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  1. Great graphic, GallusMag. I get it, I now understand why I can’t figure out if I’m talking to a radical right wing extremist or a trans-activist. They’re both promoting the same damn thing.
    Tim Gunn, that fashion guy, was just talking with George Lopez and he said, Hillary Clinton appears to be confused about her gender. He doesn’t like her pantsuits, doesn’t think she’s feminine enough. Misogyny is nothing new, but I found it astounding that this gay guy, this guy that should know how harmful rigid gender roles are, was promoting and policing… rigid gender roles. Dude! Any bias you may have experienced in your own life originated from people believing you are failing to conform to your proper gender role. Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, the guy has made his living off of making sure women conform to a feminine standard. I just don’t get how he could fail to make the connection between policing gender and homophobia.

    1. They’re still going on about Hillary’s pantsuits, and she’s not even running for office at the moment! Unbelievable. The idea that when it comes to dress, women have all kinds of leeway that men don’t, is bullshit. Yeah, yeah, women can wear pants and men (according to convention) can’t wear dresses, but those pants had better be all soft and drapey and ass-showing-offy, or the wearer will be the subject of comments like Tim Gunn’s. I’m pretty sure everything in HRC’s wardrobe is from the women’s section, but she still gets called a crossdresser. For fuck’s sake.

    2. Gay men are some of the most flamingly hateful misogynists on the planet. Back in the day it was just gay men, fashion models, actors, and lesbians who worked with them in “community,” who knew that dirty little secret/truth. Now they can openly flounce around in their misogyny and publicly dish the dirt on females with all those manly straight men who can’t wait to wash their hands after shaking hands with gay men. All the while the gay men are sizing them up for prey or putdown. They richly deserve each other.

      1. They richly deserve each other.
        Oh yeah, they do. You’ve got to feel sorry for the singulary gay men who have something of a feminist consciousness and are basically talking to walls. I once read the blog of a gay male porn performer, escort and stripper- he said that he knows some gay men who are obviously so self-loathing that they pay to fuck straight men bareback so they can wallow in the sense of superiority it gives them. And there was one occasion where he was on a fundraiser or benefit and the moment it became known what he did for a living all the privileged, coiffed, rich suits had cornered him. When it comes to treating human beings like fuck objects there seems to be no difference whatsoever.

    3. Wonder what Gunn thought about Senator David Vitter and his diapers? Certain he critiqued they weren’t masculine enough.

    4. I heard about Gunn’s comments, too. All I could think about was what an immense success the conservative ideology of trans has already had. Soon it will be used widely as a means to pressure people into neat little cookie cutter sex roles. This is just the beginning.
      On national German TV we have a periodically broadcasted show about female juvenile delinquents. One of them was very obviously lesbian. A comment she received: “Do you want to be a man?” *groan*

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