B,But Trans Activists Say This NEVER Happens!

Interesting little item out of Colorado over the weekend. News station KRDO Channel 13 reports that a woman was terrified by a man in the women’s restroom of a local shopping mall. She fled the scene and reported the incident to mall security to investigate. She was told that because of the 2008 “Gender Identity Protections” law passed in Colorado, the mall was unable to even question –much less report to police- any males who are trespassing in formerly sex-segregated women’s bathrooms. The reason given was that any males who like hanging out in women’s restrooms “might” claim internal “gender identities”, which presumably could result in mall security being sued for questioning such a man.
From the article:
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — One woman says she had a double scare at the Chapel Hills Mall bathroom on Wednesday. It was in the women’s facility near the Children’s Place.
 She says a man was in the bathroom. She rushed to get help from mall security. The man was gone when they got the restroom. The woman also says she was told by security that they couldn’t restrain him unless he was doing something criminal. She says security told her it was because of a 2008 Colorado law.
 Chapel Hills Mall wouldn’t directly confirm or comment on the complaint. They did send this statement on the law and how they follow it to the letter.
 It states: “Chapel Hills Mall and their national security provider comply with all federal, state and local laws including the Public Accommodations Anti-Discrimination law amendments that became effective May 29, 2008. As will all public accommodations, which is defined as any place of business that offers sales or services of any kind to the public, Chapel Hills Mall is required to allow entry and services to all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or transgender status. As outlined in the FAQ document produced by the State of Colorado for this law, individuals have the legal right to use gender-segregated services, such as public restrooms, appropriate to their gender identity rather than their assigned gender at birth, without being harassed or questioned.
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Link with video:
Speaking of trans activists claiming this never happens, those who click the link will see not one but two comments from self-proclaimed “woman with a penis”:  trans and anti-female-rights activist Autumn Sandeen, who chides the news organization for reporting something which “isn’t newsworthy”. He then goes so far as to accuse news station KRDO of “manufacturing news”, presumably because reporting news of interest to females makes it “un-newsworthy”. We can see in action the attempt by national trans activists to silence and suppress reportage of such incidents which are caused by “Gender Identity” laws erasing all rights of females to privacy from the male gaze in sex-segregated areas such as restrooms.
Trans activists claim that it is unlikely that predators will lie about an internal “Gender Identity” to gain access to female spaces (even though they make up all sorts of lies to do so). But as this article shows, in areas where Gender Identity laws erase female rights, trespassing males are not even being questioned, due to fears of “Internal Gender Identity”  lawsuits- even though we know without a doubt that predators are targeting women in such spaces.

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  1. I have a direct link to the PDF FAQ put out by the state. I don’t know whether or not that link (on the state govt site) would violate the link policy, but can share it if desired.
    It really is as bad as they say it is:
    “Harassment may include, but is not limited to … use of
    derogatory names or terms, or intentional misuse of gender pronouns and names.”
    (Failure to call people the name and pronouns they demand can result in the force of law being brought down upon you)
    “What does the term “Gender Identity” mean?
    A person’s gender identity is that person’s innate sense of his
    or her own gender.”
    (It is whatever anyone says it is, without any requirements whatsoever)
    “What is a place of “Public Accommodation”?
    A public accommodation is any place of business engaged in offering sales or services of any kind to the public, as well as any place offering facilities, privileges, advantages or other accommodations to the public. Typical examples of public accommodations include, but are not limited to, hotels, restaurants, stores, hospitals, clinics, and health clubs.”
    (So, pretty much everywhere.)
    The part in the FAQ about “without being harassed or questioned” is in the employer section, and refers to employees.
    The state statute states:
    “(B) All covered entities shall allow individuals the use of gender-segregated facilities that are consistent with their gender identity. Gender-segregated facilities include, but are not limited to, restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, and dormitories.
    (C) In gender-segregated facilities where undressing in the presence of others occurs, covered entities shall make reasonable accommodations to allow access consistent with an individual’s gender identity.”
    (How “nice” of them to leave that little out.)
    Basically, places of business can have sex-segregated spaces if it makes them feel better, but can’t enforce them at all in any way, shape, or form.
    It’s bad law. Even without an antidiscrimination statute, there wouldn’t be “underwear checks” at the door, and this is just ridiculous.

      1. The brochures are at
        http://www.dora.state.co.us/civil-rights/Sexual_Orientation/2010Brochure.pdf (2010 edition)
        http://www.dora.state.co.us/civil-rights/publications_and_services/Employment_Discrimination/Employment_Discriminaton_Brochures/December2009Sexual%20Orientation%20Employment%20FAQ%20Brochure.pdf (2011 edition)
        I’m not linking the link to the statute I have – it’s hosted on a transgender law site. I can find an official one if you would like to quote it anywhere.

  2. And yep, this is EXACTLY what we have been saying and saying.
    The deballed Sandeen tries to silence the local meeja on this? Slime. He doesn’t even have the guts to have the full job done.
    The ‘rule’ is simple. No one with a penis to enter the women’s bathroom. This would be inclusive of Sandeen.

  3. Yes, sadly, I believe it. Drag queens have been entering women’s bathrooms forever in SF..and NOW you can hardly find a sex segrated bathroom, even if they have two, one that used to be for males only, one that used to be for females only. After being in ALOT of outhouses on the job or at a streetfair, after men, they are NASTY and their piss is EVERYWHERE….I HATE going in a bathroom for men. Women may throw paper towels about, but they don’t pee on the toilet seat or floor!
    And then, like you say above, it’s a safety issue. So it may be incumbent for women to take this upon themselves humilating men who come in women’s restrooms, and NEVER going in a public one alone…but then again, we gotta fear the male predator, no matter what he claims, when we’re at our most vulnerable.
    -Labryis Swingin’
    “Men had penises cut off when using women’s bathrooms” the New York Times reported yesterday. “This has been happening more and more frequently as women get tired of male perpetration against them, and especially at their most vulnerable. So women have come together to protect one another in public restrooms, and male violaters have been known to have their penises cut off if caught perpetrating. This has served as a good deterrent to ANY MAN entering a women’s bathroom. The trend seems to be catching on in other cities as well. Because of gender laws, nobody is enforcing the safety of women in women’s bathrooms, so we have taken it upon ourselves.” says Ann Miller of Resisting Women.

  4. I like that story(the list cases of penis removal), hehehe….beware a woman with scissors enraged! I also thought you might like that New York Times ‘story’, at least to let it inspire you….and Ann Miller is a personal friend…so to speak.

  5. I followed the link and it appears somebody deleted the list. Can’t be giving women ideas now can we, seriously men can’t stand their manhoods being threatened.

  6. No surprise but trans activists would have us believe that penis people pose no threat to being in women’s restrooms, and that we have no right to complain about being unsafe around them. Yeah right, we’re supposed to believe anything penis people say is true because they are really women inside, with a penis on the outside… how convenient.

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