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  1. Are you saying my dictionary isn’t “real”? Is that because it is short? Are short dictionaries not “real” dictionaries? What about dictionaries that are missing most of their pages? Are they no longer “real” dictionaries? What if a pamphlet identifies itself as a dictionary? Is it a dictionary then????

    1. I think it depends which pages are missing.
      Some of the pages/entries that could go missing are things like ’empowerment’. No radfem would ever miss that one disappearing!
      Maybe the one-entry dictionary could become ‘a thing’? Might be a little difficult to gain acceptance though. Just accuse everyone of being onepagephobic and threaten to write to the UN about it.

      1. If a page or paragraph ‘defines itself’ as a dictionary, shouldn’t we cater to that? The paragraph might just have a sekrit internal identity or something. Therefore, we should pass laws, just in case.
        And hunt down, threaten, implied threats, threaten lawsuits and tattling to the ICC if anyone disagrees…

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