ABC Nightline Airs Special on “Transgender Children”- Forgets the Females

Last night ABC aired a show about “Transgender Children” that was, surprise surprise, 100% male. That’s right, not a single female trans-itioner (F2T) was featured or interviewed- or even mentioned. It was all male, all the time. And not a single trans or LGBT blog has mentioned this fact in their follow-up. Why? Same reason the plight of females are ignored and erased in every “mainstream” transgender discussion. The fact that females actually exist, and the fact that gender is entirely based on sex-roles designed to oppress women and maintain male supremacy and power, must be suppressed in order to uphold the Genderist Belief System which informs transgenderism. Transgender is an entirely male-supremacist philosophy that leaves no room for female reality.
That ABC News could manage to fill an entire hour of a show dealing with sex-roles, without mentioning a single female human being, is truly mind boggling. Especially considering the enormous female adolescent trans-trending epidemic of young women desperately seeking to become- not “males”, but to pass as “not-female” to escape the horrendous sex-roles inflicted on young girls.
None of which is worth even a mention by ABC Nightline or any trans or LGBT media source. No, ABC is reporting on news here, and that means stuff that concerns males. Gender? An entire hour on males. Just males. None of the transgender blogs writing follow-ups even noticed that females were entirely absent:
 “Nightline aired an extensive, five-part examination of the issues facing transgender people.”

“From 10 year Jack (upper left) to pop star transsexual “Kim Petras” the show presented an intelligent look at the trials facing our culture.”

 “Despite the politically correct presentation, there was at least a modicum of balance.”  “shouldn’t be missed” “in-depth report
The program consisted of five segments. The first featured the boy that likes glam from “My Princess Boy”, and his Mom who’s cashing in on him big time, trotting him out to transgender conferences and autographing tons of books.
The second featured a ten year old boy who kept getting beaten up for being a “fag” and whose mother began researching transgenderism when he was AGED TWO and already showing signs of faggotry. At least she didn’t beat him to death for his lack of masculinity, she sought a medical cure for his “wrongness” instead. And now the kid is on puberty blockers in anticipation of chemical/surgical sterilization, and goes to school wearing a full face of make-up and fake boobs (yes- at age ten!).
Third was a 19 year-old young man who started popping black market hormones ages ago and works as a prostitute specializing in the “tranny-chaser” market- closeted gays who want dick, but only on a person who acts out femininity for them. This guy funnels all his cash into Mexican plastic surgery procedures that he thinks will make him beautiful ie. happy. He’s already had six procedures and is planning a bunch more, but not a sex change op because that would ruin his niche prostitution income, plus he likes his dick.
Next was a segment on Charles Kane, the British dude who got a sex change then changed his mind after 7 years and had it reversed. Or at least near as the surgeons could, of course he’s on synthetic hormone injections for life now.
Last was Kim Petras the youngest boy to ever get a surgical sex change (at the age of 16 in Germany). He is marketing himself as a novelty act based on being a transsexual pop singer.
So there you have it, all the boys and their sex-role medical treatments.
You can watch the segments HERE. 

The Rainmaker- Johanna Olsen MD

Oh, and Johanna Olsen, MD got a lot of face time. She’s the rainmaker at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles who runs her own damn clinic doing nothing but setting these kids up for a lifetime of drugs and medical dependence.
Lots of people require lifetime drugs and medical dependence, but the problem is those people have some sort of disease process. Like diabetes, or a congenital heart condition. And diseases end up costing money, which eats into profits. The beauty of Dr Olsen’s clinic is that all the patients are perfectly healthy at the start! And they’re children, so very resilient and very teachable. So the medical lifetime dependence that Dr Olsen installs into these healthy children is pure profit! It’s a form of “therapeutic disability” performed on healthy children with a 100% profit margin for the medical industry. It’s a form of Cosmetic Medical Disability, and Dr Olsen is one of the pioneers. Plus she’s locking them into lifetime medical treatments before they are old enough to change their mind- and who signs the consents for it all? The parents of course! It’s a marketing marvel. Pure genius. Pure Gold. And Olsen recruits children nationally. She sits on the board of TransYouthFamilyAllies, which markets the medicalization and sterilization of sex-role non-compliant children to parents nationally. Their motto is “Trust. Accept. Confidence. Treatment.” And Dr Olsen provides that “treatment”.

Dr Olsen shares TYFA board space with Andrea James, the male transgender who famously posted purloined photos of sexologist Michael Bailey’s elementary school aged daughter with captions over the child’s face saying “cocksucker”, among other things. Andrea James doesn’t just represent children (!) but also makes videos. Here is Andrea’s latest work:
(Come to think of it – No females in that video either)
If you are the parent of a gender non-compliant child- RUN RUN RUN from these people. Give your child the skills they will need to be themselves, just as they are, in a world that is hostile, crushingly hostile to females and gender non-compliant males.
Together we can build a better world!

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  1. Thank you SO much, Gallus, for reporting on this. I watched the show in horror. So much money in this trendy industry now. I’m glad in a way that they didn’t show girls, but that IS very revealing, as you said. Meanwhile, I thought many of the women interviewed were caricature-looking in their drag queen facades. Of course, liking pink means a boy thinks he’s a girl. Wanting to wear make-up and skimpy, revealing dresses means he’s a girl too. NOT ONCE was anything said about how none of that has anything to do with being a real girl or woman. Men invented that posing crap for women, so of course it feels natural to them!
    I wish more focus had been on Charles Kane because he said clearly that he did not believe transgender was real or existed. He described how the doctor he saw directed him towards surgery and hormones, and he described it as “brainwashing.”
    There must be more like him, who regret it, and it would be good if someone would do a book and documentary about them, as well as the women who regret it. But of course there isn’t much money in the truth.

  2. Lesbian erasure, Woman erasure, it’s all the same continuum.
    Males consider themselves to be the default humans, so any ‘human interest’ story that totally ignores 51% of the population is not problematic at all in their view.
    As BevJo said, males invented all this artifical femininity shit, and they are more than welcome to prance around being sparkly fairies for all I care – just leave females the fuck out of male jendah games.
    I am fairly certain, with this level of madness in the world going on, we are witnessing something akin to the Last Days of the Roman Empire (where they poisoned themselves with lead pipes). We have a shitload of environmental toxins in the food supply and all around us, and all this nutsy behaviour is probably not a surprise at all.

  3. Wow, not even a token woman. That’s rich.
    “Cosmetic Medical Disability”? Holy crap. When are we going to start calling someone a bit chubby disabled, too?
    Besides this must be very offensive to disabled people. Transactivists not only manage to insult women through minstrel but also include other groups (with and without women) when possible.
    These people are insane. To admit that there are people who regret surgery and still promote it at the same time! Usually, when you know that there are a lot of people regretting “transitioning”, you would make it less available at least, in order to ruin fewer lives. (I’m not saying that there should be such surgeries at all.)

    1. “Cosmetic Medical Disability”? Holy crap. When are we going to start calling someone a bit chubby disabled, too?
      We have already arrived at this place. Plastic surgeons tried to label small breasts as a gene defect(!) so that they could get more customers by having insurance companies pay for surgeries.

    2. So I wouldn’t be surprised if fat or chubby people would be labelled “defective”. They are already treated accordingly.
      We live in a society in which wanting to accept yourself as the person you really are and not the person you are supposed to be according to society is treated as mental weakness and at worst illness while the people who are really the ones suffering low self-esteem and body dysmorphic disorders are labelled normal for wanting to undergo “corrective” surgery. In reality, never dealing with issues but always bypassing confrontation with surgery keeps you in a child-like state of constant refusal and fear of non-conformism. Transsexuality is another niche for perpetual self-haters and cowards.

  4. It’s really scary what we do medically to kids in the name of social compliance, especially girls. Before you even get to the trans issue, there’s plastic surgery for big ears, breast reductions, putting girls on the pill to “regulate” their periods or allegedly try to control their development. We used to put kids in horrendous back braces at the first hint of scoliosis. We have dental braces and acne medicine and chemicals to straighten hair. Then there’s the weight loss and diet camps, anti depressants, hyperactivity pills. Naturally these are not always bad things, sometimes they’re medically necessary or helpful, but for the most part they are about social compliance, wanting our kids to fit in, to appear “normal,” to conform. It’s no wonder that some of them grow up and start putting safety pins through their lips or spikes in their ears.
    Reading how the ABC special completely erased females, got me thinking about what the culture does to so many girls. Even without the trans issue, they already have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve to transform females into their ideal of what women should be.

  5. Wow such an horrifying insanity. Now the poor little boys are getting sterilized and their healthy body parts will be chopped of…just because these children love dresses!! For fucks sake that’s beyond belife!!! Shame on you deluded trans fascists for abusing children who just love to play with stuff that happens to be for “girls”. Who decided that just girls can love dresses,dolls and so on? Is there a fucking law of nature for this?? Seriously trans activists and their followers are really sick fucks. They stuck in the past times where men love cars and women pink and if a boy likes dolls he must be a girl. What else can he be? A healthy normal (perhaps gay) boy?? Nooo way! He must be corrected in order to conform. Why does he has to conform? There is no reason. But that’s the trans way of life, multilating yourself, multilating children, invading womens space (why wan’t women no penises in their space? Tranzzphobia!!11!), complete delusion about womens lifes, conforming in every possible way, no understanding about womens bodies (a surgical created hole is the same as a vagina), endless male worshipping, treatening females like shit , no understanding of human biology (females have XX chromosomes if you didn’t know it) and they love to scream transphobia if someone does not agree with them and call people hateful. To bad many of them are the hateful pricks here. Where are the intelligent trans people?? Are there any? Why don’t they do something for these children? Why do you let this happen? Are you too scared to raise your voice or are all of you like deluded cult members??

    1. It’s a shame about what they’ll do to boys who like pink, dresses and all that crap, but it’s girls – all girls – they really sacrifice on that altar.

  6. I understood you fine! I agree! I’m sorry we don’t write in your language.
    I really like “trans-fascists.”
    It’s going to continue because it is so much about money. Yes, there are all the minstrely transvestites, but this has become big business, just like all the other plastic surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. So many of the drugs lead to permanent brain damage/control and suicide. But who cares? Some rich men and their corporations are making money. Money clearly comes before health in the US.
    What needs to happen is for women to stop supporting all “trans” crap. It is not real. It is an illusion. And it is destroying our lives on a lot of levels. Patriarchy has found the best way to pit females and Lesbians against each other, once again on behalf of men. Female-hatred and self-hatred by females is taken to extremes, with surgery and drugs offered as a way out — either to turn you into a Stepford barbie doll or a pseudo man.
    If only public and feminist opinion can be changed to view every single “trans” as we view the men who take chainsaws to their legs because they just keeping thinking of themselves as paraplegic. That is the only way this can be solved: there has to be the same revulsion and anger and outrage that I saw on Jerry Springer when the man was on stage with his furious wife asking him, “What about me and our children?” No amount of his trans-style mind-fuck reached the audience. It was all as clear as the cuts he made. So how do we get everyone to view these people in the same way, so that no one is taken in for a moment?
    As it is, trannies have combined a coalition of those who identify as gay and their families and friends, doctors, psychologists, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and Lesbians and feminists to fight for their right to destroy our rights. They get sympathy and we get death threats. At least Gallus keeps showing the facts in all their repulsive transparency.

  7. It doesn’t bother me at all that they didn’t include the girls. I only wish they hadn’t included the boys either! Let the kids be kids, quit labeling them, and let them be themselves in the natural bodies they were born in, without all the sex roles and stereotyping.

  8. I wonder what the side effects for children are if they are taking puberty blockers and so on. I know they are becoming infertile but what else? Let me guess…there are NO longtime researches and the children are just test objects?
    Gallus do parents of “gender nonconforming” (or like I like to say…complete normal) children responding to your blog? What are their reactions?

    1. Yes, parents of gender non-comforming kids read and comment. Some are regular commenters. If you click on “transgender children” in the category cloud you can follow all related posts. Generally the peeps that have commented here have been questioning and concerned, and looking for answers about what is best for their kids.

  9. I don’t know if it would be an effective strategy but I like the idea of US-based people getting together and writing a formal complaint about Dr. Olsen to the American Psychiatric Association. We have the empirical evidence to prove that what she does is malpractice.
    I’m not from the US but I would offer support and my voice, too.

    1. YES YES YES YES. That is a GREAT idea. Women, Feminists, Parents, Gays and Lesbians, Gender-nonconforming adults MUST speak up and organize against the malpractice and predatory conservative medical reparative therapies which involve sterilization and lifetime disabilities for sex-role protesting children. It’s time to be pro-active and stop allowing those who make a living performing reparative gender treatments continue to practice unabated. It’s time to SAY NO to REPARATIVE GENDER TREATMENTS.

  10. Right – I’m going to throw myself in here and introduce myself as your arch-enmy – namely a male-to-female transgender person.
    [Oh Honey you’re not my arch anything. You’re just a conscripted footsoldier in a war you know nothing about.-GM]
    I’m most certainly not a stepford barbie doll – I am not a caricature of anything! That you see me as such, without ever actually seeing me, says more about your prejudices than anything else. I’m not into pink, I very rarely wear makeup, and I don’t wear anything sparkly. Yet it is rare for anyone to question whether I am actually female when they see me. So let’s stop with the nonsense about what constitutes a transgender person, shall we?
    [Yes, let’s DO stop the nonsense. The nonsense that you spent your entire life being mistaken for female, and the nonsense that you’ve done nothing to modify your behavior or appearance. Let’s stop the nonsense that M2T are just guys who are born looking female. Are you ready to stop with the nonsense about what constitutes a transgender person? If you’ve changed nothing, then you haven’t really “transed” anything. So let’s get real here, okay? -GM]
    Charles Kane made a fundamental mistake – he used his wealth to by-pass the psychiatric gatekeepers whose job it is to ensure that there are no underlying psychiatric or psychological issues which are manifesting themselves as a desire to transition. His existence does not disprove the existence of the phenomenon of transgenderism.
    [Oh Deirdre- This is the biggest fucking lie going- and just when I thought we were going to get real with each other. Most transsexuals don’t follow any “standards of care”. They get hormones on the street, or off the internet. Why I can show you a dozen such sites right now. And I can show you a dozen- maybe a hundred!- tranny blogs discussing the best places to get estrogen without a prescription. And many many physicians will provide cross-sex hormones and surgeries on an “informed consent” basis. And you know this.
    Hon, you are talking to someone who knows just as much about transgender as you do- so please stop rudely chirping the bullshit lies you tell the general public such as “Trans people go through years of therapy and gatekeeping”. It’s a total fucking lie, and it’s just plain rude to lie when you said you were going to keep it real. And it makes me bored with you.
    And it has nothing to do with wealth. The trans who are taking illegal unregulated hormones and having industrial grade silicone injected into them in a thousand places AREN’T THE WEALTHY ONES. So GET REAL Deirdre. Everyone reading this blog- many of whom are trans- is yawning at your bullshit. Please try to do better. -GM]
    [And THIS: “His existence does not disprove the existence of the phenomenon of transgenderism.” What the hell is that? Obvs the “phenomenon of transgenderism” exists. Who would dispute that? You are a practitioner of transgenderism yourself- you just said so. I love the smell of burning straw-man in the morning. What Kane said is that Sex-Role Reparation Treatments (Transgenderism) should not be practiced on children.-GM]

    There were no women on this programme? Obviously since you don’t accept the phenomenon of transgenderism, you don’t accept that the people featured were female. However, isn’t it also interesting that there were no female-to-male transgender people? Oh – sorry – of course – a female-to-male transgender person only does it to escape the effects of patriarchy.
    Here’s the deal. When I’m out and about, everyone sees me as female. Everyone treats me as female. Believe it or not, but I’ve actually lost pretty much all my male privilege – the only bit that I haven’t lost is the intimate memory of how that privilege works. And the loss of much of my privilege is, in a way, something that I welcome (as it means that I’m accepted as a female), though of course I also, like you, wish that those privilege systems weren’t in place in the first instance. Now, why would I do that – why would I voluntarily give up that privilege (and even, in a sense, welcome the loss of that privilege) if there wasn’t a huge underlying fundamental cause? And, no, the cause isn’t that I’m mad – all transgender people are required to go through psychiatric screening before being given hormone treatment or any other treatment. [LIES!-GM] And neither is the cause that I want to wear sparkly things for crying out loud!

    [You’re not giving up any privilege. You’re just enjoying a vacation from it. Which is your privilege. You could get it back at any moment you desire. Plenty do, even after SRS. Looking like a woman doesn’t erase male privilege. Wearing BlackFace doesn’t erase white privilege. Giving away all your money doesn’t erase class privilege.
    You’re asking me why you do it? Because it excites you. It gives you pleasure. You enjoy it. You decided that the way women are treated looked enjoyable to you. Simple. -GM

    1. Believe it or not, but I’ve actually lost pretty much all my male privilege
      LOL, yeah right. What about that male privilege to come into a group of females, uninvited, and mansplain “how it is!”? Of course, now that you are M2T, it’s called transplaining. Oh, you just want to set us straight do you? Well, even though we would like to set the record straight about the twanz delusion, we don’t barge onto twanz blogs and ‘splain. See the difference? No, I don’t expect you do. It’s a shame the medicos don’t do a male-privilege-ectomy along with the SRS.
      Keep it up, perhaps one day you will make it onto:
      Thanks for your inbetweeny comments GM.

  11. Very very interesting responses. GallusMag has it right with the link to the Plastic Girl web site – I’m simply not welcome here. My post is the only one so far that has been edited from what I actually said. I’ve been told that I do this for kicks (OMFG that is so far from the truth it is sickening), I’ve been told a lot of things about myself, I’ve been put in my place. Of course I recognise those silencing techniques – so I guess I’ll just say goodbye.

      Deirdre it’s people like you that make me wonder why I even bother trying to talk to M2Ts or post their comments. WHAT A TIME WASTER.
      What incredible BULLSHIT to claim you’ve been “edited” or “silenced”. Utter fucking bullshit. If you are incapable of having a discussion with a gender agnostic feminist than just say so- don’t claim some bullshit. My goodness what a coward! I don’t see trans sites allowing radfems to post. Yet I let you post AND GAVE YOU MY TIME to respond and you whine that you “don’t feel welcome”???? Hahahahahahaha OMG
      Fucking Coward. And cowards are fine, I love cowards. But you were a boring energy sucking LYING coward.
      Good riddance cry-baby.

      1. So I’m a
        – conscripted footsoldier in a war I know nothing about
        – guy who was born looking female (you are the first person who has ever said that to me, and it is an amazing statement of perception given that you’ve never seen what I looked like when I was born)
        – someone who most likely got hormones on the street, or off the internet (well, I have to hand it to you that the hospital I go to is on a street, so you are not entirely wrong)
        – a liar when I say that I’ve gone through therapy and gatekeeping
        – enjoying a vacation from my privilege (wow – you can now see into my future, and you are seeing that I’m going to detransition – that is some amazing skill you have)
        – someone who does this because it excites me, it gives me pleasure, and because I enjoy it. Your skill extends to being able to see into my heart from hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away! That is AMAZING!
        So, really, what chance to I have against someone with such amazing perceptive powers? You know me better than I ever will, better than my family does, better than my friends do. So thank you for setting me straight.

      2. “So I’m a
        – conscripted footsoldier in a war I know nothing about”
        Yes, that’s right.
        “- guy who was born looking female (you are the first person who has ever said that to me, and it is an amazing statement of perception given that you’ve never seen what I looked like when I was born)”
        I didn’t say you were born looking female- I disputed your assertion that you are assigned female based on natural appearence.
        “- someone who most likely got hormones on the street, or off the internet (well, I have to hand it to you that the hospital I go to is on a street, so you are not entirely wrong)”
        I didn’t say anything about you. I disputed your willfully erroneous assertion that most trans people go thru a medical gatekeeping procedure.
        “- a liar when I say that I’ve gone through therapy and gatekeeping”
        I didn’t say anything about you. I disputed your willfully erroneous assertion that most trans people go thru a medical gatekeeping procedure.
        “- enjoying a vacation from my privilege (wow – you can now see into my future, and you are seeing that I’m going to detransition – that is some amazing skill you have)”
        I didn’t say anything about what you’re going to do. I said you COULD reverse your transition and regain your male privilege at any time you wanted. That your loss of privilege is a choice. A very reversible choice.
        “- someone who does this because it excites me, it gives me pleasure, and because I enjoy it. Your skill extends to being able to see into my heart from hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away! That is AMAZING!”
        Yes. You decided that the way women are treated looked enjoyable to you. And you wanted to experience that treatment.
        “So, really, what chance to I have against someone with such amazing perceptive powers? You know me better than I ever will, better than my family does, better than my friends do. So thank you for setting me straight.”
        You’ve misrepresented my comments, quite transparently. I’ve listened to your comments, and responded to them. Won’t you do me the same courtesy? Actually engage with the thoughts I’ve written, instead of trying to evade. Thanks in advance.

      3. “I disputed your assertion that you are assigned female based on natural appearence.”
        So you would be happy if I were assigned female based on natural appearance? i.e. if I were a fem-looking guy? Even if I didn’t identify as trans?
        “I disputed your willfully erroneous assertion that most trans people go thru a medical gatekeeping procedure.”
        Well, I dispute your wilfilly erroneous assertion. Of the maybe 30 trans people I know, only one has gone the illegal route.
        “I said you COULD reverse your transition and regain your male privilege at any time you wanted.”
        You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, it wouldn’t be “at any time I wanted” – it would take maybe 2 years or more for the effects of hormones to reverse, and of course I would have to get more surgery. During those 2 years, I would once again go through a phase of looking neither male or female, which has some quite difficult challenges associated with it. At the end of it, anyone who knew that I went through transition and reverted would probably treat me like an even bigger freak.
        “You decided that the way women are treated looked enjoyable to you. And you wanted to experience that treatment.”
        Are you fscking SERIOUS?! You think I ENJOY being paid 70% of what I was paid before transition?! (And, yes, I have experienced a paycut of 30% – way in excess of the paycut of anyone else I know who has had a paycut as a result of the economy). You think I ENJOY having to watch my back at night in a way I never had to before? You think I ENJOY being at a meeting and have my word count for less than those of the men at the table (yes, I’ve experienced that too). Are you SERIOUS?! And before you get into the “oh but you are getting more attention now” – no, I’m not, actually. I still haven’t had ONE relationship (or even a proper date!) since I started transition 3 years ago.
        You are so divorced from the realities of trans that I just don’t see any hope for this discussion.

      4. You only know 30 trans people? I’m not even trans but I know way more trans people than that. I guess where you live in Ireland there aren’t many trans. Perhaps black market hormones are more difficult to obtain on the mean streets of Ireland than in the U.S.?
        “I would once again go through a phase of looking neither male or female, which has some quite difficult challenges associated with it. At the end of it, anyone who knew that I went through transition and reverted would probably treat me like an even bigger freak.”
        All of my life I have looked neither male or female. 24/7/265. Little old men come up to me in the supermarket and ask if I am a man or a woman. The same is true for lots of people who don’t conform to gender. Do you really think androgeny is so unbearable? Is it really that awful to be a feminine, pretty man? The trans I’ve seen detransition – the males- change very rapidly back to a male appearance. Testosterone is very powerful stuff, just ask any F2T. (Of course female detransitioners are not so lucky as the effects of testosterone are largely irreversible). Your detransition would be much easier and quicker than your transition.
        It’s tragic that the trans community shuns those who retransition to their biological sex, because there are so many detransitioners out there. There have been many good blogs by people who have detransitoned but they get so much flack for being “bad for the trans image” that they almost always end up leaving the trans community. Rejected by their support system. Like what happened to Mike Penner. Still, many have walked that path, and have much to share about their experiences- such as dealing with associates and friends, etc. Someone told me this yahoo group is an excellent support, feel free to check it out:

  12. From the Detransition Support Site:
    Stopping Your FTM or MTF Gender Transition
    NoGoingBack is a group for people of who spent time transitioning medically, socially, and/or physically to another gender… or who were TG/TS identified for part of their lives… And then chose to stop transitioning and/or stop ID’ing as transgender/transsexual.
    People seriously considering stopping their transition are welcome.
    Some of us have returned to living in our birth-assigned gender, others continue to live cross-gender lives, and still others are genderqueer, 3rd gender, or otherwise gender-variant. There is no term for people like us, though some of us speak of ourselves as de-transitioning, re-transitioning, ex-trans, going back, moving on, finding our true selves, accepting our gender difference. This group is for people who are trying to create fulfilling lives for ourselves in our birth-assigned gender, in a 3rd gender or in-between space, or as a non-transitioning transperson.
    WHAT THIS GROUP IS NOT: This is NOT a general genderqueer or third-gender support group. This is NOT a group for people who think that transitioning is categorically wrong – It is for people who simply feel it is/was the wrong choice for them personally. This group is NOT open to significant others, allies, and transitioning folks who aren’t seriously considering stopping/reversing transition.
    THE RULES OF THE ROAD: Anti-trans and anti-gay sentiment are NOT welcome. This means, no posts making generalized statements about transitioning or SRS being wrong. We do welcome: Examining the various reasons and pressures that led us to transition or trans-identify. Finding ways to support our trans friends and loved ones while validating our own choices. Sharing ways to cope with living in gender-ambiguous bodies. Creating community to support gender variance. Ending isolation.”

  13. Thank you, Gallus Mag, for answering Deirdre’s comments so clearly, so brilliantly, so not-bound-by-self-censorship, which I am seeing by so many “radical” feminists,” in an effort to not offend and which sells all females out. There is never an answer about the minstrel part — because they can’t answer it. He “rarely wears make-up?” Right there, he is fitting male-defined femininity. Women get punished for not wearing makeup, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with being a female. Any man wearing makeup is ridiculing females and playing minstrel misogynist games. We have no idea what he really looks like, but, unless he’s had extensive plastic surgery, we know he looks like an obvious man.
    They can’t really answer you about the “pleasure” either. Of course it a game of downward mobility, as you said so well. But the real part is that it is a sexual fetish and therefore a perversion and an insult — men using oppressed people (girls and women) to fetishize about and get a sexual charge from. It always feels like a mass spiritual and emotional (and sometimes more) rape of femaleness — our identity and beings. It’s like a horror movie made real. But because females are valued so little, it is accepted.
    He follows a pattern that I’ve been seeing at my blog too. Starting out carefully, pretending to not offend, but it all comes back to narcissism, to it being all about them, and how dare we object to what a man says or claims as his territory. They oppress us. They have no right to lecture us. They have no right to pretend to be us.

  14. Gallus, I so enjoy your kick butt posts, and your solid woman defending words! Finally, we are pushing back, and I hope blogs like this wake up the entire lesbian community to stop the trans supporting nonsense because it destroys lesbian worlds with male invaders… or the eunich in the harem syndrome.
    People have a lot to learn about this out of control medical technology.

  15. Umm, wow, I had no idea transsexualism was so controversial. Reparative therapy as far as I knew was the whole “pray the gay away” thing. I have never seen RT as being used with the medically accepted, best practice treatment for transsexuals, which is to transition. Yes, there are many who chose to go back to their outward, original sex assignments, and fortunately there is support for those individuals (the yahoo group as an example). They are a minority, however, and those choosing not to transition usually do so within the first six months of beginning HRT. There is little that can be done for those that bypass the medical process, however. Yes, they do obtain their HRT illicitly, they are far more likely to be “transitioning” for a fetish, and they generally do unfortunately love the sex stereotypes. I’ve met those kinds, and they scare the hell out of me.
    I wish there were a way to filter the negative, crazy trannies out of general circulation, but they do indeed seem to be the most vocal and attention hungry. I’m unable to watch the videos you linked Gallus, due to my location, but I’m sure they are appalling. I would just ask that you might consider not painting everyone who has transitioned with the same color, because we aren’t all the same. I read and I sympathise a lot with many of the things you’ve said. I get queasy when I’m lumped in with the lunatics though. We don’t all hate you, and if I hated women, I would hate myself.
    Good luck to you. 🙂

  16. Rachel M, unfortunately you are in the minority. We are being invaded by trans, they do target lesbian spaces, women only spaces, rape crisis centers.
    We all need to send the peen packers packing. And there is no compromise, we need to throw them out and make sure they stay out, and if they break into womyn’s land, they should be arrested, thrown into a men’s jail. This is breaking and entering folks, male rapists who can’t take no for an answer.
    Yeah, all trans will get lumped in together because of these male impersonators.

  17. But this is the way that we are tricked and invaded. Can you change race, no matter how you fantasize about being another race? Can you change species?
    The whole idea of “trans” anything is a cult and is a fantasy. I keep getting letters from “nice” trans who support us, except “What about me!” they ask. If I explain that no, I do not and will not ever accept a male as a female, they quickly become petulant and accusing. And you know what follows after that.
    Please don’t be conned into accepting any man as a female. He is a female impersonator and still has no right to claim our identity. Of course we lump them together. If you accept this man as a woman, then how can you object when he wants to go to Michigan? Does he really not know all the attacks on real females that have been going on for years?

    1. Having been raped myself, yes, I am keenly aware of the vulnerabilities women face. I am not a man. I was assigned male, as you were assigned female. No one bothered to ask me how I felt about this, it just happens.
      I do admire your courage to stand up for what you believe Gallus, and Bev Jo. As I’ve already said, I won’t be seen at MichFest or any other venue where I understand there may be a conflict. I do understand the differences between us, and I respect you for what you are, an unshrinking, fierce woman. I hope others in my category leave you be and you can have the peace you crave. Where we are going to clash from now to eternity, however, is the more general women’s spaces. I know it doesn’t stop at MichFest or lesbian spaces for you both.
      I will never defend the transgender assumption of transsexuality. We transsexuals too have a problem with the GLBT co-opting our narrative for gay male pleasure. The transgender thing is a heinous attack on women, and it de-legitimizes transsexual health care needs, turning a modern medical miracle into nothing more than a choice. I hate the transgender moniker, probably nearly as much as y’all do.

  18. Hello! My wife has gotten a hold of some clips from the ABC special, which we just watched, so I had to share your post with her too.
    I am VERY disturbed by Andrea James. AND that yucky video.
    Thank you for covering this!

  19. Well, Chaz is just as guilty, because she was advocating for the same thing in her documentary….that made me sicker than her shouting at her g/f in the kitchen. This shit makes me sick, just sick that every hardcore tomboy non gender conforming to sexist sex role girl(like myself at a young age, and so many others) and every effeminate little boy will be forced into a lifetime of therapy and drugs. I myself was forced into therapy, but thank goodness NOT the drugs. I never understood WHY I was in therapy and no longer had to go once I reached Junior high…but my family NEVER accepted my resistance to femininity and my tomboy ways, NOR do they accept me as a Butch Dyke these days!
    Basically this is about the elimination of homosexuality/lesbianism at it’s roots, just like the president of Iran and Imams will allow transsexual surgeries, if two are engaging in homosexual acts, but if one refuses to transition, they will be put to death for homosexuality. Makes alot of sense eh? And forcing a young male into wearing makeup at a young age? Sounds like more sex role stereotyping to me! This all so sickens me that the doctors, psychiatrists, pharmacists and the trans movement has taken their cult to the kids…….

  20. It’s really pathetic when you complain about balance. Your whole article ignores the decades of research and treatment of transsexuals. The fact that this one piece dealt exclusively with MTF is not some plot to erase women. They showed the many sides of transexualism, including someone who transitioned back to their birth gender. The fact that you don’t “believe” that transexualism is a real condition that can be treated with surgury shows how little you have researched the subject or how closed your mind is.

    1. Seriously? You come here and accuse Gallus of not doing any research on the subject? Have you looked anywhere else on this blog beyond this individual article? Just because someone comes up with a different conclusion than you doesn’t mean they didn’t do their research.

      1. Pretty much the number one transgender trope:
        Also love this: “…The fact that this one piece dealt exclusively with [males] is not some plot to erase women. They showed the many sides of transexualism…]
        Err, yeah, okay bro. The many sides of transsexualism minus the female side. Never mind that the majority of “transgender children” are female.

      2. “Pretty much the number one transgender trope”
        Yes, I see that now. It’s also the most boring one. And the most silly. And the one that demonstrates trans activism relies largely on propaganda.
        “You should educate yourself” means “you obviously haven’t read/watched/listened to enough our bullshit yet, because you still being logical, and still defending biological and social realities.”

    2. OK, then, our minds are closed. Closed to delusions, that is. The belief that brains and bodies can be “mismatched” is delusional, an error in thinking, a faith in the fantastic. Exactly how much research does one have to do into irrational, magical ideas before finally rejecting those ideas?

    3. Sorry, honey, but Gallus and the commenters here have done more reading about trans crap than you’ll ever know.
      This is not a matter of closed minds – we’re used to that trans trope – but rather the harm being done. If you bothered to read this blog at any length, you’d see what we’re on about.

    4. Oh and by the way there WAS a segment with a female child filmed for this program. It featured the child in a hottub with Chaz Bono. It was cut from the program, presumably for being wildly inappropriate.
      Here’s a still of the girl from the ABC website- her name is “Nathan” :

      “Primetime Nightline” Goes Inside the World of Transgender Kids and
      Teens in “My (Extra) Ordinary Family: Transgender Kids”
      Special Airs Wednesday, August 31 at 10:00 p.m. ET
      “Primetime Nightline” goes on a remarkable journey inside three families, struggling to do the right thing for their transgender kids. One biological boy who at age ten is now going to school as a girl and who will soon be given medicine to stop him from going through male puberty; a15 year old biological girl who is taking testosterone to make her more masculine; a 19 year old biological male who goes to Mexico to have six surgeries in two hours to make him more feminine.
      Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden looks at the challenges that these children confront, the difficult decisions they and their parents have to make and, at times, the risks they have to take in order to become the person they feel they were born as.
      We look at the social, medical, and surgical changes, as well as the emotional journey on which these children are embarking. We talk to the leading experts. And find a grim reality: transgender kids often are rejected by their families. One estimate has over 33% of them attempting suicide.
      We also profile Kim Petras, a burgeoning pop sensation who became the world’s youngest person to have a complete sex change operation at the age of 16.
      We also interview Charles Kane perhaps the only person in the world to have sexual reassignment surgery twice…going from man to woman and back again…he regrets his decision to have sexual reassignment surgery and believes children should not be given these therapies.
      Meet some of those we follow:
      Jackie is a 10 year old from Ohio who was originally born as Jack. As a toddler, Jack was drawn to his sister’s dolls and clothes, and enjoyed dressing up in tutus. At 10 years old, with tears in his eyes, he told his parents “I’m a girl on the inside.” Within months, with his parents help, Jack becomes Jackie. She now attends school as a girl, wearing girl’s clothing, heels, and makeup. We watch as Jackie navigates her transition and meets relatives for the first time as a girl. Soon Jackie will begin taking puberty blockers, a controversial treatment, which will prevent her from going through male puberty.
      Nathan is a 15 year old living in Arizona and was originally born Natalie. Always feeling out of place as a girl, he came home from his first day of pre-school to tell his mother, “I’m a boy.” He started dressing in gender neutral clothing in pre-school. As Natalie grew up, her parents became convinced this wasn’t a phase and are now helping him transition. We watch as Natalie changes his name to Nathan in court and prepares to start testosterone treatment, which will give him physical attributes of a boy. Harassed into home schooling, Nathan has no friends his own age. Cynthia McFadden introduces him to his transgender idol Chaz Bono, who offers him and his family a few words of advice and hope.
      Vanessa is 19 years old living and working in New York City. Vanessa was born as Pierry. At first, her immigrant family had a difficult time accepting their son as their daughter, but now that she has decided on surgery, they have come to support her. But neither the family nor Vanessa can afford the transition, so she has turned to prostitution to pay for the body she feels she should’ve been born with in the first place. We go along with her to Guadalajara, Mexico, where a wad of $6500 cash will buy her six surgeries in two hours as she struggles to become the woman she’s always wanted to be.

      1. Actually, I’m pleased to have my attention drawn back to this post so I could add the information about the Nathan/Chaz Bono hot tub segment which was cut. So.. thanks, “sally”!

  21. I can hear that poor little Jack trying to defend his like of a Tutu and dancing around with his sister, mabye even wanting all the attention she got while preparing for the ballet school concert. He’s trying to make sense of and defend his likes. We don’t get the many censoring and abusive comments from the adults in this child’s life do we, such as “No you can’t wear that, that’s for girls”. Will there be any medical doctors who refute this insanity interviewed, any dissenting advice from doctors who won’t go along with it? I wish they could contact Heath.

  22. My complaint is that the handicapped are ignored. I didn’t play much with either “boys toys” or “girls toys” as a kid. My cerebral palsy went undiagnosed for 3/8 ths of a century.

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