6 thoughts on “Saturday Night Double Feature- Mix annnnd No-Match Edition

  1. I LOVED the movie on Tiny Davis! What a talent and Lesbian to boot? Great! Would love to have seen her live, I like jazz! Liked seeing her playing with the youth too, passing it on. And back when high schools actually HAD music programs! Nowadays most of the schools have cut them, along with shop and other programs that make a well rounded person, or interest them in a field they wouldn’t normally be exposed to!
    The other film, tiresome. Not funny at all, plain stupid….and glad to see he wasn’t fooling anyone, but here, it’d be “I’m so discriminated against cuz I can’t use the women’s dressing room!”

  2. oh my god, Gallus, thank you for these. The first one, beautiful and inspiring, and so important to know this history of Black Lesbians.
    And the second….I haven’t seen Little Britain in years. This is brilliant. A perfect reflection of how female impersonators act. It reminds me of when I saw Elliott briefly interviewed on TV and he made a point of describing himself as a “working woman.” I have never heard real women make a point of calling themselves “women” in such an artificial way — it’s obvious. I also love the response from the other actor and wish to hell everyone was that direct and honest. The scene implies that it’s not uncommon for men to play such a charade to get access to seeing women naked, and that that really is what it is all about.

    1. I loved the second one too.
      Yeh, it’s that simple isn’t it? Who do you think you’re kidding, and NO.

  3. After seeing the first one, I didn’t want to see the second. It’s so, so very rare that we get to see what women have done, all the interesting ways we live and love and work and experience and do what we do. Tiny is wonderful and her story is amazing. I’d love to see a feature documentary about her and her band and their lives. Thank you for finding and posting that, Mag, so lovely to see that.

    1. Noan give the second a try. It’s a take-down.
      Re Tiny: I was amazed to see this woman can still blow at her age.

  4. I think it is funny how the other two males would not relent. That is why trannies turn to women for support (and often get it). Many women will relent. Trannies find it easier to barge into female spaces (because there is a better chance of women relenting) than into male spaces, where there is little chance for males to relent. Because males are not conditioned/taught to relent easily. A woman who will not relent is a bitch. There is no epithet for an unrelenting male. If anything, is unwillingness to relent is seen as a positive attribute.

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