0 thoughts on “Saturday Night Double Feature- WTF lol Edition

    1. He still has his peen- and no intention of chopping it! That’s what’s so bizarre about this vid- he has a 24/7 “Pee-mate”permanently attached- it’s called a penis! He IS one of those guys spraying the seat at Pridefest. lololol.

  1. I am delurking to observe that for people who profess to to be outraged and wounded by intrusive questions about their genitalia and bodily functions, male trannies seem to spend a lot of time on the internet describing these very subjects in exhaustive detail.

  2. ROFL! WTF edition, indeed.
    Judging from the condition of most men’s toilets, men aren’t any better at peeing standing up than women are.

  3. Lard, that first one!! Minstrelizing the minstrels. How dare she. And it’s not clear even what her intention is, but it sure works as cutting commentary when you’re as steeped in this shit as we are. How perfect to pair it with the good ‘ol military minstrel hisself, autumn (say that in your head in the voice of the woman in the first vid, it works better than his actual minstrel girl voice). He’s very proud of his recent de-balling. Longtime readers of the Firedoglake politic blog (where Pam’s House Blend moved over to recently) must be on the edge of their seats waiting for each exciting installment of that story. If only he’d make a video. And use the drag queen voice.

    1. Yeah, really. I can only imagine what they are saying about it. But hey, if men can parade around as women as a fetish, why can’t women also parade around as men pretending to be women?! You’d think trans would like it–sounds like gender-fucking to me! 😛

      1. LOL, it’s only gender-bending if it goes one way, that is males mocking femaleness (the F2Ts are tokens, tranz don’t give a shit about them).
        But mock the mockers, and there will be hell to pay!
        Which proves the downward minstrelling is ok, but never ever can you minstrelise upstream. And all the M2T protests about this stuff, just go and prove that even they still think they are males and shouldn’t be treated in such a manner.

  4. Firstly, I was a bit confused as to which one was LOL and which one was WTF. Although I had LOLs at the start of the first one, it eventually got to WTF (but a bit LOL too).
    As for Sandeen, Helms’ VA matey matey (zmog, I think I will have to start a table at Squirrelville to track the number of ex-military M2Ts). Anyway, Sandeen was very WTF to begin with (probably because he half passes in a still, but should NEVER EVER do moving video or talk, outsies outsies Sandeen, you outs yerself), so the Sandeen product push got a bit LOL at the end.
    There have been already numerous devices for peeing standing up for women, P-Mate is not the first. And no, giving a urine sample through it probably isn’t a good idea if it’s not sterile (what a maroon). There are even online instructions on how to pee standing up without devices.
    As for Sandeen, I did think it was him missing his standing-up-penis days, but as you assure me of his packing status, I am back to WTF again. Oh what a confusing day!
    I think I had better update the Tackle Status page with our two latest VA entries. Moar red symbols to be had!

  5. Oh dear. Will trans be terribly disappointed when they find out that girls/women are perfectly capable of peeing standing up? Most girls aren’t taught this skill, but I know a few who do. It just takes a little practice and learning how to aim the stream. It doesn’t come natural for the boys either. They too have to learn. It’s really not much different than putting one’s thumb over the end of a hose to make the water shoot out in a stream. That’s pretty much what boys do. Girls can do the same thing with a little practice. They told me to practice in the shower tho. :p
    Maude forbid sexist stereotypes were dispelled. Trans wouldn’t know how to act. Which is why they cling to stubbornly to them, I suppose.

  6. ….too late for the second one but the first one is hilarious & so true….more so for the queens
    ….for those born ts &or is….not so much….we meld

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