Most Dumb-Ass Comment of the Week Award Winner: Suzan from WomenBornTranssexual

Well this week’s contest was fairly slim pickins; seems many previous contestants have been banned from competition for entering too frequently. Don’t get me wrong, there were still quite a few stand-out submissions. But this one was the easy winner in the judging categories of: Randomness, Woman-Hating, Extreme Verbosity, Reversals, ‘Splaining, Attention Seeking, and Cry For Help.

Hits all the marks easily, with extra points accorded for: Drama and Paranoia.
Why, oh why does Suzan of Women Born Transsexual leave crazy-ass rants on my blog??? To show his dedication! He is one of my biggest fans, and thereby feels compelled to inflict share his feeeeewings on with me, whether I’d like to hear them or not. He’s trolled, he’s reverse-trolled, and he’s smeared worn his heart on my his sleeve. So Suzan, you WIN! This trophy also entitles you to a One Year Complete Ban! You deserve it- this is your moment!
And now, with no further doo…. The Winning Entry:
Submitted on 2011/10/01 at 12:14 am
Since I started exploring this topic of “radical feminism” aka “cultural feminism” aka “gender feminism” I’ve discovered a couple of things. First: Some women, who rightly fall in the conservative right wing camp were right in their criticisms of some of the things proposed by the “radical feminists”. (Daphne Patai: Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism and Christina Hoff Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women)
I want to make it clear that I endorse neither Patai nor Sommers, however Sommers did lay out how cultural feminism, which she labeled as “gender feminism” became the post- 1970s face of Feminism.
Radical Feminism has nothing to do with NOW. It has nothing to do with left wing revolutionary feminism.
It is more like a small cult of fanatical bigots. The interesting thing is how most of them wear hoods (hide behind aliases) I give Bev Jo, Julie Bindel, and Sheila Jefferys credit for at least being open bigots rather than hiding behind aliases like GallusMag.
Yet when you scope out just who the spreaders of anti-trans hate and disinformation are on sites like Gender Trender you discover the same handful of aliases cropping up again and again. I have to give them this many have the same level of tenacity as Zoe Brain shows on the Transgender side of the aisle.
These people should not be considered representatives of the LGBT/T community nor should they be considered representative of the feminist community. Although those communities act like the main line religions who refuse to denounce the religious fanatics among their midst. Allowing this handful people to intimidate them into silence regarding the hate this tiny minority of “radical feminists” spew gives tacit approval to their message.
To cite an old cliche regarding the banality of evil, “All evil and hate needs to succeed is for good people to say nothing.
I am not one to remain silent in the face of evil. Years ago, much to my regret I said nothing when these same bigots were trashing people I knew were good people. I was afraid of losing the acceptance I had gained. I overly valued a place and an acceptance that was all too fragile and conditioned upon my either remaining silent or joining in the bullying.
Eventually I realized my feminism was based on my personal values and not upon my being part of a group that allowed the bigotry of people like Jan Raymond to go unchallenged.
I realized that most lesbians didn’t give a shit about the politics, but were instead simply women who loved and had sex with other women. I found many of them though the games played by the cultural feminists and political lesbians (Explaining political lesbian is another column completely).
I discovered that lots of lesbian couples were more interested in their careers, and other causes. Many were part of the local Democratic Party organizations, the food movement, the Eco-movements. Not to mention the sit around and drink beer and smoke dope while screwing around playing music movement.
But digging into what makes these people tick was perversely interesting as I have discovered that their filthy bigoted shit could have been scripted by Porno Pete LaBarbera, or Charlie Prince. Or for that matter by anyone of thousands of homophobic, misogynistic religious bigots out there who have made life harder for women as well as LGBT/T folks.
Change the noun used in the rants of these people and you have the message of the racist or the anti-Semite.
Examining their material for more than an instant should make its contradictory hateful nature obvious to all but the most willfully blind.
The hateful shit put up on Gender Trender exposing the WBTs who went to the Michigan Wimmin’s Hate Fest, the maliciousness of their lies and abuse shows the real nature of these self-appointed “radical feminists”.
I would urge any post-transsexual women and transgender women too (who might want to extend their activism beyond the Borg) to look at what is happening with the folks who are with Occupy Wallstreet. Or protesting the oil sands pipeline.
The women involved in those movements are real feminists unlike the self appointed “radical feminist wankers”.
Hell, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Robin McGee of Get Equal are leading movements that really are movements where feminism is a core value.
When I was a little transkid getting the shit abused out of me by the same sort of bullies as these “radical feminists” I learned I had a variety of options. I could wage war against them or I could ignore them. Or do a combination of both.
What I couldn’t do was accept that the bullies had a point, not when their point was that I was worthless as a human being.
I recently had an exchange with a douche bag named BevJo, who has stalked my friend Beth Elliott for some 40 years.
When she He’ed me and started trying to put me down, I engaged in verbal Aikido.
I stated that what she thought of me was meaningless and irrelevant. Indeed I she can think what ever she wishes regarding me. I think she is full of shit and that what ever bile spews forth from her poisoned mouth is filth that I can ignore as having zero value.
I consider this person a bigot and anything she thinks or says has less value than a truck load of dioxin laced soil from a toxic waste clean up site.
My self esteem comes for inside. It comes from those who know and like me. It comes from the things I do and accomplish.
I don’t even need to stand in front of a mirror in the morning and recite positive affirmations, the way I did on a therapist recommendations back in the 1970s. Back then I made the mistake ofinternalizing some of the hateful shit spewed by these bigots and wound up in therapy.
No more.
Life has been hard and like the quote from Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.” I’ve turned into a resilient, tough old hippie woman and I don’t take shit from bullies.
Congratulations Suzan- a 1042 word rant having nothing to do with the post you are commenting on, seriously? Don’t you have your own blog to piss all over?
Since I like you, I’ll address your verbose concerns (you can post that shit on your own blog tho).
You, a male genderist, inject yourself onto a radical feminist site to share your assessment that radical feminists are “a small cult of fanatical bigots”.
You call my gender commentary “bullying”. (Here’s a hint, hon. “Bullies” aren’t people you have to go seeking out, and sending them long comment rants to get their attention – which you so deeply crave).
You register your complaint that some atheists write pseudonomously, which you feel is unethical –but only in the case of writers who opine atheistically on gender. (pseudonyms are only okay when used by gender believers, or Anne Rice).
You claim that feminists who are gender agnostics or atheists are “evil”, and that feminists that don’t embrace genderism, or who don’t actively war with other gender agnostics, are “evil enablers”.
You characterize the expression of gender agnosticism or atheism as “bullying” of adherents and believers.
You express with relief your perception that many females who are sexually oriented to females are apolitical, or interested in political causes which do not centralize female concerns.
You describe Lesbians who are female-centric as “filthy bigoted shit” and “bullies”.
You equate female-centrism and Women’s Liberation with racism and anti-semitism.
You share that you, a male genderist, have a “perverse” interest in Lesbians, Feminists, and Radical Feminists.
You assert that gender disbelievers are both hateful and contradictory. You characterize gender agnosticism as “lies and abuse”.
You describe radical feminists, repeatedly, as “self appointed” radical feminists, implying that self identification is inauthentic, but only in the case of gender disbelievers.
You call radical feminists “wankers”, a term for masturbation.
You assert that people that don’t believe in “gender” magically render you, a genderist, “worthless as a human being”, yet claim that “My self esteem comes for inside” (sic).
Etc Etc
Look Suzan, first, stating the obvious. If you hate me so much, why are you hanging on my every word.
What would you think about a born-again Christian who obsessively (or “perversely”, as you prefer) reads atheist sites? Seriously, there’s something going on there. Genderists read my site to have their core beliefs challenged. Period. That’s why they read. It’s what they (you) want. They want to have their beliefs challenged. If a genderist such as yourself read my entire blog, they would be changed. Their beliefs would be shifted. It happens all the time. And the readers who undertake such an adventure want it. Seek it. Keep coming back for it. You call it self-hatred. Others call it Freedom. Liberation. Knowledge. Light.
Obviously you keep coming back, hanging on every word. Why not stop fighting? Experience it. Calling atheists “evil” or “exterminationists” of faith-based belief systems is just lame. Seriously.
You’re here for a reason. You hang on every word for a reason. You want something. Take it. It’s here.

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  1. omg. thousand word un-elicited screed ‘splaining feminism to females. calling females “douche bags”. whining about feminism’s injury to your self-esteem.
    Sir, you ARE an MRA.

  2. What Suzan doesn’t realize is that there will never be enough affirmation. If every woman on the planet proclaimed “Yes, Suzan, you are female” it still wouldn’t be enough. Guys like Suzan – the female-hating trans- seek out radfem blogs as a target to externalize the little voice in their head that is saying “You are not female”. That way they can point the finger at an “enemy” that is “making them” doubt.
    The world would be so much more peaceful if you could just accept yourself. Love yourself.

  3. LOL, Couldn’t Suzan also win an “honourable mention” in the TL;DR category? I did have to skim through some of it, to preserve brain cells.
    I recently had an exchange with a douche bag named BevJo, who has stalked my friend Beth Elliott for some 40 years.
    What utter fantasy and reversal. Does it make any sense at all (to thinking humans) that an always-lesbian, one not interested at all in males, would stalk a male????
    oh ffs, give it up Suzan, the hypothesis isn’t even remotely credible!
    Reality check, much more likely that a male, sexually interested in females and who dresses as female and pretends to be a lesbian, would stalk a lesbian.
    Obviously the drugs that these M2Ts are on, are more than just estrogen.

  4. You call my gender commentary “bullying”. (Here’s a hint, hon. “Bullies” aren’t people you have to go seeking out, and sending them long comment rants to get their attention – which you so deeply crave).

    O.M.G.— Right! They come to our houses and then claim we are the bullies. I call it the “Stop chasing me” approach.” You are minding your own business, talking about whatever you want to talk about and then they run by and demand, “Stop chasing me!”
    Conscription bullying,–although you never signed up or lifted a finger in their direction. They need the thought of a bully, so when no one actually bullies, they make the bully up. They are great at conjuring, since they conjure up their reality all the time. Of course they will never be a decent magician, since ideally the audience cannot see how the trick is performed. Bad magicians these trannies [SCAMS] are, bad magicians.

  5. Wow, I find it funny that when a M2T tries to defend himself from the truth they aren’t “women born in the wrong body”, they never try to prove they’re women. It’s always “I suffer sooo much, everybody is transphobic, let’s give transpeople rights to change their sex to match theirrr miiiind”. They never go to the root of the problem. They can’t prove they’re women. F2Ts also do this sometimes from what I saw. Scream transphobia and call us riiiiiilly bad names but they don’t even try to prove they’re rilly, rilly men or women. I wonder why?
    Urgh, so much misoginy here. M2Ts can’t and won’t prove they’re real women, and then they’ll always scream transphobia, saying radfems are actually bigots because they don’t believe identity>biology, and they actually say NO, contrary to all the funfems that just nod their heads and don’t even try to think, “Well, ‘she’ can impregnate and not be impregnated, ‘her’ biology is closer to males in general than to females… Sisters… I think transwomen might be men!”
    Really, transpeople? When your only defense is “TRANSPHOBIA!!!!1!” and attacking people that don’t believe in genderism, there’s something wrong here.

    1. this comment was brilliant! and thank you for posting this.. something i always think about but in the midst of reading through these things i always forget to ask that very important and pressing question – just why don’t the M2T then go about proving how “female” (or male if F2T) they think they are?
      it’s a no-brainer isn’t it, but something not one of them has actually attempted so far.

      1. “why don’t the M2T then go about proving how “female” (or male if F2T) they think they are?
        it’s a no-brainer isn’t it, but something not one of them has actually attempted so far.”
        Oh, some do, but it pretty much just ends up being a “look at me” kind of activity, and reduced to either an argument from anatomy (women are just holes to have sex with), or an argument from stereotype (women do X, men don’t do X, I do X, therefor I’m a woman). The ones who try the hardest are often the most lacking in anything resembling the “soul” of a woman.
        It’s an interesting question – what truly makes someone Female or Male? Is being on one side or the other of thousands of years of systematic oppression? Is it relationships, shared experiences, culture, some innate aspect of biology? Are women defined by their ability to be raped, or unique ability to bear young?
        Chromosomes may work to some extent as a proxy, but even that has it’s issues. Even if science were able to change the DNA written into every cell in the body, and induce the body into being truly Female instead of a Frankenstein-esque imitation, many of them would still be some of the most distinctly Male people I know.
        Honestly, I can’t tell if that’s the “booby*” prize, or the whole point to begin – whether the goal is the ultimate act of colonization, or merely settling for what they can get.
        * pun intended. Stems from latin “balbus”, meaning stammering.

      2. A Y chromosome renders one male regardless of how many X’s an individual may have. Females do not carry the mutant Y nor can pass it down to offspring. Which is important to note. Because humans can reproduce in several different ways. Cloning, parthenogenesis, fusing 2 female gamete together, etc. However, these other methods will result in the production of females only. The ONLY way a male can be reproduced is through the het female/male model. Because only males carry the mutant Y and can pass it on. Which is why heterosexuality is so strictly enforced in cultures. In order to produce males!
        IOWs, sex is a reproductive category. It doesn’t matter how one dresses or behaves. These things have nothing to do with reproduction.
        I was thinking about all this the other night and I think I’ve stumbled upon something else. In general XX = female. XY = male. In reproduction, females contribute the X to the offspring. A male contributes either an X or Y. But where does that X in males come from? From his MOTHER. The Y is from his FATHER.
        To get what I’m driving at, I am an XX female. I have an X from my mother. The other X is from my paternal GRANDMOTHER, not my father. My father passed on my grandmother’s X.
        In short, females have matri-lineage. Females passing down X’s from one female to another through maternal mothers and paternal grandmothers. Males only have a patriarchal one. A father passing his Y down to his son. Males only have one lineage. Females have both. But through female lines only.

      3. Kathrin (Sorry, I don’t know how to reply directly to your comment!), I believe about two things make a person truly a woman. First, only the female of the species can get pregnant. A male impregnates. That’s reproduction 101. A woman is an adult female and jazz. Of course there are infertile, pre-menopausal women; but their anatomy is closer to fertile women than to men in general and should not be an exception or an argument from M2Ts as to, “well, some women are infertile so they’re not really women, so WE CAN BE WOMEN TOO!”. Male anatomy, fertile or infertile, is closer to impregnating than to get impregnated. This can be extended to rape…
        Then, of course, if science advances enough to truly change a sex to a DNA level, that still wouldn’t do. The man in question lived his entire life with male privilege (That just doesn’t go away when he “transitions”, it continues by internalized privilege and privilege given by people who knew him as a man and know he “was” a man). He was educated to be an oppressor in general, and to believe he’s superior to women.
        So I can’t really believe M2Ts will ever be women. Even if he tries really hard, he can’t because haven’t got the proper biology and he didn’t grew up as a woman, opressed etc. I actually think privileged people like men saying they’re really women and trying to be women is a bad case of cruel appropriation, but no one seems to care…
        Actually, I got a thought… Everybody listens to men because they’re men. Lots of people listen to M2Ts because they’re men masquerading as women, but still men. Some people listen to F2Ts because they’re women, but masquerade as a man, “they got a man side”, a “privileged” side. No one listens to women, because we have no “male side”. Libfems prefer listening to M2Ts and F2Ts because they’re “part men”, but 100% women like radfems? Nope, we can’t offend the holy men, we can’t go against their wishes. It makes me sad. ):

      4. Anonymiss:
        I don’t think the system lets comments nest too deep.
        It amazes me sometimes how big a role reproduction plays for so much of the world, whether from the side of the oppressed, or those doing the oppression.
        I made the decision that I didn’t want biological kids well before I found out I had no choice in the matter. My brother was adopted, and I think in some cases adoption can make a lot of sense. I have no desire to help fund the infertility industry, especially given how many women are pressured into it by men who demand that “their” wife bear “their” child for them.
        You really are spot on about how a lot of people listen to trans individuals because they either come from male privelege, or are going to it. The more privilege they come from, the more they bang their drums and go “look at me”, the more attention they get. Like a proverbial classroom, the more disruptive they are, the more attention get. Society rewards bad behavior, and unsurprisingly gets more of it.
        What I do find interesting is that the differences between those men see as “men masquerading as women” and those men see as Female. It seems the more of a freakshow they are, the more likely they are to go out and be an “activist”, demand attention, and use their male privelege to do it. They get discriminated against for being gay and/or mentally ill. The ones who “pass” seem far less likely to be “in your face” about it. I can’t tell whether it comes more from wanting to blend in, the experience of being discriminated against, less risk of narcissistic injury, or what.
        That would be one interesting thing about a “DNA change” – it would be so incredibly divisive. It would quickly be apparent who really wanted to be female, versus those who just wanted to play. While I’m not suggesting that it would be a good thing, I would love to see how many people would regret it if they really had to take having a Female body and everything that came with it. No more special snowflakes, no more physical advantage from the Testosterone in their veins, all the risks that accompany PIV, all the discrimination. I’m not sure most of the M2Ts would take that bet, although I bet a lot more F2Ts would take it if it were an option.

      5. many of them would still be some of the most distinctly Male people I know
        Yes indeed. Changing the outside presentation has nothing to do with it. One of the few males that I make exception for in my separatist lifestyle, is my neighbour down the road. He is male, looks male, but is not overbearing in any way, about as close as you can get to a ‘female soul’ (for lack of a better description). If all males were like him, I wouldn’t have any problem with them.

      6. I’ve known a few myself. And some others who are great guys but need their female-hating programming metaphorically slapped out of them on occasion to get them back on track. 😉

      7. “He was educated to be an oppressor in general, and to believe he’s superior to women.”
        Now you make assumptions. As young and queer, I was identified as a budding rapist. Once I was walking in my thoughts and a woman hit me because she thought I was following her. I never had any opportunity to oppress women!
        Sorry, I am just a badass white trash woman and if I make loud noise, cops pick me to a holding tank. I have experience about that.

    2. ” they never try to prove they’re women.”
      Why should we? Do you have to prove that you are a woman?
      My index finger in my left hand is as long as the ring finger, how about that one?

  6. I got about one fourth of the way through his post and then I got too bored to continue . . .
    Yawn. If that’s the award winner, I’d hate to see the others!

  7. Brilliant commentary again, Gallus, and Dave and Kitty.
    Um, I know we talk about female impersonators being incredibly narcissistic, but I’m thinking that, for this man, we also have to consider a serious case of Multiple Personality Disorder. I mean, Suzan,” like “Geri Nettick” and who knows what other fiction, is very obviously Elliott Basil Mattiuzzi once again. Besides having the exact same male writing style, he says:
    “I recently had an exchange with a douche bag named BevJo, who has stalked my friend Beth Elliott for some 40 years.When she He’ed me and started trying to put me down, I engaged in verbal Aikido.”
    Well, that must be the “exchange” where I responded to Elliott’s usual put-downs of Radical Lesbian Feminists on a local Lesbian list recently since I haven’t had an “exchange” with any other female impersonators. I know I shouldn’t have bothered, but he called Radical Lesbian Feminists from the Seventies “het” and “Freudian.” (Projection) “Aikido?” (Stalker knows I have a brown belt in Jujitsu.) He can’t answer anything coherently since he is all one pathetic lie, let alone do Aikido, so he copies my and other Lesbian’s lives, still trying desperately to sound like a real woman. Delusions of grandeur and empty posturing. Male to the core.
    Is it deliberate deceit or does he really think his pseudonyms are his friends? What do you call someone with imaginary playmates? He can’t even change his writing style and bad politics enough to look like a different person.
    What do you call someone who is so alone and unsupported in his Lesbian-hating, that he keeps having to make up friends to support him, and to do cowardly attacks? It doesn’t look like anyone else is recommending his dishonest re-write of our history, so he has to do it himself.
    Because he has not made friends with other female impersonators (one “outed” him by name in the Bay Times some years ago when he was trying so hard to convince Lesbians that he was female-born), he snipes, not just at real Lesbians and women, but at other trannies too, as Gallus showed us recently and as he does in this post. He just has to give everyone his unwanted opinion. He admits he gave up trying to con us into believing he’s female-born, so he now hopes to get on the trans bandwagon, but he’s burned too many bridges there.
    Take any part of his lecturing rants and turn it around to be the opposite, and you find the truth. You got it, Gallus — he stalks, won’t leave you or any of us alone, and then accuses us of stalking. He isn’t even original! I first used the term stalking for him recently because he’s been doing that to me since I was seventeen. I had tried being friends with him then since I felt sorry for him, but payback was his trying to copy my name and Lesbian identity and following me into the Lesbian community. Because I soon became a Radical Lesbian Feminist when I was 19 and found a Lesbian community, he too had to become an “activist” in the Lesbian community. He has continued to copy our politics or to rant against them as if he is an authority. He just cannot get rid of the pesky knowledge that he is simply a farce, a lie, a con, and a man. Anyone who sees him can tell immediately that he is obviously not a Lesbian, or a woman !
    My more recent crime was, after feeling forced to acknowledge him in the past four years, I simply stopped speaking to him when I found out about his right wing racism towards a friend about two years ago. How dare I not speak to HIM?! He immediately started on his current vendetta with public put-downs of Radical Lesbian Feminists and then with personal attacks on me. How dare I respond by telling the truth about him? Just a few weeks ago, he actually went to an event I hosted for a local Lesbian meet-up group and sat down at the small table I was at with friends and smirked at me. That’s a stalker. I can’t get away from this repulsive (check out his photo in the previous post) prick. I suppose no one else wanted him to sit with him and he didn’t want to sit on his own. But really, he was just trying force me to relate to him against my will. Can you imagine any woman having the arrogance to do that?
    This is a very bitter man who gave up what men prize most, and he thinks we all owe him. He thinks giving up his prick means he’s a woman, as if we are just an absence of pricks. No way can he get rid of his prick in his mind. He has to know that. And he’s furious that we could care less about him except when he forces us to pay attention by invading our community against our will.
    He is not even original. Almost every criticism of us is his plagiarizing our own politics and writings to use for his benefit — which, as we know, is what transholes do all the time. He reads oh so carefully what we say and then copies and/or criticizes it: We name trans as a cult, so he calls us a cult (even though we are obviously an international movement); we name the trans cult as the right wing fascists they are, so he calls us “bigots;” I’ve made his racism public, so he calls us racist; I’ve written about Lesbians going for careers and abandoning the community, so he copies that, and in the same sentence uses classism to put down Lesbians who drink beer (perhaps because I post friends’ Lesbian music events to support our community, which sometimes are at Lesbian-owned bars?); I write about dioxins and other toxins in the environment in our book and my articles and with our international community on facebook, so he copies “dioxin” in his insults. We used “wanker” for men like him in our book (a common term in Aoatearoa/New Zealand, England, etc. for particularly narcissistic men — our book is co-written by a New Zealander — so of course Elliott copies that too. And Noan brilliantly says
    “Elliot loves his view of himself as a lesbian — he gazes at his self-made reflection lovingly and narcissistically.”
    — so Elliott says
    “I don’t even need to stand in front of a mirror in the morning and recite positive affirmations, the way I did on a therapist recommendations back in the 1970s.”
    Nothing original about Mr. Mattiuzzi/Suzan/Geri/etc. Has he not a shred of embarrassment? Does he do nothing but read Gallus’ and other Radical Lesbian Feminists’ blogs?
    “Little transkid?” No, arrogant young man who had the audacity to get into power position in our Lesbian community as soon as he decided he was a woman. No respect or understanding of female oppression. Simply appropriation and relying on self-hating women who were so flattered a man would want to be one of them that they didn’t know how to say no. But I’ve yet to see any Lesbian getting very close with him.
    “Hippie woman?” No, adolescent from a seminary catholic school who then pretended to be a Lesbian. I don’t think real hippies are right wing like Mr. Mattiuzzi.
    As I’ve said before, his writing and his embarrassing attempts at wit are still the same as an adolescent boy’s — just like the embarrassing poem he was so proud of that he wrote for our poetry group at USF in 1969, that just consisted of phallic images (read with a similar grotesque smirk as in that recent photo.)
    Anyway, I had no idea Elliott was writing to Gallus all this time, making up who knows how many names, trying so hard to get printed!

  8. “Radical Feminism has nothing to do with NOW. It has nothing to do with left wing revolutionary feminism.”
    God, these blokes aren’t ashamed of embarrassing themselves are they? Wish I was that shameless. Wish I had the gall to go on some science blog, say, and pontificate to the scientists about subjects I haven’t a clue about.
    Face it, men. Radical feminism is *beyond* you. It is *beyond* anything your pea-brains can grasp.

  9. The dude complains about women using pseudonyms while he goes by the name Suzan? Yeah, I’m sure his parents named their son Suzan. He must be the boy Johnny Cash sang about. A Boy Named Sue.
    Actually I go by the name Lucky IRL too. It’s a nickname. As is the name my parents intended to call me by and my family has always called me by. My legal name was just aesthetics to appease the Catholic church. No one familiar with me has used it since. I don’t use, recognize or answer to it. Why would I start now? So you trans boys can track us down? Now tell the truth and shame the devil. That’s the real reason why you SCAM boys get all pissy about RFs using pseudonyms. You can’t dig up any dirt or target or hunt women down or physically terrorize them without knowing who we are.
    Bev Jo hits it right on the nose. You mutants think women owe you if you play down your manhood in any shape, color or form. Even if it’s for a minute. But listen up, boy. Women were not put on this planet to serve you. You’re not entitled to jack shit and the world don’t owe you a damn thing. The sooner you learn that, the better.

  10. “Not to mention the sit around and drink beer and smoke dope while screwing around playing music movement…”
    That must be me : )
    “But digging into what makes these people tick was perversely interesting….”
    Extra emphasis on the “perversely” part, I guess.
    I’ve never heard of a “old hippie woman” enforcing rigid gender roles, slamming lesbians, and criticizing people for smoking dope, drinking beer, and playing music.

  11. Gallus! The “Drama Award” is so appropriate. I laughed and I cried!
    But I only cried because we (as females) have to keep on countering crap like his and then be accused of being “bullies” for it.
    The *best* laugh though was the poooorwidddle “transkid” being attacked by… radfemkids? Pleeeeez!

  12. LOL – I was undecided on whether I should be so kind as to give Suzan’s hate screed the light of day, until I saw the pink drama trophy. I laughed so hard the matter was settled immediately. LOL.

  13. LOL for the drama award… you can’t make this stuff up, so in a sense the trans rants are high comedy of the most refined womanhating kind, only this time, we reverse the reversals and make the trans the butt of their own idiocy.
    Well done Gallus… and as women have heard for decades, I suppose the man cannot take a joke 🙂

  14. I know that heterosexual women manipulate men with rape-alarmism, but what do you gain from it.
    I can also manipulate and you are doing me a service. I copy your stuff to normal feminists, who know that evil celebrates where good people say nothing and they feel sorry and guilty. Guilty people are easily manipulated.
    Not only you feminists pissed me off when I was a child, but also when I earned the money for my surgery as a prostitute.
    Makes me wonder what you think of genetically pure women, or not so genetically pure, as Caster Semenya is. But you will never dare to answer me. Instead, you cowerishly delete my entries.
    I want to know my enemy. I cannot get anything from most people, even with a crowbar or pliers, but you are an open book. Few people in these modern days verbalize their hatred as openly as you do. I would like to know what makes you and the likes of you tick.
    Stacy Siivonen

    1. Ooooh looky! A hate-troll !
      What is your point dumbass? Like we even give a shit what you think of us, or the grudge you have harboured against feminists all these years.
      Guess what, your opinions – of us – of anything – don’t matter one little bit to us, you arrogant prick. Crawl back under your bridge and wallow there all by yourself.

      1. Buddha said in a situation like this “what next?”.
        I am a nurse. I have taken care of more women than any woman has ever taken care of me. Still you keep saying as if we were forcing cis women to do something for us. I have served people like you most of my life and you keep spitting on my face. Usually we only call those people demented.
        I have lived as a woman longer than the school girls in any of the elementary schools here. Still you keep referring to me as a male person.

    2. Stacy S:
      Your response is childish and inconsistent. You manipulate people into saying things that you use to manipulate more people. I suspect you do so out of context, too. Is this really the moral high ground? Does this really make you feel good, and provide a sense of satisfaction? If it doesn’t, why do it? If it does, something in you is really broken.
      You call [radical] feminists your “enemy”, and in the same [virtual] breath say that they are an “open book”, but you “want to know what makes [them] tick”. It sounds like they may not be such an open book for you after all.
      If feminists in general are your enemy, have you stopped to ask “why?” There is anger in the feminist movement, but it is justifiably directed at the systematic oppression, coercion, extortion of, and violence towards women, individually and as a class. If you are embodying what they “hate”, is that really something to consider an accomplishment?
      It sounds like you have a lot of deep seated anger yourself. Did feminists really “piss [you] off as a child”, or might it have been second-hand stories told to you by someone with an axe to grind? What part of the “feminist agenda” can cause such deep-suited resentment in a child?
      It’s really is telling that when you talk about getting things from people, the best implements that spring to mind are a crowbar and pliers. If you really are looking for answers, a mirror might be a better source for you to look than here.

      1. Yes Katherin, you are right that he is full of contradiction – particularly the part where he says radfems are an open book, yet has to come here to study them?!?!
        But such is the mind of a troll. An MRA or hate troll, they are all fairly similar, exact same attitudes. Always best to ignore them, bait them, play with them until you get bored. And they are all as wordy as hell.
        Them looking in the mirror would just reveal their true ugliness, inner ugliness. Just as there are many people (usually women) who are not conventionally attractive, but their inner beauty shines through.

      2. “If feminists in general are your enemy, have you stopped to ask “why?” There is anger in the feminist movement, but it is justifiably directed at the systematic oppression, coercion, extortion of, and violence towards women, individually and as a class. ”
        I became acquainted with a radical feminist and I called her a friend for a while and she dated a man whom she started to blame and I, for once, listened what her boyfriend had to say. I thought it was only fair. Rape is just not happening. Remember, I was told as a kid that I would grow up to become a rapist, which offended me deeply. I think rape alarmism is just a way of women to make all men guilty. Lower class males purge themselves from this guilt by beating potential rapists: formerly gays and transsexual women, now Somali men. Rape-alarmism has even lead to racism.
        “If you are embodying what they “hate”, is that really something to consider an accomplishment?”
        Most feminists do not hate me in this country, so I haven’t accomplished anything.
        I have also helped with feminist events, Ladyfest and Take Back the Night, even though my contribution has been small. Female undeserved aggression causes the males to revenge it to people that are vulnerable.
        “It sounds like you have a lot of deep seated anger yourself. ”
        Certainly. I am open about the source. I was a parentified child and symptoms in the adult age for that include aggression that cannot be explained. I retreat to loneliness, because I don’t want to hurt anyone.
        “It’s really is telling that when you talk about getting things from people, the best implements that spring to mind are a crowbar and pliers. If you really are looking for answers, a mirror might be a better source for you to look than here.”
        I think I have analyzed my own feelings towards feminism and my own aggression. Now I want to find out why it is that feminist hate trans women and prostitutes. Prostitution was my only source for income besides unemployment and welfare when I was too obviously trans for getting a regular job, so I kind of appreciate that source of income.
        I am an antisexist. I think men are worse off than women in this country (Finland). Forcefully pushing feminist agenda only angers men and they take it on innocents. We cannot wipe men from existence therefore we must manage a peaceful coexistence with them.

      3. > Them looking in the mirror would just reveal their true ugliness, inner ugliness.
        Sometimes, it can be amazing how much vileness can lurk inside a person. It’s not always visible immediately. I had a case come up recently with a Mormon man I have consulted to for years.
        We had been talking personal lives, and he told me quite brazenly that he basically loved his wife only for her body, and that if he couldn’t have sex, he would have literally no interest in her. I had known him for years, and had no clue that he would feel this way.
        She, of course, is quite attractive. He is not – for some inexplicable reason, the standards men set don’t seem to apply to their own appearance.
        For “bonus points”, towards the end of the conversation, he was ranting to me about how horrible it was that men had been convicted of rape – with their wives – in all 50 states. To him, it seemed like being convicted of stealing your own property. It was “his” wife, and the state should stay out of the way.
        I can only wonder how many other men share that kind of attitude. I had to walk him through how non-consentual sex is rape, and you most certainly have non-consentual sex with your spouse. It was like scolding a 5 year old, and probably had just as much effect.
        It actually felt a lot like replying to Stacy. Go figure.
        > Just as there are many people (usually women) who are not conventionally attractive, but their inner beauty shines through.
        I find that for me, I needed a strong emotional connection to build physical attraction on. It is unfathomable that some people make looks their driving selection in who they want to love and spend their life with. Maybe that’s why I’m married to the only person I ever dated.

  15. Look out Suzan, someone’s comin’ fer your trophy!
    Those women you think you’re outing us to feel sorry for you Stacy dear. And yes, just like the man you are, you brag about manipulating their sympathy for you. That’s what men do — manipulate women who actually have human feelings. You aren’t even human, Stacy, how in the world could you ever be a woman.

    1. I thought women were smart enough so they could not be manipulated by men. I don’t do a thing with sympathy, I am only interested in truth.
      I am surely coming for Suzan’s trophy.

      1. Truth? You can’t handle the truth!
        Knock yourself out for the trophy, on my blog you would be languishing in the trashed comments pile already. It is where all boring misogynist comments end up.

  16. My God. I’ve actually had to put a warning on this post for the extreme female-hatred expressed by “transwomen”. I believe this is only the second time I’ve ever had to place a warning on my blog.

  17. I like that, Dave. Yes, “twanzwoeMEN.” Lierre likes “transholes.” Katinka likes “female impersonators.” Just as long as we never give them “transwomen.”
    But we sure get punished for speaking the truth!
    Isn’t it amazing how none of these men come even close to sounding like women, let alone Lesbians? I mean they must read and watch and try to copy so much, but they just can’t fake it for a moment. There is an arrogance that is almost beyond narcissism. A self-centeredness where they don’t think for a moment that they are in any way hurting real females. A selfishness where they just don’t care since everything is about them. Is there any other group so into appropriating those who they oppress?

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