If TYFA is the Transgender Children’s Fund who is playing Sally Struthers?

The above selection is Andrea James’ new video, filmed and narrated by himself. It’s part of his new fundraising drive for TYFA (pronounced “typha”).
Typha” is the ancient Greek name for Cattails and perhaps refers to the “smoke-like” (“typh” is Greek for “smoke”) mass dispersal of seeds.”
The seeds that TYFA- Trans Youth Family Allies- is mass dispersing are the seeds of Genderism: the belief that sex-roles or “Gender” is biologically based and hard-wired to one’s reproductive sex at birth. Their agenda? Putting children as young as 18 months old into a medical “treatment path” to sterilization, experimental and untested puberty-blocking drug regimes, lifetime synthetic hormone dependence and disabling and mutilating cosmetic surgery. They claim to help families of sex-role non-conforming children get “back to normal” (an exact quote from the organization’s president) by medically and surgically trying to force children into conformity with cultural gender norms. Their official motto is “T.A.C.T. – Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment. “
TYFA activist Andrea James’s interest in children first became apparent when he shocked the academic world by stealing photos of a sexologist Michael Bailey’s elementary school-aged children and posting them online with pornographic captions such as “cocksucker” written on their faces in a campaign designed to silence the author and researcher.
Here is Andrea James’s last video production: “Liking Big Dicks” (NSFW):
There are two other videos in the TYFA campaign, one featuring founder Kim Pearson, whose minor child medically transsexualized before maturity:
In the video Pearson sounds exactly like the old Christian Children’s Fund commercials. Including the promise of a handwritten thank you note from a sponsored child!
Pearson says:
At this point I think we really need to move or propel the organization to a different level. We’ve been operating on a very tight very minimal budget for quite a while. We don’t charge families for our services, schools really don’t have a lot of money at this point for our services, and so we have been dependent on individual donors, whether it be five dollars or twenty five dollars, a hundred dollars, five hundred dollars. We’ve been very grassroots, and I think it’s time to really professionalize the organization to take it to the next level, to have even larger and more visible national and international presence. We’re very, very certain that right now we’re only reaching the tip of the iceburg. And we need to be able to be more proactive. We need to be able to figure out how to work with kids who DON’T have family support. And there are far, far more children who do not have family support than those that do. And we know from research at the Family Acceptance Project [A survey of 245 white and Latino LGBT youth ages 21-25 “ who were open about their sexual orientation to at least one parent or primary caregiver during adolescence”.  Family acceptance measures “included positive family comments, behaviors and interactions related to their children’s LGBT identity” Nothing to do with drugs and surgeries. PDF here]that the most important piece, for a healthy outcome all the way around, socially, monetarily, emotionally, for these children is to have family support. And we can help that happen if we have the financial backing that we need.
If the school’s not picking up that tab, and the parents aren’t able to pick up that tab- which we don’t require anyway- You know, who picks up that tab? We have to fund that somehow. If we have regular monthly donations coming in we know we can commit ourselves to a number of -a certain number of school trainings every year. And we know that if we have more than we need for that then we can take on bigger and better projects. There are conferences that we attend every year to reach greater numbers of families, and to reach greater numbers of providers. These are very costly. But we reach huge numbers of people in one setting in a few days. So when you give monthly we know that we can meet the demands of those schedules and we don’t have to say wow, we can’t go to that conference. We can’t fill the need. Because there aren’t enough dollars. YOU have an opportunity to make a difference. Just as our trainers make a difference, you can make a difference.

crying for money

You can sponsor a family. You can sponsor a program. You can literally change a child’s life. You can literally save a child’s life [ gets choked up] by donating. Wow! [laughs]. This is something that you can do [tears up like Tammy Faye]. It’s something we do every day at TYFA but you can get involved. You can make a significant difference in the trajectory of one of these children’s lives, or many of these children’s lives. By the signing up for monthly donations [sic]. Making a difference. We’ll have the children write you the thank you note, instead of me. But you can do this. It is an amazing opportunity, and you can come, and you can see the work that we’re doing, and you can feel the same sense of satisfaction that I feel every day when I go to work and when my head hits the pillow at the night [sic]. At the end of the day I know that I’ve made a difference. I know that I have saved lives. And you can have that sort of satisfaction too. “
The third new TYFA fundraising video follows the exact same formula. Co-founder Shannon talks for five minutes about how she realized her son was transsexual at the age of 18 months, how much TYFA needs your money, gets choked up and tears up in the last 90 seconds to drive the fundraising pitch home.
James’s campaign seems designed to appeal to pedomorphic  middle aged white male heterosexual crossdressers and “retirement transitioners”, many of whom are obsessed with the idea of pre-pubertal transgenders, and are also the market for  lush, sexualized pedo-tinged “art photo” books that feature the puberty-blocked children as if in the latest underage Calvin Klein ad campaign.
Incidentally, when TYFA gave a presentation at last month’s WPATH convention where the new international transsexual “treatment guidelines” were unveiled, Kim Pearson and TYFA refused to provide any documentation or research to substantiate the claims they were making about childhood transsexualism, even though such claims go against all established research into childhood gender non-conformity. TYFA also refused to participate in international research studies on transgender children. Pearson claimed they had no right to know where TYFA drew the conclusions of their presentation from, and no cooperation with international data collection/research would be forthcoming, because the researcher’s work did not agree with their childhood transsexuality program and thus made their job harder.
Research shows that over 94% of children who are referred for professional treatment due to gender dysphoria experience spontaneous remission in adulthood if left alone. The other 6% continue to have some form of dysphoria or discomfort  and may or may not request psychological or other treatment. The vast majority of the children , if left untreated grow up to be well adjusted Gay and Lesbian adults. 
Not only does TYFA’s program run in opposition to credible scientific research and the Lesbian and Gay Liberation movement, it also goes against the research and experience of Intersex activists: “In adult life people chose gender expressions, sexuality and roles they never could have anticipated as children. We should not let parents or medicos limit life options for children by offering sterilization and medical dependency as part of package deal to “fix”gender/sex missmatch. The possibility that a child might grow up to be gay, genderqueer, or even a non-op transgender person is denied these children. “


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  1. this is most definitely human rights abuse and fascism imho. horrible…. i agree with Lilly, hide the kids!

  2. So little tomboys and “girly” boys are going to be mutilated and sterilized and have their minds warped by these nutjobs? I sure hope people can see through this insanity.

  3. Another thing what’s just terrifying is that they choose to create multilated heterosexuals instead of letting their children grow up to be (more or less) healthy homosexuals. I wonder what’s the LGB community is thinking and/or doing about this. It’s impossible to overlook such deep rooted homophobia.

  4. if left untreated grow up to be well adjusted Gay and Lesbian adults.

    GM, that link doesn’t lead to a post.

  5. This is why insanity knows no bounds and much like Narcissism as well/ That’s why these people are a clear and present danger to everyone.

  6. Just out today- MUST READ:
    “There are similarities between the eugenic sexual surgeries and drug treatments of the past and the transgendering of children now.
    The ideas for both treatments come from scientists of sex such as biologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists. Both practices are based on the idea that certain problematic behaviours have a biological basis and can be “cured” by treatments which alter sexual characteristics.”
    “The practice of transgendering children is a consequence of the increasing normalisation of the practice of transgendering adults.
    Male transgender activists argue that early intervention is vital to prevent what they see as “transgender” children from experiencing puberty. They say the physical changes of puberty will make it harder later on to achieve a convincing likeness of the desired sex.
    Parents and professionals are told by transgender organisations and websites that transgender treatment is the only responsible way forward. And that it may be the only way to protect the children from self-harm and suicide.
    Children are diagnosed with “gender identity” disorder as a result of engaging in behaviour unsuited to the child’s biological sex. ”
    “Treatment with puberty delaying drugs leads to sterilisation when followed by the administration of cross-sex hormones at 16 years old. As a result, semen and ova do not come to maturation. The long term effects of these treatments are unknown.”

    1. I continue to wonder at the lack of understanding by medical professionals who “get” that rampant and predatory prescribing pushed by industry is wrong, but don’t connect transitioning to that other. Thanks for this Gallus.

  7. More children are being drugged for a variety of things now than at any time in modern medical history. It’s coming at kids right and left, and the transgender “treatment” of kids is just the newest outrage on the block.
    You don’t want the male medical machine drugging kids just because they refuse to conform to “gender stereotypes.”

  8. I got a good laugh out of Mr. Allan Brain posting his crap studies to the academic medical researchers who agree with Sheila Jeffreys.

  9. No!! This is so scary. Adults should not be letting these children make these huge, life altering decisions.
    Again, I can’t thank you and other rad fem bloggers enough for exposing this. I had no idea these poor children were going through this. It is madness.
    I am trying to join in the conversation and expose things as I see them and I can see a need to continue discussing trans even amongst the negative comments that I am now getting on my blog post about a trans lesbian with a penis. (Some dissenter’s comments I will approve; some I won’t depending on the language used, etc).
    I just can’t believe I went along with all of this for so long and even a year ago would have supported these parents.

    1. ” the negative comments that I am now getting on my blog post about a trans lesbian with a penis.”
      Negative comments? Wow the commenters must be really uneducated if they think that lesbians have penises. How can anybody take such stupidity serious??

      1. They think that lesbians are or should be accessible to those with penises. So they make up a story about the be-dicked being women if they say they are, much like a fairy tale you might feed to a too inquisitive child to shut her up with.
        They’re just typical male rapists giving a great big whopper for a line.

  10. That’s absolutely right, but they are destroying the last remaining female-only space, like at Michigan. They seemed to have convinced most Lesbians to respect and support “lesbians with penises.” It is nauseatingly outrageous, but not enough of us are trying to stop it.

    1. They are doing the same thing to intersex people as well. They are trying to destroy the last remaining places of intersex people and intersex conditions. They seem to have most intersex people think that “trans is a form of intersex”. Even use old science and old theories as if it’s fact, when all their theories have been disproven time and tine again.Which is very nauseating and very vomiting. That’s why intersex people are slowly waking up to see the fact that Trans are trying to erase intersex people.

  11. I just saw Zoe Brain lumping/using intersex with transsexuals on the Michigan thread. It is so infuriating. I’m sorry, Nicky.

    1. Very typical of Zoe Alan Brain. He’s trying to use lump intersex with transsexuals. He’s really nothing more than a Transsexual in deep denial and trying to pass off as an intersex person. It dose pisses me off when Zoe tries to lump intersex with transsexuals, but in Reality, Zoe is trying to hide behind being intersex and is pretending to be one, when he is not.

      1. He appropriates both our identities. It is such open dishonesty and so oppressive. I am surprised more don’t appropriate the identities of other people they oppress, but Gallus showed us “Autumn Sandeen” doing just that.

      2. Not only does he appropriate “female” and “intersex” – he’s just a flat-out liar. At least three times in the last month or so I’ve seen him attribute quotes to GenderTrender and myself which I have never uttered, and which have never appeared on this blog.
        He also cut and pastes volumes of snippets from scientific studies which have been de-bunked so many times that his behavior can only be described as deliberate misinformation. Even the most kool-aid drinking trans activists acknowledge that the studies Brain cuts and pastes are de-bunked, but that doesn’t stop Brain from posting scores of links to studies that have been disproved decades ago, and/or whose findings NEVER CLAIMED to prove the conclusions he attributes to them. No matter how delusional he may be, there is no way he is unaware that he is publishing flat-out lies. He tries to overwhelm any discussion of fact with the pure volume of his bullshit and tries to force the discussion into de-bunking information which has been de-bunked so many times that it is ridiculous to even have to address. I’m glad to see that most people simply ignore him now. Even the trans people are embarrassed by him.

    1. Really? That’s all you have to say about the topic? How pathetic. Children are going to sterilized and so on and all you can do is whining about “misgendering”? That’s the least of the problems the T community have.

      1. Soooo freakin true. All he cares about is trying to silence women from centering conversations about gender around the reality of biological sex. Thousands of Lesbian and Gay children being sterilized means nothing to him.

  12. I suppose female impersonators have yet to study basic human biology. “Gender” is not about human biology, it is a construct of patriarchy. Sex denotes the biology of the human as male or female… wow, the cluelessness of the trans world just boggles the mind.
    SEX = biology You can’t change sex, but you can perform a different gender. Male impersonators “perform” the patriarchal idea of what a female is. Women born female have no such illusions. Mistrell shows are just that, males in female face.

  13. Trans Youth Family Allies are an organized cult exercising Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MBPS) – a horrific form of child abuse.
    What’s the message? Don’t beat your child for being gay/lesbian, mutilate and drug them instead

    1. I would never consider a 19 year old male a boy but I suppose that’s common for middle aged autogynophiles like yourself who fetishize pre-pubertal medical interventions for sex-role nonconforming children.
      Incidentally, no one disputes the fact that Kim Petras is male. He is now a sterilized, castrated, formerly healthy male dependent on a lifetime regime of medical treatments and synthetic hormones all because Genderists like yourself believe that males like Kim should receive reparative treatment in childhood causing lifetime disability and sterility because you believe a “real man” should behave a certain way and that failing that he must be “female”.
      Genderists like yourself, who abandon sex-role noncompliant children and instead promote reparative corrective transgender treatments on them -to enforce compliance to a sex-based role system- are responsible for creating and enabling his irreversible lifelong medical disability and sterility.
      Your fetishism of compliance- for example your holding up of
      Petras as an example of sex-role compliance- betrays your true allegiance: conformity to sex-based roles, a conservative male-supremacist philosophy which assigns certain roles and characteristics to females, and others to males. Thankfully feminists such as myself speak out against such a right wing conservative philosophy and support people like Kim to be free to express themselves without being sterilized, disabled and mutilated in the ways that you promote.

      1. That’s exactly what GM has said. People like Genderist seek to cause more damage than good. Which the end results is having more kids mutilated beyond repair.

  14. “I would never consider a 19 year old male a boy but I suppose that’s common for middle aged autogynophiles like yourself who fetishize pre-pubertal medical interventions for sex-role nonconforming children”
    That’s it exactly GM. Thanks for making it so clear what’s really going on with these ageing fetish worshiping males.

  15. “I wonder if you all would consider her a boy?”
    lol “her a boy”
    He is just another gay male who is sterilized and multilated for the sake of conforming and heteronormativity. The side effects of the drugs are terrible. Hormones aren’t magical candys. But at least the doctors created him a fuckhole like “real women” have. *facepalm*.Everything just for avoiding the evil homosexuality.

  16. Yes, thank you, Gallus, for describing it all so clearly. The whole trans movement is a cult and con, and anyone objecting is censored. It’s horrifying to see women abjectly “owning” their “cis-gendered privilege” as they submit to the demands of these female-hating men. One one site, which will not print my response, they claim classism as the reason most don’t have surgery now. That is so offensive to class-oppressed women like myself who have never had access to a male income and cannot pay for needed medical care. How are these men any different from any other men who want access to Lesbians?

  17. ” they claim classism as the reason most don’t have surgery now. ”
    Most don’t have surgery because:
    1. trans rule numba one: Women have penises too !!1!11!
    So they can still use their penises and be “women”.(perhaps at the same time complaining that they can’t get pregant). Sick fantasy but possible in trans dreamland.
    2. It’s nothing but a butcher job and it looks horrible but for men a man made fuckhole is the same as a vagina. I also think GM said something about an over 50% incontinence rate but I’m not sure.

  18. I smell a self-hating transperson here. why can’t you keep your shitty opinion to yourself? I mean, really.
    are you jealous, perhaps, that some folks got to transition before you did?
    I think this falls under the category of “lets-cut-down-other-transfolks-because-I-feel-insecure-about-my-self”.
    though I can’t see that any of the folks here would understand that.

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