Most Dumb-Ass Comment of the Week Award Winner: Suzan from WomenBornTranssexual

Well this week’s contest was fairly slim pickins; seems many previous contestants have been banned from competition for entering too frequently. Don’t get me wrong, there were still quite a few stand-out submissions. But this one was the easy winner in the judging categories of: Randomness, Woman-Hating, Extreme Verbosity, Reversals, ‘Splaining, Attention Seeking, and Cry For Help.

Hits all the marks easily, with extra points accorded for: Drama and Paranoia.
Why, oh why does Suzan of Women Born Transsexual leave crazy-ass rants on my blog??? To show his dedication! He is one of my biggest fans, and thereby feels compelled to inflict share his feeeeewings on with me, whether I’d like to hear them or not. He’s trolled, he’s reverse-trolled, and he’s smeared worn his heart on my his sleeve. So Suzan, you WIN! This trophy also entitles you to a One Year Complete Ban! You deserve it- this is your moment!
And now, with no further doo…. The Winning Entry:
Submitted on 2011/10/01 at 12:14 am
Since I started exploring this topic of “radical feminism” aka “cultural feminism” aka “gender feminism” I’ve discovered a couple of things. First: Some women, who rightly fall in the conservative right wing camp were right in their criticisms of some of the things proposed by the “radical feminists”. (Daphne Patai: Heterophobia: Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism and Christina Hoff Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women)
I want to make it clear that I endorse neither Patai nor Sommers, however Sommers did lay out how cultural feminism, which she labeled as “gender feminism” became the post- 1970s face of Feminism.
Radical Feminism has nothing to do with NOW. It has nothing to do with left wing revolutionary feminism.
It is more like a small cult of fanatical bigots. The interesting thing is how most of them wear hoods (hide behind aliases) I give Bev Jo, Julie Bindel, and Sheila Jefferys credit for at least being open bigots rather than hiding behind aliases like GallusMag.
Yet when you scope out just who the spreaders of anti-trans hate and disinformation are on sites like Gender Trender you discover the same handful of aliases cropping up again and again. I have to give them this many have the same level of tenacity as Zoe Brain shows on the Transgender side of the aisle.
These people should not be considered representatives of the LGBT/T community nor should they be considered representative of the feminist community. Although those communities act like the main line religions who refuse to denounce the religious fanatics among their midst. Allowing this handful people to intimidate them into silence regarding the hate this tiny minority of “radical feminists” spew gives tacit approval to their message.
To cite an old cliche regarding the banality of evil, “All evil and hate needs to succeed is for good people to say nothing.
I am not one to remain silent in the face of evil. Years ago, much to my regret I said nothing when these same bigots were trashing people I knew were good people. I was afraid of losing the acceptance I had gained. I overly valued a place and an acceptance that was all too fragile and conditioned upon my either remaining silent or joining in the bullying.
Eventually I realized my feminism was based on my personal values and not upon my being part of a group that allowed the bigotry of people like Jan Raymond to go unchallenged.
I realized that most lesbians didn’t give a shit about the politics, but were instead simply women who loved and had sex with other women. I found many of them though the games played by the cultural feminists and political lesbians (Explaining political lesbian is another column completely).
I discovered that lots of lesbian couples were more interested in their careers, and other causes. Many were part of the local Democratic Party organizations, the food movement, the Eco-movements. Not to mention the sit around and drink beer and smoke dope while screwing around playing music movement.
But digging into what makes these people tick was perversely interesting as I have discovered that their filthy bigoted shit could have been scripted by Porno Pete LaBarbera, or Charlie Prince. Or for that matter by anyone of thousands of homophobic, misogynistic religious bigots out there who have made life harder for women as well as LGBT/T folks.
Change the noun used in the rants of these people and you have the message of the racist or the anti-Semite.
Examining their material for more than an instant should make its contradictory hateful nature obvious to all but the most willfully blind.
The hateful shit put up on Gender Trender exposing the WBTs who went to the Michigan Wimmin’s Hate Fest, the maliciousness of their lies and abuse shows the real nature of these self-appointed “radical feminists”.
I would urge any post-transsexual women and transgender women too (who might want to extend their activism beyond the Borg) to look at what is happening with the folks who are with Occupy Wallstreet. Or protesting the oil sands pipeline.
The women involved in those movements are real feminists unlike the self appointed “radical feminist wankers”.
Hell, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Robin McGee of Get Equal are leading movements that really are movements where feminism is a core value.
When I was a little transkid getting the shit abused out of me by the same sort of bullies as these “radical feminists” I learned I had a variety of options. I could wage war against them or I could ignore them. Or do a combination of both.
What I couldn’t do was accept that the bullies had a point, not when their point was that I was worthless as a human being.
I recently had an exchange with a douche bag named BevJo, who has stalked my friend Beth Elliott for some 40 years.
When she He’ed me and started trying to put me down, I engaged in verbal Aikido.
I stated that what she thought of me was meaningless and irrelevant. Indeed I she can think what ever she wishes regarding me. I think she is full of shit and that what ever bile spews forth from her poisoned mouth is filth that I can ignore as having zero value.
I consider this person a bigot and anything she thinks or says has less value than a truck load of dioxin laced soil from a toxic waste clean up site.
My self esteem comes for inside. It comes from those who know and like me. It comes from the things I do and accomplish.
I don’t even need to stand in front of a mirror in the morning and recite positive affirmations, the way I did on a therapist recommendations back in the 1970s. Back then I made the mistake ofinternalizing some of the hateful shit spewed by these bigots and wound up in therapy.
No more.
Life has been hard and like the quote from Nietzsche, “That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.” I’ve turned into a resilient, tough old hippie woman and I don’t take shit from bullies.
Congratulations Suzan- a 1042 word rant having nothing to do with the post you are commenting on, seriously? Don’t you have your own blog to piss all over?
Since I like you, I’ll address your verbose concerns (you can post that shit on your own blog tho).
You, a male genderist, inject yourself onto a radical feminist site to share your assessment that radical feminists are “a small cult of fanatical bigots”.
You call my gender commentary “bullying”. (Here’s a hint, hon. “Bullies” aren’t people you have to go seeking out, and sending them long comment rants to get their attention – which you so deeply crave).
You register your complaint that some atheists write pseudonomously, which you feel is unethical –but only in the case of writers who opine atheistically on gender. (pseudonyms are only okay when used by gender believers, or Anne Rice).
You claim that feminists who are gender agnostics or atheists are “evil”, and that feminists that don’t embrace genderism, or who don’t actively war with other gender agnostics, are “evil enablers”.
You characterize the expression of gender agnosticism or atheism as “bullying” of adherents and believers.
You express with relief your perception that many females who are sexually oriented to females are apolitical, or interested in political causes which do not centralize female concerns.
You describe Lesbians who are female-centric as “filthy bigoted shit” and “bullies”.
You equate female-centrism and Women’s Liberation with racism and anti-semitism.
You share that you, a male genderist, have a “perverse” interest in Lesbians, Feminists, and Radical Feminists.
You assert that gender disbelievers are both hateful and contradictory. You characterize gender agnosticism as “lies and abuse”.
You describe radical feminists, repeatedly, as “self appointed” radical feminists, implying that self identification is inauthentic, but only in the case of gender disbelievers.
You call radical feminists “wankers”, a term for masturbation.
You assert that people that don’t believe in “gender” magically render you, a genderist, “worthless as a human being”, yet claim that “My self esteem comes for inside” (sic).
Etc Etc
Look Suzan, first, stating the obvious. If you hate me so much, why are you hanging on my every word.
What would you think about a born-again Christian who obsessively (or “perversely”, as you prefer) reads atheist sites? Seriously, there’s something going on there. Genderists read my site to have their core beliefs challenged. Period. That’s why they read. It’s what they (you) want. They want to have their beliefs challenged. If a genderist such as yourself read my entire blog, they would be changed. Their beliefs would be shifted. It happens all the time. And the readers who undertake such an adventure want it. Seek it. Keep coming back for it. You call it self-hatred. Others call it Freedom. Liberation. Knowledge. Light.
Obviously you keep coming back, hanging on every word. Why not stop fighting? Experience it. Calling atheists “evil” or “exterminationists” of faith-based belief systems is just lame. Seriously.
You’re here for a reason. You hang on every word for a reason. You want something. Take it. It’s here.