Brian Belovitch on Detransitioning and Healing from Gender Dysphoria

Fascinating interview with actor and gay man Brian Belovitch, who was legally a “woman” for 14 years before overcoming his gender dysphoria and coming to terms with himself as a proud gay man.
Brian was a “Transgender Teen” who went on female hormones, had black market silicone injections (which later had to be scraped out) and breast implants before ultimately healing and accepting his body and himself. He describes the shame and abuse heaped upon him as a masculinity non-performing man, and the years of struggle to overcome the internalized messages they caused.
[Note- the video goes a bit wonky for a few moments near the start but after that it clears]

0 thoughts on “Brian Belovitch on Detransitioning and Healing from Gender Dysphoria

  1. This makes it very clear that it is the socially-enforced roles of femininity and masculinity that are the problem. The dude at the very end of this video gives more evidence of this when he says, “Wow, I wonder what those guys he dated before think about this. So, it’s not anything like, “Wow, how does the masculinity-feminity meme cause such a complicated mess for a gay man.” Instead it’s “What about the menz, the menz he dated?”
    I hope there are more videos like this out there in the future, discouraging anyone who is thinking of surgery, etc. It might also be good if he talked about the horrors of unnecessary surgery, getting rid of the silicon, etc.

  2. Ahhh, the pronouns!
    The narrator kept switching pronouns for him, depending on his outfit – which shows how silly the pronoun indulgence is. He was male, still male, still had a penis.
    If this guy writes his book, I wonder if the twanzjacktivists are going to write to the ICC at The Hague? Apparently that is all the rage these days, to write to the ICC and label random tranz-critical persons as ‘human rights violators’. The ICC are going to see them for the idiots that they are:

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