Dear Stalkers, Imposters and Other Genderist Idiots

Hey guess what? Females get stalked and harassed. Do you know why so few women run for public office? Because women get stalked and harassed and get graphic mutilation, rape and death threats from men. It doesn’t matter what the woman’s political platform is, and it doesn’t matter how she presents herself or what she says. Women in the public eye get death threats and creepy male stalkers. Not only do men obsess about, stalk and threaten, but often they follow up on their obsession and kill the female public figures they fixate upon.

The most common pre-internet target for stalking was female news anchors. Female news anchors continue to have a 100% stalking rate. That is to say that being stalked and targeted by psychotic males happens to every female news anchor. Why? Because the women are visible. Because they speak publicly. Because they are there.
This is a worldwide phenomenon. All women who speak in public will be targeted with threats harassment rape and death by males, regardless of the nature of their platform or the specifics of their  presentation.
It’s what men do. Even in cultures where females are never permitted to appear in public and where women who speak are sentenced to death for speaking, the very site of silent female eyes looking out from full body coverings and VIEWING the world may be cause for extreme male punishment and death threats. Even the male observance of females VIEWING is grounds for targeting in cultures where females are silenced under threat of death -not only socially -but under the law of the state.
Women on the internet also have a 100% stalking rate. Any woman, regardless of what she is publicly speaking about. It’s the act of public female speech that males target with threat of rape, mutilation and murder.
If a female speaks publicly about Women’s Liberation the stalking and rape and mutilation threats increase exponentially. All females speaking publicly about female rights are frantically, brutally targeted by males. This phenomenon has been widely documented. And females who challenge conservative male supremacist gender roles- sweet Jesus. I can’t tell you how many times genderists have threatened to kill my parents and rape me with a knife. And I blog pseudonymously (which I recommend that all females do).
They send creepy-ass missives that indicate that they think they know me: “Hey Joan, how is life on Pine Street? How is your sister and her husband in Chicago?” or even more personal: “ Beth it’s me Sam- what does Ayden think about what you are doing with your blog? Shadow says hello.”
They start imposter accounts, claiming to be me.

Imposter account

Worse, they target women who have used the name “GallusMag” (as thousands have) and target any of them who look gay for harrassment . Who knows how many Joans on Pine street or friends of Ayden have been harassed and stalked and sent murder threats because I, a female, speak publicly WITHOUT BEING AVAILABLE AS A TARGET?
Here’s a dummy account set up on Facebook to harass a woman who used the name “GallusMag” to set up a flickr account. I just received this comment today from a close friend of Nikki Araguz :

another widow
Submitted on 2011/11/27 at 9:12 pm

Okay, now I KNOW who GallusMag is. Nice try, hiding your identity. You probably won’t post this, though I’m not going to “out” you publicly. I’ve already seen pictures of you and your partner.

Presumably they are referring to this poor woman who is being stalked on Facebook.

Imposter site- harassing a gay-looking woman

Targeting any old gay-looking female

This woman had a Facebook account started in her name “outing” her as me. I removed her name from my post. She is one of thousands of people who have used the name “GallusMag” as an avatar. The genderists who set up this account actually posted her photo when they initially set up the imposter account. Why is she being targeted? Because she looks kinda Lesbian. I don’t know if she is lesbian or not but she used the nick GallusMag and has short hair, so she is targeted in the stead of a female blogger (me) who dares to speak publicly, and pseudonymously, about gender. You can see the grotesque stupidity of the trans who set up the abuse profile: under her basic information they posted “Dislike all trans”.
Middle aged married heterosexual white men who post using fake names like “Candice Therese Janet Hennessey” just can’t TOLERATE a female speaking publicly, SAFELY, ANONOMYOUSLY, at all! Bitches must be stopped! Out of thousands of “Gallus Mags” what is this woman’s crime? Being “Dyke –looking”! Never mind that I was still shitting my diapers when she was getting her college degree- she is a non-femininity performing woman using that nick!!! And since we are all the same she must be me!!! Let’s knife-rape!!!!!!!! Let’s stalk the bitch!!!! Harass Harass harass! Women must not be allowed to speak!!!!!
There are hundreds if not thousands of “Gallus Mags”. There is even a race horse named Gallus Mag, and a rock band. Do these men target them? Noooo, only the dykey looking females. Because even if they aren’t me, they’re still guilty of being female, and looking dykey. Bitches must die. Stalk stalk stalk!
The female hatred, dyke hatred, woman hatred carried out by genderist males is legion. Total fucking war is what this is. War against females. Females who speak.

I remind all my readers not to friend “me” on Facebook (I’m not on it) and not to correspond with “me” via email unless you know me personally. These Genderists love impersonation and harassing females: any and ALL females.
Safety List:
P.S. I was feeling sort of bored with blogging, but this stalking and harassment and impersonation has re-kindled my flame. And I intend to KICK ASS against gender idiocy. Guess what dumb-asses- I know how to fight back!

28 thoughts on “Dear Stalkers, Imposters and Other Genderist Idiots

  1. I’m very sorry this ist happening to you. Is there any way one can support female bloggers apart from wishing you courage and good luck?
    These imbeciles need to get a mental treatment (and they should be observed closely as long as they are potential criminals).
    Courage and good luck to you!

    1. Unfortunately this is par for the course for all female bloggers- especially those who write about Women’s Liberation and Genderism. In that sense I suppose it is evidence that I am doing my job well and being effective at critiquing Gender and other male supremacist constructs. I imagine that when they harass random women- that “Jane on Pine St” or that dykey looking woman on Facebook- they are inadvertently raising the consciousness of those women and all their friends and families, and making them aware of the male threats and tactics behind Trans Politics.
      By subjecting random bystanders (all female of course) to harassment and abuse and showing them the virulence of Transgender McCarthyism around feminist discussions of Gender, these transjactivists are raising a lot of consciousness about the female-hatred that informs Trans politics. No woman who is subjected to such abuse will ever support the people who have randomly targeted her. And neither will her friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc who hear about it. And neither will the people who read about it here and elsewhere.
      I don’t know a single feminist who has not been subjected to male threats and harassment. I could give hundreds of examples. All female bloggers should take measures to protect themselves, the same as all females everywhere who chose to exercise their right to speak.
      The best thing readers can do to support feminist bloggers is to read us and comment, as you have done! Of course, there might sometimes be specific actions that can be done but you might not read about them here 😉
      Also, if Genderism comes up in conversation, say in the supermarket line, or at a party, you can mention the terrible threats, stalking and crazy actions done by Transjactivists against women and feminists who critique Gender. The death threats by male transgenders against Lesbians. The camps set up outside music festivals by male transgenders who flyer the festival goers with pictures of their dicks. The female-hatred and homophobia.
      The next time someone sitting next to you on a train says “Oh look, Chaz Bono got engaged” you can say “Transgender activists are always posting death threats on Feminist internet sites, isn’t that crazy?”
      Let’s raise the public consciousness about these tactics.

    2. That is like that we their trans supporters as well.They will always stalk and harass people at the behest of their trans people. I think one way to silence these trans people and their supporters is to band together an out them, shame them and make their names known on the internet.

    3. This is a reply to Gallus Mags post: Their hatred is PALPABLE. This sheer hatred only seems to be directed at females.
      For myself, I don’t care, but I have two kids. When I realised the lengths these people will go to, to try and destroy females who acknowledge that female and male humans exist, it REALLY worried me.
      I am thinking now that they need reporting to the Police or the FBI. Endangering children is a really bad thing. Only them lot seem to do it, no feminist or even ordinary person would.

  2. I have a friend whose activist organization I found on Twitter under a false account–it appeared legit, until you clicked on a link. I notified her, and she found several false accounts pirating her personal art and her organization. She notified Twitter, and they were all taken down within a day, which was great. However, Twitter apparently also found out that several of the links in posts on these sites had viruses embedded in them. (She also had political videos on YouTube, which got hacked, making them impossible for anyone to access).
    Her organization has been very effective in taking on the big boys of industry lately, and they are certainly employing whatever accesses to technology they have to silence her (along with endless threats in her email box).

  3. Yeap and the trans borg and their supporters will continue to assault on Women and intersex people. They will stop at nothing in their attempts to harass, stalk bully or intimidate people. Including making slanderous videos, Making false profiles and false pages. It just comes to no surprise that these trans who like to claim so much are women but in reality are men using their male mentality on women and pretending to be one at the same time.

  4. I have yet to join the ranks of the openly harassed. Of course, I don’t have a blog, and have hesitated about it for that very reason. I will never be silenced, even though people have been trying for YEARS. Maybe they just haven’t found out my real name and 411 yet. I can’t worry about it–nobody can hurt me over the internet. At least, not physically. Can they?
    GM, I was worried about you, no kidding, hadn’t heard from you in awhile–and I’ve come to depend on your voice for my own sanity. Please don’t stop, you are needed. I thought I was losing it, had begun to wonder if my analysis was really wrong–until I started looking online for support. Your blog has kindled a new passion in my world. I was an activist and an organizer for years and years–and had been so fried, was so demoralized, believed that there really was no hope at all. It seemed that the T-people were well on the way to undoing years of hard work by so many lesbians, well on the way to destroying any movement that we had sacrificed so much to build. You have given me hope, and linked me up with so many other brilliant and brave womyn who know the truth. It’s most certainly sending a message: We are fucking ON to them, and they are HEARING IT.
    From my experience, when you stick your neck out and tell the truth, there will be someone waiting there with an axe. But the wrath of the trans is at a level beyond anything I’ve seen before. And perhaps, I, too, am merely energized by this.
    Why oh why do they think they can silence us? Oh, right. They are bat-shit crazy. I do forget at times. They have no idea how tough we really are, no clue as to what we’ve already been through, and who we’ve fought against and WON.
    Stay with us, GM. You are more than an inspiration.
    My thanks, I owe you.

    1. Thank you so much Kitty. I love seeing your voice on my blog and other places. Don’t worry about me- I’m not going anywhere! I’m used to all the threats now. And I’m very proud of everything I’ve written on this blog. I haven’t been as active as usual due to real-life stuff, and was feeling a bit bored- as if I’m saying the same things over and over again, slightly uninspired. I’ve covered a fair amount of ground here in the year I’ve been up and running. I don’t want to get stale. But I wont be silenced, EVERRRRRR, under any circumstances about the toxic spirit-killing male-supremacist shit-ball we call Gender.
      I can handle whatever the men target me with. I’m willing to pay any price, up to and including death for my right to free speech as a “gendered” woman.
      What I find really sad is that these men- and they’re not even the top grade stalkers and hackers like what Wohom describes in her comment above- my stalkers are the dumb-dumb losers. I mean Jesus Christ “Hate all trans” ? Duhhhhhhh.
      So they’re not even the top-notch Andrea James type hackers and harassers (he’s too busy editing every single feminist-related entry on Wikipedia and collecting hair-removal kickbacks I guess). No, my idiots are so lazy they just attack any dykey looking woman at random because they spent 5 minutes on google and think I would be so fucking stupid as to post photos of myself on flickr under the SAME FAKE NAME that I receive death threats to. I mean, DUH. These are some real dumb-asses.
      But they are also dumb-asses that are sooooooo impotent and stupid that they will attack random women. If they can’t attack the one that they want to silence, they’ll just pick another. That is the level of female-hatred these guys- who claim to “be” female- are working from. It really is shocking, even to me, who reads their twisted comments and threats (or at least the first sentence of them 😉 ) on a daily basis.

  5. its a good point that uninvolved women are targeted collaterally whenever men try to “out” or otherwise harass anon bloggers. not sure what to do about that, if anything, other than point it out. this has happened before. does our security come at the cost of other womens security when we are anon? it seems that way. being “in public while female” is a risk for all of us, but we might be able to reduce the risk of other women being caught in the crossfire. its worth thinking about, perhaps especially in the beginning when choosing an alias. dont make one that will place another woman in harms way.

    1. I deliberately chose an impersonal avatar that has been used by thousands of others BECAUSE the very ubiquity would make any personal connection to anyone impossible. I was originally going to use another well-trod name but it was unavailable and when I found the GallusMag one I said HAHAHA that is perfect. I mean how impersonal does a name have to be to connote anonymity? Does one actually have to call themselves “Anon”? They would probably stalk dyke-looking women who had used “Anon”. I really don’t think there’s any stopping them. I think they are going to attack SOME female, come hell or high water. Maybe it doesn’t even matter which one, only that they are fucking with some female- a lesbian.
      If I had chose a name with incredible specificity, like “JF76f^&GVfNItBFnfYGygI&T68&r75R7 f “, they would probably find a female somewhere using some part of that sequence for something, and target her.
      I’m not sure men care if they target “the right one”. Honestly. They are going to target a female and if it’s the “wrong one” I don’t think they really care.
      And blogging non-anonymously wouldn’t fix the problem either- there would still be females “caught in the crossfire” – any female that is close to me, or even random females that one of these nuts IMAGINES has some connection to me. I mean why would they change their tactics? They wouldn’t suddenly become less stupid.

      1. yes, making it unlikely that another woman would be the target of abuse intended for you could be accomplished *either* by picking a very unique name (like FCM) or a very common one (so long as it was very, very common which is a subjective assessment). and still its not a guarantee, as they are as stupid, lazy and hateful as you say. they prefer the scatter-gun approach anyway, its more destructive. still, they tell us we are mistaken when we note that they act exactly like men. hmm!

      2. FCM, my comment on your radfemological images thread on the radfem hub, which I submitted just a few minutes ago, seems to have been spammed for no good reason that I can see. Could you look into that? Thanks.
        [Barbara please write to her on her own blog about that-GM]

      3. Thanks, GM, sorry. I was afraid FCM was spamming me but my comment went through on her blog.

  6. LOL just got this from the charmingly nicknamed “Cunt Puncher”
    Submitted on 2011/11/29 at 9:03 pm
    Yes, you feminists are so witty and cunning. /sarcasm.
    Really, some of you need to get raped and killed just for lulz.
    See what I mean? My stalkers are dumb as a rock! Look how he helpfully indicated his sarcasm. Dear god, bottom of the barrel.
    Just remember “Cunt Puncher”: there is NOTHING worse than being a BORING troll. Boring the reader goes against everything trolls have ever stood for. If you’re going to be a troll, be A GOOD ONE.
    My stalkers are too stupid to even troll effectively. *sigh*

  7. “Women on the internet also have a 100% stalking rate. Any woman, regardless of what she is publicly speaking about. It’s the act of public female speech that males target with threat of rape, mutilation and murder.”
    That is so true, and a point that cannot be overemphasized. Keep on speaking truth to power.

  8. Interesting how this all plays out, because when we had lesbian magazines and did exchanges worldwide, we had no problems at all. Our communities were less accessible, less available.
    But anytime women speak up on the Internet, male attack is not far behind.
    Any time radical lesbian feminists or lifetime lesbians speak up, we are attacked by straight women or ex-het women who want to silence and ban us from blogs. I find it fascinating that the most hated voices on the Internet are lesbian voices, and that radical lesbians the least heard, unless we are writing on other lesbian blogs most of the time.

  9. Thank you so much, Gallus, for writing about this. I hadn’t known that ALL female bloggers get harassed, but of course they do. It’s great that instead of silencing you, they got you going.
    Yes, let us know how we can help.
    Their stupidity is glaring, but so is their cruelty, to not even care who they are targeting. I guess it’s like when they want to randomly rape, any girl or women will do. If they are furious at their mother (no matter how devoted she’s been), they are happy to attack a stranger. Just so it’s a female.
    Occasionally, I read comments about completely unrelated news stories and there’s a pattern with some men, who are incredibly nasty, where no pain or tragedy affects them and they just make cruel unfunny “jokes” about the story. These men reek of that same cold meanness. It’s like they are seriously missing something. And their missing being female is only one part of it.
    The more vicious they are, the more male they reveal themselves to be. I have seen horrific political fights among Lesbians for over 40 years, and I have NEVER seen the death or mutilation threats that these men send out daily.
    You’re right, Nicky — we need to band together and shame them by showing just who they are and what they do.
    Don’t give up, Kitty. There are far more of us than we will ever know. Besides all our allies and friends not online, the vast majority of women just do not believe these men are female and do not want to be around them. It’s only those bullied with the trans cult lines who are confused.
    You’re right, Sheila, only the most radical are censored from Lesbian blogs too. But yes, this is about it all being a public forum, which proves yet again, why female-only space is so important.
    Brilliant post, Gallus!

  10. “But the wrath of the trans is at a level beyond anything I’ve seen before”
    They’re digging their own grave. The T community isn’t just a mess many people are also aggressive and violent. Its just a matter of time until more and more people will wake up and see the hate and insanity behind it. It has started already thanks to people like GM who don’t bow to the transfascism.

    1. That’s why sooner or later, people are going to one day wake up and find out what the T community is REALLY all about. People are going to find out that their insanity and violence are truly their hallmarks.

  11. Their are plenty of Trans who pretend to be intersex. I have seen many imposters who try to pass themselves off as an intersex person, but when you try and challenge them on their so called claim. They come back and say your transphobic. I have even seen one on this blog
    Where I am challenging the trans so called claim to being intersex

  12. Thank you for this post, GallusMag; and for posting a link on how to protect oneself online (will check that out in a moment); and for continuing to speak out on your blog against Gender.
    This discussion reminds me of two things: how feminist English prof and linguistics researcher Dale Spender quantified that when women in conversation spoke more than their allowed median of ~8% of the time, according to her exhaustive research on male/female conversations, the man’s body language and words would become more aggressive, resulting in the woman trying to appease the man with what Spender called “illiciting behavior”: when the man got aggressive, the woman would start asking him more questions, to draw him out, so that he could once again be assured of speaking his customary 92% of the time!
    When women speak truth to male bullying, even a little bit, the bully really riles up. It’s like the battered woman who is most likely to be killed when she tries to leave; which battered women know is a threat, and makes them stay.
    When men lose some of their control–or it’s threatened–is when they really begin to show their true colors. As I often think/say, “Scratch a man and you’ll find an abuser/rapist.”
    Spender found that all it takes is for a woman to get even a tiny bit “out of line” in conversation, by overstepping her permitted 8% of the time, to receive subtle cues from the man that she has pissed him off. So she quickly retreats and does anything to appease him and reassure him again. She may well end up speaking less than her usual 8% in order to reassure and appease him. I notice this all the time in conversations with men. The moment they sense I’m talking closer to 50% of the time, they get angry, and aggressive verbally or non-verbally, until I do illiciting behavior enough for them to calm down (if I feel I have to in the situation.)
    I believe this is how women who interact with men on any level are socialized by those men, every second, to appease them: which is an excellent reason to not be heterosexual. That is how women are socialized into femininity and subservience: we get the backlash if we don’t act dutifully inane and non-threatening. That’s why women in the trades now are so often hyper-feminine: long bleach-blonde hair, big hoop earings, and in skirts and heels after work. Even many women athletes are pressured into this effeminate act, to appear non-threatening to insecure males.
    So in speaking truth to bullies, GM, and anyone else here who does so, online or off, we are drawing out the worst of the worst. That is when we see men’s true colors.
    GM’s post and this discussion also remind me of Susan Brownmiller’s statement in her book, “Men, Women and Rape,” that “Rapists are the shock troops of patriarchy.”
    What she meant by that is that rapists terrify all women, including those who have not been raped, thus serving to keep all of us in check. She pointed out that all men benefit from the presence of rapists anywhere, because they serve to keep all women compliant to all men, and afraid to be too uppity, lest we be raped next in retaliation for rattling our chains.
    I have been copying and emailing GM’s posts to a group of moderate, liberal feminists (my NOW chapter, and a few others) trying to wake them up about the dangers of accepting and going along with the trans agenda, including via National NOW’s pro-trans policies and actions.
    I hope that GM’s and others’ efforts to expose the trans agenda is beginning to shift consciousness. The more people who read materials exposing trans politics, double-speak, and aggression, the more trans will bury and discredit themselves. It is only a matter of time.
    I hope that in addition to feminist exposes of trans, the small but growing number of testimonials of trans-regrets will help lead to this movement’s (or fad’s) demise and political impotence.

  13. Great post. It is very similar to some things I have at one of my tiny blog-things. I’ve got a stalker/harasser that’s been on me for over two years now. I call out all stalkers and harassers, and make sure that they know I will NEVER STOP TALKING. Ever. And, I am stronger than they are… so fuck em all.

  14. That’s so unfair to acuse you of “transphobia,” Nicky, and good for you to question them. They are such liars. We just have to keep revealing who and what the female impersonators are.
    You said that so well again, yerb. It’s really good to see all the bullying and threats in context of how males always bully females. The whole thing with these men is “What part of “no” do they not understand?” I think too that almost all men have raped or would if they could get away with it. And how many molest girls too young to talk?

    1. Oh you should have seen the response I got when I challenged the transgender pretending to be intersex on it’s claims of being intersex. I challenged their claim and then they fired back and called me transphobe for challenging their claim. It’s so typical of Transgender bullies who like to think it’s ok to challenge others with impunity, but they think it’s not okay for others to challenge them. They seem to live in a narcissistic world and I believe narcissism is a hallmark of their community.
      I think that by making their threats known to people and letting people know what the Transgender community is truly about. People will then wise up see what the Transgender community REALLY is.

  15. I really agree. Nicky did a great post at a site where a man is claiming to be both Intersex and transgender, and Nicky revealed by questioning him that he of course is lying. Instead of allying with Nicky and wanting to share support, he made the usual insults, which is so telling. The more he bullied Nicky, the more the truth was obvious. He didn’t have a clue about how to answer Nicky’s questions.

    1. Yeap and I exposed an imposter who is really a Transgender person trying to claim to be both transgender and intersex in the same way as Zoe Alan Brain. I knew he was lying because vast majority of intersex people know their medical history and life history. The entire intersex community upfront, can always tell you what their intersex condition is and mostly tells people upfront instead of hiding it.
      Now, Zane is posting medical jargon to cover up the fact that I exposed an intersex impostor and an intersex wannabe. It’s so typical of transgender people when you expose them and challenge them. They like to bully people into submission and even attack you by calling you phobic.
      Here’s their latest spin on his response to my challenge
      [Link removed. Nicky I already posted a link to this idiot in your other comment. That was WAY MORE ATTENTION than he deserved. Enough. -GM]

  16. yerb,
    That bit from Spender’s work is so fascinating! I have heard interviews with her before, and I love what she has to say. Which book of hers did you read that research in? I didn’t realize the rate was as low as 8 percent. That’s really sad and scary.

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