Beth Elliott Makes It Personal

The following was posted this week on a Bay Area Lesbian listserve:
” 9/25/2011 8:31:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

San Diego lesbian activist contacts wanted for one-day action

Autumn Sandeen, a transgender activist and a blogger at Pam’s House Blend, has written about petitioning for a new birth certificate with a female designation based on removal of testicles but not actual full sex reassignment surgery.  The Oregon surgeon who left Sandeen with a penis but no vagina has provided an affidavit asserting Sandeen “has had appropriate surgical treatment and has completed her transition to be female.”  I would like to find an activist in San Diego who can monitor the Superior Court calendar, attend the petition hearing, and tell the judge that Sandeen does not meet the requirements of California Health and Safety Code section 103425 for a new birth certificate with amended sex designation.
H&S sec. 103425:  “Whenever a person born in this state has undergone surgical treatment for the purpose of altering his or her sexual characteristics to those of the opposite sex.”  It should be obvious that removal of testicles alone is insufficient to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety Code.
The San Diego Superior Court posts a five-day calendar of pending actions at,1056880&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL.
Sandeen’s relevant blog entries are at:
The relevance of Sandeen’s petition is that there are transgender activists who continue to press for access to venues where public nudity is common, necessary and/or required on the basis of asserting an identity as a woman, regardless of genital configuration.  While my analysis of the legal issues is that any kind of “post-op only” policy will withstand any legal challenges claiming discrimination, defending and upholding the boundaries set in H&S 103425 is an important thing to do.  I have written the Oregon Medical Board requesting review of the Oregon surgeon’s sex-reassignment affidavit practices.
As I do book publicity for the new edition of “Mirrors – Portrait of a Lesbian Transsexual,” I continue to get flamed for signing an open letter to Camp Trans in 2000 opposing its actions aimed at opening the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival to all “self-identified women” rather than female-bodied women, and for having prepared testimony for the San Francisco Human Rights Commission backing Osento’s inclusive policies when transgender activists wanted that beloved bath open to all “self-identified women” rather than female-bodied women.
As I cannot afford to take a day off work and pay for airfare and airporter fare to testify in San Diego, I would like to find someone local willing and able to attend the petition hearing and uphold the law.
(Please do not respond to this post with one of the “transsexual women are all castrated men” rants that can be found elsewhere on the web.)
beth elliott
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“What’s my religion?  I think it’s California.”
Gottardo Piazzoni (1872-1945)   ”
Who is Beth Elliott, and why is he looking for Lesbian proxies to conduct his very personal war against Autumn Sandeen?

Beth Elliot

“Beth” Elliott Basil Mattiuzzi is a fellow who has waged an unsuccessful 30 year battle to become a Lesbian. How has he attempted to achieve his fantasy? By lying about his sex, and disguising his body medically and via cosmetic surgery in a failed attempt to appear female. By writing “Lesbian Sex” articles under a false Lesbian persona a’ la LezBeReal and Gay Girl in Damascus. By “educating” Lesbians on improving Lesbianism, with writings such as “Why Bisexuality Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Lesbian Feminism”. By repeatedly attempting to insert himself into Lesbian politics and events and creating a fantastical and widely disputed biography. By ranting incessantly for thirty years about how unfair it is that women don’t embrace male “Lesbians”.
Beth Elliot's widely disputed biography

Some of you may recognize Mr Elliott from his recent public campaign against the Feminist submission letter to the UN by Lesbian attorneys which suggested that non-transgender males should not be permitted to file litigation claiming subjective “Gender Identity” rights in cases where there is no prior evidence of such a claimed “identity”. His rambling argument was focused on some fantasized future conspiracy where Lesbian Separatists could take over all Lesbianism and cause him to be ejected from private events for females (Guess what dude! You’re already not invited!) He ended his UN letter by asking UN officials to read his self-published book (lol!) titled “Mirrors: Portrait of a Lesbian Transsexual by Geri Nettick and Beth Elliott” (Mattiuzzi now admits he is both Geri Nettick and Beth Elliott and wrote the book about himself in the third -or forth???- person perspective).
Elliott is a guy who wrote the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women with his fears that “Lesbian Separatism” may take over an entire sexual orientation, causing every female who is oriented to other biological females to want him even less; he told the UN to read his “book”, and shared his strident concerns that non-transgender males may be restricted from free-access to private sex-segregated areas set aside for female protection from male predation.
Why would a peach like Elliott single out one particular transgender for trying to apply a liberal “interpretation” to laws that apply to fictional legal sex marker changes? Especially when thousands of other transgenders do the same?  And when tons of out-loud-and-proud Men’s Rights Advocates are lobbying for- and litigating- their rights to “be women” and access female locker rooms, receive title nine sports funding, access female-only college dorms, etc while preserving their penile erections?
Don’t get me wrong, Mr Elliott is not alone. A well-known transsexual blogger not only took issue with Autumn’s public conflation of his orchiectomy with SRS, but actually wrote to Autumn’s surgeon to clarify whether the doctor classified testicular castration as legal sex reassignment, as Autumn claimed. (The surgeon’s office manager clarified that the surgeon did not support such a claim). Since that blogger decided their post singling out Autumn and their contacting of Autumn’s surgeon was not the best way to address the widespread issue of male transgenders fudging legal requirements, I will not identify them or quote their post here- although I will if anyone requires substantiation of my report. Autumn has blogged obliquely about the issue, framing the issue as one of “cyberbullying” (which is pretty funny considering the comments left on his post), and completely ignoring the issue of false legal recognition of “crossdressing dudes” as “female”. It’s all an issue of BIG MEANIES, apparently, and Sandeen forwards a restriction on First Amendment rights.
Which seems like an argument that Beth Elliott could get behind. So again, why the reason for Elliott’s very singular, very targeted war against Sandeen and his balls? Why appeal to the Lesbian community to target Mr Sandeen personally for a phenomenon which is widespread? (Hint- Lesbians are not interested in Elliott’s personal pathos). I’m not a huge fan of Autumn Sandeen. But I have observed that, unlike Elliott, he has never demanded that he has a “right” for Lesbians to pretend he is biologically female. Unlike Elliott, Sandeen has never tried to hide his transgenderism. Sandeen has always had the balls (ha) to be an openly male transgender (except for that whole little “I’m legally a female with a dick” thing). Is that why Elliott has targeted him? One can only speculate. But whatever the reason, it seems personal. Very personal.

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  1. In the Elliott vs Sandeen hissyfit, I must say I am not overly interested, other than Elliott seems to be doing some of our work for us. “Female” is a sex category, and “female” does not have a penis or testicles (nor prostate whilst we are at it). If you are going to pretend, then at least make a decent job of it, which means saying goodbye to your beloved penis.
    As for Elliott’s consistency, LOL, he has none. Protesting the Brennan-Hungerford letter excluding non-trans, then having a go at Sandeen.
    None of them should be ticking the “sane” box on forms any time soon.

  2. Is Elliot’s reason any more complicated than this:
    Elliot loves his view of himself as a lesbian — he gazes at his self-made reflection lovingly and narcissistically.
    Narcissists and other self-referenced delusionals hate competition from people who would steal their spotlight and their status as the most special snowflake in all the land.
    They also hate all reminders of just how disgusting narcissism really is and they don’t want other people to see that the whole trans dealio is just one big giant narcissistic jack off.
    Sandeen is one of the biggest narcissists on the trans public stage and he is: 1) stealing the spotlight regularly 2) getting stroked for his narcissism 3) making a laughing stock of all his ilk by being such a clown 4) threatening to prove to all the world once and for all that, for most males who are “trans” of some kind, it is not actually about being women 24/7, as they keep their penises AND their privileges (old and newly created).
    Elliot is seething with rage at that japery that’s making him look like a fool as well, while he still can’t get anyone to believe a word he says. And he responds in a typical narcissist’s way: By demanding attention be paid to HIM instead.

    1. You called it.
      Narcissism runs incredibly rampant in the trans “community”, and the more “accurately” they imitate horrible stereotypes of what men think women should be like, the more “cred” they have.
      Someone did a comic that shows some of the hierarchy they have going on:
      If you can stomach perusing the cesspool of people seeking validation, delusional behavior, narcissism, and aggression, some common themes appear. In many ways, they behave like juveniles with their cliques, their senseless reasons why _they_ are better than some other subgroup, infighting, and name-calling. You also get “help, I’m more oppressed than even a lesbian woman of color”, “I’m going to go explain to women about what it really means to be female”, “I’m better than a woman because I don’t menstruate and can’t have accidental kids”, and “I’m a real [trans] woman because I [insert happening or surgical event], and you [insert some other happening or surgical event]”.
      This is nothing new – infighting like this happens pretty much all the time. This is just a little more public, with a dash of “I followed the law, and put in my time, and you are cheating. That’s not fair! You’re cheating!” thrown in for good measure.

    2. Narcissism is exactly it!
      I had been looking into that particular disorder (again) for *personal reasons* when I suddenly said, Well THAT just describes male entitlement doesn‘t it? NO! Wait! Narcissism IS the disorder that SCAMs/M2F suffer from!!!
      And wouldn’t you know that NPD (one of the current 10 personality disorders) is slated to become subsumed in the DSM V. How convenient in light of the other proposed changes we‘ve been keeping our eyes on.
      In all honesty I was doing research to write a piece about it but a *family emergency* is claiming priority. Anyway I have a several links readily available if anyone’s interested in picking up the ball…

      1. > Anyway I have a several links readily available if anyone’s interested in picking up the ball…
        I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess I’m probably not the person you’re looking for, but I (in all seriousness) would be glad to write about it.
        The behaviors of the “trans community” – including bullying, intimidation, communities _designed_ to reinforce delusional perceptions of “stealth”, etc. – made a lot more sense to me when viewed as Narcissism (and associated Narcissistic injury) than it ever did viewing it as a neurological intersex or “wrong body” issue.
        The changes they are making to the DSM will make it harder to pathologize a lot of different behaviors. That’s not always a good thing; some behaviors _are_ pathological, and treated as such.

      2. Thank you for the link, GallusMag. It was a good read. While I would respectfully disagree with her on a few relatively minor points, her reporting of events is largely spot-on. It’s not really surprising, given it’s the kinds of response radfem and other sites often get for saying far milder things.
        It never made sense to me how events that were (at worst) a minor insult could result in such intense rage, threats (or actual violence), and people literally going on a crusade against the perceived “injustice”. Something as simple as using a pronoun other than the one demanded is a “oppression”, “rape”, a “human rights violation”, or even a “crime against humanity”.
        It’s the kind of behavior I’ve seen in men*, especially when denied something they consider their “right” (e.g. sex, on their terms, with who they want, when they want it). I’ve never understand people who tried to prove they were “really female” by acting like spoiled [male] children.
        In general, when I see women go on a crusade against something, they have a good reason for it. It’s not because someone _dared_ to say something they didn’t like, in a forum they weren’t invited to in the first place.

  3. Gallus, this is brilliant and such vindication. Mr Mattiuzzi has been stalking me for over 40 years, copying a name as close to mine as he could and even dying his hair a similar color. He has gotten himself into power positions in the Bay Area Lesbian community in an effort to destroy Lesbians to re-make us into his own fantasy. He’s lied to have his “Lesbian sex” articles printed, he’s been the only “Lesbian” columnist on a Lesbian and gay paper, and he continues to print bizarre and insulting attacks on Radical Lesbians. He has also attacked me in his god-awful “songs,” bashing on his guitar and singing out of tune. He would actually be a joke except that he gets support from Lesbian because we are repeatedly told to “respect transwomen.” A real woman doing what he has done would have no where near his support because, of course, men always get far more support. But still, his obvious maleness and right wing politics have not made him popular. It’s pretty bad when he has to make up imaginary friends to boost his popularity.
    Yes, he’s a narcissist and insistent that he has worked so hard for Lesbians when we did not do what he thinks we should have done politically. Of course, men know best. His life is a lie on many levels, and he has to know that he does not appear female, no matter how dowdy he is, and he does not exhibit the heart and soul of a female, let alone Lesbian. He is obviously male to women meeting him for the first time.
    He would be pathetic if it wasn’t for the harm he continues to try to do to Lesbians. But no matter how much he does not take “no” for an answer, like other men who are invasive and abusive, he still can never have what he wants: willing sexual access to Lesbians.

  4. Autumn initiated a war with AROOO when no one at AROOO was thinking about him, much less studying his delusional male ass. {Aside: I’m no longer in the Navy, but, I have to say, whenever I see that doctored photo of Autumn in a Navy uniform, I am offended to the core. Ain’t no way the U.S. Navy let that man dress up in a female dress uniform and take a photo sitting in front of Old Glory. No. Fucking. Way. That photo is some Photoshop for your ass. He probably paid one of the homeless vets who loiter outside the VA [Autumn is a VA commando collecting 100% for his looneybin-ism] to snap the camera while he put on a dress blue uniform he stole from a Navy storeroom.}
    And this Eliot dude sounds equally disgusting. The offense lies in him asking/expecting a woman (female) to go court sitting for him. Why doesn’t he appeal to one of his male people? I guess nothing says female, like idle work done for a male.

    1. Your comment reminded me of this article that royally pissed me off. Sandeen as a proxy for an actual female in the article instead of lesbians who were ACTUALLY fucked over in the military by DADT. He was a fucking male petty officer, but that doesn’t stop some twit from including him with lesbians in this story:
      “DADT Repealed, But Not Before Interrupting These Women’s Careers”
      I noticed just now that they put a correction at the bottom — my heart leapt! I thought they were going to say that actually that asshole was in the Navy as a male and shouldn’t have been included in the article. But no, of course not. His masquerade remains uncorrected.

      1. From the article:
        “Fortunately for me, I had been a sexual harassment instructor in the Navy for the seven years prior to these harassing incidents. I knew how to counter the harassment. By filing appropriate paperwork, I managed not only to have the male-to-male sexual harassment by my subordinate stopped, but also managed to have both my subordinate and my XO receive administrative actions against them for violating DADT policies.”
        He clearly admits he is a male. How else was it male-to-male sexual harassment? The irony here is (or I should say, the male privilege here is), if he did indeed get results, then he, as a male was able to accomplish a task that many females in the Navy have not, and that is to file a sexual harassment complaint and have it considered substantiated. That is, if the XO actually was reprimanded, —something I doubt. However, it is his story, and by telling it in his words, he is flaunting his male privilege. Because, an enormous amount (as in, most all) of sexual harassment charges filed by actual females usually come back unsubstantiated. Yet, a few men inquired about his personal life and that was enough to reprimand an XO? HA! His web of lies is so thick I don’t know how to proceed hypothetically, much less logically.

  5. Sounds like a typical male trying to protect what he perceives as his harem from other males. Dudes like this come a dime a dozen.
    So what’s next? Is this mutant going to petition the U.N. to have them demand that lesbians have sex with him?

  6. The sense of entitlement is glaring. They have a RIGHT to us and our community. We should be grateful for Elliott’s hard work that hurts Lesbians. It would all be funny if it wasn’t so disgusting and destructive. But it is funny they can’t get what they really want, no matter how much they complain, pout, threaten, and tantrum.

  7. He ended his UN letter by asking UN officials to read his self-published book (lol!) titled “Mirrors: Portrait of a Lesbian Transsexual by Geri Nettick and Beth Elliott” (Mattiuzzi now admits he is both Geri Nettick and Beth Elliott
    LOL.Too funny.
    Why does this totally not surprise me? I mean, if you can dream up a fictional identity as a woman, it’s not hard to dream up another fictional identity.

    1. Mattiuzzi now admits he is both Geri Nettick and Beth Elliott
      LOL, that part flew over my head on first read of the post.
      What a dick, a huge ego-centric dick. Such a typical dick/dude thing to do.
      My advice? Hey dude, don’t be so quick to tick the sane box any time soon.

  8. Well, he can’t dream up an identity that writes well, plays music well, or sings well. But unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be aware of that any more than he’s aware that he oozes ugly maleness. He’s thought he appears female, but everyone I’ve talked with, including those who haven’t thought about female impersonation, says “It’s obvious. Look at him!”

  9. Hate to burst your bubble but it’s already been done. How do I know this? I did it myself in October of 2007. I am legally female, including birth certificate, without any surgeries whatsoever. At the time I was ineligable for all but life saving surgeries do to complications of End Stage Liver Disease, similar to hemophilia. With supporting letters from several of the best doctors in San Francisco (tenured professors of medicine at UCSF) my petition was granted. Hormone therapy worked well for me and I needed no FFS or breast augmentation to pass.
    I ran into my lawyer a few weeks ago. He told me my case was part of a successful lobbying effort to change California law. The requirements for legal gender now are ‘appropriate procedures’, NOT surgeries. The law was not specific as to what the appropriate surgeries were so yes, an orchiectomy would satisfy the old requirements based on the intentions of the petitioner. Judges had great discretion in deciding who qualified.
    I don’t consider myself an activest or a lesbian. Most of my close friends are straight g-women and none of them seems to have a problem with my gender or surgical status though to be honest I don’t have much occaision to talk about my genitals with anyone other than health care providers. The only people that have a problem with me are rad-fem lesbians from Janice Raymond on down. Why is that? I’m a nice person. I work in a healthcare profession because I like helping people with profound mental illness. I pay my taxes, support the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. What makes me such a threat to you?
    BTW, I had a liver transplant a year ago. I’ll have my GRS when I have a spare $20m and feel ready to undergo another major surgery.

    1. Joanna if you (in a culture where females are gravely and systemically oppressed because of physical sex) have to ask “why” laws and social policies -which erase legal sex and sex-based protections and replace them with sexist stereotypes- are a threat to females, then I don’t know what you are doing reading, much less commenting on a feminist blog. How are you a threat? These policies and laws are promoted by genderists such as yourself, who believe female humans don’t exist beyond being “a feeling a man can have”.
      I’m glad you’re a nice person. But the ideas your belief system puts forth are definitely not nice. Not for females.

      1. Apparently my efforts to put a human face on non-surgically altered TG people was not convincing so I’ll try another tack. I didn’t write the following, Jillian Todd Weiss, Esq. did but it effectivly conveys my opinion. Hopefully you’ll find it mor appropriate.
        Are Transgenders Gay? The “Trans 101” answer is no, because gender identity is unrelated to sexual orientation. Many transgender activists, in attempting to explain “gender identity” in a simple manner, unintentionally use logically conflicting concepts that are the source of confusion about transgenders. One of the popular notions among transgender activists is that gay (referred to as “sexual orientation”) and transgender (referred to as “gender identity”) are completely separate concepts. In this conception, “sexual orientation” refers to the sex of one’s partner, whereas “gender identity” is one’s psychological identity as male or female (or, as is sometimes said, masculine or feminine). Educational materials stress that employers must be taught that gays and lesbians are not the same as transgenders, because one is about liking boys or girls, and the other is about being boys or girls. The difficulty with this notion is that it contradicts the popularly held belief among transgender activists that gays and lesbians should be part of a single advocacy community with transgenders. If sexual orientation and gender identity are completely separate, why are transgenders any concern of gays and lesbians, except insofar as gays and lesbians are sympathetic to any oppressed but unrelated group? The tension between these two notions is a significant source of tension between transgenders and gays/lesbians. Some in each group believe in common cause, and some in each group are against it. Almost no one recognizes the source of the tension.
        In an attempt to resolve this tension and harmonize the conflicting principles, a few perceptive transgender activists now argue that “gender is a gay issue,” meaning that the oppression of gays and lesbians occur primarily because of their failure to fit into stereotypical gender norms. In other words, the oppression of gays and lesbians occurs primarily when straight people see an effeminate gay man or a masculine lesbian. Such oppression is not on the basis of sexual orientation, because it is not based on that person’s partner, but that person’s gender expression. Thus, not only transgenders, but also gays and lesbians are oppressed on the basis of gender, making gender a gay issue. Putting aside the problem of finding empirical evidence to support this theory, it contradicts the notion that gay and transgender are completely separate concepts. If transgenders should be included in a single advocacy community with gays and lesbians because gender is a gay issue, and sexual orientation involves gender identity, then how can it be claimed that sexual orientation and gender identity are completely separate concepts? Why is it so important to separate sexual orientation and gender identity in the first place? Most straight people think they are similar and related already, so why go through the torturous educational exercise of convincing everyone they are completely separate? What’s wrong with saying transgender is a version of gay expression?

      2. You think misogyny and sex roles are a “sexual orientation”?
        You think sex-based protections for women should be eradicated because cross-dressing is a male sexual fetish?
        You think women are not adult female humans because… homosexuality?
        The next time you post some lame blog excerpt in lieu of offering your clearly stated view your comment will be deleted.
        Address the issues being discussed or don’t bother.
        OH, and “Apparently my efforts to put a human face on non-surgically altered TG people was not convincing…” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Do you think trans people lack humanity? Wtf.

  10. “You think misogyny and sex roles are a “sexual orientation”?”
    I recently read a transman claim that being a pro-feminist and an anti-racist is itself a gender identity (which I guess makes your feminist/civil rights cred unassailable because that’s part of who you are! convenient, that!). Of course, the White Knight Masculinity can only exist if the bad kinds also exist, but what the heck, it’s natural and inevitable.
    fun stuff.

    1. I think I struck a nerve! You completlely ignored the point of my post, which was that there is more that binds us together than tears us apart. Trans women are subject to the same misogyny as all women are, exponentially so. I left male privilege at the door when I started HRT!
      Where did I say anything about eliminating legal protection for women? I didn’t. Your attacks are truly vicious! If you want to have exclusive women born women spaces, fine I have no problem with that. I wouldn’t be caught dead at any of those events anyway. You’re going after the scant legal protections afforded us. It’s fortunate for the trans community that if there’s a group with less clout than we have it’s aging second waver lesbians. Yours don’t even represent the views of all radical feminist lesbians. Since my daughter is one I’m aquainted witha number of younger women that identify as such. They are all supportive of transgender people. Why don’t you follow Mary Daly’s lead?

      1. LOL vicious attacks. What on earth?
        “It’s fortunate for the trans community that if there’s a group with less clout than we have it’s aging second waver lesbians.”
        Fancy that. Hey wait I thought lesbians (“aging” or no) were oppressing you. Oh well. Whatev. Obviously males like yourself have more “clout” than lesbians in a male supremacist world. Enjoy it while it lasts darlin !
        “Why don’t you follow Mary Daly’s lead?” Okay. I will. Thanks.

      2. “It’s fortunate for the trans community that if there’s a group with less clout than we have it’s aging second waver lesbians.” Ah, Joanna Wagner, there’s the feminist spirit (not!), taking pleasure in another female group’s having “less clout than” men. Keep talkin … just keep it up …

      3. “You completlely ignored the point of my post, which was that there is more that binds us together than tears us apart.”
        True that! I’m a dude. /brofist

  11. @ Joanna Wagner — What I don’t understand is how “trans women” can be so utterly clueless about women’s issues and feminism.
    I mean, when I decided that I wanted to become a classical musician, I began a life-long process of STUDY of everything to do with music and my instrument. When I decided I wanted to learn French, I read everything I could get my hands on about France, French culture, the history of the language, etc.
    How is it that “trans women” decide that they want to live the rest of their lives AS A WOMAN and they know next to nothing about the problems or issues women face as outlined in thousands of essays, books and articles written by intelligent, knowledgeable, feminist women?
    Why don’t “trans women” spent less time learning how to apply mascara and more time developing the intellectual depth required to read and understand this quote from GallusMag: “…laws and social policies – which erase legal sex and sex-based protections and replace them with sexist stereotypes – are a threat to females…”
    Why are almost all “trans women” so ignorant? I think it’s willful ignorance. They don’t want to understand, to analyze, to grok what it REALLY means to be a woman. They’re too busy play-acting with their eye-shadow and nail polish, flipping through their Victoria’s Secret catalog and trying to sneak into women’s bathrooms to get a thrill listening to real women pee.

    1. All of you continue to insult me by calling me a man. It’s fortunate for me I don’t don’t give a fuck what you think. Again you dodge issues and resort to personal attacks. As for my statement regarding clout. It’s true and there are other groups of women I dislike too. Unfortunately Republican women have more clout than both of us combined! You don’t like the things most women like, for example fashionable attire, grooming and makeup. I’m quite good at applying eyeshadow. I also have degrees in economics and have worked all my life in jobs where I’m paid for what I think. Unlike you, most women don’t desire to look like a bunch of hairy, dried up old hose bags!

      1. “All of you continue to insult me by calling me a man”
        To point out a biological state is soooo evil! Damn you reality!!
        “I don’t don’t give a fuck what you think”
        As you can see we also don’t give a fuck about your fantasy.
        “Again you dodge issues and resort to personal attacks!”
        Oh noes! The poor trans troll is being threaten badly! You should be happy that we are not like some trans fascist because THEN you have a reason to whine.
        ” It’s true and there are other groups of women I dislike too”
        Let me guess: All women who do not want to participate in your personal gender fantasy?? What about the men who don’t believe you?
        “You don’t like the things most women like, for example fashionable attire, grooming and makeup”
        What the fuck has this to do with anything? TROLL!
        “Unlike you, most women don’t desire to look like a bunch of hairy, dried up old hose bags!
        Speaking of personal attacks.
        Summarizing your whole comment:

      2. As I said in my post: develop the intellectual depth to understand the issues we are discussing here, or go suck a lemon. I really don’t care. I’m just pointing out that we’re swimming like mermaids in the adult pool and you’re still clinging to the ladder in the toddler pool.
        Your post (a series of personal attacks, histrionics and non sequiturs) just confirms my main point.
        “I’m quite good at applying eyeshadow…hairy, dried up old hose bags.”
        Seriously? That’s the best you’ve got?

      3. Tsk, tsk, more name calling! You idiots completely missed the Mary Daly comment. She was after all the person who started the whole Transsexual Empire nonsense (Janice Raymond’s mentor) . She’s dead. Hope you join her soon.

  12. “First, there was the gender thing. I started this life as a heterosexual male. After a good deal of effort I am now a bisexual female. Even so I still tried to fit in as a regular girl even though I was unusually dark minded for a regular woman.” – Joanna Wagner

  13. Yes, the more these men talk, the more they exude male entitlement and obliviousness about anything female and feminist. Lecturing, pontificating and insulting women as so many men do, believing they are the experts on everything. He just has to brag about his het male privilege as a father, telling Radical Lesbian Feminists that he knows about us since is daughter is one and he knows some young ones who he says “are all supportive of transgender people.” Well, not the young Radical Lesbian Feminists I know. They are as anti-trans cult as I am. (And he clearly has no idea the ages of who posts her.) But a man knows more about us and our community than we do.
    Mr. Wagner can barely hold it together for long before losing it, revealing the typical trannie deep hatred for females and Lesbians, and usual obsession with male-invented male rules of femininity. Of course he’s good at male fashion and face paint — it’s male — the ultimate in masculinity!!! They just do not get it. Not even close. Which, like you said, Rose, reveals how much they think they do not need to learn about being female since they know more about it than real females.
    By the way, since this is in the post about Mr. Elliott, I wanted to let you know that at a recent “women only” open mic, I had the misfortune to have to hear him “sing.” Continuing his stalky mentality of the last 44 years, he referred to a poem I had earlier read about Lesbian love, and then proceeded to bellow a “song” about a woman who was so desperate for his “kitty-cat,” that she crawled on the floor after him. I’m sorry to subject you all to this, but really, there is no other example I can think of that again demonstrates the narcissistic arrogance these men have, while invading our small amount of remaining space. Meanwhile, I have yet to see any Lesbian even holding hands with him, let alone displaying such masochism in his direction. (One of the excellent Lesbian poets who read that evening later wrote to me that he must be having problems with his hormonal injections since he looks even more male than previously.)

  14. “She’s dead. Hope you join her soon.”
    LOL — There’s that “trans” sisterhood I keep hearing about.
    It’s almost as warm and cuddly as a nest of rattlesnakes, isn’t it?

  15. LOL to the video: “…she’s very empathic person…”
    Yeah, except for wishing early death on people who disagree with her about gendah.

    1. Listen, shithead
      [People who call for my death because I am a (gender) atheist are not welcome to comment on my blog. Men who call for the death of lesbians are not welcome on my blog. Men who gleefully celebrate the power of male supremacy in trumping female reality are not welcome to comment on my blog. Men who call lesbians and women ugly for choosing not to conform to male femininity standards are not welcome on my blog. Men who make ageist remarks about lesbian elders are not welcome on my blog.
      You describe yourself in the materials attached to your avatar (no googling was necessary) as “unusually dark minded”. That is obviously so. I would describe you as having a mind filled with cruelty and ugliness and hatred towards females, as evidenced by your comments here. Males who are exceptionally cruel and who wish for the death of females and lesbians are not welcome to post on GenderTrender. Please be advised. -GM]
      FOAD, Ladies.

  16. Why is it an insult to call this creep a man? Let’s see now. He has a penis and testicles. He has the shoulders of a football player. With pads on. He looks just like a man.
    If it walks like a duck…
    I suspect that with a liver transplant already on board, you will outlive him by many years, Gallus.
    Here’s to another year of “GenderTrender,” and many, many more of us seeing the light.

  17. They always end up with the death wishes/threats, don’t they? Amazing.
    So this very obvious female-hating prick is in this area?!! Bad enough to read him, but to see him! He reeks of male privilege and arrogance. How could anyone in their right mind believe or accept that he could be a woman?? What the fuck is wrong with people? I mean, I have seen “Lizard Man” on TV, with his dyed green skin, split tongue, and little horns in his head, but no one really takes him seriously as a real reptile. As despised as poor reptiles are, I guess it says something about how very much more despised females are in patriarchy that even the men who are the most oppressive to us can claim to be us. And this fucker hasn’t even had surgery!
    Rattlesnakes are sweet little animals, really. They never try to appropriate others’ identities or be deliberately cruel. They are quite shy and beautiful. Definitely, if I was forced to be in a rattler nest or be close to a man appropriating our identity, I’d choose the snakes every time. (It’s a treat to actually see a wild one since they aren’t common.)
    I know, Rose. Elliott is beyond repulsive. I’d never even heard the term “kitty cat” before. But I can’t imagine his surgically altered ….. (I don’t even want to think about it) would even remotely appear like a real vulva.
    Thank you, Gallus, for such a clear strong reponse to Mr. Wagner.

  18. @ Bev Jo — I’m sure it looks more like Bill the Cat than any real woman’s healthy, natural vulva.
    (…must wash inadvertent mental image out with strong disinfectant now…brb…)

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