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  1. The problem with using youtube for these so important messages is they are surrounded by pornographic women-hate which comes up at the end, as anyone will see who lwatches this to the end.
    Is there a way, a channel, where that can be closed out? I’m do not give theses links to “formal” sites, or people who NEED to hear the message but will be upset with me for subjecting them to porn, foul language and just plain ugliness.

  2. Absolutely! Radical feminism is logical, it’s rational, it’s the truth. You recognize it when you hear it, indeed it is what you’ve been waiting to hear and didn’t even know it.
    Other types of feminism, fun feminism, liberal feminism, progressive feminism, are wrapped upin too much hypocrisy, there’s always a lie sandwich hiding in there.
    “I can empower myself with prostitution!” uhhh… no, no you can’t.
    “Men can be feminists, too!” uhhh…sure they can, all they have to do is cut their wages in half and double their work load. They rarely sign up.
    “We should support progressive men because they care about women’s rights!” Uhhh…..yeah, as long as the oral sex keeps coming and you praise all the unsolicited penis photos they send you, they might toss you a crumb. In my over the edge way of thinking, I was wondering how many actual and virtual blow jobs did it take just to get Lilly Ledbetter signed? How many more must be delivered in gratitude? For how many years? If we ever finish paying the debt for this crumb, will it ever actually benefit a real woman?
    One thing that’s fascinating about radical feminism is that even many women on the Right recognize it as the truth. It’s created a lot of controversy and made things kind of scary for feminists over the years. Dworkin’s anti porn position aligned with many women on the Right who were saying the same thing. Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale struggles with this fact and questions whether or not women should align with each other across political lines. This is the current challenge facing rad/fems that interests me.

  3. I love Gail Dines, She absolutely rips apart men’s “science” in Delusions of Gender to the point that you wonder what on earth they’ve been doing all these years with all that power, money and privilege. Time-wasting and resource-squandering on shit experiments that can be easily rebuffed if you look at them closely enough.
    Luckily for women, men ain’t too bright, on the whole. That will help us come the revolution.
    This is the first time I’ve seen her or heard her speak. Didn’T realize she was so down to earth.

  4. Gail is a working class Northerner, from Lancashire in England. The English working classes, and especially Northerners, can be direct and brillant, far more aware of class than people in the US. Leeds, in Yorkshire, used to be the most radical city for Lesbian Feminism in England. I’m fairly sure from meeting her, that Sheila Jeffries is also working class.

    1. Yes, Sheila Jeffries has said herself that she is from a working class background.
      I didn’t know that Gail Dines was from Lancs, I was trying to figure out the accent. It is always difficult when people live abroad for a length of time.

  5. Wahoo! I love to hear this stuff being said out loud. Dines’ book _Pornland_ absolutely blew me away. I wish every funfem would read it and see what is truly going on in the pornographic industry. Honestly though, it was really tough to get through. Very, very disturbing.
    Thanks for the video, GM.

  6. Working class British dykes and women!! What’s not to love!!! Gail Dines is an amazing speaker. I’ve found several lectures by her on YouTube and have become quite a fan. “Pornland” is a book I am actually afraid to read. I get so upset at the pornification of women, and how it is EVERYWHERE. I was active in Women Against Violence and Pornography in the Media, and just our educational slide show alone horrified me, and that was back in 1980 I think.
    I wouldn’t even go see Black Swan, that’s how much I am sick of this stuff. There is something so evil about the porn industry, and how men just love to defend it on first amendment rights–liberal men defending brutal woman hating torture on film… yeah some liberals!

  7. OMG. I’ve known of Gail Dines for years, and have seen her on videos and I never realised she has a British accent. I always assumed she was American.
    Goes to show how good I am at recognizing accents. Oh, the shame!
    And yes, the first time I read radical feminism it turned me upside down and gave me a good shake.

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