Dumb-Ass Comment of the Week Award Winner: F2T Edition

This week’s winner is a F2T expressing her disfavor with the Gender Agnosticism displayed on this blog:

Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:31 am | In reply to Grace Skrobisz.

Haha. I think some ugly bitch is jealous that us men find trannies more attractive than her ugly cult.
Please get some liposuction and facial reconstructive surgery. You need it a loooot more than the MtF’s. Nasty. :)

Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 7:22 am

You are transphobic, all of you. It’s funny how nazis like you can call themselves feminists. All you are is a bunch of psycho republican bitches who need to get back in the kitchen. I’m sure you’re all bitter because no men love you. Bawww.

———————- [sic]

One thing you can say about the contest entries submitted by F2Ts- they are incredibly brief compared to those submitted by male contestants. Enjoy your victory Al- you earned it!
*Sorry your trophy is so small…

0 thoughts on “Dumb-Ass Comment of the Week Award Winner: F2T Edition

  1. > Implying that the original poster is in fact ftm, and not a biomale.
    Yes, you feminists are so witty and cunning. /sarcasm.
    Really, some of you need to get raped and killed just for lulz.

  2. Well Al seems to be projecting a lot of her own self-hatred onto you, a woman capable of honoring and respecting her own woman’s body instead of following the trend of denial and self-hate she’s immersed herself in.
    Also, as if anyone gives a fuck what men find attractive…

  3. I wish all women would see what these men say. They sound just like the classic female-hating het men that feminism used to talk about. Nothing has changed. We must want men…they can’t bear the idea that we could care less and obviously want to get away from men posing as a nightmare version of women. Their focus on the superficiality of appearance must drive them nuts. It doesn’t pay to be so shallow.
    But no matter how they threaten and refuse to take “no” for an answer, they will never get what they want: Willing sexual/love access to a Lesbian. I’m not seeing any women with these grotesque caricaturing men, but, by definition, Lesbians will never be with them.
    There seems to be a new level of delusion here though. Al thinks we want to be with men? It’s like the threat I got from a trannie who said he wanted to rape me with a “curling iron.” As if I ever saw one. I think they don’t have a clue who we are.
    Thank you again, Gallus!

  4. That sadly reminds me of something I guessed would be too paradoxical to exist: Butch mysoginists. I know a butch young woman who constantly tells her female partner to go back to the kitchen, calls women bitches, makes mysoginistic jokes… I wonder why. What do they want? Do those non-feminine women think by acting like men they’ll have their respect and enter their club? I’m sorry, but they won’t…
    I see F2Ts like this woman wanting to act “masculine” to tell men “hey, i’m one of yours, I’m not one of those WOMEN BITCHES, can I join the club? Can I be respected?” and to tell women “I’m soooo masculine and manly, hear me calling you a cunt and telling you to go back to the kitchen, see how I CAN do that because I’m MANLY?”. I just pity them… ): Pity how they think they won’t be treated as second-class people because, as much as they act male, they aren’t male. No amount of post-modernism can change their bodies. They’re female. They’ll be oppressed and trying to change sides to the winning one won’t help because we can see you, you’re female, and any WBW will see this hallucination and think “What the hell am I seeing, why does this woman acts like a male and hates on women if she’s one?”
    Makes no sense at all!
    Poor woman.

  5. Witch, I think they partly are imitating what they’re being told a Butch should act like. I do not understand it at all. What I’ve seen is Butches being very Fem-loving to the point of self-hatred. But I have seen a lot of Fems saying they are Butch and then saying misogynist things as if that might make them really be Butch. And most of the F2Ms I know about are Fem, and quite a few are het women wanting access to gay men. Het women do tend to be more woman-hating than Lesbians, so maybe that explains some of it? But yes, if they do want to be accepted as male, then they must think they have to act the offensive and oppressive female-hating part.
    But re-reading the top quote, I have to say it doesn’t sound like any F2M I have ever read or heard, but it does read exactly like the many M2F trolls who come onto blogs and threads going on about what they think a woman or Lesbian is. This is just the kind of insults that men say to feminists, with the same level of intelligence (or not.)

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