More Fun With Death Threats – The Bev Jo Edition

Looks like it’s Bev’s week for death threats. This past week I’ve received over 30 comments from trans who have been told they are no longer welcome to comment here. One of them stated that they tracked me down IRL and KNEW WHERE MY PARENTS LIVE. Threats much????
Now this comment on THIS POST at Bev Jo’s:

The trans will stop at nothing to silence women discussing gender. Stalking blogger’s families, Death threats, etc. And NEVER A PEEP FROM A SINGLE TRANS calling out the behavior. NOT A ONE.

Comments to this post are open ONLY to trans who DISAGREE with such tactics against women who discuss gender. All other comments please post on Bev’s thread. Here I want ONLY COMMENTS FROM TRANS WHO DISAGREE 100% WITH SUCH THREATENING HATEFUL TACTICS. I look forward to your replies CONDEMNING the awful behavior.