Most Stupid Comment of the Day Winner: Dee Omally

It was really tough to pick a winner with so many fine entries, but I’m going to have to go with the gross, unselfconscious sexism of Dee Omally’s latest submission. Congratulations Dee!

Submitted on 2011/08/11 at 1:31 pm

Wow…if this is the best lesbian trans phobia can do then we trans females have little to worry about. I have been a peacekeeper and peace maker since the age of 18 from my time in the Air Force as a military policeman. Violence or the threat of violence is never justified unless in defense of life period. I apologize to no one for my gender transition—nor should I have to. Aside from growing up male, which i didn’t hate because life itself is so precious but didn’t agree with (thus my transition), I was weak and a poor performer in all things masculine no different than most females. My sentiments, academic achievements, desires, and sports of choice aligned exactly with those of females as a child (spelling bee winner in 5th grade in a K-8 school contest), essay contest winner in high school, tennis as my chosen sport), etc. I was never “gay”…but since age 6 never cared to have a girlfriend—it was more than wishing I had been born a girl. It was a deep sense beyond thought that I “knew” I was a girl—-long before I even knew such a thing as gender identity existed. Simply stated—I didn’t want to date a girl then or now….I wanted to be the girl I felt I was supposed to have been. I am a firm believer in living a courageous life…despite what everyone else says…sexually or otherwise. In this regard lesbians and i share our expression for courage.
Regarding this WordPress blog, if it is a serious attempt at gaining due credibility as a journalistc endeavor, I find that it falls rather short, despite its following. I say this because nowhere is there a preface stating the source of this blog…its purpose….an “about me” page….no author stated in plain view. Without an introduction, the reader is welcomed directly into the conversation, without the courtesy of knowing the parties. If this is for a reason, at minimum courtesy would dictate that this reason be posted on the home page. My first impression? That quite possibly the contents are so controversial or so vile that anonymity is warranted else why the reason not to disclose?
As I scanned some previous articles, my next impression was that the authors are probably transphobic males. Why? Because of the overwhelming Alpha-male type aggression that weaves a common thread throughout. Gays and lesbians are extremely vocal about being addressed appropriately as such and take great offense at being called derogatory terms that begin with “F” and “D” that are used to deride gay and lesbian persons. And yet, no such courtesy is extended to we transgender persons…witness the word “tranny” and the pronoun “he”.
The thesis of this blog? Adversarial, phobic, hate speech toward transgender persons. Period. On its face this is self-revealing. The next question is begged…why? Why this ad-hominem approach? I am not one to take the bait and engage…clearly the trap has already been set. I don’t engage in masculine exhibits of aggression. I don’t respond “in-kind”. I adore my gay and lesbian friends…as a bisexual trans female, it would be like hating myself. I also don’t engage in protracted discussion about private body parts….oh to be sure a little research will reveal that I am non-op so I will just disclose it now. If that makes me a male still I served six years in the military to defend your right to call me what u will. I never possessed a male “sex drive” and for sure I hardly do now. In fact, I served six years in the prime of my life with access to an infinite amount of females who lusted after GIs and yet I was a “VIVO”….virgin in at 18 and virgin out at 23.
I joined the military to become the “man” I was expected to be—I knew I was female “soft” and knew that as a male this would be an impediment so I decided to join something I couldn’t quit. At the age of 20, a Eureka moment….in the middle of my enlistment I remember the day when I woke up and beyond feeling, beyond thought, beyond emotion, I distinctly just knew that my body had no business being male. This wasn’t sexual….wasn’t trans dressing up….not at all…I was completely unclothed as I examined myself in a mirror and seriously wondered why my body was male.
I am in full and total agreement with keeping males and females in segregated private facilities. Again, my military service defended the right for everyone to have an opinion but the fact is that persons can legally transition gender. If a person has become legally male or female, then they are legally entitled to utilize gender-specific facilities…period. Medical doctors are trained to make this determination….not judges, gay or lesbian activists, or policemen….period. Until the laws change, my ears are deaf to opinions to the contrary..period.
In closing, I will always love my gay and lesbian friends…nothing will get between that in real life or here. I know that many trans persons exhibit Alpha male characteristics and I am no less vocal against them as well. I choose not to engage in bad behavior for then I would lose my precious right to criticize it wherever I see it as I would be an overt hypocrite. Speaking for myself, as I represent no one else, I honestly find this WordPress blog to be sensational, dramatic, trans phobic, hateful, hurtful, and extremely deriding of those of us in the LGBT “family”. I am not sure where I fall in relative to my trans brothers and sisters but on a credibility scale, this blog is next to zero for all the reasons I mentioned above. Serious discussion and disagreement is always welcome, even if it gets heated, but attacking all of us merely for being transgender in such a hateful way, without an introduction or “mission statement” makes this not much more than incoherent and organized babble. Any valid points that might be here are cancelled out by the distraction of the anti-trans plot that is self-evident.

Thanks for playing Dee! And thanks to everyone who entered. Your entries will be kept on file in the spam bin.
[Emboldening mine-GM].

68 thoughts on “Most Stupid Comment of the Day Winner: Dee Omally

  1. rotflmao, well that was certainly a laugh-a-minute! I can see why Dee Omally was picked as the winner – but I do feel sorry for Austen on the other thread, surely he could get some sort of “honourable mention” as a runner-up?
    Which reminds me, thanks to Dee Omally’s suggestion, I must compose myself a truly twanzphobic Mission Statement.
    In between living life as a twanzsquirrel of course.
    Thanks for the life story Dee Omally. I do believe that with such rich detail, you might just make it onto the Tackle Status list.

  2. Once again I’m made aware of the fact that many transpeople seem to have no flippin clue what being a woman is all about! Worse, their stereotypes are downright offensive. Spelling bees? Sports choices? Female “soft”?? Give me a bloody break!
    I’m seriously angry to hear that being a woman is about being “a weak and a poor performer in all things masculine.” That is just so ridiculous, so offensive, I want to scream.
    You know what reality is? Reality is that women are actually strong performers of “all things masculine,” in fact, we’re so good at it we do two thirds of the world’s work for 1/10 of the world’s pay.

  3. Another failed man (that’s your patriarchy for you, Dee, nothing whatsoever to do with us) thinks that failing as a man in the patriarchy means he’s a woman. But it’s actually just that you have a teeny tiny little pea brain, Dee. The world isn’t made up of pink and blue. It’s made of real live people who have gazillions of different experiences in millions of different shades and hues. You could only get your tiny little mind around two — TWO — made-up, imaginary, fantasy options, instead of seeing all those many, many beautiful choices you could have seen. And your choice blinds you to the fact that we are angry because all the little pea-brained people just like you try to force people like us into one of your tiny little pointless meaningless boxes. And in your fantasy land, the reality you refuse to see is the only one that matters: You have a dick and you are capable of doing huge damage with it. We have been and are and will be harmed by people who have functioning dicks. And we don’t have to believe anything beyond that reality.

      1. Hahaha, that’s funny. I’ve never met you before. Why would you assume that I think of him as my 2nd mommy? Because I don’t.

      2. Your DAD said that at the link included in her comment. Fab/Squirrel is just quoting him. If you click the link in her comment you can see she is quoting him.

      3. omg he was ecstatic. He kept coming back for months trying to revive the tread but we were all well beyond bored by then.

  4. And you know what has really hit me in this debate lately? The sheer stupidity (the kind that Dee is such a perfect example of) that is at the heart of all trans’ and their allies’ arguments. They are too stupid to see 1) the simple truth of biology and directly related sex-based harms to females and 2) that supporting men in playing “I’m a woman because I say I am” isn’t ever going to stop, mitigate, ameliorate, or otherwise improve the conditions of #1 for females. Yes, it’s stupid, I’m saying it. Dumb. Ignorant. Uneducated. Ineducable. Dense. Dim-witted. Doltish. Feeble-minded. Moronic. Thick. Incapable of understanding something beyond a very elementary level. We are having arguments with people who have very little brain power. It’s no wonder that we aren’t getting anywhere with them!!!

  5. Thank you! Clearly my portrayal was so accurate that it deserved honorable mention! I really hope that you didn’t expect that when getting lost in the “gender trender” cul de sac I would have expected to have been welcomed with objective, caring, loving, and open arms! Wow! Superbly astonishing to think how intuitively right I was to have known that not one but a gatling-style barrage of essentially expletives would have come my way! It is beyond sad that this is your (whomever you are) default response to the slightest opposition! It truly is sad in the literal definition!
    Seriously, I am not being sarcastic at all—your comments demonstrate what I already know—whoever the authors are here, not only do you remain faceless and stealth, but now I know that I am really conversing with men. Men masquerading as “hurt and damaged females”. I am sorry to hear that the psychological damage runs so very deep that anything remotely attached to a “dick” conjures up images so horrifying that constructive rebuttal is not an option. For without “dick” none of us would be here. I extend my sincere condolences at everyone for having suffered what is obvious irreparable psychological damage from what is basically an elongated urethra enjoyed by so many males and females today such as I! The feeling is mutual—I find the deep cavity—the escape hatch from the womb to be as equally repulsive—really I do….so I do understand the repulsion to “dick” and your right to abhor it.
    I still don’t know who the males writing here are. Your vile and aggressive stance has me further convinced that the only female here is me. Your emphasis on trans females as being wholly male is so comedic that it defies belief. It is superbly nonsensical—your view that men living as female full time are still “real” men falls on deaf ears….just ask a “real” man. The irony is that lesbians pursue other females just as men do, thereby explaining the male behavior here in this blog. There is nothing wrong with it and unlike Gay/lesbian phobic “straight” persons, as a peacekeeper I am thrilled to see people in love no matter who they are! In fact “straight” males, exercise hate toward lesbians because of this male-type competition! No secret there.
    I say this not to be sarcastic–just that your attempt to convince me that females are present here is oxymoronic to your now proven male aggressive behavior). I still don’t understand why the need to remain hidden behind the curtain is so crucial. Your “I have the final word and anyone who challenges it is worthy of relegation to the spam file” position again simply means that anyone commenting here might as well be dialoguing with a block wall. For a conversation to proceed party B must at least know who party A is—otherwise legitimacy isn’t present…it just isn’t. Basic human maturity beyond the Jr. High School grade levels dictates that as civilized adults we should be capable of “agreeing to disagree” without going on the personal attack which of course, beyond argument, whomover you are, you clearly having demonstrated you are not capable of. Don’t ask me—-ask a third non-partial party to objectively analyze my comment and your replies.
    Clearly, whoever you are, you are extremely troubled….damaged goods by Mr. “dick”….so much so that even a nonfunctional “dick” rendered happily so by estrogen is still such a threat that it invokes images of imminent disaster! This will be my last comment…I would just love to continue to have fun here….but since my request for the courtesy of knowing who I am “conversing” with has been denied, this pitiful excuse for journalism AKA blog shall not even be worthy of reciprocated accolades in my blog. There remains no doubt however, of your adversarial and contrarian position…of the trans phobia made even more clear by your “award” and comments here. It is beyond pathetic to receive “honorable mention” without knowing who is bestowing the honors…it just is…whom shall I thank? A faceless blog?
    By denying that there are distinct differences between gender and confusing “toughness” with masculinity (I support that both genders can be tough) and by referring to (scientifically corroborated) differences between genders as “sexism”, whoever you are—your credibility is now about -100 on the credibility scale. I have recanted my masculinity going all the way back to childhood but I should have expected that the males here would have nothing of it and I of course was right. Sexism is a negative portrayal of one sex over the other. Distinct differences between the sexes, exeptions not withstanding are not even up for argument, no more than arguing that males and females are hormonally equivalent.
    Your attempts to create a diversion and place me on the defensive so much so that I would get angry, and respond in kind have failed miserably. I was going to make honorable mention of your blog in my own WordPress blog but you, sorry to say, failed to make the cut. I am one who knows that individual difference and perspective is neither right nor wrong. I defend a persons choice of sexuality vehemently. I also defend a full time gender transition equally vehemently. There is plenty of room for disagreement, especially when baggage one carrys from an assault by “dick” is part of one’s history.
    You need not have to rationalize your sexuality and equally I need not have to rationalize my gender choice. What is never justifiable however is going on the offensive against we who are transgender females to the extent that “you” do because it reveals itself for what it is: pure unadulterated trans phobia. I love “you” all but until I know whom I am conversing with, I shall refrain from commenting here further. Undoubtedly, this comment will be equally disrespected and misaligned…go for it. Although this blog doesn’t rise to the level of being credible, at least it too has made me “roll on the floor laughing”.
    Luv all,
    Dee…an extremely happy female…yes female.

      1. zmog, ain’t it the truth!
        I had to stop reading the dribble after but now I know that I am really conversing with men
        He said on his blog that he “transcended intelligence” and now folks, you can see the result. It ain’t pretty.
        Dee, honeypie, we are more woman than you will ever be. Get over it. You are a pretend-woman, failed masculinity does not a woman make.
        You of course realise that failed masculinity (and subsequent TW dress-ups) is merely an attempt to be a bigger fish in what you see as an easier pond. It ain’t that simple.
        Gawd knows what you said in the Part 2 dribble. I am sure it was totally riveting. Not.

    1. Thanks for explaining that acting out stereotypical gender roles determines sex. Silly me thought being female made me female! Since I now know I’m in fact male, having displayed the male trait of aggression in the course of my life, what does it mean that I like flowers and tea cosies and have always had an “internal identity” that is female? Am I transtransgender?

      1. The funniest part?
        ‘I know that I am really conversing with men. Men masquerading as “hurt and damaged females”.’
        transactivism in a nutshell.

  6. Gosh…gonna have to break my own self-imposed rule and add an addendum here. By stating that I was “a weak and poor performer in all things masculine”….isn’t equivalent to having “failed” as has been extrapolated here. I shall define my perspective/meaning of “masculine”, after all words do have multiple definitions: the common expectation of male behavior contrasted with the common expectation of female behavior as I qualified by the sentence that followed (duly disregarded of course).
    I love the bold emphasis…however I must say, (lovingly since I adore my female lesbian friends although I am serious in my conclusion that I believe that males are behind this now obvious trans phobic blog), that bolding further exacerbates your non-partial, non-compromising, non civil inability to have an adult-level constructive dialogue by any stretch of the imagination.
    I say this objectively….to state the contrary would on its face be laughable—look at how my contrarian position was so “unwell received”? Look no further than the comments above. By the way, I don’t like dresses, high heels, excessive makeup, or ultra femininity. If you were to see me in public, you would see a happily tomboyish-looking lesbian female and I love it! No I don’t have an Adam’s apple—nay not at all. I do type at 72 wpm though, so I do apologize for being quite wordy…can u believe it..a trans female actually apologizing? I am dead serious though about my sincere belief that this blog is not authored by women of any stripe, color, or footprint. All the women I know, whether straight or lesbian never behave so uncivilly—not to say that it isn’t capable of not happening. I also find it rather disturbing to have a dialogue with unidentified parties….it is tantamount to speaking to someone behind a curtain, dark veil, or super tinted glasses.
    Chow my male trans haters! Be assured that I love love men…”dick is so yummy!!!” and although I do not like “vagina”….I love love everything else about all females!!! How is this for a confession? Will it be distorted also? Will it be turned around into “well that’s why (he) wants to (be) female”? Except that “real” men love love females and males and share no such knowledge of their gender identity, which of course as sexuality has an onset in the womb! This is why I equally defend both sexuality and gender identity! At some point in the womb, gender is “assigned” from the mothers hormone “showers” and the sexual appetite also isn’t developed but innate from birth! See Dee is your advocate my brothers! This blog just wreaks of trans-hate…it really really does. I am positive that your contrarian position could be much better articulated with intelligence, not emotion. It would certainly be much more effective at driving home your “point”. Ok…this IS my last and FINAL comment. I know that my “welcome” has been over-extended since opposing viewpoints (which we all have) are anything but welcome.
    “complex subjects cannot be explained by mere one-liners”

    1. Didn’t read the rest of your crap there Dee, but happened to chance upon and although I do not like “vagina”
      Nice of you to confirm your no-op status for my Tackle Status page.
      Here’s the deal, dumbass, “vagina” is standard as woman equipment. Ignore that, and you ignore reality.
      Oh, I just re-skimmed a bit, this sounds very hopeful:
      Ok…this IS my last and FINAL comment.
      Please, for the luv of all that is holey, stick to your promise!

    2. omg, it was like a twain wreck, I could not help but to look!
      however I must say, (lovingly since I adore my female lesbian friends although I am serious in my conclusion that I …
      I seriously doubt you have met any real lesbians in your life. No, we are nothing like the porny presentation of lesbians. For starters, we don’t like dick, we don’t hang around dick. You’d be a dick in every sense here.

    1. Am I supposed to grab my crotch and grunt at this point?
      I dunno.
      I iz twanz-squirrel, we don’t do human sports stuff. Our biggest sport in SquirrelWorld is collecting the most nuts.
      A service I can offer feminists btw. Anything labelled ‘nuts’ is fair game.

  7. I vaguely noticed a tiny fly buzzing noise around in here, I guess that’s what comes of leaving the screen open. Fortunately, flies are easy to ignore.

  8. “If you were to see me in public, you would see a happily tomboyish-looking lesbian female and I love it!”
    “”dick is so yummy!!!” and although I do not like “vagina”….I love love everything else about all females!!! ”
    Yeahhhh… you really sound like a Lesbian dude. A male, dick-loving, vagina-hating Transbian. God these guys are pornsick.

    1. From his original, prizewinning rant, he lost his inny virginity before his outty virginity.
      One can only conclude he is a gay dude, in deep deep denial.
      Dude, stick to cock. Leave us the fuck out of it.

      1. You’re sooo out of the loop when it comes to pomo queer politics. Everyone knows that dudes who are good at spelling are really lesbians. Sorta like how lesbian couples are genderqueer fag bois if both of them have short hair.

  9. I wonder if “Policeman” Dee knows that laydees work in law enforcement now. For the last 100 years. So some “Policemen” are Laydees. They call them “Police Laydees” and they carry pink lacy guns.

  10. Uhg, what a load of drivel.
    “I know that I am really conversing with men. Men masquerading as “hurt and damaged females”….
    LOL, good grief dude, project much?

  11. He has no idea what a woman is. But he’s a woman. And actual women are men. I nominate him for Mr. August for the Transplainer calendar.

  12. Maybe alpha, aggressive females suffer from a birth defect. Maybe they has male bwainz. Maybe their bwainz are out of alignment with their reproductive sex, and should be medically aligned by whatever peicemeal synthetic hormones and surgeries we can come up with??

  13. As is so common in the trans community, he thinks whether one is a “woman” is determined by conformity to a stereotypical cultural construct. The misogyny takes the breath away.
    This is like Al Jolson declaring that black people aren’t “really” black people unless they shuck and jive.

  14. Another repulsive man with no idea of what it means to be a woman. They can be ridiculous, they can oppress us, they can bore us to death and make death threats, but they can NEVER, EVER have access to a real Lesbian because that is, by definition, impossible.

  15. Even when I first came across this blog, I never would have made the mistake of believing men were controlling this blog. This is very much radical lesbian space, with radical lesbian insights. Trans seem to never even know what real women’s speech is all about, because being the oppressor of women, women don’t trust him.
    I have yet to meet a male to trans who has any clue about lesbian life culture, and issues of sovereignty.
    No concept of sex role stereotyping, no concept of rape, penis invasion of women’s bodies, male abuse of women. No concept. never in a million years would I ever mistake dyke culture as male… it is about a resistance to male colonization of women’s lives that trans represent. I’m sure at least the British knew they colonized India, but trans… well they are the new male dominating colonizers of women, and they believe this to be authentic women’s existence?

  16. Come on be fair guys, he does tell the truth sometimes. I believe him when he says this, for example:
    “I find the deep cavity—the escape hatch from the womb to be as equally repulsive—”
    To despise something just because you can’t have it yourself is pure womb-envy.Pure misogyny.

  17. Sorry, what’s this?
    ” I have recanted my masculinity going all the way back to childhood ”
    Does this mean, that after-the-fact, you can sort-of, re-write your life? So you can have lots of PIV with females, but if you “recant” it, it didn’t happen? Or if you benefit from male privilege in order to further your career, then “recant” that privilege, you can pretend you didn’t get where you did because you’re a man?
    Can I “recant” away half of my life, or is this privilege the preserve M2Ts only?

  18. Here’s another cross-dressing flyboy:
    Colonel Russell Williams, at the time of his arrest, was a decorated military hero, chief of Canada’s largest military air base. He stalked raped beat and murdered women with the data he found with his military privilige. His previous gig was flying HRH around.–day-in-court-ends-with-details-of-assault?bn=1
    He collected underwear from his victims, with the ones he murgered, it was after he had taken pictures of himself in the garments. One of his victims was a military officer, another a very young girl. He victimized over 80 women.,r:5,s:0&tx=117&ty=75

  19. This is so infuriating. I went into an unfollow spree in libfems blogs after I read something ridiculous as “sex is socially made” and proceeded to say things like “in an advanced society there would be no sex”. I hate those postmodernist feminists. So yeah, in a perfect society no one will have uterii or penises because society made us have female organs and male organs, rly! But gender is totes biological, guise, I tell you!
    Seriously, what’s happening with the feminist movement? Why don’t they just go and THINK a man with surgeries and makeup is still a man? He was born a man, nothing can change that, he won’t have non-mobile ova, if he has sex with a woman he can get her pregnant if he’s not post-op. A woman binding and in T is still a woman, she can still get pregnant from sex, she won’t never have spermatozoa. And it really pisses me off on how they always play the intersex card.
    Can I send you the tumblr post, GallusMag? It’s so stupid, so, so stupid, I can’t even think on how they think of themselves as feminists if they’re shooting themselves at their foots with that.
    About the post: Again, a man with no idea what it means to be female, or what is feminility. ): it just continues gender, not ends it. So apparently almost all women are transgendered because I have yet not seen a woman that has this “feminility” M2Ts talk about? So am I not a woman because I like cars, baseball, sports, videogames and I dislike skirts and “female clothing”? Apparently I am really a man in a woman’s body! Women can’t not “act like women” because then they’re men!
    And the feminist movement supports them… This will be its doom, I fear. Rather than helping and saving females it’s just disrespecting us and putting us to misery. ):
    It pisses me off that libfems are so quick to say “Nooo, feminism doesn’t hate men, those who hate men are not REAL FEMINISTS, feminism isn’t just anything you decide it is! But a woman can be anything, and there’s nooo such thing as a REAL WOMAN because everyone can be a woman if they feel so”
    Sorry for the long post, first time posting here and I’m in endless rage now.

  20. I don’t think it’s just the Y chromosome that’s progressively disintegrating. It’s obvious men’s brains are crumbling in direct proportion to their disintegrating Y chromosome. They’re nutting up all over the landscape.
    So basically the dude is a gay boy who digs being a bottom? Why can’t he just say that? Why does he feel the need to bore us to tears with his entire life’s story, use 10,000 excuses, sexist stereotypes, and play dress up, rather than just admit he’s gay boy who digs being a bottom? I’m sure all those military boys who gave him a rise in his Levis would be delighted to know all the wild, crazy fantasies he had about them. Hey, I support you, Dee! I firmly believe men deserve each other! But use your own bathroom for that sort of thing, k? I’m not interested in being part of your props.
    So you were a policeman in the Air Farce? Whoa, are you one of The Village People?

  21. LOL lucky!
    “So basically the dude is a gay boy who digs being a bottom?”
    Exactly.Why can’t he admit it. Why does he have to involve us women?
    Does dominating females make him feel like less of a “failed man”? Not that *I* think he’s a failed man for being a homosexual, but *he* clearly thinks so, because he came right out and said it in his original comment.
    I’m guessing that’s what’s really going on here.
    HOmophobia and transsexuality are inextricably linked.

  22. I seriously cannot stop laughing. What a total DOUCHEBAG. LOOOOL. Now that I know his life story I feel so much more enlightened. Basically dude can’t handle that he’s gay. I should feel sorry but I’m too busy taking it up the butt from the big P.

  23. How can you recant your actual lived experience?
    We can recant a point of view… we can change a belief system, but we cannot change the fact that we were born male or female and raised in that way.
    So you can recant being a sexist pig, but you cannot recant once being born and living life as a male. Sorry, history follows us. We have a past, it does shape our present and future. Men like to erase the facts I guess.

  24. You all so funny…do you really…I mean really believe what you read online…c’mon really? You all been having a ball but I tell you what…the one thats been laughing so hard is me! Let me know when u all are ready for another fairy tale! I remember what I told someone: never ever use put your real name/info online and never believe what you hear, less of what you read, and hardly anything of what you see. And to think it actually resulted in over 50 posts! Hey…I’ve got some bottles of living water to sell if anyone is interested! Man, when I get bored I come her to get entertained! Seriously…you all crack me up so much that I even signed up as a fan!
    One thing is true though: I am a veteran and continue to serve my country to make sure our homeland remains safe from the real threats. For this reason I don’t care how much anyone disagrees about this kind of induced humor or what not, I served my country to protect the constitution and free speech everywhere whether I agree with it or not. Based on the theme here I know that some of you will have cleverness in ample supply as a reply! Hey go for it! As I said free speech is just that.
    I think you all are grown up enough to know where the line is drawn anyway—at least I hope. Lastly, aside from getting entertainment out of other people, I really hope that by now it is impossible to really know what is going on in your head or anyone else’s, so if you’re really intent on changing someone’s mind…with funnin’….you get the point. That said, no one has the right to take you all so serious that they get too upset that they get so hostile than anything can happen. The internet works both ways…kinda like what celebrities have to put up with…going public with *true* information…for those that do….gives someone the free speech right to have a say about it! G’day!

  25. Gee, google sure is useful. I was bored and typed in my father’s allias’ name, Dee Omally. Low and behold, transgender wordpress. I know I might seem long winded like my father, but no where near as much as he is. If you’re reading this dad, I agree with what everyone else says about a true female. Not being a “macho man” is not an excuse for identifying yourself as a woman. And I don’t know how you got the idea that women are “soft and frail and gentle and sweet”. That’s just not reality.
    You wanna wear makeup and dresses? Tough s***. God made you a man, he gave you obstacles just like he gave everyone else. Just because your obstacles are different doesn’t mean you have to give in to the suppressor.
    -The Daughter

      1. Sure.
        Because of my strong Christian beliefs, I believe LGBT choices are more religious choices than natural rights or things that should be protected by the government. Or at least by our government in which there is separation of church an state. I don’t think our government should recognize LGBT choices, I think the people themselves should just recognize it and not force others to approve of it.

  26. LOL — what an entitled, self-important, delusional ass-hat.
    Dude: You’re male. Females don’t want your male body in our women-only facilities. Get over yourself.

  27. And time moves on and with it antiquated notions of gender supremacy! I have enjoyed all of these wonderful compliments! Thank you……..and see u on the right side of history…..

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