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  1. I don’t even know where to begin, he says he thought he was gay but didn’t want to be gay. He whines about not being able to be pregnant and have a baby. Does anyone else find that utterly offensive? Finding oneself alone in a bathroom with a positive pregnancy stick is one of the scariest experiences in the world. Ugh.

  2. Agreed nuclearnight. The gay denial. 🙁 So sad and due to being molested. I feel so bad for him on that point.
    However. “Women have power you can’t compare” is then explained as “men take me out and buy me things”. No. No. That is not power. Men like that view women as a sexual commodity and are using what they know about commodity training to get what they want (PIV) in exchange for gifts.
    Also. Loosely quoted: “The best gift a woman can give is a baby and I want to have a baby”. No. First, that’s not the best thing a woman can “give” and second give? Wtf. That’s how men see it. They get a baby to be theirs and to belong to the wider culture. A baby is not an individual but a gift. A gift to whom? Once again the male view is commodity for commodity. Sigh. Plus as a childfree woman, committed to childfreedom that view grates on me.
    I googled this person and found that after losing a husband who is a firefighter Nicki is now going to do a reality show to find a new man: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2011/05/wanna_date_nikki_araguz.php
    Don’t know if it’s still happening, but wow. It’s another example of making ones transgender status a career move, like Chaz Bono is doing.

  3. Yeap and it even tried to claim to have an intersex condition in court as well. The trans group in Houston TX used that excuse on him in Court and tried to play the Intersex card to the media. I have seen it and their is one person in TX who orchestrated that crap and it’s Cristian Williams.

  4. Did you notice how the men in the audience were kind of hanging on his every word, and laughing politely in the right places when he cracked a joke.
    Never seen men do that when a woman is talking.

  5. You are so right about that. No matter how boring, offensive, aggressive, etc. the local female impersonators are, they get treated with a care and respect that few Lesbians or women get. No matter how much women may agree with them that they are women too, they treat them very differently.

  6. I wrote about this horrible man on my blog.
    My family knows women who have been stalked and harassed by this predator, specifically Heather, the woman who Justin stole her two boys from after pretending that he was a woman in a heterosexual relationship with a man, Thomas (the boys’ father). When word got around about Justin pretending to be a heterosexual woman and taking another woman’s kids (via the courts), people began to come out of the woodwork and expose him for what he really is. People say the town is homophobic, and to a certain extent that is most certainly true, but for the most part, the town is angry about being lied to and angry about how Justin wanted to steal the money that should go to the children.
    Justin is a compulsive liar, thief and attention seeker. Once, when he was smoking pot with a group of townies he told them that he smoked weed to ease his pain because he had HIV. There has been no mention of him having HIV. To me, he is simply someone who cannot NOT lie.

    1. “Agreed nuclearnight. The gay denial. 🙁 So sad and due to being molested. I feel so bad for him on that point.” ~~~~~~~~~~~!
      They pick up on whatever happens to women to destroy our lives, and claim it happened to them too. Oh yes, it’s JUST POSSIBLE, but too convenient and gets exactly the response they are after. **Oh. no. poor thing, come here and I’ll park my own life-long oppression to comfort you, to whom that was really really horrible.** As opposed to what happens to millions of women, denied.
      Thanks Kitty for bringing that story in.

      1. Yes the more I read the more I think the stolen stories fits this more. I tend to empathize/believe molestation stories too easily due to my life experience, but we should question it given how opportunistic Nick-i clearly is.

    2. Oh yea and you should see how Cristan Williams, who runs a Houston TG center tried to claim that Justin/Nikki was Intersex and tried to portray Justin/Nikki as having an intersex condition and trying to steal the narratives and stories of Real Intersex people.

    3. Thank you for your post.
      There was quite a bit of the Nikki Araguz story that didn’t add up. It sounds like the lawyer breached some professional ethics, but if even half of what you describe in your article occurred, then Nikki has a lot to answer for. The Jerry springer appearance is certainly an indication as to character.
      If Nikki insisted on trying play the “heterosexual privilege” card, then Nikki should at least have had the sense to wait until after the operation. To do anything less was to pretty much guarantee that the marriage would never hold up in court. Even from a self-interest standpoint, it was a stupid decision to make, and gambling with the future of the children Nikki supposedly loves and cares about.
      I love my spouse, and I can’t imagine just leaving something like that up in the air, legally speaking. You never know if the courts will determine the marriage is “legally gay”, or “legally straight”, but if you do it the way Nikki did, you’re pretty much guaranteed that it will be determined to be null and void from day 1. It seems like perhaps Nikki was in love with the validation Thomas provided, instead of love with Thomas. I can’t imagine treating someone you love that recklessly.

  7. These men have learned so well from feminism about how to manipulate for maximum sympathy and how to appropriate every identity they can steal from those they oppress.

    1. Bev Jo,
      Men have been and are always very manipulative and have been using that to their advantage, They have been manipulative in appropriating every community and every identity at the expense of others. That’s why Trans is no different from Bio Men, because it’s what they learned as men that they use to steal from Women and Intersex people.

      1. Nicky thank you for bringing up the intersex side of this equation. These men and I think especially white men will try to steal and erase any identity that is not their own. They want it all!

  8. Anyone else notice the way Nicki’s hand movements/body movements are so stereotypically feminine? I know of no actual females who act that way.
    I’m guessing this show was taped some time ago? Springer uses the term “female impersonator,” and he would get bombarded by trans-rights groups if he used that term today.

  9. There was NO “pretending” in Nikki and Thomas’ relationship! The only LIAR in this court case is Heather, who was envious and jealous of the happiness Thomas had with Nikki. Thomas was NOT fooled by anyone and the mere idea that HE didn’t “know” everything about his wife, Nikki, is simply ridiculous. Thomas was a very intelligent, courageous, loving man who was not only a firefighter, but a deputy sheriff – anyone who believes that he didn’t know Nikki’s physical and moral background is buying into the fictional stories and lies spread after his death. THINK! Thomas and Nikki lived together almost a year BEFORE they were legally – YES, LEGALLY – married! Thomas CHOSE Nikki as his wife. Heather was MAD because she wanted MORE MONEY from Thomas, when he had graduated from the fire and police academies, and he and Nikki were moving to a bigger rent house. Heather THOUGHT they had more income, but they didn’t – so she DID NOT GET MORE CHILD SUPPORT! Instead, Heather and her lawyer intentionally ruined Thomas and Nikki’s lives with emails and more designed to hurt Thomas emotionally, financially, and in his community.
    Nikki’s medical conditions are really no one’s business – are any of YOU prepared to divulge YOUR HIPPA-protected medical records? See, Heather DID steal Nikki’s – and shared it with everyone she knew. Which is against the law, by the way. So, WHO is the thief? Heather.
    Heather is the greedy one. She wanted money from Thomas. He divorced Heather! He did not trust Heather. His sons were happy with Thomas and Nikki – I know, because they spent lots of time with us.
    Nikki paid the child support for months while Thomas was in college, because he could not work full time and go to school. Nikki encouraged him to get his certifications, and was proud of him.
    Heather only wanted MONEY. So she filed lawsuits to get MORE MONEY after Thomas died! Heather has remarried – to a so-called friend of Thomas and Nikki’s – another firefighter, who knows perfectly well that Thomas loved Nikki. Interesting that Heather is “profiting” from her ex-husband’s death, has suddenly remarried after he died, and now has sole custody of the two boys – so she has money, a new man, and her kids. Everything.
    Thomas is surely mad as hell that Nikki is being mistreated, that their marriage has been questioned and that HIS intentions for Nikki to be taken care of have not been followed. He literally named her as beneficiary on form that asked for a name – it is outrageous that Nikki is having to battle in court for her widow’s benefits, when she has lost her husband.
    AND she is NOT doing a “reality dating show”!!! That was some news story falsity! Don’t believe everything you see in the news!
    The Jerry Springer show? THAT was a “set up” by producers! Nikki apologized to that guy – who, by the way, is just one of hundreds who have flirted with her!
    Ya’ll are just a bunch of haters because Nikki is naturally beautiful – which is exactly why Heather is so jealous. Nikki has no secrets, but I bet some of you do… difference is, heaven knows the truth about Nikki and Thomas. Nothing else really matters.

    1. I only published this because it is hilarious.
      Another different widow? lol
      Hi Nikki. (If you are not Nikki I advise you to secure your bank account immediately)
      As for his medical records, they were submitted in court to disprove Nikki’s lies about having atypical genitals and being intersex. Even in court he lied about that, but his SRS surgeon (Bowers) stated that his male genitalia was “unremarkable”.
      One lie after another as Kitty and Nikky stated above.
      Even his “documentary” seems to have reached an unpleasant acrimonious end:
      nikki araguz

    2. Ah, so typical of transapologist trying to cover up one of their fellows for exposing their flaws for all to see. Even in Court when all their flaws got exposed as submitted evidence that people knew that Nikki Lied about being intersex and lied about being everything. It’s so funny that trans and their sympathizers are trying to defend a liar and a con artist.
      The fact remains, is that Nikki is a MAN and not a BIO woman. He certainly isn’t intersex as well. Those who believe Nikki is a woman, must be the most deluded people that came out of a cess pool.

    3. They were never legally married. Full stop. Texas does not recognize same sex marriage. Nikki lied when he went for the marriage license and said he was female. Not only was he not female in the real biological sense, he was not even legally “gendered” female. He was a male in drag telling everyone he was having “female problems” and needed a hysterectomy. What no one could understand is why he had to go out of state to get a “hysterectomy.”
      Of course Heather would want more money if Thomas was making more money. Duh. When a man is giving you next to nothing for his kids then why wouldn’t a woman apply for more money when he is parading a male in drag around town as if he has more money. Especially a male in drag trying to come off as a “Southern Belle” in a penny-saver type magazine telling all the women how they must dress, act, romance their men, and decorate their homes. Nikki/Justin was telling everyone that they were banking. Come to find out he went to school on the taxpayer’s dime. (Nothing wrong with that, but Justin/Nikki tried to say he paid Thomas’ way through school). And, I am still waiting for Justin/Nikki’s first “husband” to tell the world what Justin/Nikki did to his daughter when she was but a child. But, that poor woman is now legal and wishes for it all to go away.

  10. I really agree, Nicky and madrabfab. They are such thieves, but it’s so upsetting that so many women believe and support them.
    I agree, womononajourney — they caricaturize real females, but also reveal how male-invented and false “femininity” is.

  11. Wow this brings back memories. I think I actually saw this show. It does illustrate, though, how trans politics are about compulsory heterosexuality. I noticed how he talked about wanting to be with a “real man” versus a “gay man,” as if gay men aren’t real men. The internalized homophobia is very clear. Kind of like how Chaz and her partner are now “like a straight couple,” as if being a lesbian couple isn’t good enough. smh It goes to show what these politics are really about – conformity and compulsory het coupling.

    1. @Lilly:
      “But no matter what he did I bet the trans crowd still applauds [Nikki]*.”
      Some do. Quite a few are angry that Nikki made a choice that threatened their current or future marriages, and led to some legal precedent they aren’t happy with. They feel the way that Nikki handled things was stupid, reckless, and irresponsible.
      * No offense (nor correction) intended. I’m not going to use pronouns with Nikki, but I have a policy of addressing people by the name they choose, and have my whole life. Changing the pronoun is in no way intended as a slight towards you, Lilly.

      1. “. I’m not going to use pronouns with Nikki, but I have a policy of addressing people by the name they choose, and have my whole life.”
        Go on with that 🙂
        “Some do. Quite a few are angry that Nikki made a choice that threatened their current or future marriages”
        I know that not all trans people applauding him. The problem is that I never hear a voice of resistance from trans people who don’t agree (not only in the Nikki Case). There are always just a few people who are brave enough to do this. That makes the community look very hypocritical. If you can proof me wrong I’ll would be happy.

      2. @Lilly:
        “Go on with that”
        I’m sorry, but I sometimes have a hard time understanding certain comments made in an online context (due to the lack of body language, facial expressions, and tone). If it wouldn’t be an inconvenience, would you mind rephrasing this comment? I can’t tell in what context it was given, and it would help me better understand similar comments in the future.
        “If you can proof me wrong I’ll would be happy.”
        I’m here for perspective, and to learn a thing or two. While I am not here to try to prove anyone wrong, I’m more than glad to call BS when I see it.

      3. “GO on with that” is like “Go on with your bad self”.
        Speaking of which Kathrin- do you think there is a correlation between heterosexual male transitioners and an autism-like symptom cluster?
        (not being snarky in any way- just seems like the whole computer programming thing and trouble reading social cues seems characteristic among male heterosexual (non-gay M2T) transitioners. No offense intended)

      4. @GallusMag
        “do you think there is a correlation between heterosexual male transitioners and an autism-like symptom cluster?”
        I’ve had a lot of discussions on this very topic 🙂
        An extremely disproportionate number of male transitioners are in computer programming or related fields. There is also a strong correlation between autistic traits and transitioners. I don’t know what the link is, if any – perhaps there might be a common etiology between the autistic traits and any predisposition one has towards transsexuality. Perhaps the computer programming trend is a function of the autistic traits (many people with Autism or Aspergers make the choice to go into computers).
        There are those who believe that Autistic traits are a form of “extreme male brain”. They point to evidence that males tend to have autism around 4 or 5 to 1 to females, and Aspergers between 6 and 11 or so to 1. Furthermore, elevated androgens correlate with the development of many autistic traits, and anti-androgen therapy has been shown in some cases to cause a marked improvement in symptoms. This could potentially account for a lot of the positive benefit seen by individuals with HRT. I recognize now that it is possible to decouple HRT from transition – one can of course take antiandrogens without any form of transition. Sadly, that _wasn’t_ an option that the medical establishment presented when I was starting.
        I also find it interesting the number of Female-bodied individuals who reduce their autistic traits when they start HRT. I would personally expect the reverse, but that has not been the case for the examples I’ve seen.
        I haven’t seen a significant correlation between sexual orientation and autistic spectrum issues, though there may certainly be one.
        Re: “No offense intended”
        You’re not going to offend me – I seek to understand others, even if it’s simply to understand why I’m hated*. I can be hurt, but offense is extremely hard. Please don’t feel the need to pull any punches on my behalf 🙂
        * In life in general, not referring to here specifically.

  12. First of all – YOU’RE AN IDIOT. I’m NOT Nikki. Second, I have FIRST-HAND KNOWLEDGE of everything, and NO, Nikki and Thomas were NOT “broken up” at all before he died! In fact, I personally have photos of him, and his two sons, in our home, on Monday, June 21 – the day AFTER Father’s Day, 2010. AND, Nikki spent Thomas’ birthday WITH HIM, on June 30, 2010, in Wharton – which his sister KNOWS, because she “chased” Nikki off, and treated her brother like a kid who got caught with someone his family didn’t like! Which, by the way, is BECAUSE Heather brought the stolen HIPPA-protected medical records to Thomas’ grandfather’s house ON Father’s Day! Why? TO HUMILIATE THOMAS!!!
    I AM “another widow” – idiots. I know how it feels to have a husband die suddenly, and never see him again, except in a closed casket. It happened to me.
    AND, about Jerry Springer – that was the first time they had Nikki on the show – since she drew such high ratings, guess what? The producers had her on three more times! And I went with on the last time, in 1995. She was ALSO on Sally Jesse Raphael. Springer tried to get Nikki to come on AGAIN, after she was married to Emilio Mata – but Nikki told them NO! She did not want the publicity or to be on tv – she was living a private life.
    She was married to Emilio for 10 years. They had a beautiful house, and a wonderful life for most of that time. But like all marriages, sometimes years changes things. There was an 18-year difference in their ages, for one. They married LEGALLY, and divorced LEGALLY – by the way, the same Wharton judge Clapp granted Nikki her divorce from Emilio!
    To dishonor Thomas’ memory by making Nikki’s life public was a horrendous move by Heather, motivated by greed. The two boys’ are rightfully entitled to $300,000 in benefits, plus monthly Social Security death benefits, plus monthly Worker’s Compensation benefits – all received by their mother, Heather, for THEM (we pray and hope.) They also will receive full tuition at any Texas college.
    So what is the reason and purpose for Heather to stir up all this nonsense to deprive Nikki and Thomas of their marriage? One, for greed of Heather to get MORE, but the important point is for Heather’s attorneys to gain publicity!!! Frank Mann and Chad Ellis hope to gain publicity, political notoriety and potential business from this insane case! Oh, and THEY are being paid by donations from… a right-wing Christian organization! Ha! What a surprise!
    Thomas TOLD us that he would always take care of Nikki. He NAMED her as beneficiary on the ONE FORM that asked for a name – the fallen firefighter benefits were never given as a “form” to provide an actual name. NO ONE “plans” on dying, much less dying young – even firefighters. We all want to feel that we will see tomorrow.
    Nikki DID NOT FILE THESE LAWSUITS or call the media. This publicity was generated by… HEATHER. Blame her – she and her lawyers wanted the money, and the media interest.
    Oh, and that dumb post by Cressandra? Please… whose idea was it for a “reality show” ? I can attest to filming done that was not appreciated or approved of. And anything involving Nikki, she SHOULD own. Wouldn’t you? Give me a break, people.
    DO NOT SPEAK FOR Emilio’s daughter! That little girl had a princess bedroom, incredible birthday parties, was involved in Girl Scouts and gymnastics, and had her own cell phone (I know, I paid for it!) at age 13! She is a smart, beautiful girl. She was NOT in any way mistreated, ever.
    To get a marriage license in Texas – I bet everyone gives their: DRIVER’s LICENSE! We did. My parents did. And guess what? So did Emilio and his first wife, Thomas and Heather… and so did Nikki when she and both men applied for their licenses. So YES, they were LEGAL documents, LEGAL marriages – and in Emilio and Nikki’s case, a LEGAL DIVORCE! (Have to have a legal marriage to get a legal divorce!)
    And since ya’ll are so “informed” – you must know that several SAME SEX -yes, gay marriages or lesbian marriages- have taken place in Texas, using the same stupid, archaic thought process and “law” that was used by Judge Clapp to invalidate Nikki and Thomas’ marriage!
    This is far from over. Besides the international attention brought – thanks to Heather and the lawsuits – now laws will get changed for people who DESERVE HAPPINESS IN THEIR LIFE. Nikki has teams of lawyers who will take this issue to the Supreme Court if necessary. Thomas will be cheering her on from Heaven.

    1. If a driver’s license was issued with forged/false information, then said driver’s license is invalid/illegal. Presenting a forged/false license in order to obtain a marriage certificate makes the marriage certificate invalid as well. It is like cashing a forged check. When the bank finds out, you do not get to keep the money.
      Are you saying Thomas and Justin/Nikki had a same-sex marriage or an opposite sex marriage? You are trying to say both. In one line you claim same sex couples can marry in Texas yet Justin/Nikki presented a false driver’s license claiming he was a she. How can a male claiming he is female and presenting a female driver’s license claim to be in a same sex marriage with another male who clearly identifies himself as male? How can a male falsely claiming he is female and presenting a forged female driver’s license claim to be in a legal heterosexual marriage? Nor was he ever legally married to Mata.
      Don’t you dare talk about Mata’s daughter. That just goes to show how males think. You think a cheap comforter with a Disney princess on it makes for a good childhood. How delusional can you get?
      Let’s not bring the church in it shall we. Because if so, let’s discuss how Nikki/Justin pretended to be a devout Christian parading himself in church with Thomas. A church that certainly would not tolerate Justin/Nikki and Thomas’ relationship if they knew it was same sex.
      Everyone knows Justin/Nikki was on his way to California when Thomas died. He had made it as far as New Mexico. So enough with the happily ever after bullcrap. There was no house, no apartment, no marriage. It was splitsville and Nikki/Justin was heading for California.
      Justin/Nikki has always went against the law. Always. He is a thief and a liar. Nothing you can say, will change that.
      The bottom line is this, Heather is a REAL female, Justin/Nikki is a male miscreant.

  13. (If you are not Nikki I advise you to secure your bank account immediately) – Is that a THREAT? Because if it is, there is surely a law against making threats of terror.
    Ya’ll accused Nikki of “lying” about being HIV – omg. Don’t you know that these are the medical records that Heather illegally obtained and shared with Thomas’ family on Father’s Day?
    Of course, Thomas made sure Nikki took her HIV meds, and omg – they HAD told his mother about her HIV.
    About Nikki’s “genitalia” – really? Uh, she WAS seen by a pediatrician from before age 2 when she NOT developing normal male genitalia or have any boy mannerisms or features. At birth? What??? Guess what? She DID have birth defects, people! Her maternal grandmother and an aunt both had rare reproductive defects, and several male family members were born with birth defects. The reproductive genetic defect is… PASSED DOWN THROUGH NIKKI’S MOTHER! In other words, Nikki should have been FEMALE! Anyone who “thinks” that doctors “automatically” perform surgery on infants at birth are living in some tv fantasy or read some horror story! Not true.
    Anyone who continues to say unkind remarks about Nikki exhibit their own insecurity. Nikki has more courage and poise than any one on these message boards or blogs. She does not bother to read them, and I shouldn’t! Waste of energy.
    I hope all of you had a safe Thanksgiving. May you all be blessed with peace, tolerance, thoughtfulness, and kindness.

    1. anotherwidow- you appear to be unaware that your comments accomplish nothing more than exhibiting the cray-cray. You think you are “helping” Araguz, but the lack of sanity you display undermines your presumed goal. Just thought you’d want to know. It’s like when someone has a boogie hanging out of their nose- do you tell them, or just try to ignore it? I think the kindest thing is to tell them.
      I hope you also had a safe Thanksgiving and hope you will be blessed with peace, tolerance, thoughtfulness and kindness.

  14. “sometimes years changes things. There was an 18-year difference in their ages, for one”
    Then there was that other nagging little difference, I mean sameness.
    Somewhere, a good woman is apologizing for the perception she may have, once or twice, many years ago, suggested these people are ludicrous. This was an error in judgement on her part. They didn’t need her help.

  15. Okay, now I KNOW who GallusMag is. Nice try, hiding your identity. You probably won’t post this, though I’m not going to “out” you publicly. I’ve already seen pictures of you and your partner.
    The rest of you, whoever you are, are delusional, and cannot read.

  16. @Kathrin
    “would you mind rephrasing this comment? I can’t tell in what context it was given, and it would help me better understand similar comments in the future.”
    Sorry for this. English isn’t my first language I looked up “go on with that” in a dictionary. In mean you should continue with adressing people by their choosen names. I hope this makes sense now.
    “GO on with that” is like “Go on with your bad self”
    I didn’t know this phrase is negative. I’m sorry. It was in the dictionary.
    [It’s NOT a negative phrase Lilly! It’s fine. Sorry I explained it badly- GM]

    1. Thank you for the explanation. I’m fairly certain that you do a much better job with English than I would in your native tongue 🙂
      I didn’t think it was overly negative, given the smiley. I appreciate you taking the time to clarify – it helps me to better understand responses in the future.

  17. Fuck you all. I know HER. SHE is my friend, and a woman all the way. When she was born the doctors of the time didn’t know about transgenderism. So, SHE was labeled as a man. HER male genitalia was unfunctional, so how can SHE be a man? Nowdays, people born with both parts grow up to tell people what they feel like, male or female. You don’t know her, or her story. Fuck you all, burn in hell.

    1. You seem to have confused veing intersexed with being transgendered. No doctor (even today, and even among those who believe the trans theories) can identify and diagnose a newborn with transgenderism.

    2. Oh, and btw, just wondering… Genitalia that doesn’t function properly nullifies bilogical gender? So what happens with men with ED? Are they men when they’ve taken their Viagra or Cialis, and women while they’re unmedicated?

    3. Wharton Texas,
      First time at the fair. A lot people there don’t tell the truth. Simply put, he’s a man. Take it from momma. So he didn’t have two parts. He lied, such a rarity in men. I’ll bring you up to speed, 1 penis 2 balls, is a male, not complicated, “labeled a male,” try again. As a point of reference nobody cares how he feels or what gets him off. His feelings are not a concern of women or society. By his story–you mean that load you are trying defend–please, spare us.
      “Born with both parts” what happened did he use one to piss in your ear and call it rain? Get smart TX.

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