Guest Post: Bev Jo – "Transmen" Are Still Women

I’m pleased and honored to present a Guest Post from Radical Lesbian Feminist Bev Jo on RadFemHub. Click on the pic below to read:
*UPDATE- I was BANNED from the RadFem Hub “Collective” for sponsoring this post!  Check it out! You can see only ONE collective member commented on the post or even hit the “like” button! Then FCM suggested they LEAVE ME on the masthead/list of members so “No one will know”. Hahahaha. And REFUSED to remove me, even as she had time to Edit and/or Spam MY comments to my OWN post! If your comment was deleted, or edited without your consent: It was NOT DONE BY ME as I had been removed after publishing this post. I think it’s a FABULOUS article, and I’m glad so many of you agree. Especially the Lesbians. 😉
I STILL don’t know exactly what they found so problematic in the post. No one has been kind enough to share that with me. If you figure it out, LET ME KNOW. Thanks for the really shitty treatment RadFem Hub! And thanks for treating an icon of the Radical Lesbian Separatist community – who was kind enough to lend her support to the collective by writing the post- like SHIT. You’re TOO MUCH. No, really, I MEAN it.