This Week in Men Shitting All Over Women's Sports

Chris Tina Foxx Bruce is a failed bodybuilder, unable to qualify in male competition. He is also the latest crossdressing dude who thinks a brow-shave and some breast implants entitle him to shit all over female athletes by using forty years of testosteroned musculature and male frame to compete against females in, what else? Musculature. The 6 foot 1 inch father of two had to drop 40 pounds of muscle in order to qualify for entry into the Border States Classic Bodybuilding competition on Oct. 29th. I was too lazy to look for pictures, and as far as I could tell with a cursory search, he didn’t place in his first competition. This contest is a low grade physique competition which is more like a “fitness stripper” sort of display. These contests are highly policed for enforced sexualized femininity, which explains his interest. Nonetheless, this is yet another example of failed male middle aged athletes embarking on late-in-life competitive sports careers courtesy of women’s sports.

Contrary to the claims of Genderist advocacy organizations such as the National Center For Lesbian Rights (a former Lesbian advocacy organization now representing heterosexual males), males who take estrogen for a year or two don’t become female. Which is why we see guys like CTFB launching sports careers in middle age by exploiting female athletes. A legacy started by Renee Richards, who started a professional tennis career in his forties in women’s tennis after failing to qualify for men’s competition. (He now says that he was wrong to do so, and he is against transgender males competing in female sports).
There have been plenty of others. Like dickhead Michelle Dumaresq who shut women out of female competition for downhill mountain bike racing because he “felt female inside”.

Michelle Dumaresq

Lana Lawless, a retired SWAT officer who began his professional golf career in his late 50’s by exploiting female sports and is writing a book called “Golf Without Balls”. Lana tells ABC News “”I’m the only professional women’s golfer in the United States. I’m the champion.”

From Salon, according to the NCLR’s report ““to date, there is no available research or other reliable scientific evidence to either support or refute the position that transitioned athletes compete at an advantage or disadvantage compared with physically born men and women athletes.” Unfortunately, the rational response to such findings — a call for more research — may come up against significant roadblocks: “In view of the lack of available research and the methodology requirements for credible new research, the answer to that question may never be known with certainty given the low prevalence of transitioned individuals in the population.”

Well hell, that’s easy. Show me one single female transgender that embarks on a professional sports career in men’s sports in middle age. Just one. Ever. I’ll wait. But I won’t be holding my breath. But luckily all the competitive male athletes- those that haven’t failed at competing against other males- are staying in male sports. For now. It’s only the total dickheads doing this to women athletes. And the huge breast implants get in the way too.

In more This Week in Men Shitting All Over Women’s Sports: After females are finally permitted to compete in Olympic Boxing in the 2012 London games, the governing body is trying to force the women to compete wearing skirts internationally. Poland has already made skirt-boxing obligatory for females. “By wearing skirts, in my opinion, it gives a good impression, a womanly impression,” Poland coach Leszek Piotrowski told BBC Sport. “Wearing shorts is not a good way for women boxers to dress.”

Jesus. That just might get male transgenders interested in the sport.

From the BBC: “Ireland’s three-time world champion Katie Taylor, who won her fifth consecutive European lightweight title in Rotterdam, said: “It’s a disgrace that they’re forcing some of the women to wear those mini-skirts. We should be able to wear shorts, just like the men.

“I won’t be wearing a mini-skirt. I don’t even wear mini-skirts on a night out, so I definitely won’t be wearing mini-skirts in the ring.”

Mike Tyson in a skirt
Mike Tyson in a skirt

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  1. As a young lesbian, shortly after the passage of Title IX, I found refuge from the world of boys and men in womyns sports. From the age of 13 I competed in any team sport I was able to, from swimming to track and field, softball, basketball and field hockey. I continued in athletics until I was disabled in an accident at age 40. I found lesbians in sports, and empowerment of girls and womyn; most of all, I was able to leave males behind, and immerse myself in an all-female world. It was glorious.
    To know that now these men in womyn’s clothing will be allowed into all sports, including Olympic competition, breaks my heart. I think of each womun who will be displaced by these losers, every team that will be infiltrated by men and their male energy, and the loss that this represents to all the gains made by womyn after years of struggle for equal time on the courts and playing fields, and I want to cry–and I want to stop them.
    Apparently, my generation will have been the first as well as the last to experience the joy of athletics without having to compete against men. What a pity. And what a filthy way for these creeps to get theirs.

  2. From Huffington Post:
    “The parking lot was jammed,” Bruce said proudly. “The promoter told me he had a dozen media requests for coverage, but turned them down out of respect to the other contestants. Which, again, I understand. It’s a mental game.”
    [Contest organizer John]Lindsay — who emphasizes that he thinks Bruce is “a nice guy” and “am glad he participated” — tells a slightly different story.
    “I’ve been doing this for 25 years and sell out every year, so I see zero impact from him being in the show,” Lindsay said. “I will say this, during the preliminary rounds, the other contestant had four supporters there and he had none.”
    Meanwhile, Bruce says the reaction and support she says she received represents a great moment in her life and she is pleased that other contestants did speak with her rather than be standoffish.
    “It reinforced to me that I need to keep doing it,” she said proudly.
    If she does, it won’t be with Lindsay’s competition.
    “I don’t want to rain on the parade, but I was under the impression the hardware had been removed, and it hasn’t been,” Lindsay said. “We’re not going to have men competing against women and I am not setting up a transgender category.”
    Bruce concedes that she has not surgically transitioned, but says that shouldn’t mean anything.
    “Hormones are what makes the difference between male and female,” she said, adding that, at this point, her penis is just a urethra.
    She also says that while she was only competing against one other person, she believes the No. 2 position is a great personal victory.
    “Going through what I’ve gone through will make a person stronger than lifting weights,” she said.
    Although Bruce is keeping her eye on potential competitions, she also wants to build up her personal training business and has her eyes set on the perfect celebrity client: Chaz Bono, the transgender son of Cher, who has quick-stepped his way to controversy on “Dancing With The Stars” this season. ”

  3. What if I compete? I’m born male with the klinefelter syndrome which means I’m at half normal (male) testosterone level all my life growing up. Even hypothetically I could never do sports on a professional level because I would never be able to be as strong as a male athlete, and I would never be accepted into female sport. If I were so inclined it would suck tremendously.

    1. I love the comments there: everyone is a fucking professional on genetics and hormones except the one kid in nursing school who gets told “stfu until you finish school, then you can have an opinion like the rest of us bench warmers!”

  4. Thank you Gallus for putting in so much work to find examples of males trying to erase us from sports. We need to bring this stuff to the fore as most news sites are either too afraid of tranny power or already infiltrated.

  5. I really find this whole article and site somewhat biased and distasteful. Calling transgender individuals names like Tranny or using pronouns that obviously are not how they identify is a form of violent discussion and transmits a hateful vibe to others that simply just look for more haters to feel satisfaction that their hate is not alone. But hate is not the answer.
    I am not a scientist, so clearly I cannot comment on the science of how estrogen feminizes a transgender individual. But I can relate my personal story. I am transgender by identity. Although I am tall and have a larger frame, I have undertaken steps to slenderize and reduce my overall musculature, to be more appealing as a woman should be. This is the difficulty that most MTF trans people suffer with. Perhaps, it is wrong to allow transgender individuals to compete if they competed as male, or if they are over a certain age from transition, just to protect the cisgender women from truly unfair competitions. But, if a person does transition fully, meaning they have no Testosterone parts, and if they transitioned by say 21, then, it might be possible there is no real advantage.
    Unfortunately, for my fellow Trans friends, I think we should err on the side of Cisgender women athletes. Since truly, I dont think we can completely prove or disprove the issues at hand. But, also lets be clear on a few things. Cisgender women have taken supplements that alter their hormones and add bulk and mass which does increase stamina and strength. As a casual lifter and body builder, I know that there are plenty of things going around for those willing to chance it. So, its not like every woman is angelic when it comes to competition. I am not accusing all women of cheating, far from it. I am suggesting though, that, if adding enhancing mixes of stuff to a body increases those abilities, then it does seem likely that removing them from a body would have a similarly reverse effect. No? And, are you telling me that there are no tall women, or big and strong women? Think again. You assume that being 6’1″ is an advantage, but, is it really?
    Alot of questions for sure. But, using language that induces hate, is not the answer. Rational thinking, and maybe a little acceptance could go a long way to getting all sides to face some realities about human life. Transgender people are not strange. They do face some really hard choices. Imagine, being born, and thinking you are a girl your whole life. Imagine being told that you are not, and that you must act like a boy and compete with the boys and hang out with them. OMG, I can tell you that is the worst thing in the world. Imagine, thinking your whole life, that you are a girl, in a boys body and literally hating yourself, for a lifetime. Is that something you had a choice in? I assure you, it is not, and it never goes away. Never, regardless of the propaganda that you have heard from conservative groups. It does not ever go away. Why? Because it is your nature. Do you think, you could simply change your internal wiring, because I assure you, it is what it is, and it cannot really be undone. Trans people are not crazy, they are trans. Most would thrive and be the happiest people on earth if not for one simple thing. Your hatred of them. For no other reason than you refuse to understand the nature of their existence, and instead choose to make them as miserable as legally possible, and even moreso. Hatred is not an answer. It never has been.
    Women’s sports? I dont know. Because I love fariness, which is what most transpeople are really looking for in life, I would have to say that it depends. It depends on the person and their backgrounds and the completeness of their transition. I am sad that I have to say it though, because I know how many kids are transitioning now, and they just want to live normal lives in the gender they are. That could include wanting to play sports on the HS teams. This is hard, and really tough.
    Stop the hate folks. Take time to really consider what you are saying. What you are accusing all trans-people of. It is really that what you are saying is unfair. Morso than the issues you raise, because those have logical and useful reasonings for further discussion and exploration, while simply hating on a whole group for issues related to a few, is slanderous, and misguided and fuels the fire for hatred in our great country. Its bad enough that we have leaders that are ignorant and hateful. Is that the tone you want to take up in life?

    1. Women are not man-haters for acknowledging and protesting the harms that men do and for accurately identifying males as men. Women are not required to serve you in the way that you would like, sir. Women are not required to pretend to share your belief system. Failure to serve you in the way that you would like and having alternate beliefs is an expression of humanity, not an expression of hatred. I can see how a man like yourself can have difficulties in life believing that you are entitled to control the thoughts and expression of women. Must be quite a challenge for you sir. Maybe you should stop doing that.

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