0 thoughts on “Saturday Night Double Feature: Young Americans Edition

  1. 1st video: trans because she wanted to become a deviant. Possibly because she wanted to have something to live for, possibly because it gave her ample opportunity to feel special. I actually can’t think of any other reason why she would have wanted to be a man. It’s a horrible thing to assume that someone is intentionally trying be discriminated against as a means to an end but yep, there it is.
    Thought process goes like that:
    Woman who likes make-up and fashion: no big deal.
    Man who likes fashion and make-up: woaaaahh! (She obviously never met any people who weren’t completely sexist, I actually feel sorry for her.)
    The only revolution to be had with people like these is a revolution based on superficiality and outward deviancy not matched by any inner direction as evidenced by use of the word “feminazi” as coined by Rush Limbaugh. True deviants calculate how much outward deviancy they can allow themselves and their appearance is an outgrowth of their personality- for people like the woman in the 1st vid it’s just a game. They play at it like Katy Perry and Madonna played at being “lesbians” and Bowie played at being “gay”. It’s really offensive- they can stop, we can’t, I can’t. For us it’s real and not some cosmetic freak show.
    2nd video: This was bizarre. He’s trying his hardest to impersonate every stereotype about women that ever existed. Even women who act and look like Barbie don’t act like that. I mean, there actually is a woman who tries her best to approximate a Barbie image with plastic surgery and she’s more authentic.
    I’m glad that you tagged this “consumption”- it’s all about building your personality and identity with the help of fashion and style gimmicks. Their identity is dependent on the reactions their outward appearance inspires in others because their personality has never been much…there? Or perhaps it’s because they never had the courage to be themselves without performing an identity (you mentioned “freedom of the mask” in an answer to one of my comments) – it’s much more riskier to actually have the convictions to match your courage and they don’t seem to have any convictions that are a result of their authentic selves as divorced from their looks. It fills the coffers of capitalism, that’s for sure.
    I wish for people like those two that they someday come to an understanding of identity as the result of their beliefs, thoughts and experiences and not as a by-product of eyeshadow, lipstick and social images. It’s different from people expressing themselves- they actually have something to express, i.e. expression isn’t done for its sake alone.
    (Hope this wasn’t too associative. I have a hard time getting to the point.)

    1. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: no one will discriminate that woman because she’s a make-up wearing guy(???). What the hell? You look like a lady! You will be discriminated against because you look like a goth. Come to think of it, her entire video doesn’t make any sense if you consider this.

  2. Wow kurukurushoujo- What great comments. I wasn’t sure if anyone could make it through these two vids- I was gonna offer some sort of prize, lol.
    Re: consumption, yeah I was really struck by the unimaginative store-bought alterna-gear as modeled by the young woman (are people still gauging their ears? Maybe in the stix.) and when I heard the young anorexic fag lamenting how he was forced to forego a new xbox for a nosejob for his upcoming reunion, I was like whoa. America.
    Unnecessary consumption has always been prompted by (often marketing created) insecurities. But also by identity. The label on the clothes we wear is supposed to “say something” about the kind of people we are.

  3. That second video!! Just WOW.
    Most men hide the fact they hold that much contempt for females. BUt that young guy was being *honest* about what he thinks women are, and what *he* thinks our thought processes are, and what *he* believes is the sum total of a woman’s soul is.
    Men are truly vapid creatures, and when they PROJECT that inanity onto us it makes me fucking sick to realize that this is what men think we *are* .

  4. Too many people have access to video cameras and the Internet. What a colossal display of narcissism. Ack!!

  5. The first video is a perfect example of how the trans philosophy is not only mysogynistic, but also sometimes misandrist. Seriously, when would she ever have been called a “faggot”? There’s no freaking way she’s ever been able to pass for male. “I like make-up. Does that make me less of a man?” No, but actually not being a man makes you less of a man. FTMs can’t speak for men, just as MTFs can’t speak for women.
    Barbie boy i video nr 2… I can’t even understand what he’s talking about, but he’s trying way to hard to be a female stereotype.
    Honestly, i feel sorry for both of them. They’re caught in the trans/queer distorded way of thinking, and that makes it pretty hard to think clearly.

  6. Seriously tho, like m.c my heart goes out to these kids. The girl for the outdated gauged lobes, and the boy for the anorexia. All joking aside I fear for this young man’s life. People comment constantly on his videos about his anorexia (grotesquely apparent in his full-body videos) and he is in total denial. He is completely skeletal. I know he’ll see this because they get pingbacks from embedded videos, so hon, seriously- everyone but you can see that you are anorexic. It is horrific, and NOT SEXY.

  7. LOL, uhg, you sure know how to pack a wallop in two short videos, GallusMag.
    I guess I’m a prude or old fashioned or something but that first video just screams, I hate myself! I hate my lips so I poke pins in them, I hate my ears so I’ve deformed them with big holes, I hate the way I look so I’ve bought suitcases of make up to cover myself up.That’s just some major self loathing going on there.
    The second video is like, I hate myself so much, what can I do to make masochism a way of life? I know, I’ll become a woman! Women are society’s masochists, right? Their whole identity revolves around getting off of being submissive, so if I’m a woman, people will crap on me and feel good about it and all will be well.
    Underneath it all they’re both terribly sad videos. People who support this kind of stuff are basically saying, “hey, I think self loathing and self hatred should be supported and encouraged in our culture. We should motivate and support people who want to adopt it as their a whole identity!”
    Of course, woven between the lines of both of those videos are these ideas about how women are one of the lowest life forms around and being gay or lesbian is the worst thing ever.
    Just a note for the person in the first video, calling women feminazis doesn’t make you a man. It makes you a middle aged, overweight, balding talk show host with an oxycodone addiction.

    1. Re: support for self-loathing: I suspect many people would rather see this kind of thing as a kooky form of self-expression, because looking at it analytically would force them to acknowledge how badly gender roles continue to distort most people’s lives. Not only is that almost a forbidden idea in today’s choicetastic post-feminist utopia, it’s kind of depressing. Much easier just to say socially approved things like “to each his own.” You get a pat on the head and cookie for that from the liberal dudes and the sex-positive queers (and queer-identified academics who like to discuss the semiotics of porn in between driving their 2.5 kids to soccer practice and picking up their opposite-sex spouse’s — I mean, partner’s — dry-cleaning.)

  8. What Cathy Brennan said. πŸ˜‰ I’d like to see either of these people have to grow their own food. *That* would be a revolution.

    1. I haven’t copied your vid- it’s just a link. You can take down your closeminded male supremacist “feminazi” rant from your end if you want. You really seemed to want to get your message across though so I’m surprised you’d want to shut it down.

    2. I also don’t see what difference it would make if I posted a URL and some screencaps instead of an embed link, so I don’t really get what you are asking for here: The right to publish whatever you want but that no one should discuss what you’ve said on their own blog? Good luck with that one.

    3. Feel free to respond to anything anyone said though. I give you carte blanche to respond. Same applies to anyone who’s featured on this blog. Thanks.

    4. Joji – hope you are well. I’m not closed minded. I’m busy. I have neither the time nor the interest to wade through the sea of self-indulgent “look at my facial hair” ftm youtube videos. But I watched your video because Gallus featured it, so I knew it would have something relevant regarding the fashion trend of trans. And it did.
      Two thoughts – if you don’t want people to critique your Internet stuff, don’t post Internet stuff. Once it is out there, you can’t get it back. Make sure you only release things you are ok with people seeing.
      Also, I watched that video twice, and the only thing I get from it is that you seem to dislike females. This makes me sad for you. What’s going on with you? What’s up with your hatred of females and why is that *ok* and this post critiquing it *not ok*?
      Cathy Brennan

    5. Hey Joji, aren’t you actually genderqueer????
      Because if you are not genderqueer, and consider yourself and your girlfriend to be “men”, then what a wonderful self-parody of your own idiocy.
      And the M2T trannies will have your guts for garter-belts too.
      Here is the idiot’s guide:
      Trans = upholding gendered stereotypes
      Queer = mixing it up with the gendered stereotypes and labelling it whatever it you want.
      And here is another tip, if you want to come off as “wierd and wacky” then don’t forget to add “pan-sexual” to your identity cv. It’s always a nice touch.
      ps: don’t forget to take lots of photos of yourself, they will be really fun to look at in 20 years.

    6. Ya know, women who have pornography made of them, even “consensually” at the time have to deal with it being on the Internet and put on who knows how many websites displayed in who knows what manner. These women suffer from what psychologists call “realistic paranoia” because they never know who has seen (and jerked off to) images of them. So, things really could be a lot worse than having your video on a site that only wants the best for womynkind.

      1. And she can take it down from her end at any time. She was just yanking our chain. Which maybe I deserve- I regret what I said about the ear gauging, I was just surprised that it was still in fashion in some places, but it was thoughtless to say and I wish I hadn’t said it- it’s kind of a put-down that I mentioned it, like “you’re not cool” or something. I think she just felt “attacked” instead of realizing we were taking her vlog seriously. And seriously critiquing the content.

  9. Since these people are or recently were minors, I expect, where are the PARENTS!? I’m not blaming them, but if these two leave their bedrooms looking anything like this, wouldn’t it give you pause for thought?
    Sure I feel sorry for them, but not enough to fund “youth shelters” over battered women’s shelters. And believe me that’s what it’s come to.

  10. Whew! Those were hard to get through, GM, you were right.
    The first one made me sad because of talk of revolution. Someone is telling a lot of these kids that their appearances will made a revolution of some kind.
    Back in the 1960’s there was a play called “Hair.” Both men and women were letting their hair grow. It was a protest against the sterile 50’s, but moreso it was a protest against the culture of that produced the Vietnam war, racism, etc. People were upset with these kids and their hair because the kids were against racism, patriarchy, war, etc. Long hair was a symbol of that, not its essence. Some of the people who were protesting the war got killed for it. If you are going to get killed for protesting something, it should not be about your right to dress how you want to, it’s not about looking good.
    Instead, you could protest something like the leasing by the gov’t of public lands to timber companies. A young man did that, all on his own because he did not like to see the trees being killed and the planet destroyed by corporations. As far as I can see, he is waging a one-man revolution. He’s in jail for bidding at an auction to prevent companies from getting that land. He had no money to pay for his bid. Yep, he’s seen as some kind of ecoterrorist. So, if you want a revolution, you need to think about the issues. How you dress, in itself, will never make a real revolution. Someone sold you a lie, here. You are listening too much Rush Limbaugh. I’m not being sarcastic when I say that, since you are unawarely parroting him by using the word feminazi. This idea came from him and his ilk.
    The second video. It is sad. I think there is a fetish going on here. There are caricatured drawings of the person in the video on the walls, “Barbie.” There are young kids crying in the next room and a loud tv. I think you, the person in the video, are trying to escape unhappiness through an image and are getting fixated on that image. It is an image that is sold as “women are happy and cared about when they look sexy and make sexy gestures.” This is the opposite of the truth. This is a lie told by powerful men who want to make money. Women are hurt and exploited and these types of images are part of that hurt and exploitation. Your eating disorder is hurting you. I hope that you will get help. It will never make you happy to do what you are doing. Like an addiction, it will make you more and more unhappy.

    1. I loved your comment, KatieS
      When I replied about the second video saying that he clearly is a misogynist for thinking that that is what women are actually like inside (vapid, empty shells), I would have been less harsh in my comment had I realized he was anorexic.
      Being as I live in Japan I hadn’t picked up on that at all because he’s got more meat on him than your average japanese woman 😯
      Altogether very sad.

  11. Yes, what terrific points you’ve made Katie.
    I should think too, if one puts their vid on You Tube they’re looking for the widest audience possible, so really, getting huffy at it being moved from one open internet ‘page’ to another is rather disingenuous isn’t it?

  12. Are you sure he’s anorexic and not strung out on something? Ritalin will do that. Also, make people sound like The Chipmunks.

  13. I third Cathy Brennan’s comment. I try to watch all of the videos you post here, but I can hardly ever get past a minute or two. I’m sure my generation (X) was/is just as vapid and self-obsessed, but we didn’t have the technology to broadcast it to the whole world. It just stuns me to watch these young people (get off my lawn alert!) sitting in front of their webcams and babbling about their dogs and taking a shower, as though anyone would be interested in that! I would die of boredom trying to talk to them for five minutes IRL, let alone watch a 5-minute (or longer!) video of them talking at me about their narcissistic obsessions.
    And I do say that with compassion, I’m sure to all of them it’s just the normal thing to do, but I mean, really, have you never heard of writing a script to make sure you have something substantive to say???

  14. Fantastic exposure of the narcissism of trannyness, once again, Gallus! Your work is brilliant!
    Am I the only one who thinks that number two looks like the bizarre animation in “cartoon” movies like Shrek, where the images of women aren’t exactly cartoons, but certainly don’t look like real women either? This does not look like a video of a human, but looks like that animation style. Really. Every movement as well looks not real.
    I do not feel sorry for either of these, no matter how self-hating. Really, it’s self-aggrandizing. It is so narcissistic, so self-obsessed, so selfish — and so hating of real females. They want to define us out of existence. They are doing all females to much harm.
    And what is going on where someone so EXTREMELY feminine as in the first video keeps going on about being male? But again, it’s full circle. Men invented “femininity” and the punishment for women, for not accepting it, is severe. So here is this very feminine woman, who doesn’t even begin to try to look unfeminine, insisting on how male she is. Well, I guess so, like drag queens are ultra-male. And ultra female-hating.

    1. Barbie Boy was a new level of vapid, I kept waiting for the actual content and none ever appeared. How can anyone talk for five minutes about how long it takes to upload a video? All while molesting his own “breasts.” How is anyone falling for this shit?
      I don’t feel sorry for him either. I want him to get the fuck over his empty little self.

  15. I think the first video is kind of funny, because you’ve got all these trans women out there such as Julia Serano making OUTRAGEOUS claims such as “Having a penis doesn’t make me any less of a woman” , so it stands to reason that when some young impressionable soul hears that bullshit they’re going to swallow it whole and what you end up with is feminine girls making vlogs on how “Wearing make-up doesn’t make me any less of a man”
    In Trans World her video makes perfect sense
    And this is where I feel sorry for ALL these young people because adults are supposed to GUIDE them into adulthood, and youngsters trust that adults don’t lie. Instead the majority of adults are nothing but immmature children inside themselves.

  16. That narcissism, that totally self obsessed attitude, is such a recipe for disaster. Is that self absorbed attitude getting worse or have I just forgotten? I just can’t imagine how your whole life could be about your identity, what people think about you, who you are. Doesn’t anybody play softball anymore, have a job, read a book, engage in activities that aren’t all about you and your image?
    Get off my lawn indeed. After watching some of these videos I have the old fashioned urge to tell people to go out in the sunshine and get some fresh air. Get a life, get out of your head for a while, stop thinking the whole world revolves around you and your Identity.

    1. Exactly. The trans philosophy really speaks to a person’s ego. The whole philosophy of i-am-whatever-i-say-i-am is very empowering. It means that if i want to be a male lesbian dyke girlfag, i can be exactly that, even if everybody else thinks it’s non-sense. Your own truth becomes universal. That’s really empowering, especially if you’ve made to feel inferior and have suffered abuse in the past. The fact that so many trans people have suffered child abuse can’t be a coincidence:

      1. That study: The FtT suffered child abuse as females.
        It’s well known the majority of females experience childhood and youth sexual abuse/sexual assault, yet they have not become trans. Mostly they become your average female. See, the abuse is part of the schooling for being a well-rounded female.

      2. I’m not denying that sexual child abuse is a very common thing and that most people who suffer from it don’t turn out trans. But people deal with trauma in different ways and a dissociative disorder caused by abuse may very well be a factor to becoming trans.
        It seems that many radfems think that ftms want to destroy women or create a butch genocide or something like that. They’re not. Ftms are severely emotionally disturbed women who are acting irrationally. Seriously, do you really think someone who was clinicly sane would mutilate themselves like trans people do? Just listen to the woman in the first video, does she sound mentally sane to you? If anyone is trying to destroy butch women, it’s the medical professionals who are not only making transition possible, but also making it look like the only option to deal with gender dysphoria.
        Radfems have all the right in the world to be angry at the transitioning phenomenon. But you’re shooting yourselves in the foot by complitly denying that trans people suffer from a psychological disturbance. There are a lot of people out there who have suffered from GID and not transitioned or transitioned and transitioned back, and eventually accepted their birth gender. There is things to learn from these people and you’re driving them away by not only denying that GID is a painful experience, but also by trying to make trans people look like an evil bunch who just want to be mean and destroy women.

      3. MC, whilst it is true for many that they do have a psychological disorder, the supposed F2T in the first vid seems sane – just sucked into fashionable weirdo-queer culture – and does not appear to be surgically or chemically mutilating herself, so no harm really. She looks as much of “a man” as I do a squirrel.
        The babsified chipmonk in the second vid, yeah, not 100% qualifying to tick the sanity box any time soon, and as nutty as a fruitcake, but he seems happy about it. His biggest concern in life is upload time of videos. Between poking his own nipples of course.
        As for the CSA ‘defence’ and that we should feel sorry for them (all). No. If CSA was at the bottom of most of these trans* things, then we would see a ratio of 2:1 females:males, because that is the CSA sex victimisation, twice as many females. Not so in twanzland, where it is twice as many males (at least, if not more) who are twanz.
        It is true that many F2Ts do have CSA or other abuse in their background, and do the F2T thing as a way to escape the potential to be further victimised – insteading of standing their ground and fighting it like radfems do.
        I personally don’t give a shit what males do to themselves, or have done to them, none of my concern. It is my concern when they claim to be “women just like [us]” and bully their way into female segregated places like toilets.
        And the so-called F2T in the first vid is actually genderqueer, and counterculture. She’ll probably grow out of. Hence my crack about taking plenty of photos now, to give herself a laugh (or cringe) 20 years from now. As long as she doesn’t start messing around with T, she’ll be fine. Goofy, but fine.

      4. Gender is disturbing to everyone m.c, not just to trans. Especially not to trans. Trans are the great capitulators to gender. The promoters of gender. The gender faithful. The believers in the status quo. The sex-role conservatives. The genderists. And increasingly, the enforcers. Not always individually, but as a class, as a philosophy, a religion, certainly. And I really don’t think it’s unkind to tell someone their religion is a giant turd if that giant turd lands in your front yard.
        Do I think the young people in this weeks Saturday Night Double feature are evil? Of course not. They are the fallen. But their philosophy is evil, and it is that which we are critiquing.
        I think the girl is really good at make-up designs and the sky is the limit for her skills. I also think her female-hatred is disgustingly tragic. And just plain disgusting. See the difference?
        You should read more Radfem stuff before you jump to conclusions. Trans who drop the whole female-hating genderist thing are some of our best allies. They will be the fiercest soldiers in the war against gender. They will be -to borrow a phrase from Sheila Jeffreys- the conscientious objectors to gender. Without their help we will all continue to suffer from it.

      5. And I absolutely agree with you that it is the patriarchal power structures: the “authorities” of medicine, psych, government and law that are the front lines in this battle.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      6. Gender has one function and purpose: the subordination of females. Femininity is the behavior of submission. Masculinity is the behavior of dominance. Genderism is BASED on the suffering and oppression of females. Transgenderism is like a tumor, growing cells like mad to escape the system but unable to form something new. Something TRULY revolutionary and free. An end to gender.

      7. MC said:
        Ftms are severely emotionally disturbed women who are acting irrationally.
        The woman claiming to be a man in the first vid, is not. If you go to any Arts campus at any uni, you will see dozens like her. I know, I went to an Arts college. I was only entry-level wacky at the time, that’s because my degree was in the Applied Arts, not the Fine Arts, so we had to look as if we had some grounding in the real world. For the Fine Arts crowd, it was some kind of unwritten law to look as freaky as humanly possible.
        She does not look as weird and wonderful as she likes to think she does. Nor does she remotely look like a dude, even though she claims to be.
        She may even grow up to be a twanzsquirrel one day… πŸ˜‰

      8. I think she looks fine- like a typical goth. Except for her makeup which has a bit of flair. I love the eyebrows- she has a steady hand. I’m sure her friends are already pressuring her to take T. Her vanity and fashion sense will save her. That is one chick who DOES NOT WANT male pattern baldness, a hairy ass-crack and a squirelly little-people voice.

      9. LOL, none taken.
        I am way better than cis-squirrels with their chirpy little voices. I am now showing cis-squirrels how to be more “squirrel-like”, even if my clip-on tail does look a bit fake.
        I need donations people. I must get the tail surgery, or I will just die! That stupid NHS won’t give me the tail surgery for free, no, they only do human-twanz, and don’t recognise the importance of recognising my internal squirrel identitah.

  17. It’s time for Dave the Squirrel to make a self-obsessed youtube video. The whole world has been waiting for it … waiting *way* too long.

      1. I *demand* more than just five seconds of fame!
        Anyway, talk on the ‘net was that it wasn’t a chipmonk or squirrel, it was a prairie dog or something…
        It’s not a twanzsquirrel like myself. Did you know that twanzsquirrels are way superior to regular born-squirrels? Oh yes they are. I shall prove it by peeing in some born-squirrel’s tree. That really should prove who is the superior squirrel. I don’t actually want to be “just like the other squirrels” (even though I claim to want to be), no, I want to be a speshul snowflake squirrel, with speshul snowflake rights and privileges that the other squirrels don’t have. So there.
        I am also into autosquirrelephillia. I’m such a hawt twanzsquirrel, I get warm and fuzzy just thinking about me.

  18. Oh the narcissism and self-absorption. I can’t get through these either. I watched a minute or so of each and had to take an antiemetic by way of some Maggie Smith.

  19. Too rad. But it’s a ground squirrel. Not only has Dave done a TWANZmogrification sqeee is appropriating culture.

  20. I thought it was a marmot.
    And Dave, when you do all that protestive peeing, make sure your pee SOUNDS like a born-squirrel’s pee when it hits the tree, okay? Better spend a long time thinking about that and perhaps even taping some body parts into particular configuration, to make it come out just right. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy it, and then what’s the point?

  21. Yes, Myrtle! California Ground Squirrel. They live in communities and Burrowing Owls share their burrows. One sat me down once and hopped into my lap and I gave her a good scratch all over. WAY smarter than trannies. And cuter too. Their carry Bubonic Plague but that doesn’t scare me. (All true.)
    And I agree, Myrtle. Almost all females are sexually assaulted from girlhood. Let’s not get into any of the lies about poor trannies being more oppressed — especially MTFs.It’s like the excuse that rapists and murderers were sexually assaulted as boys — well, then why aren’t almost all females serial killers?
    I saw on an fb thread today it being said how oppressed MTFs were because they grew up wanting to be girls. This was my response:
    I haven’t met an MTF yet who has a clue about what being female means or who actually did grow up feeling like a girl trapped in a boy’s body. Every one I’ve talked with came to that idea in adulthood and later lied about it. Many of them had enormous male privilege with their careers, wives, children, status as het married men, etc. Then they fetishize and pornify us and tell us they are more women than us and how privileged we are. I’m curious if ANY of them did feel they were girls when they were little. When you ask what being female means to them, they don’t say a single thing that is intrinsic to being female. It’s all about dresses, make-up, heels, prancing around as the center of attention — just bizarre and female-hating crap.

    1. “I saw on an fb thread today it being said how oppressed MTFs were because they grew up wanting to be girls.”
      Yes, it’s crazy. Just the act of having all this time to obsess over your “Identity” and to invest all this money into it, is evidence you have no idea what it means to be a woman
      Most of the women I know are so busy with their lives, with taking care of other people, with trying to survive, that their version of having an “identity” means finding the time to take a long shower so you can feel human again.
      We joke sometimes, if you want to be a woman, double your workload, cut your wages in half, and invest all your spare time and energy into providing free labor to ungrateful people. There’s never any takers.

  22. Late to the Lame-O Identity Party! Again!
    *Excellent* videos, Gallus. (really, Jorgi, didn’t anyone tell you to be careful about what you put out for the entire world to see?)
    And, seriously excellent comments.
    Many thanks to all πŸ˜›

  23. I finally got around to watching the 2nd vid, “barbie” (and all the way through, do I win a prize?)
    It was the absolute funniest thing I have seen for a long time. Not even considering the femininity extreme going on – it was the three minute pre-amble on how long the video would take to upload (complete with double nipple-poking), then a minute and a half of – I’m not sure what he was saying in the chipmonk voice – then back to the main topic, which was how long the video would upload!
    Did he suck on some helium before hitting the record button?
    Hey Babs, this vid is for you!
    And no, I don’t really know how long the vid took to upload. But with any luck, you will get a part in their next Squeakquel.

      1. Dave, that angry squirrel video, is that rilly you? Unbefuckingleivable–you do entitlement soooo well. . .
        You should give squirrel entitlement lessons for those wanting to transition H2S, the anger and all, like you can rilly, rilly gonna tell off those cis-squirrels if they say a word. I’d swear you were a SAB, rilly. You go, squirl!!!

      2. It’s way more than the narcissism, I fully admit to being an autosquirrelophiliac. When I strap on the tail, wow, I am one hawt squirrel.
        I’m thinking of doing squirrel pwn to finance the tailoplasty. I tried selling myself around the local oak tree, but so few takers from the cis-squirrels. Stoopid cis-squirrels, I think I will go out and piss on their tree again. How dare they not accept me as one of them. I am way hawter than them anyway, they are just jealous because I do squirrelling way better than them. Just wait till I get my tailoplasty done, I’ll show them.
        Why, oh why won’t they accept me, they are just so twanzsquirrelphobic. I’m a squirrel just like them. I felt like a squirrel since the age of four, when I knew that I was rilly a squirrel inside and not a human. I even threw myself onto a beehive once to see if I could spontaneously turn into squirrel, the squirrel I’ve always known that I am.
        In my bedroom I had a little corner of acorns all piled up. I had leaf patterned wallpaper. I used to ‘do’ helium just to make my voice sound more squirrel. Yeah, I had to score street helium, I’m not proud of that, but they wouldn’t give it to me on prescription. I’d wear grey fur, even on hot days. I was living 24-7 squirrel. Those damn doctors would not give me the H2S surgery that I needed, I needed human-blockers, to stop all that humanness asserting itself. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror and saw some human staring back, when I knew that I was rilly a squirrel.
        Time to piss on that oak tree now. I’m gunna make it mine. Those fuckin cis-squirrels can just piss off outta my tree.

      3. Don’t get the black market silicone injections in your haunches, whatever you do.
        Are you sure you’re not a chipmunk? Or Species-Queer? What if you realize one day that you’re just a furry?

      4. How very dare you think that I am “just a furry”, or chipmunk, or species-queer. I am squirrel, all squirrel. I have a birth defect that made me come out all human-looking, but I know, just know, that I was rilly meant to be squirrel.
        Don’t you tell me not to get the silicone haunches, I need haunches to fulfil my internal identitah.
        You radfems as just as bad as those damn cis-squirrels. Do I need to lift my tail and piss on your blog?

      1. ummm, all the exact same twanz arguments and reasons just regurgitated back at them with “squirrel” replacing “woman” (or “man”, but mainly “woman”).
        They perhaps sound ridiculous when exposed by simple replacement, do they not?
        The but I have a birth defect is a relatively new kid on the block, but I like to test drive the new models…

  24. The first video made me genuinely sad. The woman is right, that we shouldn’t give a damn what others think, though I would add we should consider their opinions and evaluate if they seem logical and will help us and others grow. I believe she has the potential to be an absolute resister to patriarchy if that’s where she put her mind. The powers that be don’t care about individual choices of what we wear. That has never done anything to change society and never will (too bad it’s not as simple as that).
    Virtually every transman I have met suffers from extreme misogyny which ze is proud to display. I had one F2T friend who insisted women were oppressing MEN now!
    I would say this transman is rather unusual in that ze is not even trying to act masculine; usually they try to act hyper-masculine to the point that it’s rather absurd.

    1. WOJ, I had the same reaction. Not sad for her as much as sad for the world. The wasted potential, someone who could resist the patriarchy has gotten channeled into something that does the opposite. She might as well be doing some mainstream heteronormative thing. What she’s doing is wasting her talent and energy. We need all of that we can get. Not sad about her, but sad about

      1. I wonder why she even calls herself “trans”? She doesn’t vaguely pass as a man and doesn’t seem to be trying. And she’s into all the femininity and has a boyfriend…just looks like a standard issue goth girl to me. Her Feminazi comment was truly chilling. She’s tired of feminists complaining because men don’t treat us as equals? Didn’t you all notice that men called off the war yesterday? No more rape, incest, stalking, porn, female poverty, genital mutilation! So what are we complaining about?
        And her revolution is “tranny boys wearing eyeshadow”? Hmmm… women pretending to be men while still doing femininity. Could you set that bar a little lower?

  25. Just love the dancing squirrels!
    Why do women and Lesbians accept the bizarre language that female-hating men and self-hating women take on for themselves? There are no “transmen.” There are women who hate themselves and us so much that they don’t want to be us any longer. Why on earth feed their fantasy by calling them ze? And she is clearly a Fem, steeped in extreme male-identified femininity.
    These people don’t make me sad — they oppress me. And they are oppressing all of us.
    They make me MAD. I am so fed up with this narcissistic shit. Bring on the rodents!

    1. “These people don’t make me sad β€” they oppress me. And they are oppressing all of us. They make me MAD.”
      Huzzah! Yes! Isn’t depression/sad what happens when we suppress rage? We know, we know, but we get SAD.
      I’ll never say that again. Thanks BJ.

    2. There are women who hate themselves and us so much that they don’t want to be us any longer. Why on earth feed their fantasy by calling them ze?
      I’m with you BevJo, I will not indulge anyone with silly pronouns, or pronoun delusionism.
      Pronouns are rooted to the biological sex, not gender.
      Besides, even using “ze” in the case of F2T is dumb, because firstly they are genderqueer pronouns (and silly nonsense) but, in the fantasy world of twanz, they claim to actually be the opposite sex, hence deviation from standard pronouns gives the game away.
      But, like I said, pronouns are rooted to the biological sex, not gender, so the genderqueer nonsense, and twanz delusionism are both rooted in concepts of “gender” – some magical unicorn thing that tries to ignore biological sex. Sure, some of them can fake the appearance of the opposite sex, but it is only an illusion, a form of surgical and cosmetic dress-up.
      Biological sex. It’s a fact. Get over it gender-defenders.

  26. Thanks, Myrtle and Fab. And Gallus, you are just brilliant.
    But Mare, why on earth is that silly man “sad”?!!! The fucking prick caricatures real females in a completely disgusting, objectifying, fetishizing, pornographic way. “Barbie” is a travesty/joke/con designed to make little girls become obsessed with male-defined femininity, starve themselves, and be narcissists. He’s a joke. But when he changes back into his standard male form, he’ll get so much more privilege, respect, money, safety, etc. than any woman.
    But I forgot — he’s more of a real woman than any of us will ever be.
    Don’t get me started….

    1. “Thanks, Myrtle, Fab and Gallus. You are just brilliant.”
      You’re welcome. And I just corrected your punctuation there. πŸ™‚

  27. Responding to an earlier comment. I just realized why the talk of “mentoring” has bothered me, and the separation of these “young people” from “us,” who theoretically should have adults guiding them: I became a teenager in the era when we said we did not trust adults and had good reason not to. My first lover’s family kept us apart because they literally owned her. We didn’t have mentors. We were our own mentors, our own leaders. Adults mostly were very obedient to the mainstream power structure who hated everything we were as young people and young Lesbians. That was the era when families locked up young Lesbians and drugged them and gave them shock treatments.
    It was often the young who were the creators and revolutionaries. So I have to say that the young idiots playing at trannyness have no excuse. They don’t need anyone to guide them. They have far more support and information than many of us ever had because WE gave it to them. We wrote the books and articles and built Lesbian communities that could support young Lesbians, but they want the privilege of being men. And the men just want the perverted porny sexual thrill of pretending to be us.

    1. That’s a REALLY GOOD point. And I don’t think I will ever again say that we have failed at mentoring the young. Thank you. Because we had NO ONE. And we CHANGED THE WORLD. These genderists have no one to blame for their female-hatred and conformity but themselves.

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