0 thoughts on “Take Your Breast Implants And Shove 'Em!

  1. Obviously it is a stupid sexist unnecessary ridiculous innane competition. But guess who won?
    Avery Mitchell, a transgender woman, won it by a landslide, garnering 76 percent of 30,000 online votes
    It seems that female-proxies get far more sympathy than actual females, including the woman with scarring from childhood.

    1. Imagine that. Men cooking up a competition to humiliate women and the trannies joining right in. The shock jocks originally thought they were going to pick the winner they could humiliate the most. How much better that they could pick a winner that would be the perfect cherry on top of the humiliation fest and ALL the women would lose! High fives all around boyz!!

  2. Real women, biological females, cannot get corrective breast surgeries without years wait, because breast surgeons schedules are chock-a-block pandering to the p*rn industry and men who want tits.
    Pop-it tits are quick, easy surgery. Surgeons can do them back to back, about eight a day. And they do. They charge a premium, several hundred dollars more than the universal system will pay for female corrective breast surgery, and the p*orn industry which caters to males and males who want tits (apologies for the tautology) have got the money to pay. Men can afford fun tits.
    There are some women who get slotted in. They are females who want breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Personally, I would get a huge Fuck You tatooed there. But I can understand why females who have had breasts all their lives feel a tad strange without them.
    Women who have have burns, scarring from other diseases, injuries and chest surgeries, or who have grossly huge breasts which can come about from many years of breast-feeding, PCOS, thyroid disease, just cannot get in.
    And it appears, cannot win male-engineered contests done for the soul purpose of pandering to male fetish.

  3. There is a post on Sh*kesville in response to this competion – where it is declared that “breasts are a human right” (for men who want to buy them that is), which again just underlines the detachment from the reality of women’s actual bodies, the ridiculous sense of entitlement and cluelessness about “rights”, and the notion that “women” are something that men can simply construct for themselves out of whatever physical or psychological props they manage to aquire.

  4. TITS are not breasts. These tacky pop-it bags of silicone do not nourish babies, do not respond to uterine contractions, do not represent a life-force that is uniquely female.
    I am reminded of an expression I do not hear anymore but which needs to be resurrected. When referring to something that is completely useless and false, one calls it:
    “About as useful as tits on a boar”.

  5. Do any feminists post at Shakesville? The bloggers surely are not feminists. Sell outs, to a man. And that’s not a typo.

    1. And yet…the blogosphere is filled with men complaining about “those man-hating radical feminists at Shakesville.” Apparently even funfeminism gets their boxers in a bunch.

      1. It’s a strange mix over there. You could pick out some of the entries that are really well written, good analyses of male supremacy, social oppressions, female realities – and then the complete failure to join the dots when it comes to the trans cult nonsense. It’s bizarre.

      2. @parallelexistence. Good point, and also true at times of feministing — although that site is pretty far gone these days.

  6. After childbirth, breastfeeding prevents hemorrage because it contracts the womb, bringing it down to its original size . Breastfeeding a baby hurts your womb (kind of like a period pain) for about 2 days, because the breast-womb connection is doing its job.
    Ob/Gyns– you know the “doctors” who care for women during and after labour *do* *not* *know* *about* *this* . It became fahionable during the twentieth century for hospitals to remove the newborn from the mother, place it in a nursery and give it formula–causing health problems for mother and baby.
    Anyway, I mention it because men, especially men in positions over power over women, especially medical men have no idea what women’s breasts actually do, or how they feel.
    It’s truly incredible.

  7. Thanks for that CBL. That’s what I was getting at. I not only had my child taken away and given formula, I had my breasts bound.
    When I went home, I undid the binding and attempted to breast feed, unsucessfully for three months. My baby got very little, and cried and fussed in frustration. But what did I know? And I was isolated, physically from everyone. I had a copy of Dr. Spock. (!!).
    Every two hours, a hungry, tortured baby. Finally when at three months when she had gained very little weight from a birth weight under six lbs, I flew to a northern nursing station and saw a visiting British doctor, who told me she was being starved, and to go to bottle immediately, which I did, and watched her gulp and gulp and fall asleep. It was canned milk, diluted with boiled water. Sterile as I could get, in a bush camp. My baby thrived on it, to Pablum in another couple months, and potatoes mashed with moose meat broth at one year.
    I got square, hard as rock breasts, engorged, purple, hugely swollen, and completely resistant to touch, like a rock they were so ‘diseased’. Unbelievably painful. I was on antibiotics for months.

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