Saturday Night Double Feature: Females=Fuckholes Edition


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  1. video2=Wanting to be a woman so you can be the target of misogyny
    I can think of any number of excellent reasons why a man would prefer to be a woman. It’s just that these males don’t seem to want to be a woman for any of these good reasons, just the misogynist ones. Like
    Having a vagina=being a “slutty queen”
    My reaction vacillates between “Ugh, he’s disgusting,” and “Huh, I don’t get it?” Just goes to show that life is stranger than fiction ever could be.

  2. turn my dick into a slip and slide
    Is this meant to convince us that “TWs are rilly women inside”? Because only the wilfully ignorant would believe that they are after stuff like this.
    It is appropriation, pure and simple. The biological power of females is to create life (not just being a masturbatory aid for penises), so in trying to appropriate female power, he and others like him, assume it’s all in the ‘fun factory for penises’ part. And frankly, that part should only be on the menu when impregnation is desired, dudes can use their own hands at all other times.
    No, you are not women. Nothing like them. Just a pastiche, parody and mockery of what women are all about. We are not fuckholes for males.

    1. Agreed. But piv is not even strictly necessary for impregnation. Pregnancy can occur with just a little bit of sperm placed on the surface of the vulva. The motile cells make their own way into and up the vagina.

      1. I hate to say it, but turkey basters do not work just fine. That is artificial insemination (AI) and there is a great excess of male births over female which result from AI. I’m not sure of the reason why, but I think it may be because sperm is deposited very high in the vagina close to the cervix in AI. The vagina tends to be acid and Y bearing sperm do not fare as well in an acid environment as X bearing sperm, so more X than Y sperm are able to travel through the vagina and into the uterus successfully. In the uterus, the environment is more alkaline and X bearing sperm do not fare as well in an alkaline environment than Y bearing. So if the sperm is placed high in the vagina and enters the uterus through the cervix relatively rapidly, more Y sperm survives to fertilize the egg than X sperm and thus you get more boys.

      2. However, maybe it would work better if the turkey baster was just used to place the sperm on the surface of the vulva, thus making it necessary for the sperm to travel the entire length of the vagina and the uterus before fertilizing the egg in the fallopian tube (the normal site of fertilization, after which the fertilized egg normally travels into the uterus and implants.)
        Just thinking out loud here.

    1. The basics are (I have not followed your link, but they usually reference one or two studies):
      1. Sample size so statistically small that it is a joke (14 or something!!!)
      2. All done post-mortem (not sure how much affect it would/not have)
      3. They are comparing brains of M2Ts that have taken estrogen, so all it proves really is the difference that estrogen has on the brain (that is the main point really)
      4. Brains are malleable, and can adapt over time like after a stroke, so there is no proof of a “from birth” thing
      5. There is a lot of dodgey “scientific study” out there, they need an income, so will make up any old shit
      That will do for now, I am sure there is more

      1. I will also add that most of these studies are suspect, and designed to ‘prove’ something of the male domination agenda. They jumped for joy when they decided male brains were bigger (you know their obsession with size). Then they went very quiet about that because as it turned out, relative to body size, female brains were actually bigger.
        Anyway, the “female brain” “studies”, all they prove is what a male brain looks like after being on estrogen. I might add that it is estrogen not natural to his body either, it is artifical. So study = “what male brain looks like after taking artificial estrogen”. A far more truthful assessment.

  3. That first video made me spit on my computer screen. I wasn’t expecting that. Okay ladies, how’s all that power and world domination been working out for you, LOL?
    The second video, good grief! I get the impression there is so much narcissism going on what he really wants is to be able to screw himself. He doesn’t just want access to vaginas, he wants to actually own them. It’s like he’s taken this concept of “possessing a woman,” one step farther. Naturally he doesn’t need to own the rest of the woman, just the vagina.
    This is complicated and creepy stuff, but rather then being a masochist, I get the feeling that what he really wants is to be able to experience women’s pain in a sadistic way. He’s going to get off on it, not as a woman, but as a man that has created this identity that allows him to get up close and personal to women’s suffering.

  4. Yes, Katie, Fab, yttik, you said it so well. It is so clear, these men’s absolute pornographic objectification and hatred of females. They have no idea and will never have an idea of what it means to be a real female. We are just porn things to them and they want us dead and to appropriate our identity.
    What I cannot understand is why any woman or Lesbian would support these disgusting pieces of shit and feel sorry for them. And to support them over real women. Why? I mean I know — self-hatred, male-worship, flattery that they want to be us (even if that’s a myth), but really, why? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
    Last night I saw a Lesbian band play at a public coffeehouse filled with Lesbians. The owners are a het couple who seem to love us. Besides the male employees, who are friendly, there were almost no men, except for Steve who goes to EVERYTHING Lesbian he can go to, to perve quietly on the Lesbians.
    And then there was one other man who I’ve only seen at the coffeehouse.He arrogantly struts, with his long blond hair, not even pretending to hide his leer. First, he hits on a musician friend of mine who shoves him away. She doesn’t know basic feminism, so her mind is clear about saying men are “genetically different.” She has not a second of guilt about feeling sorry for him. Then he squeezes in tight to sit next to another Lesbian on a bench. He gets her to be playful with him, and she agrees. It looks to me like she’s feeling a bit sorry for him or just doesn’t know how to say no. He gets her up and dancing, and then grabs her so she has to push very hard to get him away from her. She continues trying though to keep dancing with him and being friendly. I can only imagine what her girlfriend is thinking. Finally, he struts away.
    When I talked about it later with my friend, another friend says “Don’t let it bother you. Just ignore it.” That is very much the attitude now. I was not worked up, heated, or visibly angry (though I could have killed the fucker) — I was just talking calmly about what was visible to everyone there, and curious what my friend would say. But that is part of what is wrong with our communities and why the trannies are accepted. It’s like a return to the Fifties. Don’t make a fuss. What will people think? Just overt your eyes and don’t notice something terrible happening. You know the little girl down the street is being raped by her father, but that’s not your business. DON’T MAKE A SCENE. And definitely do not say no to men.Never, ever say no to men. They might feel hurt. Or they might hurt us. We are not even allowed to talk about what happens right in front of us, where a very privileged arrogant man can grab Lesbians at a Lesbian event. God forbid someone might think you are a radical or that you are a Separatist or that you hate men. It doesn’t matter that their hatred of women oozes from them. That’s normal, after all.
    So that’s a lot of the reason the men claiming to be Lesbians are getting away with it. If you protest, then you are the troublemaker.

    1. Yes, but besides not wanting to be a troublemaker, women still have this fear of being perceived as unfair.Trans have done such a good job of getting themselves labeled as victims and accusing (primarily women) of oppressing them. Apparently we were born into all this cis privilege so we’re actually responsible for any injustices they’ve experienced.
      Worse then just letting them invade women’s spaces, this sense of guilt actually makes some women advocate for them as if they were persecuted under
      dogs, in need of our protection.

  5. Fittingly, right after watching the videos in this post, I came across a link to a “World’s Most Dangerous Countries for Women” photoessay:
    “The most dangerous thing a woman in Somalia can do is to become pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant her life is 50-50 because there is no antenatal care at all. There are no hospitals, no healthcare, no nothing.”
    “…militia groups and soldiers target all ages, including girls as young as three and elderly women. They are gang-raped, raped with bayonets and some have guns shot into their vaginas.”

    So tell me how empowerfully sluttyfun it is to have a vagina again?

  6. The most controversial thing a lesbian can ever say at a lesbian event or even among het women is that she supports or is a separatist, that she wants female only space, and that she has no tolerance for male pervs invading lesbian space.
    I’ve had lesbians actually write powerful articles attacking the erasure of lesbians, only to have said lesbians sit in silence while some gay ‘activist star” gives a lecture about the same subject. Well, I just don’t sit silently, I speak up loud and clear and challenge these jerks in public. But do other lesbians stand by me and follow up with the critique? No, I am at fault for challenging male supremacy that they only complain about in articles.
    lesbian fear the very word “separatism” now… it shocks the living hell out of lesbians if you bring the subject up. They talk about garbage like BDSM that causes real creepy harm to women, they think it’s ok for women to sleep around with men, then “go back” to being lesbians… but say you believe in lesbian only space, lesbian only movements, and male free zones wherever possible… well THAT is what freaks them out. Lesbians will fight for every cause on earth EXCEPT the battle for lesbian territory, lesbian events, trans free events…. NO can’t have that, but they sure as heck will continue to support whips, chains, BDSM, and female hating people. I just don’t get it anymore.

  7. I hate to say it, but I get the distinct impression that when push comes to shove, lesbians are cowards in public. Back in the day, if a man intruded, he was picked up bodily by two strong dykes and thrown out of the place. When was the last time you saw Dykes
    kick a man out of a space?

  8. I agree completely, Sheila. You said that so well. My only pleasure came from seeing my first friend’s girlfriend make a punching gesture like she wanted to hit the prick. But realy, everyone is so well-behaved and passive. And yes, afraid of being called man-haters, while men are destroying the world.

  9. Gallus, I don’t know how you dig up these vids, but they get more shocking by the week.
    The second one especially blew me away. It just reinforced the idea that women live and die sex. It was so pornographic in many ways and reinforced the idea that women should relish that role, that that’s what it means “to be a lady.”

  10. BevJo says, “We are just porn things to them and they want us dead and to appropriate our identity.”
    That seems right on to me, especially after the second video. Truly horrific stuff.
    Thanks, GM, for this post.

  11. Lily if you read that study (or one just like it) they debunk *themselves* in the Discussion and Conclusion. It’s all just make-work for grad students in how to spin bullshit to keep the lab funded. How so, you say? All medical labs are funded by pharma, who develop (rename, more like) the hormones and other carcinogenic chemicals that are being shilled to mentally ill fetishists by psychiatrists who are on pharma payroll, through grants, speaker fees, author signatories on studies they didn’t head (selling their name, status and lab), goods and gifts in kind, and “thought leader” work, where they are paid by pharma to be the go-to interviewee for the pro-twanz “news” story.
    Ev-ereeee-one TO THE TROUGH. Suuu-eeeEEE!

  12. I want to gather a group of Feministe and Feministing and Shakesville commenters and force the to watch, applaud and whistle, laugh themselves wet, over a Black Face performance.

  13. INteresting comment above about the man in the second video possibly being a sadist rather than a masochist. I have to agree that his aura is nothing like that anorexic boy in the last video.
    I didn’t find that Barbie boy threatening, but when I look at that Vagina Aquirer I just see the smarmy, creepy face of a rapist.
    And he’s got a penis, hasn’t he. So really we’re just talking about someone playing dress up and again, projecting himself onto the cardboard cut-out he thinks women are. Brr, it gives me chills.
    And them him talking about his vagina smelling of clam chowder… apart from the narcissism we discussed last week, childishness and imaturity is another theme among trans women isn’t it.

  14. Another thing I’ve been wondering about these neo-vaginas is that they can’t spasm in orgasm. I’ve had that experience when I’ve been, ahem, particularly enjoying myself, and my vagina has sort of grabbed onto the penis, which results in heightened pleasure for all parties.
    Well, a fake fuckhole can’t do that.
    So that tells me that all these men, including the SURGEONS et al might never have turned a woman on enough to feel what a vagina can ACTUALLY do when a woman is turned on.
    They’ve never managed to turn a woman on. That’s why they think vaginas are passive holes to be stuffed.

  15. “Another thing I’ve been wondering about these neo-vaginas is that they can’t spasm in orgasm”
    The name “neo vagina” itself is a big joke. But “man made fuckhole” doesn’t sound so good tough it’s true.

  16. #1: Men have DIED for *IT* — so you better make sure *IT* smells pretty.
    #2: Yeah, this person and his ilk surely belong at a lesbian festival!!!
    Both: Proving that the real goal of patriarchy is disconnection and dehumanization and reduction of people to parts.
    Now off to read the other comments.

    1. And they’re NOT all gay, the surgeons and patients I mean, which means a lot of them are straight guys who are so pig-ignorant about women’s bodies that they think a “SLIP AND SLIDE” is remotely similar to any part of a woman’s body.

  17. Re your second vid. Did you notice the mimicking of Cher’s voice and phrasing? Trannies and queens love to be Cher. Wonder how much of that porno crap a little girl named Chastity witnessed. Enough to say enough?

  18. And the aspirations of a regular man to be a billionaire are just as likely to be successful as the aspirations of a transwoman to be female.
    It’s funny because that’s exactly what I say in arguments about this topic: “Well I really really feel like a millionaire, but the bank still refuses to cash my checks.”
    In the words of another song, “You cain’t always git what you want.”

  19. Oh, and wanting to be a millionaire is just as revolutionary as wanting to be the opposite sex.

  20. “And the aspirations of a regular man to be a billionaire are just as likely to be successful as the aspirations of a transwoman to be female.
    It’s funny because that’s exactly what I say in arguments about this topic: “Well I really really feel like a millionaire, but the bank still refuses to cash my checks.””

    Well, now you can be rich. Go to a bunch of banks, try to cash a check for a million, when they won’t do it, keep a record. After a while, you an file lawsuits with all those banks claiming discrimination. You might be able to get your billions that way. 😀 It’s a proven strategy, after all.

  21. o__0 I wonder how many people here had the common sense to realize that the second video was -not serious-…

    1. Given that the age-old excuse to get away with misogyny is humour “it’s only a joke luv, can’t you take a joke?”
      your ‘helpful wisdom’ is anything but. In fact, you know that you are lying to cover up the misogyny, hence the “Anon” handle. Gutless fucking wonder you are. Crawl back into the dark of your mother’s basement.

  22. Oh Anon, I wonder if you realize we don’t take any of your crap seriously. Seriously.

  23. Or maybe I sincerely think it’s a joke?… I think I could reasonably see a bio woman making similar jokes if the topic related to her. Transsexuals take themselves way too seriously most of the time anyway. Can’t someone laugh at themselves without it being twisted into some sort of malicious attack?
    You all just look for anything to pick on, don’t you? For the record I named myself Anon because I was too lazy to think of a clever nickname for myself.
    And I just feel I should put it out there, I -am- indeed one of you FAAB people. You probably didn’t think I was, did you?

    1. Joke? Yes, there are all kinds of misogynist jokes, sick and twisted. They often contain elements of disgust with and about female anatomy. There are also racist jokes and jokes against people with handicaps that include disgust. It’s what haters do. If you take that video and apply the slurs in it to any other group, you may be able see something. It is very mean-spirited and hateful, putting down people who have been put down all their lives. Those other groups are more off-limits for such jokes than females, apparently. People who make bigoted jokes against any group are being aggressive are not good people. They may be clueless or they may be creepy. But they are not good people.
      If a transperson wanted to make a joke about trans, why not do it in a way that doesn’t convey disgust with female anatomy? How about something that would make me laugh instead of cringe and feel creeped out? How about the silliness of claiming to have a girlhood or going to the doctor for a fake pap test? How about being MAAB, claiming you were always a female, but then having to have lessons to learn to act like a female. There are some jokes to be had, but not at the expense of females or female anatomy.
      I’ve never heard a female refer to herself as “one of you FAAB people.” If you are indeed a female, it sounds like you have difficulty with identifying as such, since that’s an externalizing statement. If you are female, you really need to stop defending misogyny and start defending yourself.

    2. Gosh, if Anon was truly “one of [us] FAAB people” then ‘she’ is so male identified it ain’t funny.
      You hit it right Katie, if it was truly “trans making fun of being trans” there was plenty of other material that could have been chosen that would not have used misogyny directed at FAABs.
      Misogyny is so invisible, no one except for the radfems seem to notice it. If that crap in the video was aimed at any other group, there would be outrage.

  24. Anon. Only a man would proudly announce he was too lazy to bring his manners when he visits, and expect women to say “Oh no.. don’t take your muddy boots off. We don’t require men to treat us like humans when they come unannounced to our home. What can we get you? Hahahha. Oh that’s so cute. Isn’t he clever Katie? Did you hear what he said. My my.”

  25. LOL, how reaffirming of my identity that I can successfully troll radfems…/sarcasm Yes, I am male identified, but I’d have the same opinions and talk the same way even if I weren’t. And I really don’t see how being lazy about giving myself a nickname -on the internet- is rudeness akin to walking into someone’s house with muddy boots.
    I actually like your response. It’s calm and has a good argument that I can buy. :]

  26. Anon takes racism more seriously than she takes sexism because racism effects men, and Anon holds men in higher regard than women.

  27. Anon also uses a toddler’s divisive tactics. Mommy daddy bees mean to me. Daddy mommy said NO.
    Get this. We don’t care if you like anyone’s argument here or not.

  28. “Yes, I am male identified, but I’d have the same opinions and talk the same way even if I weren’t. And I really don’t see how being lazy about giving myself a nickname -on the internet- is rudeness akin to walking into someone’s house with muddy boots.”
    The thing is, you wouldn’t have the same opinions nor would you talk the same way if you were female. Not sure what it would be even if you weren’t male-identified, since I’m not sure what “male-identified” means. This is born out by the fact that you don’t see how being lazy, etc.
    Radical feminists/lesbian separatists don’t write for male approval. You are posting on the wrong blog, apparently.

    1. I believe Anon is a F2T. Who has never before read any Women’s Liberation or Feminist theory, so is using the term “male-identified” to refer to her “gender identity” (since to her, the male sex is a “gender”). That’s how I interpret Anon.

  29. Thanks, GallusMag. Makes more sense now, FAAB and male-identified currently. I hope Anon does think about the misogyny in the trans community and how to counter it.
    It does bring up a question I have and that is whether the use of testosterone increases misogyny in FAABs who take it. This is not meant as sarcasm, from some of the posts/videos I’ve seen, it seems to be a possibility.

    1. I think it’s as easily a possibility they are schooled and groomed their misogyny from their physicians/surgeons/psyches who are like programming cultists, moonies and priests rather than medical. And it’s all self-interest for the doctors The rest of the public is waking to the sham the medical profession has become. These homophobe trans wannabes validate them. The ideal consumer, believes and buys whatever they’re sold. I fully believe the psyches whip them into their suicide threats so they can use that as justification for insurance coverage, and manipulating what’s left of the medical ethics boards, who just look the other way also in conflict of interest.

  30. You got it, Gallus. Just what I was thinking. And you explained that so well, Katie. Something is seriously wrong with Anon for not being outraged and disgusted by such female-hating. Even male-identified isn’t a good excuse. It just shows the extent, the “normality” of such intense female-hatred. Men act like we all are their possessions, and men claiming to be women do the same thing. We are supposed to be their playthings. Pathetic and cowardly for FTMs to identify with those who hate them/us rather than want to deal with them in the way they deserve.

  31. I am honestly very amused that you think I’m biologically male (though, at this point, I guess I’ve dug myself into a pit and nothing I post at this point could convince you otherwise xD;). I’ve always been rather curious what Radical Feminists would think of me, without declaring that I’m FtM immediately. Since Radfems seem to believe that women behave a certain way, and I break so many of those standards, and by nature would probably break even more if my pride weren’t holding me back. It always frustrates me because I feel that I have so many opinions I want to express and questions I want to ask as a female (because I am biologically/born/raised/conditioned female) to Radfems, but my gender identity seems to negate my opinion.
    And actually, I have read through a lot of radical feminist blogs. At first it started just due to boredom, but eventually I started to understand how some amount of feminism -is- necessary in our culture. What really got through to me was when I read that the worst insult you can call anyone is “a woman”. And I realized that our culture teaches us that being a woman is inherently shameful, and at that moment I felt truly sad for myself and for all female people in America. So no. You are wrong. I have read much feminist theory.
    And you still didn’t tell me how being lazy about giving myself a witty nickname is rude. It is the internet. Whether I call myself Joe, Mary, Anon, or Princess Sparklepants…. it’s just a name to direct your comments at which tell you little or nothing about my actual name anyway. So what is so damned rude about it?

  32. Your hatred of females comes through loud and clear regardless of what “identity” you “declare”. It’s easy to tell that something is off when a commenter 1.)Takes time out of their busy day to inform women on a feminist site that the misogyny they are discussing doesn’t exist 2.) Shows an utter lack of care and respect by not even bothering to assign themselves a nick (do you comment as Anon on ALL websites?) 3.)Instead of saying “I am female” says “I am one of you female people” (Have you ever seen a Black commenter on racial equality websites use the phrase “one of you Black People”? -I use an oppressed group that includes males to illustrate the point to you since you do not care about oppressed groups that don’t effect males) 4.) etc etc.
    If you have read much Women’s Liberation theory then you are aware that the term “male-identified” is not synonymous with male sex being a gender- it means an oppressed person identifying with the oppressor. Like a gay man who is hetero-identified. Or a person of color who is white-identified. (Again I use examples that include males so that a male-identified woman who identifies with her oppressor can take them seriously.)
    “…I started to understand how some amount of feminism -is- necessary in our culture. ” You started to understand that “some amount” of equality for females is necessary??? And what proportion of equality would that be?
    Anon, female or not, your comments read as more troll-like than well-meaning. And they are dripping with female-hatred and male supremacy (male-identification). You are welcome to comment, but any further comments that are trolling and female-hating will be deleted.

  33. Alright, I’ll try to be less troll-like in my speech. I just honestly wanted to see how Radical Feminists would respond to me talking like my usual self and of my usual opinions, and I have gotten those results.
    For one, though, my day was not very busy. I’m on summer break. And I’d say I comment as Anon on about half the sites I comment on, it mostly depends on the day and how many other self-named ‘Anon’s there are commenting on the same site. And now I have a nickname, if it makes you feel better.
    And I never said that mysogyny doesn’t exist. If anything, I admitted that it does exist in my previous post.
    I just think there are probably more substantial things you could attack to fight misogyny rather than to sit around and gasp in horror at one crude joke made by one transwoman (Or M2T as you would say). There are people who make distasteful jokes of every gender identity and sexual orientation and it is more of an effect than a cause in my opinion. I wanted to make a point of this in a humorous way.
    And I know that you believe that “male identified” is not a gender. That doesn’t mean that I agree. There are many theories that you have which I agree with, and some that I do not, or am not sure about. I am capable of using my own judgment rather than just picking a school of thought and jumping on board with it.

    1. Well, you at least picked a handle Princess Sparklepants, that is something. I would wonder if your inner “girliness” is trying to assert itself.
      You need a manzly F2T name if you are going to carry this off, something like Manzly McMann.

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