Transgriot Monica Roberts on "PimpSlapping" Lesbians…and Bashing Our Heads In With Baseball Bats

Monica Roberts Discussing Murdering Cathy Brennan

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Trans Activist and “Transgriot” blogger Monica Roberts’ Facebook Wall, vividly discussing murdering one of the Lesbian authors of a letter to the UN in support of Women’s Rights:
“Anthony G. Casebeer:  Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.
Monica Roberts: and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”

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38 thoughts on “Transgriot Monica Roberts on "PimpSlapping" Lesbians…and Bashing Our Heads In With Baseball Bats

      1. Considering you’re one of the only trans to come out in support of Women’s Liberation, that doesn’t surprise me. Hang in there. History has a way of working these things out. And you are definitely on the right side of history. 🙂

  1. These are violent misogynists. It is the age-old violence of misogyny. They pretend it is something new, they pretend to be victims, but in fact they are abusers and aggressors. Like any abusers, when someone disagrees with them, they cannot stand that, and will try to kill the person who disagrees. Abusers particularly target women.
    Liberal lesbians made a grave error when they went along with them, when they welcomed them into the LGB community, when they called them “sister” and “brother.” They then took the next steps, always escalating, like taking legal actions (like bathroom laws) and stalking actions (like camp trans) to invade all-women space, doing things that will harm females. Not unlike the het woman who finds herself used and abused, then leaves, and is stalked by a lover who turned out to be a psychopath. An old story in a new form.

    1. These are violent misogynists. It is the age-old violence of misogyny. They pretend it is something new, they pretend to be victims, but in fact they are abusers and aggressors. Like any abusers, when someone disagrees with them, they cannot stand that, and will try to kill the person who disagrees. Abusers particularly target women.
      So true Katie, that needs to be laminated.
      Also the continuation below, abusers ALWAYS make out that they are the victims. Abuser-101.

  2. P.S. Don’t be fooled. Abusers nearly always play the “poor me” or “victim” card. It is a part of their cover. Part of their justification. In the example of the het couple, it’s where the abusive male beats the het partner because she didn’t wash the dishes. Heaps blame on her for his abuse.
    Poor them. NOT!

  3. The male entitlement just oozes from these assholes.
    “Look at me! I can write death threats against women, post them on the internet and GET AWAY WITH IT.”
    I guess death threats against WBW and their allies (you know, the kind that trans say don’t exist) fall into the same *compartment* as porn; it’s all just a fantasy. We should all lie back and relax.

  4. I can think of no clearer indication of people being male to the core, than the above commentary about baseball bats and lesbians. To me, this is complete proof that trans get shocked at the fact that they cannot have access to lesbian spaces, or that lesbians would want male free spaces. To EVER, and I mean EVER say NO to men infuriates them for decades. Believe it or not, when I’m at a “gay” conference of any kind, invariably, I will bump into some gay activist from years gone by. He’ll be invariably justifying the fact that lesbians being excluded from an academy award winning movie wasn’t woman erasing and herstory destroying to the core… then he’ll launch into a rant that lesbians didn’t want gay men in their spaces, and he’s STILL angry that lesbians would want businesses and spaces of their own free of male gaze, male contempt…etc. So this latest, is just the same old male anger an any woman who would dare to claim space of her own. The male anger is so great, the male entitlement so overwhelming, that no amount of make-up, hormones or feminine attire can change the true nature underneath all the theatrical dress up.

  5. GM how do I find the “report” link? Do I have to be logged in to FB to get to that person’s wall?

    1. Monica has changed their FB settings to hide their wall since the publishing of this post. As I understand it he has also deleted the violent conversation/post detailing the graphic murder of a Lesbian activist.
      Those that still want to report, or who don’t have a FB account can still report the bullying threats and abuse by entering a verbal report into the text field on the following screen ( just include the link to Monica’s page that is posted in blue on the above post):
      Thank You everyone for your help.

  6. Hi Gallus,
    From what I read on the FB reporting options, I think Cathy would have to do the reporting because the threats are directed at her. Monica’s settings seem to be such that I cannot see her wall, or wherever he posted that.
    Do you have a URL for the location of the convos you have shown?

    1. Thank you Mary. He changed his settings to hide the threats after this post went live. Please see my response to Rebel13 above for how to report.

  7. I get called a radical feminist by members of the Transgender Borg Collective on a fairly regular basis.
    I also get called a transsexual separatist because I reject their cult.
    I’m post-transsexual. I was part of the lesbian feminist movement during the 1970s and was welcome in Women’s space by women who knew of my history. My politics trumped my medical history.
    I put women first. I applied the radical feminist analysis to issues by asking first, “Is this good for women?”
    When I applied that analysis to the entire philosophy of transgender and “woman as a gender construct” I found it to be highly reactionary and misogynistic to the core. It was the same old, same old oppressive sexism in new drag. If followed to its logical conclusions it means that in order to be considered a woman one must adhere to a socially constructed gender role.
    Lately I have noticed a trend toward nasty homophobia and anti-feminism on the part of several loud mouthed transgender activists. That it has deteriorated to the level of calling for physical violence does not come as a surprise to me.
    Transsexual women and men or people of transsexual history have had some 15 years of abuse from the transgender cultist for our objecting to their colonization and erasure under the transgender umbrella.

    1. Thank you Suzan. I enjoy your excellent blog though we don’t always agree and I respect your speaking out against these violent threats and bullying.

  8. I agree with you all. Their maleness and sense of entitlement radiates off them, and I just wish most women would stop worshipping males in all their forms enough to see it.
    Thanks for continuing to find all this info, Gallus

  9. Keep your chin up, Kathy. You are not alone. Thanks for fighting for women and lesbians.

    1. Ms. Brennan I strongly advise you to forward these death threats to local law enforcement before Roberts and Anthony Casebeer make good on their plans. Also I would make a complaint to the Federal Bureau of Investigation since these are interstate threats.

  10. The most fucked up thing is that Cathy, unlike myself and many of my readers, is not a radical feminist, and she not only truly believes that post-transitioned M2Ts are “women”, but has advocated that position for many years. Not only in words, but in action of political activism and by being a trans political ally. If prominent trans activists respond to a Lesbian trans-ally like Cathy with gruesome murder threats, imagine what they have in store for the rest of us!

  11. When someone makes threats to harm or murder, that is not a Facebook rules infraction. That should be reported to the police.

  12. Oh great. Another village idiot in Texas. What is it with village idiots and Texas? Obviously this dude isn’t too bright if he lives in Texas in the first place. A place where men are men and sheep run scared. Bible thumping, conservative, white male supremacists in Stetsons, who pride themselves in their hanging judges and execute more people than all the other states in the U.S. combined – even when they know they’re innocent. The joke is steers and queers. I think they eat both for lunch.
    As for Mr. Robert’s threats of violence against women, what else is new with men? Females are to submit to trans (predominantly males with pornified brains) perverse demands or else. How original. These dudes just add to the growing mountain of evidence of why trans have no business in women’s bathrooms or any other woman-only space, no matter what asinine labels they slap on themselves or what disguises, er I mean, clothes, they wear. Thanx for proving our case, boys!

  13. If we report it to the legal authorities *first* then that will get FB to sit up and take notice. Plus, we need to get any sympathetic media coverage for this that we can. HuffPo has a “women’s” section now. Would that be a place to start? Plus I’m thinking of Cath Elliot. What do y’all think?

  14. yes they just cant stop with the references to sexualized violence and pornstituion can they? when i first came out as trans-critical, i had a transwoman on my blog telling me he’d “tear me a new one.” when i called attention to the fact that this was rape-language and an obvious rape-reference, he acted as if i was being unfair to HIM for pointing it out. fuckers.

  15. And why don’t you show a minimal respect for trans people? To call a trans woman “he”, “boy”, “dude” is disrespectful and is a proof you violate human rights. Gender identity and expression was recognized by UN human rights declaration as a human right. I am not talking about bathrooms here. I’m talking about we being addressed by names and pronouns we identify with and school/ employment protections. Trans rights have progressed in democratic environment (Massachussets has passed a transgender rights bill) and it’s not you that will stop this. Do not commit the extreme abuse and bullying of calling a transwoman a “he” or a “dude”albeit i am not whatsoever justifying the threats of Monica. No! As a transwoman myself, i do have a profound respect for women. I’d never do anything that could cause the slightest harm to any woman. But i cannot respect who doesn’t have any respect for trans people. Show you are righteous and address transwomen using the appropriate pronouns, nouns, etc

    1. Sir, it is not a violation of your human rights when women decline to refer to you by a title which you would like to be used by women towards you. Your right to the obedience of females towards your self-concept as a man is not a “human right”. Women have rights as humans also.
      You comment on an article about male violence to say that as a man “I’d never do anything that could cause the slightest harm to any woman. But…”
      You are expressing sympathy with your fellow men who react violently to females who “dishonor” or “disrespect” men. You yourself would never murder women or splash acid in their faces- oh gosh no- BUT….BUT… BUT………………………….
      You are the reason men like Monica do what they do. You are the men who don’t PERSONALLY kill women, BUT….. You are the men who don’t personally rape women, BUT….. You would never poison schoolgirls in protest of their receiving an education, BUT….
      Every woman reading this knows exactly what I am saying BUT you never will.

    2. “is disrespectful and is a proof you violate human rights.”
      what nonsense!
      If your boss (or work colleagues or whoever) call you a fuckwit, that could quite properly be called harassment and bullying.
      If someone in a heated debate calls you a fuckwit, could just be because you ARE a fuckwit.
      It’s not your ‘human rights’ to not be called a fuckwit when you are one, nor is it some violation of your human rights to be called by male pronouns by someone who disagrees with what YOU want, and prefers to use pronouns based on sex (not imaginary gender).
      So, a(nother) fuckwit male, go report me to the UN……………

      1. Just to make it totally plain, human rights and all that means that an individual has a right to whatever religious beliefs they want (and not be prevented or discriminated against because of the particular ones they choose). BUT that doesn’t mean I have to AGREE that their god exists.
        Similarly, an individual has/ought to have a right to express whatever gender they happen to think they have, and not be discriminated against as regards employment/housing/whatever. BUT that also does not mean that I have to AGREE with them as regards thinking that gender is ‘a good thing’, or that I shouldn’t be free to point out in debate that they are actually male, despite their claimed female gender.

  16. Brilliant, Gallus! They just do not care about women or girls at all. It’s all about them.
    The “appropriate” pronouns, nouns, etc. for “transwomen” is “he, him, Mr., Sir, man,” etc. There are no “transwomen.” They are men who pretend to be women and lecture real women on how we should worship and obey them.
    Having surgery and other alterations does not make “Lizard man” a lizard. Not even close. Pornifying and fetishizing paraplegia, does not make “trans-paraplegics” disabled.
    Creating a cult based on bizarre fantasy and female-hating does not mean we have to join or obey. No means no.

  17. Please stop the hysterical exaggeration. If you had a slim to none chance of getting women to use the language you want without exaggerated by using claims of human rights violation the chance plummeted. Lie your shrink, yourself not to us. You see, human rights violations are serious and do not include hurt feelings or social indiscretions. Simply put, Women do no have to believe, imagine, or consider men to be women and that is it in a nutshell. The UN can’t do a damn thing about that. Calling you a man has nothing to do with jobs or housing—there are laws to protect you from discrimination. It is not discrimination to assert that that you a man. It is science.
    So go back to the UN. I am sure you can get the doorman and the security guard to call you whatever you like. Just don’t expect it from women. Its not against the law for me to say, hey mister grow the fuck up and I am not going to humor you. Live with it or not. Women aren’t changing for you.
    What you fail to realize is that language can’t be made a matter of law–you go and try to get pronouns codified into law– and you certainly can’t “demand” respect or define what that is. If a person “reads” male to me he gets male pronouns. The issue is do I as a person with perceptions to see male and female use my perceptions or another persons “demands?” Look at it from my POV. Why in the world would I as a sane rational person give up my accurate perceptions in favor of another persons inaccurate ones? Whatever you think or feel in your mind is not part of any social contract that women are bound to. Why would I make that sacrifice? What’s in it for me? If a man is not my husband, brother, father, or close friend I owe him nothing and the UN can’t do a damn thing about it. So your legal means nothing to me, it’s a box you check and between you and whatever bureaucracy.
    To express as in “gender expression” means to voice. It does not mean any woman has to listen. Indeed you are free to express—but that does not mean women have to believe you. Your “identity” is how you “see yourself” I for one do not live in your head and don’t share your vision, And this is not a violation of your human rights for me to live and act by my perceptions. You are not any woman’s master—get a grip. I have no intention of pandering to some guy’s forms of expression.
    Along a similar line, why would a care if someone who is so detached from reality, as to imagine women not using the pronoun he wants, is the same as a human rights violation “respects” me? So don’t respect me. And don’t expect me or women to respect you. If what you mean by respect involves exchanging our reality for your “feelings and expression”. That is the misogynistic delusion. So you have paperwork—big deal, women have all the rest– called reality, biology. And there is no medical or legal procedure on the planet that can change reality. You can’t make “a human rights violation” I wonder if one of you guys will be getting the next Noble Peace Prize for all the human rights violations you have endure—he, him, his, dude—Biko, Oh Oh Biko. Sir, referring to you as a man is not bullying or a threat. It is my reality in which you are a man. I can’t change that—I have been able to see male since I was a little girl, I always knew, that little girl voice in my head told me. The UN and the state of MA and the whole democratic process can’t change that. Nor can the law.

  18. It’s hard to drum up anything remotely close to sympathy for Brennan, but even so, this is beyond disturbing.

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