0 thoughts on “"Work It" coming soon to ABC

    1. Oh puke, I see it now.
      So the entire premise is that “women are taking all the jobs” so poor het menz have to don drag in order to get jobs. Oh the twagedy.
      Unfortunately, this is a complete and utter patriarchy reversal again. If you look at the ONS statistics (UK) you will see that women are retrenched in greater numbers, and less likely to be re-engaged in work. The opposite is true for the males.
      So fuck you ABC.
      Also, what purplerage said below.

      1. For sure, it’s horseshit.
        Part of my senior thesis is analyzing the impacts of the recession across, among other things, sex. Nearly every paper I’ve found on the subject harps on the fact that the industries which were hit hardest (construction, finance, etc.) were male-dominated, so in total, men have lost more jobs. This is completely ignorant of the reality which is stark once you hold constant by industry.
        A woman in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities industries has been 63% more likely to be laid off than a man. A women in the business services industry is 65% more likely. The number in manufacturing is 52%.
        There’s discrimination in the workforce all right, but it doesn’t favor women (and it doesn’t favor men in dresses either).

      2. Although, men in dresses still can be protected a little, due to the diversity requirements that most large companies have to adhere to. So they become female-proxies, keeping those places so that the company’s ‘diversity’ looks good on the books.
        Because deep down, no one really believes these ‘sex changes’ at all. Including twanz themselves, who still expect better treatment even though they are minstrelling around in a woman-suit.

  1. Thanks Gallus, I can watch this copy now. I have the misfortune to be able to see just what I was missing out on! Blech!!!
    The nauseating thing is that as vile as the frigo pricks are in the trailer, it’s the malestream media’s depiction of hetero-females that I find the most offensive of all. The females in the trailer ARE actually the ones engaging in male constructed full-on high performance drag/femininity which is shown as literally being their ‘identity’ (i.e. it’s what makes them women dotcha know). Something that I don’t find funny at all – this ABC sitcom is a misogynistic double whammy that will be lost on most who end up watching and laughing at this ish. No doubt though some transactivists will claim it’s hateful to m2ts, missing the true woman-hating message all together!

    1. Yes, not only will they be upset that they are being parodied (how rude it is to parody someone!) but also because the show will make it seem like men in drag (oops, m2t) can just pick up jobs right and left.
      It’s going to totally blow their *I’m the mostest marginalized, oppressed, murdered, JOBLESS person evuh!!* schtick. 😛

  2. There’s so much sexist backlash claptrap on right now, it’s amazing (Pan Am anyone?). We must be really getting to poor pitiful menz for them to be clutching at their privates so openly.
    As for THIS throwback (thanks for the reminder of BB, SarSea), this time around I cannot wait to get my front row seat to the hissy fit trans nation is going to throw and the ensuing reaction from Hollywood. Get your popcorn gals, it’s going to be a good one.

  3. I thought you must be joking gallus, but then….
    Women “performing” femininity while men immitate the performance of the performance. I’d be impressed if the trans attacked this sexist show for demeaning het women… now that WOULD be impressive.

  4. I just have to tell you all about the misfortune I had today of going to a Lesbian group trip to a museum (not “women,” but Lesbian) and ending up having to be around a hulking trannie if I wanted to stay with the group. He was so grotesque, so insulting, so dominating, and so passive agressive — acting demure but really nasty. It was as ridiculous as being with someone in a panda suit while everyone else accepted him as a real panda.
    Later, I climbed a fence to get into the Arboretum (since it no longer is free) and had the pleasure of a gang of squirrels climbing all over me as I gave them my lunch. The little darlings! A good antidote for trans-horror.

    1. LOL Bev jo!
      youtube is going to help with all of this. For the first time ever, people are gaining visual access to athentic women on-screen in a way they never have before.
      So when we then see women parodying M2Ts, who are in turn parodying women, as in the above video, it begins to look very “off” and even more foolish than it would have in, say, the eighties when the only on-screen women we could watch those the patriarchy deemed suitable.
      Take a look at this woman for example. Here is a real woman giving an amazing speech during the London riots in a one-woman stand off against a group of male thugs. I can’t stop watching it. She’s brilliant. You would never mistake her for a trans woman, and vice versa. This vid has gone viral.
      Go on, minstrelize a woman like *this* M2Ts. I DARE YOU.

    2. Squirrels eh BevJo?
      Any twanzsquirrels in that little group?
      Had I known there was a SAB gathering, I would have ensured that I attended. With my clip-on tail.
      Anyone that denies my squirrelness, is twanzsquirrelophobic.
      SAB = Squirrel At Birth, in case anyone was wondering.
      I am PBS, Person Born Squirrel. Or something. I am just making it up as I go along. Hey, I could even be like Dee Omally and just re-write history.

  5. The part that makes me crazy is this idea that born women are stereotypes, not too bright, shallow, people who should be ashamed of themselves and their femininity. But you dress a man up in female clothing, call him a woman, and suddenly he’s smart. He does femininity so much better then born women. This is reflected in that comedy and all over our culture. We now actually have hate crime legislation, intended to protect men who want to be women, but still nothing to protect women who were born that way. The constant message is that women should be ashamed of themselves, that they aren’t worthy, while at the same time it seems like everybody is fighting to bring about trans acceptance.

  6. The left: they know this is a man, and men are human and any denial of whatever they demand is their right is bigotry, prejudice, a human and civil rights infraction. It’s the same with racism of course, the left get it, because it involves males.

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