B,B,But Trans Activists Say This NEVER Happens #86

Benson Mugshot
Benson Mugshot

Total fucking skumbag baby raper Thomas Lee Benson claiming his “internal Jender identity” made him dress up like a woman and plonk himself into a hottub full of little girls in the women’s lockeroom, even though he is a designated predatory sex offender for raping elementary school girls, and forbidden to be near children. Claims his internal “female gender identity” made him do it. Says it’s his right to be around naked little girls- his preferred victims- cause his Gender Identity Rights say so!
There’s a puke inducing extended interview with the babygirl rapist at the bottom of this link, if you have the stomach for it.
Try this link if you want to see Trans peeps defending him in the comments. Even more puke inducing.
Eww the rapist pedophile goes on in the interview about how he trolls Lesbian bars because he’s obsessed with having sex with women who don’t want to have sex with him. He wants to have sex with Lesbians who don’t know he is male. Guess he trolls elementary school girls for rape and switches it up with targeting some Lesbians.
I won’t say what I hope happens to him, except that there’s no coming back from it. From my mouth to god’s ears.

0 thoughts on “B,B,But Trans Activists Say This NEVER Happens #86

  1. It seems like trans allies sympathise even with the worst murderers ’cause they claim that they are “women” inside. There isn’t even a biological explanation for this and yet they are kissing everyones ass who claims to be the opposite gender. It’s getting more and more bizarre. But the more insane it gets the more people will wake up. And yes it’s just insane. Nothing to take serious anymore.

  2. I am transgender myself and there is no way that I would stick up for this guy. I hope he gets the maximum jail time possible for this offense. If the lesbians that he meets for sex can’t tell he is male they must be blind. He doesn’t pass very well.

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