8 thoughts on “thinking about detransitioning after 15 years

  1. “The whole purpose of me transitioning was because I was a feminine gay guy and was tired of people calling me gay, or faggot, or making derogatory comments to me because I was so feminine…”
    It is tragic that it can be easier for people to erase their identities, undergo surgical and chemical alterations, and spend their lives trying to hide their past, than to be accepted as someone who doesn’t fit societal sexual stereotypes, or who dares to love someone with the same genetalia.
    The trans community does need to wake up, and see that these kinds of stereotypes hurt them, too, and that it is in their best interests to fight against them. Sure, there would be a fewer people who chose to transition, but there would also be a lot fewer broken homes, devastated families, and people trying to go back 15 years later.
    The freedom to be ourselves is a far more worthy goal than the freedom to trade one type of oppressive stereotype for another.

  2. I’m guessing the genderqueer GBT “community” wants to hide and wipe out women and men like you’ve been showing, Gallus. It shakes their entire politics to its core. That movement should support young Lesbians and gay men instead of urging them to “transition.” But the trans cult, backed now by a huge medical industry, does not want it questioned in the slightest.
    I wish there was a compilation of how many have died from the surgery, complications, and later cancers, strokes, etc. from the synthetic hormones, and suicides. I’m guessing that even we would be shocked.
    Good for him to speak out. Good for you to keep us posted.

  3. This isn’t just ‘sad,’ and not merely disturbing. My friends and family wonder if I have gone off the deep end–we have all been so conditioned to parrot this “LGBTQ” etc. crap, as if anyone asked ME if wanted to join in this alphabet soup–I am afraid for girls like my great niece. She is twelve, and as much a tomboy as I was at that age. But instead of being allowed to be who she is, will some school counselor take her aside and explain to her that she suffers from “gender identity disorder”? Will she be subjected to this horrorshow of surgery, hormonal therapy, and a life of misery and poor health? I fear for her, and for us all.

  4. I do too, Kitty. They really want us dead, like in Iran. Dead or no longer a threat to heterosexual/male supremacy. I do think some of those same attitudes are behind this all. Get those Lesbians and gay men to change their sex and behave and stop demanding change. Get them when they are young. This is the government that wants complete control of our lives. If a regular het family has a child who gets cancer and they don’t want their child tortured by radiation or chemotherapy, the government might take their child away. The same government at the same time wants to limit our access to healing non-toxic alternative treatments. There is always a motive behind government control. The fact that this horror of pretend sex change has become such a big business and is being approved for kids means it’s something the government really wants. Not as direct as Iran, but certainly biased. And the media is adding to the hard sell.

  5. I just feel fortunate that my city is liberal enough where if a person does not fit neatly into society’s binary boxes-they don’t have to worry about being attacked.
    A female can have a buzz cut and no one will go out of their way to hound her; heck I’ve seen men jogging in sports bras too!

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