Launching….Rad Fem Central !!!

Not enough time in the day to follow all your favorite blogs? Pissed because you missed that great conversation on that seldom-updated blog you forgot to check? Click on RadFemCentral to instantly see which blogs have new posts, and to keep up to date with all your radfem news. Please contact me with URLs of blogs I have missed. All will be included equally.
As some of you know, I’ve been talking for months about an aggregate RSS feed for RadFem Bloggers. I finally got one started! But I need Your Help. I know I’m missing lots of sites. Please let me know which ones I’m missing, even if they are new sites, or sites which haven’t been updated in ages (that way if they DO update, we will all know about it because they will go to the top of the list). In weeks to come RadFem Central will grow in size and scope. And I may even pretty it up a bit at some point. I hope this will be a useful tool for all of us in the community to keep in touch, and support your overworked and under unpaid blogging sisters.
Also, if for any reason someone wants to be removed from the site, please let me know.
In Sisterhood,
P.S. Inclusion on RadFem Central does not mean the bloggers featured agree with the views expressed by other bloggers, or that I agree with all the views of a blog, or even that the site is purely “Radical Feminist”, rather that the sites are female owned and of interest to, and/or supportive of, some Radical Feminist ideals, etc etc disclaimer disclaimer blah blah blah. 🙂

*If anyone wants to use this little picture on the sidebar of their blog help yourself

114 thoughts on “Launching….Rad Fem Central !!!

  1. Very handy, thanks GM!
    In checking it just now, I realise a few blogs that I checked just a few days ago have been updated, yay, so won’t sit here and yak, I’m off for a bit of reading!
    ~Squirrel out 😛

    1. Thanks! It’s basically a glorified blogroll, so I’m including everyone and letting them opt out if they don’t like it for some reason. Most of us don’t even have a contact address so that seems the most inclusive way to do it. I’ve never heard of asking to include someone on a blogroll, but if you think they may need to be asked first, can you please ask them and let me know? Thanks.
      (NO private blogs will be included)

      1. I’ve heard people asking others to include their blogs on their blogroll all the time – so I thought I better ask first. I’ve already contacted both bloggers, might take some time until I get a reply. I called it a “radfem collective feed thingy” or the like – hope that was alright.

      2. Really? I’ve never heard of it. No one has ever asked me, and I’ve never seen it. Whatever you think is best. Thankfully I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback so far. Appreciate the help.

      3. I’m more concerned about accidentally leaving someone off and having them feel snubbed, to be honest. If anyone sees their blog was missed, please don’t hesitate to tell me. Any oversights are unintentional.

      1. Whoa! I wasn’t able to tell. What bigger compliment is there? Heh. Sorry about that. Good to know.

  2. @GallusMag:
    Leaving a public comment because there [understandably] doesn’t seem to be a way to send a private message.
    This is an awesome idea, and I would like to say thank you. I try to keep Google Reader up-to-date, but there’s a lot going of good things being said, and it can be a pain finding and following the various sites authors come and go.
    I work with a small ISP, and if it would be helpful, we could set you up with your own WordPress install. There are some pretty cool plugins for feed aggregation. One plugin (FeedWordpress) is used to run , a site with some similar goals.

      1. Is that the site that was started, or is run, by Feministe, bloggers who personify f***-me feminism, and one of whom a particularly virulent FtTrans with a looooong history of rad fem hate and recruiting young lesbian and questioning women into transing. Ask Lucky.

      2. @Sipiy:
        It may be. I was speaking more along of the technical goals (RSS aggregation of a selection of feminist sites). It was an endorsement of WordPress as a blogging platform, not a recommendation of the site itself.
        I try not to be the covertly hateful insane kind either 🙂
        I find hate to be toxic to my soul, and do what I can to purge it. It’s what led me here, in fact. I grew up in an environment (Mormon, with male peers) that despised feminism as a threat to what was a “good thing” for them.
        Mormonism’s roots (polygamy, women as literal property to be traded and reassigned as gifts and punishments for men) are extremely anti-women. That legacy still sticks around in many ways. I wasn’t immune to the conditioning and socialization, but I work every day to lessen it’s hold on me.
        I can’t hate someone when I understand where they are coming from – what led them to their perspective and choices. I may have anger, and I may fight them to my dying breath, but it will be out of love, not hate.
        I sought understanding of feminism, and in it found truth. Being on the receiving end of some female-directed discrimination helped drive the point home, and show me that the picture of the world I was taught while young to be a load of crap. The world doesn’t consist of the forces of Political Correctness seeking to oppress men at every turn – in education, with “affirmative action”, and quotas, and false rape accusations without proof. This site, and sites like it, have helped be a smack upside the head when bits of my conditioning start creeping into my thought processes.
        As for the “insane” bit, well, I’m still reserving judgement 🙂 I know now that a lot of my problems were a result of oppressive gender roles and body issues ([sarcasm]not that any woman would ever know anything about _those_[/sarcasm]).
        If I had it to do all over again, I would try to find a better alternative. I don’t revert because of the harm it would cause others, with work, friends, clients, and most importantly the love of my life, most of whom have only ever known me as Kathrin. The cost and burden that transition causes on others can be just as strong (if not stronger) on the way back. I may be insane, but I try to minimize the harm inflicted on others where I can.

      3. Yes, internalize your insanity and inflict it on yourself and not direct it outwards and inflict it on others – just like a good woman! (Said in a gentle teasing way with a smile). 😉
        Thank you for such a reflective thoughtful and openhearted comment.

      1. She’s on there! But better to double check. I don’t want to leave anyone off, and I’m sure I have. The help is appreciated.

      2. (Since RadFemCrafts has no official title on her blog it’s listed under her URL) If she adds a title I think that will change. Or maybe I can change it.
        Some of our icons aren’t coming up either. I’ll have to play with it.

  3. Great site, GM! Bookmarked. I have already used it to check out other blog posts.
    OT: In the news: California passes 2 new transgender laws. One makes getting access to and changing birth certificates to one’s “current gender” easier for TG Californians. They must only provide documentation from an attending physician that they have undergone “clinically appropriate treatment.” The other deals with housing, employment and other civil rights protections.

    1. Also must add a thanks for the blogroll/RSS as well. I often find that I miss updates on blogs because I don’t check them enough. Now I can read all the things! 😀

      1. I wouldn’t mind being included, even if I’m on a temp hiatus at the moment due to life. 🙂
        Also not sure how my colon x face turned into such an angry looking emoticon. Didn’t even notice. Makes my comment look more angry than anxious/nervous. For the record, it was not an angry comment, lol. 😛

    1. This Frenzy has a series of posts up praising the work of MRA-lite Robert Bly — definitely not a radical feminist blog.
      Rooted in Being has posts up waxing poetic about male writers — that’s also not radical feminism.
      Crunk has been supportive of genderists in the past, I don’t know if they’ve had a change of heart. They still use “queer” as a positive attribute, which may or may not be an indication of genderist leanings.

      1. I sure don’t think we want to be giving them more traffic.
        And Witchy Woo? She does post very seldom now her advocacy being in real almost entirely, but her next to last post is a ringer for what we’re going through presently woith the *fems who have more fun than we do* (and before, and before that, and then earlier than that…). Newer rad fem bloggers need to know WWs blog.

      2. Thanks for the heads-up. I have not paid much attention to the finer points of some of these things, so I don’t always know what to look for. I don’t want to give traffic to those who are in favor of these things either.

      3. Too bad me reading shit that men write got me taken off your site 🙁 🙁 Oh well, I was excited about it though! 🙂 I support radfem issues concerning the sex industry, and the truth is I don’t really know much about radical feminism, but I thought this was for women of many feminist types? Maybe you changed your criteria?

      4. Hi Almost Clever- I took you off because someone raised issues about your site and I wanted to spend some time looking at it myself since I’m not familiar with your blog. My apologies for the confusion!
        The criteria are:
        Female blogger
        I should not have added sites without spending some time with them myself because once they are on there I have no intention of “policing” content (unless someone goes full-on fun fem/pro-porn or something -which I’ve only seen happen once- lol)
        I’m so embarrassed that you noticed you were on there briefly and then were removed before I have a chance to read your site! I’m so glad you contacted me.
        I’ll resolve the issue one way or another within the next day or so- again my apologies for the confusion and thank you so much for reaching out.
        ETA: RadFem Central is definitely NOT a list of general feminist blogs.

      5. Sorry if your feelings are hurt, AlmostClever, but here are your words about radical feminism:

        I am also learning that women who are against women being prostituted, the sex trade, and pornography – are actually considered Radical Feminists!
        Radical?! Are you fucking serious? That makes me a radfem?
        That saddens me. To be considered a radical most certainly means one is in the minority. That’s depressing. I thought the majority of feminists would be against such torture and abuse of their own kind. I am learning that I am wrong about that, one blog at a time.
        People were labeling me a rad fem, and I didn’t even know what the hell a rad fem is! And it is all because of my views of the sex industry.
        Fucking depressing.

        You might consider that women who proudly call themselves “radical” and “radical feminists” wouldn’t take kindly to casting the experience as “sad” and “depressing” and telling the whole world you think so basically puts us and our work in that light. I’m open to dialogue about this, but we’re radical feminists precisely in answer to all the fake feminism we’ve seen in real life (slutwalk) and online (Feministe, which you link to in your blogroll).

      6. If that is your criteria, I certainly meet it 🙂 If you cruise my blog posts you’ll see that. Look forward to reading and meeting some awesome women through this site.

      7. @Noan I took that to mean that it is with some surprise that almostclever has discovered that her feminist beliefs, which she arrived at independently, are classified as “radical”, when she sees anti-porn anti-trafficking, anti-gender as views which should be considered mainstream and foundational to any women’s liberation movement. Strikes me as someone who is new to radical feminism, but whose beliefs are aligned. And I must say I’m inclined to be inclusionary rather than exclusionary. If almostclever had not written to me I likely would have taken a “wait and see” attitude, but as it is I will take some time and read her site myself- unfortunately I am horribly busy today, but will soon. I could really just kick myself for not vetting recommended sites more carefully before adding. Oh well, a learning experience. I do deeply apologize.
        Noan I do appreciate the feedback- the last thing any of us want is a diluted “fun-fem” list. Apologies all around for my stupidity.

      8. @ Noan,
        I can tell you are passionate and protective of radical feminist issues and do not want to be “infiltrated” or “diluted” (for lack of a better word).
        If you look further into my comments section on that post you quoted, you will see you are mistaken in your assessment of me. Your interpretation is hysterically incorrect.
        I’m not going to fight to be somewhere I am not wanted, so no worries – but I do not appreciate being discredited and accused falsely of being a label that I do not identify with.
        I am not sure what “funfem” means to you, but if it means communicating with and reading stuff from men, then you most probably are not going to like me. I am someone who counsels women and men on sexual abuse/assault and sex trafficking issues. I work with men, I am married to a man – that may disqualify me in your eyes?
        Anyways, I would ask anyone who is interested in social work, domestic violence and sexual abuse, anti-trafficking, anti-gender, anti-porn, cultural competence and other feminist and world issues – to please stop by. These are all issues that I am passionate and care very much about.
        Thank you and I will respectfully bow out now. I don’t need to prove myself anymore to be added to a site that I mistakenly believed was open to “someone like me.”

      9. Always Clever- I haven’t had to time to check out your whole blog but I did take a look, and I must say I found it very interesting, and quite radical. I look forward to reading more of it and following your new posts.
        Sorry about the mix-up, and thank you for your patience with me, I appreciate it.

      10. Obviously I’m adding you to the blog list if that wasn’t clear. A wonderful addition.
        We don’t all have to – and maybe shouldn’t- agree. If a blog is
        and Female
        it will be an asset to the bloglist.
        I will take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Live and learn!

    1. Thanks Katie!
      It looks like feministphilosophers is a group blog that posts multiple times a day. I might need to put a separate widget somewhere for blogs like that- so the same blogs aren’t always at the top of the list all day every day. So it might be a few days till I fit that one in.
      And just to repeat to everyone for the record:
      Females only
      I think everyone gets that tho- just stating it for the record.
      Thanks everyone for your help!

  4. Oops, I think the Feminist Philosophers include men. So, it shouldn’t be on the list anyway.

  5. A propos of nothing. I just figured out that’s not a jalepeno pepper for your gravataar. 😛

    1. That’s the cool thing about it is that it arranges itself by date, so can act as an archive of sorts. The longer a site sits idle, the further back into archives it goes BUT if someone chooses to update their blog, even infrequently, it pops right up to the top of the list. That way new posts won’t be missed.

      1. Great idea! Do you mind if others make a copy of the same image and use it on their blogs too? I’d like to do that, as long as it’s ok with you.

      2. Of course, help yourself! I added a little picture to the bottom of this post- you can use that or make your own picture, whatever!

      3. I just LOVE the little picture you made with it on your blog, and I’m totally going to steal it.
        “What’s New In Radical Feminism” LOVE IT.

  6. This is AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much, Gallus. But—if I make this my homepage, I will never get a shred of work done! 😛 Wonder if I can call in sick ’cause I’ve got an addiction to radfem blogs? 🙂

  7. Related:
    It would be great to have a female health issues blog on Rad Fem Central, if.
    Is there a blog dedicated to women’s health issues, from a non-industry supporting rad fem position that could be included? Not OBOS, who are trans supporting — choice, you see — nor their eponymous blog.
    I know of a few that are good for some women’s health issues, but not rad fem. For example, Gillian (osteoporosis) and Paula Caplan (women and psychiatry), Canadian Women’s Health Network (not rad fem or even, in most cases, feminist). Etc.
    So is their a rad fem doctor, or nurse blogging on our health issues from a rad fem perspective?

    1. Seems like something Bev Jo would be good at — she’s definitely got tons of knowledge of health issues and how they relate to women.

  8. Had a quick go at a logo using a modified version of a template I have. I’m not a graphic designer by profession, but I tried to match the color (the orange color is from the opposite side of the color wheel).
    It’s a bit on the large side because shrinking is easier (and looks better) than expanding. If anyone likes it or wants to use it, I would be glad to provide it in any other sides.
    [Link Deleted-GM]
    Feel free to use it for any purpose.

    1. I appreciate that you want to help Kathrin but
      1. I don’t ever click on or publish specialized links
      2. This is a Female Only project.
      NO input from males is desired.
      Thanks you.

      1. No problem. I can certainly see where you are coming from, and it’s not particularly surprising.
        I was torn on whether or not to offer – in general, I try to help people where I can, but I didn’t want to offend or go where I wasn’t wanted.
        In the end, it seemed more appropriate to offer and let you chose, instead of just making the decision based off what I thought you would want.

  9. I’ve started a different, new bloggie which could be included: Radical Resolution. It’s all linked-up through my user name. 🙂
    Thanks, GM for having the space!

  10. I think it would be very helpful to have a discussion among all the radical feminist bloggers in our community about a recent posting by someone who is listed on RFC who has essentially launched an attack on straw-women radical feminists. Should such a person actually be called a feminist, let alone a radical feminist, and given the benefit of the doubt about where her loyalties lie? Anyone — even a woman — who sets up women just to knock them down, is no feminist. Anyone — even a woman — who makes things up about a group of women just to make a point, is no feminist. Anyone — even a woman who is doing good work in one area — who claims something about “radical feminists” that is demonstrably untrue, while offering no examples of what she’s referring to (but does offer a link to the radfem-dismissive dikipedia page), is no feminist. In fact, she seems to be saying that she wants nothing to do with us, so what do we say to that?

    1. What do we say? Well who knows. All I can figure is that sometimes WE (bloggers) know what we mean to say, but when we type it out it ends up sounding like confused jibberish to the reader. Possibly a case of that.
      Regardless, I appreciate your thoughts but think I will decline hosting such a discussion about a specific post in this thread. Hope that’s okay.

  11. I like this idea! Can you publish the link to the RSS feed itself, so those of us who are reading blogs through aggregates like Google Reader can see the posts that way?

  12. Gallus, my blog isn’t being picked up by the feed anymore. I don’t know how it works, but I don’t think I’ve changed any of my settings.
    Also, while on tech queries, when I click on the “MisogynyProject” links in the feed it just goes to one line on a page and I can’t seem to see the original article.

    1. Weird. I’ll look into it- thank you for telling me.
      As for the Misogyny Project- that’s just the way reddit is set up. The “posts” are usually only one line or two, commentary on something misogynist that the poster has spotted. If you click on the line it takes you to the text being commented on. It’s not a blog per se.
      ADD: Hon I took you off and put you back on again to see if that fixes it. Looks like it worked but please let me know if you see a problem again. Thanks again.

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