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  1. Only thing it’s missing is a sweet old lady named Vicky Thoms to come to the defense of the poor helpless victim and save the day. Oh, that’s right, she’d have been pummeled to death in this brawl.

  2. I often consider doing a monthly “Transgender Crime” wrap-up. Cause there’s just so darn much of it. According to a study done on the transgender population of San Francisco: 75% of transgenders have been incarcerated. That is an incredible statistic.

    1. A segment like that would make a good read.
      From a sociological standpoint, it would be interesting to see if the association with poverty (for obvious reasons) could account for a lot of the association with crimes, or whether there was a tend towards criminality itself.

      1. Think you might be better looking for a ‘mental health & criminality’ connection there. When someone doesn’t have a grip on reality, they are bound to transgress laws and social conventions.
        Also, poverty really does not have anything to do with murder, rape or assault charges, now does it? Plenty of tranz incarcerated for violent crimes.

      2. Actually, the mental health connection to crime is even more tenuous than the poverty connection. The vast majority of the mentally ill are not violent and they have no higher an arrest rate for violent crime than do the non-mentally ill.
        I think the biggest connection to criminality is the male entitlement one.

  3. Here’s another strange Transgender Crime story of the day:
    “I’m a hot, sexy chick, and I don’t like people fucking with me.”
    Such is the battle call of “Jozy” — born Ira Deford — a preop South Beach transsexual who this month took a historic stand in traffic court after bashing the side mirror of a blood bank’s bus.
    Jozy, age 39, is one of those relics of an era we’ll call pre-Jersey Shore SoBe. She’s loud, brash, and not employed in any traditional sense. (“I sell vintage clothing. I’m on disability, actually. I guess you could say I’m not a pillar of society.”) On July 5, she was moving to a new apartment, driving a U-Haul at the intersection of Alton and Lincoln roads when she cracked the mirror of a plasma-donation truck parked outside Regal Cinemas.
    The way Jozy describes it, the traffic cop who was on the scene was going to let her slide without a citation until she started complaining. “I was saying, ‘Why is it legal to park a camper in the middle of the road?’ and saying that the bus should have had its mirror folded in,” Jozy recounts. “And the cop goes, ‘Oh, you’re a smart-ass,” and starts writing the ticket.”
    She was charged with careless driving and faced a $500 fine. Jozy, it turns out, is no model driver. Since 2006, she’s been charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license, disobeying a street sign, driving an unsafe vehicle, improperly backing up, improperly passing, twice having no proof of insurance, and twice not carrying her driver’s license.
    But she says, “I’m a fighter.” So she contested the ticket in court. When a traffic judge told her she wouldn’t have to pay if the citation was improperly filled out, Jozy played her trump card: The cop had indicated that Ira Deford was a woman.
    Because she is technically a man, Jozy argued, the ticket should be tossed. “You can’t have this both ways,” she explains to Riptide. “If I can’t marry my boyfriend because I have a penis, then you need to make damn sure that you mark my gender correctly when you give me a traffic ticket.”
    The case was dismissed September 9, although Jozy admits that might have had more to do with a lack of witnesses than her galvanizing argument.
    This isn’t the first time Jozy has stood up for her/his rights. She once planned a march of topless transsexuals on Washington, D.C. “I was going to walk right onto the Mall with my beautiful breasts hanging out,” she declares. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get anybody to bare boobs with her.”

    1. “When a traffic judge told her she wouldn’t have to pay if the citation was improperly filled out, Jozy played her trump card: The cop had indicated that Ira Deford was a woman.
      Because she is technically a man, Jozy argued, the ticket should be tossed. “You can’t have this both ways,” she explains to Riptide. “If I can’t marry my boyfriend because I have a penis, then you need to make damn sure that you mark my gender correctly when you give me a traffic ticket.””
      Well, if the cop had said that Jozy was a man, Jozy would have screamed discrimination, too. Poor cops, they can’t win in this one.

      1. You are right – a disproportionate number of “trans” individuals are, in fact, on disability. In addition, they have benefited from the HUD policy changes. I know of several individuals in Houston who had their housing paid for either 1 or 2 years as part of the “transitional” housing program.
        The program was originally developed as help for breaking the cycle of poverty – setting individuals and families up with stable living conditions so that they can find jobs without worrying about showering, a roof over their head, etc. When their time is up, the individuals will still be trans – it’s more of a delaying tactic than an actual opportunity to progress and get off welfare.

  4. I’m literally CRYING laughing.
    thank you.
    “Can one- or both- of them be charged with a hate crime??”
    Don’t be silly, harming someone is not a hate crime!Pffft.
    Telling a bloke he’s *not* *a* *woman* is what constitutes a hate crime.

  5. I know one individual who served at San Quentin before transitioning (MTF), and that individual pressured alot of folks afterwards to transition, both MTF and FTM, and was one of those who maintained his dick throughout…never severing it, probably still has it to this day, a well known trans. I don’t know how many know they still have a dick, or served at San Quentin, because this was confided in me by a close friend who had been around forever and knew alot of MTF’s as dudes and their history BEFORE they transitioned years ago and hid their backgrounds.
    P.S,.This b.s. doesn’t surprise me. And they are some of the most Dyke and Butch hating individuals around…..and misogynist to boot!

  6. Don’t forget the fight in the ladies restroom where one of the M2T’s bit off the nose of the other, then said the club owners should be sued for not keeping the ladies rooms safe.

  7. Oh my god, I needed a good laugh. Good for the newswoman. How I wish this was on the news here, but that would never happen.
    Gallus, you deserve a prize of some sort. Like a multi-million dollar lottery. How do you find these?
    Don’t you all just want to spend time on the land with these gentle womanly souls?

    1. these gentle womanly souls
      Yep, very laydee-like.
      What we really need is more brawling trannies in female spaces! Except I would be shouting from the sidelines “hey, she called you dowdy and plain, are you really going to take that?” and then to the other one “hey, she called you frumpy”.
      Tiz my evol side. 😛

  8. Sorry, I don’t see the humor. The violence is sickening. Yep, the news guy played it for laughs. That’s what men do — beat up other people or sit back and watch and laugh about it. Are we better than these men or aren’t we?

    1. I think it’s worth reporting (obviously). Maybe a good conversation will come out of it. What I find interesting is that a black teenager with no priors is serving 5 years in jail for the same act that police in this case weren’t even going to file charges on, until the one trans attacked the police. I find it interesting that this horrific assault is okay, because it was committed by a trans. I really do wonder why this isn’t a hate crime.

      1. It is a fucked up beating, and some fucked up media. I’m sure many trans people are also cringing. I almost posted it earlier today and then I said no, too gross. But then I was like hell, that Crissy Lee Polis video was exactly like this, and I reported on that. Why a double standard when they are both trans?

      2. Yeah, I thought the 5 year sentence was very steep (and racist too).
        But maybe this does all go back to everyone (except libfems) only pretending to go along with ‘gender’ and really acknowledging biological sex. And when females commit crimes against males, they get the book thrown at them.

    2. Up until now we’re the only ones see them for the fools they are. Let’s hope this spreads. They have been taken entirely too seriously, to the point of those who should know better cowering and handing over the keys to the city. The more the public sees them for what they are the better.
      And it’s a WOMAN who gets it. Roll it out! Maybe we can get her to do a guest spot at Twanzphobic.

  9. So wait, where are all the HORRIBLE privileged “cis” women in these videos? All I see are men, men and more men, the ones in dresses beating each other up and the ones not in dresses cheering them on. There is one person on the sidelines in the video you posted in a dress, but it’s hard to tell if that’s a “cis” woman or not. I would hate to “offend” someone by assuming anything. -_-
    And I was thinking the same thing, Gallus, are they both going to be charged with a hate crime? Because I have a sneaking feeling that this fight had more to do with the cross dressing status (mostly because it seems they both knew they were cross dressers) than that McDonalds “bathroom” fight that happened months ago (where the woman DIDN’T know she was fighting a trans). But because the McDonalds fight involved one of us HORRIBLE privileged “cis” women it’s automatically a hate crime. I guess this is just boys (“girls”) being boys(“girls”)?

  10. This is absolutely worth reporting and important to report — these are men and one of them is acting exactly like a violent asshole man and apparently getting away with it. And he will act like that toward women if they get in his way, too. That should be shown and discussed widely to expose the lie that these are anything other than male thugs in woman-face. The utter hypocrisy of not looking on this the same way as any other violent crime should be exposed as well.
    But laughing about this violent beating — taking pleasure in it — is no better than the same kind of shit we’ve seen trans* do. The comments on here laughing about this are debasing and make me sick, honestly, and that is what I am repudiating, as should every other radfem.

    1. There is a fine line between ridiculing laughter and rueful laughter. I think we fell easily in the latter category.
      There has been entirely too much knee-jerk sympathy for these men. Oh the suffering! Fuck that.

    2. Sometimes, when people have suffered intensely at the hands of others, have tried to reason with them, mediate with them and all to no avail except to get more abuse, it does the soul some good to finally get a good laugh at their expense. I don’t approve of the violence either and think it’s serious, but women are, after all, only human. Don’t judge the women here too harshly for laughing.
      This is what I think offhand, but will think about it more.

      1. I think our response has been mighty generous considering what they do to us. They talk incendiary weapons, stalk us, threaten us, make us fear for our and our children’s safety..They’re men.
        We laugh and go on about the business of life. We’re women.

  11. It’s not a funny thing. Had I been at either location, it would have been very scary even being near a male fight of any kind.
    In West Hollywood a couple of years ago, one MtTrans killed another MtTrans, over an argument over who was more beautiful.
    Basically these MtTrans in the videos come off as street hustlers or aggressive street uglies… again male offensive, in our faces. Women have every right not to have to deal with these people in our spaces.
    This claim that MtTrans are harmless is just not true… I’ve seen stuff like this, I know off the criminal history of many trans, and also I find them aggessively woman hating in conversation, and very very anti-radical feminism. It’s very much the ugly drag queen minstrel culture that has been the plague of lesbians for decades, from the so-called “Pride” parades to the drag shows… it’s pretty much make fun of women, degrade women, and be very socially hostile to women in the gay bars. Creepo.
    So they are not and never will be the allies of either born women or radical feminists. Thanks for exposing the violence of these thugs.

  12. Oh my goodness- here’s a strange one from today:
    “Men wearing wigs and dressed as women are accused of stealing thousands of dollars of filmy fabrics, sequins, feather boas and other accessories from Central Florida stores.”
    “Such thefts became routine within the past year at fabric and hobby stores.”
    “”They’d come in and order yards of fabric at up to $39.99 a yard, stuff it in their man purses and leave without paying,” Marshall said. “Oh, gosh, they could wipe out a whole section of boas in seconds…”
    A man wearing a tank top and multi-color tights was spotted putting these items in a handbag: Five packs of black feathers, two packs of red feathers, two packs of red lace gloves, two packs of black red lace gloves, eyelashes, five bra pads, five butt pads, five gel inserts as well as three handbags, two boas, three pairs of costume glasses and 10 bandanas.
    When confronted, some of the suspects handed over merchandise to the staff while others bolted through the front door.
    One of them, Demitri Marsh, 19, swore at a clerk and threatened to cut her before fleeing, reports state.”
    Click on link for whole article and mug shots.

    1. OK, so my curiousity peaks with the “10 bandanas”. Are they planning some kind of tranny westside story – but with boas and bandanas? The visuals imagined trying to put that together are… disturbing.
      Hey GM, you can add the trio to your new Twanz Crims Weekly Round-up!

  13. I agree completely, twanzmooselike, about how seriously these men are taken. You defended our daring to laugh at them so well. We are oppressed by them on so many levels — so yes, if they make a spectacle of themselves, reveal their maleness in their petty attacks on each other, and are ridiculous looking in their drag queen outfits which caricaturize all of us, why not enjoy the humor in it? To me, it’s like seeing Klan members tear at each other’s robes in a brawl. It’s not about “are we better than these men” or not. By their entire display, they are humiliating and degrading all females. This is the group that has threatened our lives and has manuevered many women into fighting on their behalf. We need the humor. Yes, Moose and Squirrel. Add the Rat to that.
    And of course it’s important to demonstrate how they do not generally pay for this, while that class-oppressed, race-oppressed young woman is in prison for a lesser “offense.” (I still say that regardless of her motives — the fact that that man was in the women’s restroom should let her off the hook. And I still wonder if he had threatened her in some way. By the way, I used to tell women in my self defense classes that if they seriously injure an attacker, don’t just tell the police he threatened their lives, but that he also wanted to steal their wallet/purse since women are far more allowed to defend their property than their bodies or lives.)
    Keep the humor coming, Gallus!

  14. (((Bev))) — Are those virtual hugs? I’ve never done this before. So much to learn. 🙂
    LOL. Bev Jo I hope you’ll have a look at the humour I posted to Sheila. And scroll right down to the END.

  15. Two lesbian activists who are using their real identities online are being physically threatened on trans blogs, FB, and elsewhere. Many of us have spent a lot of time and energy pushing back against the violent language, violent imagery, and promises of real-world violence these two women are facing. And we’ve been able to do so with completely clean consciences because almost none of us has ever advocated for or taken lightly or laughed about or made a point of enjoying violence against trans* people.
    It doesn’t matter how tired you think you are or how fed up. Plenty of us have been in this fight for decades — and many in real life — and will be in it for decades more. There is no excuse for laughing at or taking pleasure in violence against another person. Period.

    1. I agree with you. I don’t think violence is funny at all, regardless of whether trannies are committing it or anyone else. As everyone knows, I think everyone, including trans should be safe and free from discrimination and male violence. I’ve stated so many many times to paranoid genderists that interpret lack of belief in Gender with a crime against humanity.
      I don’t hate trannies. I disbelieve in Gender and protest the horrific effects the practice of gender has on females. I don’t hate Christians, but I don’t believe in Jesus and protest the horrific effects religion has on human culture. See the difference?
      I know for a fact that not a single comment on this blog, or a single commenter, advocates for violence or discrimination against anyone. I would never allow it, for one thing. But actually it’s never come up. The only violent comments I have ever had to censor have come from trans people who were angry that Gender was being “disrespected”.
      I didn’t interpret the chuckles as being caused by the transgender violence featured in this video. No one chuckled at the Chrissy Lee Polis video, did they? I take the lolz to be directed at the idea that these guys – one of whom smashes the other’s head repeatedly into the concrete- think they are women. And also at the fact that they were allowed to simply walk away after such a brutal attack. I really see no difference between this and the recent beatdown video that resulted in a five year sentence for a 19 year old girl with no priors. If anything, this one is much more brutal. If anyone thinks the violence itself in the video is funny, or that violence against transgender people is funny, please let me know so I can ban you from my blog.
      But I disagree with your interpretation of the laughter Noan, and I think several people have tried to clarify that. I think the hypocrisy that says a female is spending 5 years in prison for something that is unworthy of prosecution if perpetrated by a transgender is damn funny. Ruefully funny.

      1. Liking violence and being amused by violence is somewhat of a dude thing really (just look at the hollywood films aimed at dudes).
        And watching this video I was distanced really, it was obvious that it was two men (and menz is a subject I have little interest in anyway) so I don’t get that emotionally involved in what dudes do to dudes. The Polis video was very disturbing.
        Again all these fights are being policed/prosecuted along SEX lines, not gender lines. This trend is becoming very obvious (except to tranz of course, who will always insist they have it worse, blah blah blah oppression olympics).

  16. What disgusting pig-headed MEN. I can’t stand these trannys asking to be treated like womyn. Nope, not with that behavior. They are all just performing female, they will never understand my heart, my soul. You can’t rape that you MEN! I saw one of these men in the WOMYN’S bathroom last Tuesday and I gave him and earful. He called me a and intolerant cunt and wouldn’t leave until I threatened to call the police on him! I think if it wasn’t for that experience I wouldn’t have found this wonderful blog!
    [Nice story Troll. Megan is a M2T transgender, frequent disruptive troll on radfem sites, who also comments under the name “catsonmars”(among others). Nice Try hater. I am very close to losing my patience with you. -GM]

    1. Impressive trolling nonetheless.
      Just that the story was disjointed, and did not seem to have logical relationships between the different ‘action points’. Perhaps sign up for a creative writing course there Megan?
      … of course the inconsistencies could be due to the fact that Megan was the M2T in the story …?

      1. I’m feeling like a school teacher now, so I might give Megan a C-, primarily because the plotline was too disjointed. Actually, I have just downgraded that even further to a D, due to the unlikely plot developments. A FAB alone with an aggressive male and it just remains a verbal altercation? Nah, when no one is watching like that, they will at least make a physical move towards you, even just as an intimidation move. And no, he wouldn’t have left with just the threat of the cops being called.
        So we shall call the D a very generous marking.
        I’m not even going to start in on the character development!

      2. I’m giving him an F because he left out the most important factor in the story= Fear. Of course as a man he has no concept of sex-based violence, except as a potential perpetrator of it. So he left it out of the story. In his version, a woman sees a man in the ladies room. Is she frightened, wary, etc? Not in his version. In his version she just sees an opportunity to exert her “cis privilege”, yanno, exert her POWER over HIM by “giving him an earful”. When he calls her an intolerant cunt and “refuses to leave” (where is he, anyway- pissing in the sinks?) She threatens to call the police on the man- which causes him to leave. Then she exalts in her victory. She never mentions fear.
        Also, she says something about her “woman’s heart” and “woman’s soul” and how men “can’t rape that”. No woman would talk in such a disgusting way about rape. Only a man would. Only a rapist.
        F minus.

      3. LOL, yes I concur, and will revise my grade down to F- as well.
        Only a laydee-cum-lately would not be aware of the actual dangers of that situation, alone with an aggressive dude. Being mouthy is far more likely to get you a fist to the jaw than just a volley of name-calling. And no dude ever backs down with just the threat of the cops being called, either you have to call them (in which case the dude will hang around, remaining abusive, and disappear just before they show up) or actually have the cops or other authority show up. Mouthy just ain’t gunna cut it. But they would know that if they had been laydees for more than five minutes.

    1. The artist/rad fem who owns the rights has left them up for us to enjoy as often as we like. She’s doing real advocacy leave from the nuttynetz.

  17. Hey ((( Twansmooselike))) — thank you. That’s the first time I’ve done that too. Where are the cartoons?
    I wish we all lived near each other so we could carry on in person.
    I wanted to add that I agree with Gallus and that I take all this very seriously, Noan. I am one of the first Lesbians who confronted trans. If anything, the harassment and stalking has increased dramatically. I’ve paid a high price for trying to expose them, and for continuing to speak out against men appropriating our identity, re-write our history, etc.
    I thought that “Megan” was way over the top, so thanks for confirming that, Gallus, and great analysis with Dave of the whole phony scenario.

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