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  1. If they’re “low maintenance” how come I have to read a whole article on how to have them?
    I also love “emergency hair fixes.” Gawd, I long for the day when the biggest emergency in my life is my hair.
    So if guys respond subconsciously to hair that looks like that, can i keep them away by looking like Medusa?

    1. I so love you yttik!
      Yeah, I will go for the strawlike medusa look. That should repel them in droves.
      So right GM, if the styles are so wonderful, how come dudes don’t have them eh? Because they are bullshit low-maintenance, blow about, get in your face, get caught in machinery, require lots of brushing, expensive products, and apparently, have to also buy magazine articles to read about how low-maintenance they supposedly are.
      Me thinks they fib.

  2. Oh the joys of dykehood:-) My low-maintenance hairstyle is only an inch long at best, only requires clipping once a month – easy to wash and dries in seconds!
    These ads piss me off no end, they pretty much cover all the ‘isms.’ As you say Gallus, if men love those low-maintenance hairstyles so much why indeed aren’t they wearing them? Then again, perhaps some are – male2trans – as proof of their lovely, girly, feminine brain!?!

  3. Wow, Noan, I got all excited! Finally, my kind of clothes. The first outfit on there is sweats! I wear those all winter! But no, wait! Mine were not the $49.50 unbaggy sweatpants with a skimpy cashmere top half off the shoulder for $158.
    My sweats were the baggy type, top and bottom from the thrift store for $2.
    Plus, my hair is not shiny, but rather mixed with grey. And pretty short.

  4. You all said that so well! All males should be forced to wear/appear like what they demand in women — and I mean permanently, starting with the crippling high heels. As for the trannies, well, yes, the femininity they love so, is completely male-identified and male-invented.

  5. I saw that on Yahoo too after logging out of my email. It reminded me of all the wasted hours reading in teen magazines about crap like that and then trying to live up to it. The healthiest thing I may have ever done was cancelling all of my subscriptions to that dreck.

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