least two by “M2F Butches.” Meanwhile, who knows how many other workshops by real Butches weren’t allowed.
    I was not sold out at BV. I got up and spoke many times, though I’ve been called names and told to shut up (at the first conference.)
    Now, if I had not been completely on my own in terms of my politics about trannies, I would have gone to confront them. But I had NO support. I was already arguing on so many levels, from about the femininity worship, to assumption we all use dildos and do S & M, to acceptance of trannies, to the level of self-hating/Butch hating. These pricks were also at the “Butch Nation” offshoot meetings. That’s where it was the most clear that the two groups were virtually the same. No one objected anywhere to these men. But then the accepted line is that it’s not allowed to question Butch identity. So there were also very feminine women pretending to be Butches. But these men are far worse. Grotesque.

  9. Binding breasts? This is just plain idiotic, and as a never feminine woman, I’d never mess with my body.
    I am perfectly happy just the way I am, so I never ever get what all this is about. The trans operations, the breast binding, the dildo packing, the S/M b.s., the make-up, the high heels, the tattoos…. all of it just crazy in my opinion.
    Why women deface their bodies is a great mystery to me. Elective surgery is very dangerous, and you just don’t want to go near a hospital unless you have to to survive an emergency.
    The ugly craziness of the ballball bat man, and how this goes on within supposedly lesbian conference contexts boggles the mind. I just can’t tolerate that nonsense, got too many lesbians needing my support, which none of them are now getting in the “genderqueer” worlds. Lots of plain old lesbians are being left behind while we pamper and support the crazies… the male crazies! Who would ever have dreamt this possible except Mary Daly and Jan Raymond and Bev!!!

  10. Thank you, Sheila! Well, there were a lot more of us, but who would know? Most of our best writers never ended up preserved in books. Yes, those who pamper these men are not helping other women or Lesbians. And certainly not Butches.

    1. Asher Bauer is a woman. I previously referenced one of her blog posts “Sleeping With The Enemy” where she describes her experiences trolling Craigslist for hetero male sexual partners after she began injecting herself with synthetic testosterone.

  11. Speaking of these female-hating fake-lesbians, and how their primary interest is harming and threatening females, someone sent me a screencap from the FB page of one of the guys in the video- where he lists his only “interest and activity” as hating and terrorizing females:
    female hating terrorism
    You can’t make this shit up.

  12. And this weirdo is at Dyke Marches in San Francisco? Wonder what would happen if we had lesbian security with this picture take him out of the next march! As in arrest or call the police, not kill…

  13. So Asher and Char are a het couple fantasizing how radical and genderqueer they are?
    Thank you for all this, Gallus.
    Oh Sheila, no support in SF. Elliott was part of security at the Oakland Dyke March. SF is far worse. This year, though they ask men to not march, some whole blocks had more men than any kind of women. Men and their girlfriends roam through the park and take video of the naked Lesbians and NO ONE says a word to them.

  14. The most interesting thing about this video is that it is a clear example of how trans identity language is akin to acting language. “Butch and femme are… archetypes… models to draw upon” sounds like an actor workshopping a character or discussing the creative process because that is exactly what they are doing.
    Being butch to these pricks really means being allowed to exercise masculine-conforming male privilege along with their trans-conforming male privilege.

  15. For those who don’t want to watch the video to the end (fair enough, it’s pretty banal and superficial), I think it’s worthwhile pointing out some text that appears on the video to explain some of the commentary. [Actually this bit appears in the middle.]
    An acronym for Coercively Assigned Male at Birth’
    ‘CAMAB and CAFAB
    Are best used to identify different trans and genderqueer experience,[sic]’
    ‘CAMAB and CAFAB
    Do not use to group trans women with cis men or trans men with cis women’
    This text accompanies the first speaker who is saying:
    ‘In the genderqueer community around me, everyone was coercively assigned female at birth, and I had zero role models for what it would look like to be genderqueer ummm, and having been assigned male at birth.
    For one thing, ‘female’ is not an ‘assignation’, unless one has an intersex condition which makes it incorrect. If what is meant is ‘coercively assigned as *feminine* or to the *female gender* at birth’, then this is basically saying that only trans or genderqueer are at odds with the *social* role that they’re assigned to from birth. That everyone else is correctly assigned their ‘natural’ gender. What do they make of feminists/ women who oppose ‘gender’ assignations and aim to overthrow them for everyone?
    Well, for as long as they can keep talking about their butch identities and gender role models, they may never need to think about that.

  16. Taken from “Twiggy Danger’s” tumblr
    “men don’t belong in the lesbian community
    sorry bro
    but if you’re a man you aren’t a lesbian, it’s really appropriative of you to identify with the term and think you somehow belong if you aren’t a woman.”
    So much time, so little self awareness. For more of this BS http://skankassqueer.tumblr.com

    1. Talk about a narcissistic man. It just goes to show how self centered he really is. If he thinks women and lesbian are going to roll over for him. He sure must be smoking something to think that way. Any lesbian or women that let that nutcase in, should have to face some serious questions.

    2. “Ugh yeah, I don’t want my cock to be called “lady parts” because I oppose the gendering of genitals, no matter how non-cisnormative because it upholds the idea that genitals are still somehow related to gender and makes me feel like I’m being included in womanhood as a nicety in spite of being trans, not as a fact of my being a woman.”
      Really? This person is fucked in the head, no really. Your genitals are related to biological sex, chromosomes, year ten human biology shit really. Really.
      He writes a list of his PTSD triggers, but, I’m sorry, if “pronunciation” of words is one of your triggers, you probably don’t know what the fuck your talking about. Another way of stealing women’s experiences and claiming them as their own. Fucking pig. It makes me fucking sick.

  17. I have to say I am really enjoying this site. I am MtF now, but I used to be a gay man… or still am. What bothers me is having all these “transbians” go after me… Like dude, I am not into kai-kais. I am into men who want to be men… I consider myself still to be part of gay culture and that I WILL never be in the same lexicon as a genetic woman. My Mom is a lesbian and she’s disgusted by these transbians too.
    I come from the drag scene and even the drag queens view these people as freaks. Being transgender to most of then is living on PLANET YOU. It’s disgusting…
    It’s all this focus on gender, what they think of themselves, and so forth. Whats even grosser is Mtf + Mtf relationships… Just go to Castro hun, cuz you’re really just fucking a gay pretending to be a lez.

  18. Is it just me, or is it all so vapid and contrived? I’m really trying to give trans people the benefit of the doubt, more so than most readers of GenderTrender (from what I can tell)- but Christ on a popsicle stick, why is everything about “girl” clothes, pronouns, or “identity?” Can’t wait to see the transethnic panel video on what kind of clothes, accent, and slang to use in your self-identified neo-ethnicity…

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