California Murderer Loses Appeal for first US Taxpayer-Funded “Sex Change” Surgery

Eleven years ago Lyralisa Stevens killed a woman with a shotgun blast over a dispute about clothing. His victim was survived by two daughters. At the time of his incarceration Mr Stevens had been taking female hormones for 10 years, and had received silicone injections to his hips and buttocks. He received taxpayer funded female hormones during his incarceration at an annual cost of $1000.
According to CBS5 San Francisco, California provides such hormones to at least 300 prisoners at a taxpayer cost of $300,000 a year. It is unknown how many prisoners would request the $15,000 to $50,000 surgery if a precedent is set.
The first taxpayer-funded criminal “sex change” surgery in the UK, performed on John/Jane Anne Pilley, (incarcerated for kidnap and attempted murder of a female taxi driver) not only received a taxpayer funded “sex change” surgery and was transferred to a female prison, but later filed suit for taxpayer-funded surgery to try to reverse the procedure when he changed his mind.
No US state has yet approved such tax-payer funded surgery for convicted criminals.
From the Sacramento Bee:  “Although California and other western states are required to provide transgender inmates with hormone therapy pursuant to a 2000 federal court decision, a ruling in Stevens’ favor would have made California the first state required to provide medically eligible inmates with sex reassignment surgery.”
Two years ago, after serving nine years of his sentence for the murder of Bonnie Lynn Lewis, the California shotgun-wielding murderer Lyralisa Stevens decided he wanted to be transferred to a women’s prison, which California permits when males have had their penis and testicles surgically removed. Using a court-appointed attorney he filed suit for the state to provide and fund the surgical procedure that would make his transfer possible, claiming that his clinical transgender condition had taken a turn for the worse. Clinical transgender diagnosis is based solely on the patient’s self-report, and is the only psychiatric condition that is treated surgically.
Ronshonda Renee and Staci McWilliams, the children of Bonnie Lynn Lewis, who Stevens murdered in 2003, became aware of the situation when they saw it on the news in April and were aghast. They told CBS5 “I just feel that it was totally wrong for you to take someone’s mom away from them and then still turn around and want special privileges. I feel that whatever you are getting, you deserve it,” said McWilliams.
“You want the tax payers to pay? For you to use our hard earned money to pay for you to have surgery after you committed a murder? I don’t think so,” said Ronshonda Renee.
The court gave no reason for its dismissal of the appeal. Transfer to a female prison was also denied. Mr Stevens, now 42, is serving 50 years to life. His attorney has not decided whether to challenge the San Francisco 1st District Court of Appeal’s decision by appealing to the state supreme court.
From the LATimes:  “Alison Hardy, Stevens’ attorney, acknowledged that a victory in her client’s case was always a long shot but said the court’s decision still came as a disappointment. “Fifteen years ago, hormones weren’t prescribed in California prisons, either,” Hardy said. “We were hoping to…establish a beachhead.”
 Research shows that there is no evidence that transgender “sex-change” surgery improves the lives of transgenders.

19 thoughts on “California Murderer Loses Appeal for first US Taxpayer-Funded “Sex Change” Surgery

  1. Another totally brilliant and informative post GM.
    Yep, the UK prison system is way more tranny-friendly, with our murdering/raping/violent dudes deciding (sometimes only after incarceration) that they are really laydees and should be in a laydee prison. No one is ‘allowed’ to question this, even though in many cases it is completely obvious that it is a prisoner-scam, in order to get transferred either to an ‘easier’ women’s prison, or to get close to women again (esp when they are.
    I still say that twanz are now so populous, and with criminal tendencies, that they could have enough numbers to justify a prison just for them.
    The Guardian article was informative, in 2004 they put the number of post-SRS at around 5,000 with around 400 ops to be performed in that year. Given that this was seven years, and the rate has probably increased since then, that would put the number around 8,000 or more now. Certainly, that is a much greater number than radfems in the UK, so there goes their argument that they are the smaller, discriminated group and that radfems are picking on them (due to them being the smaller group). I really want a £1 for every lie they tell.

    1. The TPP is just a couple of trolls. My impression, whenever the “free sex change for criminals” issue comes up, is that at least 50% of trans get really pissed off at the idea that criminals can get plastic surgery that they have to pay for themselves.
      There was a prison guard quoted in the CBS5 article linked above, who said (paraphrasing) that some trans commit violations for the sole purpose of having access to hormone treatments.

      1. that some trans commit violations for the sole purpose of having access to hormone treatments
        Which has been my suspicion for a while, particularly in the US.

      1. Staci, it is not any disrespect for your mother (sorry for your loss, this dude is scum). We get bombarded with all sorts of twanz bullshit, and sometimes we get sarcastic to keep our sanity. The problem is, he is not unique. And woman-murderers like him demand to be housed in women’s prisons – and those women really have enough problems without sick pricks like this one.
        I guess that sarcasm is our coping mechanism, because most of us don’t ‘do’ hate, even if justified.

      2. Rueful. Our tone of voice is missing here. We are anything but making fun.
        I’m so sorry about your mother Staci.

  2. Uhhggg, just uhg.
    You know, when you go into a prison system, you forfeit your identity. They assign you a number and give you a uniform. It’s all very institutional. Your existence as an individual is kind of taken away. Hopefully you still have some basic human rights, but you don’t really get to have an identity that is validated by other people. I didn’t design the system, but that’s how it is for basically everyone. Why would we grant trans people special privileges?

  3. Hi! I typed this bit of prose up from a book and wanted to share it with someone who might appreciate it (although you’ve probably already read it). I apologize for the length and for any typos.
    It’s called Clothes Make the Man, written by Sally Sertin and published in Pulling Our Own Strings in 1980.
    At six-thirty this morning the alarm rips into my sleep. I stumble into the shower, splash away my warm dream, and step out to discover the hot faucet won’t turn off. The water is barely an inch below the rim of the stall. So at 6:45 A.M., wet and naked, I run down to the cold cellar, frantically trace the pipes, and finally find the faucet to turn off the hot water. It’s rusted. It won’t budge.
    I’m not surprised. My whole week has been going this way. You know, every ten minutes–another crisis:
    “Sally, they just fired Mrs. Donahue. Her kids are three and five, and her ex-husband won’t pay child support. Get her job back. Get her a better job. Get her a good husband.”
    And, “Sally, this new widow locked herself up in her house. It’s ten days since she answered the phone or door. Get someone to love her. Get a fireperson to break down the door.”
    And, “Sally, I /know/ we don’t have money yet for the shelter, but someone has /got/ to take Maria in before her husband kills her. How about your living room . . . ?”
    And, “Ms. Sertin, let’s keep your mother in the hospital for another week to be sure that lump isn’t cancer.”
    And then your best friend calls long-distance to say goodbye before she commits suicide.
    So that’s the way this week is going–every day the same–this week exactly like the week before, and it’s adding up, it’s getting to me. The worst problems I won’t mention, because who likes to complain? But, believe me, the tension runs high.
    On top of everything, there’s a nagging in my mind–a phone call I haven’t returned. The call (as usual) is a call for help–from a transvestite. Now, on an ordinary day the call would be no problem. In Norfolk we are super-prepared. We just take these guys down to our local transvestite center, where they feel right at home and where their problems melt like snowflakes in July.
    But I’m not thinking too well. I wonder, what do I say when he asks, “How can a transvestite find happiness in Norfolk, Nebraska?” I ponder the question deeply. I pound at it with my sledge-hammer mind. No go.
    I don’t return the call.
    Instead, I dash off to our Yuletide feminist bash, where once a year we don’t discuss issues, don’t bring up problems, just relax and reestablish connections. Where affection and support flow free. Just what I need! What luck it’s tonight!
    I’m not there five minutes when in walks Brian-who-would-rather-be-called-Susanna, asking for Sally Sertin. A thousand hands grab me, shake me: how’d /he/ get /here/? (How the hell do I know?–except this proves god is male.)
    Now Brian-Sue is far from your archetypal transvestite. The most ordinary thing about him is, he wants to wear dresses. The second most ordinary thing is the way he /does/ dress, which is in thin shorts, vertically striped, that look like BVD’s but that are mercifully concealed by his survival jacket (it’s winter), so only his bare shaven legs are visible. He does have on thin orange knee sox. Well, his legs are not the healthy red response to snow that ordinary white skin puts out. No, they are a dull, pale, greenish blue. So much for his healthy side.
    Otherwise Brian-Sue radiates pain, pain, pain and sick, sick, sick. And watch how all those feminists rally around to help me! That’s our strong point, right? They all know what tough weeks I’ve been having, right?
    “Touch luck, Sally.”
    “I’ve been doing this all day–no more for me!”
    “Too bad, kid–you shouldn’t have brought him HERE.”
    As if I went out and kidnapped Brian-Sue because I didn’t want to come alone.
    So I spend three hours at the party with Brian-Sue because everyone else has already spent her 8-or-10-or-12-hour working day soothing unbalanced transvestites. While he’s droning in his long monotone, which I strain to hear below the din of the party (because his voice has the strength of a sick oyster), I think longingly of my plumbing problem. Why didn’t I stay home and clean out the shower drain? I’m thinking of the cozy way I started the day, nude and shivering in the basement, stroking the pipes.
    But will Brian-Sue allow me the luxury of my memories? No. He wants my ear, my eye, my everything . . .
    “Why,” he says for the 243rd time, “is it OK for a woman to dress up as a man and not for a man to dress up as a woman?”
    A logical question–which I answer in seven different ingenious ways, each one more brilliantly and uncompromisingly antiestablishment. My answers, however, are lost somewhere on the way to his brain. So my real problem is how to help him, or even how to /deal/ with him. Why couldn’t he be something simple like an invalid, battered wife with four preschool kids and a drunken, unemployed husband? Something ordinary like that–within the range of my competence.
    Of course there isn’t a solution for /every/ problem, but suddenly I feel Brian-Sue is not asking me to cure him. All he wants to do is wear a lousy skirt. The answer comes in a flash.
    “Brian-Sue,” I say, “I’ve got just the job for you!”
    “Why,” he says for the 244th time, “is it OK for a woman to dress up as a man and not for a man to dress up as a woman?”
    “You can do it! You can do it,” I say. “Listen, Brian-Sue, how about going for Pope?”
    “I’m not religious,” he says.
    I am determined, undefeated: “Federal judge?”
    Brian-Sue smiles.

  4. From case documents:
    “Immediately after the phone call, defendant came downstairs carrying a shotgun covered by a white blanket. Ignoring Ward’s yells to stop, defendant walked into the microwave room, raised her shotgun, and said, “Bitch, you’ve had it.” Lewis, who was on the telephone with a 911 operator, said, “Oh, she’s got a gun.” Defendant fired one fatal shot to Lewis’s chest, under her left arm. Lewis was unarmed.”

    1. Very typically manshit going down.
      The he uses every defence under the sun to justify it, including insanity, defending one’s property (when this was a motel, and the shooting occurred in the communal area) and self defence.
      Although Lewis was loud and boisterous, there was no evidence that she threatened anyone or was about to commit a felony. At the time of the shooting, she was alone in the microwave room making a telephone call. Defendant rushed downstairs with a shotgun, walked past the motel office, went toward the microwave room, and shot the unarmed Lewis without any warning. Nothing in the record shows that Lewis was doing anything that would have justified the use of deadly force.
      This part takes the biscuit:
      Defendant claims that her trial attorney provided ineffective assistance in failing to investigate the available defenses, raise proper objections, request defense instructions, and present argument during the sentencing hearing.
      How many frickin defences did he think he wanted? He shot the woman in cold blood, pre-meditated. If you go around shooting people in cold blood, with little provocation other than they annoyed you by asking for the money you owed them, then expect a guilty murder verdict. Simple.
      I routinely avoid life sentences for murder by not shooting people that piss me off. It is easy.

  5. California is now ending Medi-cal for most people including the disabled. We are being forced into inferior programs, greatly limiting our choice of doctors. After having had Medi-cal for decades, I am dealing with having to give it up in three weeks, while I am being told I need surgery for possible cancer. I managed to get an appt. for next week with one of the best oncology surgeons in the Bay Area, who is also a Lesbian, but I can’t imagine how I will be able to keep her as my doctor or to have surgery within that time. Or if I have surgery, then not have her as my doctor for follow-up.
    But these fucking men who have murdered women and their lawyers and the trans activists are hoping to get this state to pay for them to play out their purient fetishistic fantasies of having male-constructed “female” body parts?
    Thank you so much, Gallus.
    And WTF’s with the little story? Women who refuse male rules to wear demeaning clothes are not “dressing up like men.” I don’t give a fuck if a man wears a dress, but don’t call yourself a woman or a Lesbian, don’t invade our spaces or re-write our history, stop threatening to kill us, etc. It’s really very simple. Just leave us the fuck alone.

    1. That’s actually the point of the little story, Bev. It was written by a feminist in the 70s and published in a feminist humor anthology. It’s quite “transphobic” if you read more than one line. Woman works her ass off for other women; goes to relax at women’s gathering; trans dude invades and wastes her time; she would rather be fixing plumbing in a cold basement than listening to him drone on; she tells him that men CAN wear dresses and rather than lose male privilege by doing so, become the Pope or a federal judge.

  6. WTF, You gotta be kidding me here. Some twanz wants taxpayers to foot the bill for his SRS. You wonder why this country’s economy is going broke and on the brink of collapse. We need to stop this pandering to these people because we can’t afford this stuff and why in the world should taxpayers have to foot the bill for this. Why are these twanz people trying to demand the taxpayers to pay for their SRS, when they don’t have rights while in prison to begin with.

      1. Glad that the Taxpayers are not footing the Bill on this one. If they wanted it, then they should foot the Bill and pay for it on their own. Not begging the Taxpayers to pay for it.

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