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  1. “Good attention or bad attention it’s still the tiffany show not the real fish show” Honey you have crazy ass glow stick alien eyeballs! That might have something to do with it.

    1. Lawdy lawdy lawdy, the narcissistic tiffany show. Stuff like “we [trannies] don’t want to compete with you females … we just can’t help it if all the dudes you are with prefer trannies”. Then that last part, wanting to “fuck up … I don’t care” to a pregnant woman. *nice*
      Tiff honeypie, tick the “unsane” box on the next form you fill out. Seriously.
      Dirt is so right, all this transition crap is homophobic and misogynistic at its core. It’s amazing just how ingrained homophobia really is.

    2. Really excellent, GallusMag!
      Tiffany’s vid: that he wears those contacts is really strange. It is all about getting attention. I did agree with the idea that women should stop dating men who want to be with men, and who hate women. That’s one kind of misogyny, for sure. Another kind is Tiffany’s hatred of women, the particularly violent beating up a pregnant woman toward the end.
      Dirt’s vid: Really clear, the genuine caring comes through. Caring enough to stand up and take a stand against trans-culture. Standing up for girls, lesbians, butch lesbians. A tender, protective kind of caring.
      Great contrast between the two videos in terms of male entitlement/misogyny confusion, and sweet, strong, caring.

      1. I’m pretty sure the horrendous neon puddles in his face are not due to contacts but to eye tattooing (yes. Less than intelligent people do do that now).

  2. Who luvs Dirt? We do!
    And right, Gallus, nobody notices that Tiffany is just a shitty little misogynist in drag because they are so foucused on those EYEBALLS.
    “real fish”: how *inspired*, how *original*, how 7th-freaking-grade, dude.

  3. Brilliant, Gallus. The misogyny towards females from MTFs is so obvious. Incredible, really. And Dirt’s video so good. I’m guessing the ridiculing was by men/MTFs, since of course they can’t answer her really.
    If anything proves how different males are from females, these and the following videos show it clearly. The men are such nasty, cruel pricks, while the women, no matter what they call themselves, still try to communicate. They are narcissistic and show their self-hatred and lesbophobia (really, just a tiny dose of basic Lesbian Feminism would help) but they don’t have that same nasty meanness that shows up when a man writes in pretending to be a Lesbians.
    And did you all notice how the FTMs show their connection with gay men with mannerisms and style? The later video showing before and after photos shows that FTM to be so clearly Fem too! Over plucked eyebrow and everything else about her. We got to end the myth that it’s mostly Butches “transitioning.”

    1. Isn’t the whole point of the anti-trans/radfem movement that there really aren’t any essential differences between men and women apart from the biological ones thus making the whole transitioning concept void? I’m confused, I thought that was one of the basics of the whole discussion? Or is one of the biological markers of masculinity that males are such nasty, cruel pricks?
      While the posts on this blog are usually well argued and articulate – apart from cheap digs like “lazy tranny name changes”, which are still amusing in a lowbrow way – I can’t say the same about the comments.
      And since many radfems insist on how transphobia is not actually a word, neither is “lesbophobia”.
      It devalues your fight if you use the same kind of tactics as the opponents you’re ridiculing for exactly these tactics.

      1. The issue is not that “transphobia” is not a word (huh?). The issue is that transphobia is a buzz word thrown around whenever we say something that upsets trans people, no matter how valid the criticism is. Lesbophobia is actually exhibited by trans persons – perhaps you should read the “wonderful” comments BevJo got and look at the experiences of her lesbian readers.

      2. Can’t we just agree that neither transphobia or lesbophobia are actual words, just as cisgender isn’t one (I think many radical feminists will agree, as I read a lengthy post on this on of your friend blogs) and that lesbophobia is just homophobia mixed with good old-fashioned misogyny.
        And I did enjoy the “lazy tranny”-post. But I guess it’s more reasonable for a lazy Alex to change to a lazy Alexandra than a Boudicca or Athena-Penthesilea or stg.

      3. Alex, come one. ghgejkghjege can be a word, too. You can construct words (neologisms). The problem is the adequacy and usefulness of the words- do they have any meaning, in which context are they used etc etc. Seriously, I’m not going to debate you on the pressing issue of what exactly a word is.

  4. I just watched dirt’s video again to look at her eyes. yes, *real* I am so moved by her words and the sincerity and non-hatred with which she expresses her ideas.

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