0 thoughts on “Detransition Double Feature: Gay Man vs Autogynephile

  1. One thing that stands out is that to the guy in the first video, it seems that the appeal of transitioning was that he could get the “attention of a woman”. I’m willing to bet that that’s the appeal to lots of trannies.

  2. In the first vid right at the end, he said how all the cosmetic surgery just changes ‘the shell’ and does not make someone more female. So good on him for saying that.
    The second video, zmog, even though he was still stoned when he made it, surely he had sobered up by the time he posted it? He is hardly a detransitioner to go from full time to part time minstrel. What’s the bet that he does his guy thing during working hours, because lawd knows, working for 80% of the male wage just does not allow much play money for dress-ups or recreational drugs!

  3. Yes, surgery just changes the shell. The key thing is – does it make the shell liveable in? For both these people, the answer seems to be that it makes the shell less liveable in. For most trans people, the answer is that it turns the shell from something entirely unliveable in to something very liveable in.
    The good news is that, whereas it’s always sad to see stories like these, neither of these people seem to regret where they’ve been (the first person said as much).
    As for attracting women – I certainly haven’t found that to be the case for me. What transition has certainly done is it has turned me from being someone so jealous of women to the point of being mysoginistic, into someone who can now treat women as equal human beings.

    1. He said to “Get The Attention” of women. IE- to receive the sexualized attention that is inflicted on every female from childhood. Not “Attracting Women”. Jesus. Deirdre if you’re going to piss all over my blog at least READ the comments you are responding to. Please try to do better.

    2. “attracting women”
      What are you, peacocks?
      As GallusMag said, the male preoccupation with either ‘attracting females’ or ‘getting the attention of females’ is one of the 24/7 annoyances that we have to live with, as females, even het ones get sick of being objectified as a piece of meat or sexual conquest.

    3. “What transition has certainly done is it has turned me from being someone so jealous of women to the point of being mysoginistic, into someone who can now treat women as equal human beings.”
      You’re a shit human being. A dumpster of a man.

  4. The first video is sad, and has suggestions of how homophobia played into his decision to transition in the first place.
    The second video is creepy, and demonstrates the nagging feeling I have that at least some of the “Transgender Rights” movement is about the porn. Why it is shocking to some T activists that at least some of us women notice this, I’ll never understand.

  5. The first half was ok, but here’s the thing: MAKE A SPACE FOR GENDERFLUID males and Females, so they DO NOT Have to transition. Make jobs, and schools and other such places safe so if a dude wants to dress effeminate he can, and if us Dykes want to wear male drag instead (men’s clothes), we can, without feeling utterly villified. ELIMINATE all sex role stereotyping, while still acknowledging the necessity of some women only and male only spaces(like lockerrooms, bathrooms, events, ect). But that the price of admittance to such is NOT further degradation and violation, and especially the testosterone fueled hatred straight men have of any effeminancy in other males, and wanting to beat them up/kill them because of their deepseated fears of homosexuality.
    Same with women’s/girls spaces such as lockerrooms and bathrooms: that there are many different types of women and girls and many of us ARE NOT feminine NOR DO WE WANT TO BE, yet we’re still all Female. And because Females continue to be victimized by the born male sexually, we NEED those safe spaces.
    And don’t allow ANYONE to take hormones or transition till at least age 21, and do everything to talk them out of it(or go through the hoops at least). That there are other ways to be. I think that would at least stop the first one from having made the poor choices: i.e. the only way he could ‘fit in’ is as a heterosexual female..that whole sex stereotyping, which most MTF’s do to the hilt, that indeed, there are other ways he could be, same for the hardcore tomboy girl who is told constantly she ‘just wants to be a man’, like every Butch is told, till she begins to believe that is the only way out of victimization, poverty, degradation, disempowerment in a male run patriarchal world where men rule, and women cater to them, predominately. Above even the post powerful women, are men. None can claim the wealth (and the women) that Donald Trump has, or even Bill Gates. Much less all the cool roles, sports and activities men get to do without EVER worrying about the drudgery of housework, basically why I didn’t want to ‘be a girl’! Or a little tomboy girl like my partner who dreamt of being a professional baseball or football player but NEVER COULD BE, because of her sex…I’m sure this is also why some want to transition…so much we are denied by our sex alone. And the punishment dudes get if they are effeminate, which is why they probably want to be women.
    But as the dude said: ‘you are only changing the shell’, which is so absolutely true, which is why I’m against all these surgeries ect. altogether….it doesn’t change the underlying problems: sexism, rampant homophobia/lesbophobia,patriarchal religious bias, and rigid patriarchal sex role stereotyping. These things have not changed to a large extent worldwide.

    1. “And don’t allow ANYONE to take hormones or transition till at least age 21, and do everything to talk them out of it(or go through the hoops at least).”
      How do you plan to enforce this? By age 21, most of the male characteristics have set in, meaning that the transitioner will find it all the more difficult to transition succesfully and blend in. But I don’t suppose you would care about this.

      1. No I don’t, because it doesn’t change ANYTHING. And I’m horrified that the trans movement is pressuring kids who don’t gender conform to take hormone blocking drugs at age 10, and opposite sex changing drugs at age 16. How many will want to transition back? How many will be damaged by hormones that were never meant to be in their bodies, and surgeries that make them often sexually neutered and whose organs don’t work anyway? 21 is an age that at least a little bit of forethought can go into the process, a process I completely oppose because it does NOTHING to change the social status quo and forced gender conformity as it is. Yes, you are only changing the shell, but NOT the source of the problem. It is a form of genital and body mutilation.

      2. Good gawd. Do you not realise that females are not really adults before the age of 25? And males aren’t adults before 30?
        Before those ages, they are proto-adults. Almost there, but not quite there. Sure, they think they are all grown up and everything, but ask anyone to look back on their teen years, and almost all will cringe at the ‘cool’ crap they did – yet at the time, it all made perfect sense. Even before proper adult age, they will still continue to make dumb decisions, but at a lesser rate than their teens.
        And no, I really don’t give a crap if they have to wait for ‘transition’ and then by that time the biological reality of their born sex sets in. Nobody should have their body hacked up to play gender games – just get rid of the damn gender, and let people express themselves without having to conform to ANY gender roles or expectations.
        Jeez, in the US, they won’t even allow people to drink in clubs before 21, and you gender defenders want to allow permanently mutilating surgery and hormonal treatment at puberty or before? You are obviously all young and stoopid. Sometimes you really do have to be protected from your own innate stoopidity.

  6. P.S. ON other blogs I’ve been on(Dirt’s especially) this issue of de-transitioning has come up, and how those who choose to go back to their biological sex are so hugely villified and silenced. And especially in the FTM community. I can’t speak for the MTF community but it was interesting how he said alot felt the same way as he did.

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