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  1. Are these on Youtube/what are the URLs? I always wanna watch ’em, but I don’t have a normal computer and the mobile version of WordPress just displays a blank entry.

      1. Speaking of “aging well” – he won’t! Given that he is so damn picky about minor folds of skin and asymmetry, he is likely to start freaking out by his mid 30s. At that point, either he will pay out for yet more facelifts, or top himself.
        The nerve repathing could take ten or more years, and when they start forging new connections there will be ‘weird’ sensations.
        He doesn’t seem too fussed about his “man hands”.
        I gather he works as a (gay) prostitute, and this is a likely source of 50k cash. Basically, he is female-proxying – which will be rather dangerous for him if he expands his clientele to include straight dudes, who don’t take kindly to being duped by “used to be a man”.

  2. I was initially going for a male-created female proxy theme, was originally going to couple the first vid with this one showing a holographic “Diva” that peeps actually pay to see “perform live” :
    But then I saw the Facial Feminization Surgery vid and switched it up cause it was so similar to the first proxy vid- this chin, these eyebrows, this nose, etc.

  3. Funny, that however much men try to play God in their various ways, they can’T actually improve on mother nature. ON a purely aesthetic level, that frankenstein woman wasn’t actually *more* beautiful than your average woman, was she.
    Women’s wombs ROCK.

  4. That second video, to me, represents the fall of the patriarchy, the fall of an empire. He had 50,000 dollars to blow, (due to being male), and instead of blowing it on porn or prostitutes or business investments that damage the environment or women, he blew it on reconstructing his face.This can be seen as a positive, surely?
    I just kept nervously laughing throughout it. I just found it the whole thing so horrendous, not least for the poor victim himself. SHame on that surgeon for exploiting his vulnerabilities.
    Women don’t go into great detail on Vlogs about their facial surgeries, but they must feel all those awful “nerve misdirections” and shit as well, musn’t they?
    Fab, what about his massive man ears?
    But all in all, I’d say he does pass as a woman quite well…and that will ultimately lead to his downfall, or even death,… because he’s just stepped into an entire world of oppression that he has no idea about.
    it was the lack of self esteem that did it. He still has the gall to detail his surgery online, so still has some of that male privilege, but his self esteem looks almost as wrecked as a woman’s.

    1. that will ultimately lead to his downfall, or even death,… because he’s just stepped into an entire world of oppression that he has no idea about
      Yes indeed. They have not had the “training” that FABs have had since cradle – a constant monitoring and modifying of behaviour all the damn time. It is male privilege that leads to their downfall – they know not what lies in store for them as “woman”, they assume it is all hair, make-up, clothes.

  5. Non-sequitur of the century:
    “I don’t have a lot of dead spots”.
    I don’t have a lot of sympathy. Why, look…none!

  6. Well his sense of entitlement is definitely bigger than his brain. His male brain, thinking for a moment he can be a woman if he just shaves things, adds a few snap-on parts, and takes a buttload of carcinogenic chemicals.
    (P.S. Can you imagine the FEETS that one will sport?)
    (P.P.S. Ain’t running for no cure for chosen cancer. He and the rest of these blokes are on their own with that one).
    (P.P.P.S. Didja see, GM, the latest from JAMA on breast implants? Only a dude would go there.)

  7. Sorry but this dude really pisses me off. Surgeons (ditto) will j jump to fill their surgery times with assholes like this, and especially in a universal healthcare system, where each surgeon has a set number of surgical theater hours and that cannot be exceeded.
    While people with real problems are put on waiting lists. or surgeons just turn away altogether from the very difficult, time intensive and highly skilled surgeries needed for people with facial deformities, or needing (and wanting) breast reconstructions — the latter which take much more of all the three, time, skill, and even then to just barely turn out useful — than these planing and pop-it surgeries these men think is their right, or even fucking sane.

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