Do Bee Stings Cause Sex Changes?

This guy is hilarious- claims on national television that a bee sting in middle age, after marriage and children caused him to spontaneously “change sex” by “resetting his endocrine system”. Hahahahaha. omg. Of course the reporter never bothered to get a scientific confirmation- ruins the story! Lolol. Seems like the typical trans narrative- middle aged dude, lifelong crossdresser and autogynephile who obtains sexual excitement by imagining himself a woman, decides during mid-life crisis to take advantage of his privilege to live out his lifelong fantasy of embodying the sexualized female existence he has fantasized his whole fwapping life.
But that would take an element of honesty. And if there is one characteristic lacking in fantasies, especially those which require affirmation and participation of the nonconsensual bystander to be realized, it is honesty. But no matter. The nonconsensual participants are mere fodder for the greater purpose- which is the fantasy. Rubes. Marks. etc.
Which is a perfect introduction for the miraculous spontaneous bee-sting “sex change” of Chloe Prince:
Lord this dude gives Zoe Brain a run for his money- noted public figure and transactivist Zoe/Alan Brain claims he spontaneously underwent a gender change in mid-life after marriage and children due to a miraculous and unheard-of case of a spontaneous intersex condition- a miracle! unheard of in all science! Concurrent with his coincidental ingestion of testosterone suppressing androcur and estrogen. Brain also insists he is a “rocket scientist” although all objective information indicates he is a nine-year software engineer grad student PHD candidate. It takes nine years for high-schoolers to become an MD. So a nine-year grad student is pretty much a failed PHD. Sorry Alan! Not a rocket or any other type of scientist! And not intersex! The saddest part is how he exploits his 12 year old son (who has since disowned him) in his fake intersex transsexual fantasy as shown in this video:
Why don’t transsexuals admit they chose to become artificial “girls”? And why do some cling pathetically to a false intersex condition? Or to a “birth defect” of being born with a “female brain”? For some it’s shame. For others internalized homophobia. For example Zoe Brain is a rabid homophobe. Prior to his “miraculous” condition at the age of 47 he was an anti-gay blogger, stating that homosexuality “should be discouraged” and relaying when hearing about a friend’s gay union “The sound you hear is my skin crawling”. This from a man who now considers himself to be a heterosexual female, through no “fault” of his own, mind you. He’s not a dirty fag like the rest, and he’s not a shameful tranny either. It was the miracle! The fated bee sting! Not the shameful autogynephilia!

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  1. Bee-sting + hormones + surgery + dress-ups = wowser! spontaneous change from male to female!!! It’s a miracle! I guess the bee-sting was also for the miraculous and spontaneous plucking and shaping of his eyebrows too! This is obviously one ‘beauty’ tip that FAABs need to know, instead of plucking eyebrows the old fashioned way, just go to a bee hive and dance around a bit. Strangely, last time I was stung by a bumble bee, nothing happened except localised swelling around the sting. Maybe it has to be a special type of bee?
    Shame on Alan Brain exploiting the 23yo intersex person in that video.
    My theory as to why Mr Brain’s PHD has taken so long is that he constructs the most longwinded and boring blog and FaceButt fake-intersex posts known to humans.
    As for the pole-dancing ex-naval dude, he still is packing his downstairs tackle. Surely that would hurt swinging around the pole? Perhaps the radfem master plan could be to get M2Ts to take all the pole dancing jobs, they can pay the clubs to ‘dance’ and get groped by the male customers. We might just have found a use for them!

    1. I wish I’d known about this yesterday when there was a huge group of bees swarming outside my house. Next time they show up it’s penis and pay raise, here I come! XD

  2. This demonstrates the way so many trannies think it’s all about ME ME ME.
    “I’m going to tear apart my family, devastate my kids and crush my own father, because I simply MUST mutilate myself!”
    It’s sickening.

  3. It’s always bothered me how girlfriends or wives are expected to just completely accept their partners transitioning (whether MtF or FtM). They are always kind of turned into the bad guy in the situation if they show even a hint of concern. Or, if they dare leave, into an intolerant bigot who lets appearance change their love and feelings towards their partner. It’s just crazy to me. I remember when I used to read Feministing and there used to just be huge debates over whether it’s okay for someone to leave their partner when they transition or if it’s okay for a trans person to hide their real sex from their partner because they fear their partner will leave them. Never ceased to just kind of rub me the wrong way, how people seemed to just think that no one has the right to leave a trans person for any reason and if they do they’re a bigot and transphobic.
    Women always seem to get this the worst too. We are expected to stand by and completely support our man as they become a woman, or are expected to be happy if our girlfriends decide to start taking T and binding their chests (since, you know, every woman, even a lesbian, just needs a man in her life). It’s like men are expected to be assholes in these situations, so they aren’t as judged for leaving a trans partner. But a WOMAN leaving a trans partner? Now that’s just horrifying!
    And seriously, who the hell takes pictures of themselves crying? Have you ever thought, in the deepest depression where you’re actually thinking about taking your own life, that what that moment needs is a few MySpace emo pictures? That is a cry for attention if I have ever seen one. Just saying, it’s really, really weird and suspicious.

    1. Oh My God the pix he took of himself weeping- which he sent to his old father along with a suicide threat? Pure malevolent manipulation. That was soooo pathetic and gross.

  4. Ahahahaaa!! This reminds me. So, there’s this dude who lives in my town. He lives on the same block as a good friend of mine and does the landscaping for her landlord. One day he starts telling her that he was STRUCK BY LIGHTING. Ok. Well, that made him grow breasts!1!! Then, he started menstruating!!11!!
    We call him “LIGHTING BOOBIE MAN.”

    1. We call him “LIGHTING BOOBIE MAN.”
      zmog, I pissed myself laughing.
      So, bee stings or lightning strikes will cause spontaneous physical sex changes will they? About as believeable as the ‘water into wine’ tale.
      At the root of all these fairy stories is the belief that what they are doing is ‘wrong’ in the sense that I don’t think they truly believe sex change themselves, so they make up elaborate fairytales that aportion the ‘spontaneous changes’ onto a mysterious outside force, then, through no fault of their own, they were the ‘victim’ of this outside force. Basically they have their own internalised transphobia!

  5. I tried to Google “Idiopathic partial sex reversal,” which was presented in your second clip as if it’s a known, but rare, medical condition. I can’t find anything on it that comes from any kind of medical or scientific source–most of the links are directly to writings about Zoe/Alan or writings about him. You’d think that if this was REAL, even if extremely rare, there would be tons of doctors/scientists wanting to study it. There would be information about it beyond just what Zoe/Alan is saying himself.

    1. Oh my god the milage the twans have got out of that old debunked cadaver study that showed 6 men taking high doses of estrogen for many years had slightly smaller brains than those who didn’t – ooohhhhhh!!!!!! Jesus we heard that one pulled out for years after it was debunked.
      That’s what Zoe Brain does- he cuts and pastes a bunch of “scientific sounding stuff” alllllllll over the internet like some twanz flim-flam snake oil salesman. If Brain’s miracle spontaneous sex change actually occurred the trans would be allllllll over that shit. He claims there is a team of doctors that have been studying the mystery for six years and are “nearly about to get at the bottom of it all” but he refuses to name a single doctor involved in the “investigation”. The very flim-flam man who pollutes the comment thread of every trans article on the internet with bad science links somehow declines to reveal the groundbreaking multi-year medical investigation into his own “miracle”? Why on earth would he withhold such compelling information? Why would that be? For what possible reason???LOlololololol. Because it’s all total shite.
      “Idiot- pathic Total Honesty Reversal” lolololol.

      1. We could always immortalise Alan by naming this fictitious spontaneous twanzformation as “ZoeBwain Syndrome”.
        GallusMag, thanks for the info on Alan’s previous homophobia, that was one I did not know.
        Like all spinners of fairytales, his story has changed over the years. First he was tranz, now he is intersex with spontaneous transformations!!11!! He insisted that his still-alliance with tranz was because he felt some emotional connection with them (or some such shit). The truth is, most intersex persons are completely pissed off with transjacktivists jumping on their bandwagon. Hence if Alan Brain was truly intersex, he would distance himself from these ‘sex/gender change’ interlopers.
        Also, my comment above, about internalised transphobia, applies to Alan Brain as well. It seems rooted from his internalised homophobia. No surprises there really.

  6. I think it is because their world view requires that they never see themselves as responsible for their own actions. If you read the abuse handbook “Why Does He DO That” it walks you through the entitlement world view of the abuser. Everyone else has privileges. They have rights.
    For a while I thought I was falling prey to the “when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail” syndrome because the argument and behaviors seem so very similar to the way abusers argue and behave. As I read more on how the whole wide world dun em rong the similarities are inescapable. I would be curious to hear from their children and former partners. I have a suspicion they are verbal, emotional, and quite possibly violent, abusers. It goes with the world view.

    1. Not Candyman?
      He should’ve just said he saw a couple of snakes doing it, and left the bees out of it.

  7. I just watched the video on the guy who was stung by the bee and went through SRS. The media with Chloe used all the usual trans memes–saying trans is entirely biological, Chloe declaring he needed to be his “authentic” self, as if we’re not all socially constructed, and the threats of suicide. We’re obviously all supposed to feel very sorry for Chloe.
    But what about the gyrls and womyn who have a very high suicide attempt rate? Our stories are too “everyday” for the media to cover.

  8. Um. Zoe really just did my head in. Even if his story were true (which it isn’t) how would it have been possible for him to impregnate a woman and have a son? Wow…

  9. Swyer syndrome!!!! wtf. Somebody born with XY chromozomes is not a “female” with XY. THey are male, but because they were born without an obvious penis the medical fraternity insists they can’T possibly be male because they’re not “real men”. IN other words, intersex FAAB are actually non-female and it *does* *my* *head* *in* that doctors will not accept this.
    Just because a human being doesn’t have a penis doesn’t make him a female. We are a sex of our own.

  10. It is pretty weird that they do this, CBL, I agree. Your post made me think that there is a good case to be made for not having a sex-binary if that does not reflect reality. I think we really do need F, M, Intersex categories, then. If there is discrimination against an intersex person, that is real discrimination. It could be protected by law based on physical realities. But a person still doesn’t get assigned to be a sex that they are not.
    Perhaps being clear about these physical realities in this way would help shed light on the nonsense that is being made of gender. (Which was once a perfectly good word, but the meaning of it has been destroyed).
    If a person wants to call themselves anything, I cannot stop them. But it should have no legal status whatsoever that they do. Nor should it be seen to have mandated social meaning. I can hang out with them, or not. Otherwise, that is just nonsense. As far as I can tell, gender now means something that anyone can declare themselves to be at any time and for a reason of their own choosing, which can remain private if they choose.
    I can call myself any number of things, which may have varying elements of accuracy, all dependent on my ability to see myself accurately. I can call myself a dancer (who may be another Ginger Rogers or a woman with 2 left feet), a singer (who may or may not sing on key), a gardener (with a single plant or a 5 acre market garden), or a zebra, (since I can choose to have striped tattoos all over my skin). These concepts are understood as subjective when I declare them as my identity. Now, I may have nice friends who are willing to sit next to me in church singing hymns and smiling, or mean ones who tell me to mouth the words or they won’t sit next to me ever again. I may even have friends who tell me they are unicorns that like zebras and we can frolic in the meadow. These things are socially constructed identities with many meanings, and I am free to construct them or not, to find kindred spirits if they are there or even convince them to be kindred.
    The concept of gender now needs to be seen as something like this, with socially constructed meanings that are changeable and highly subjective as identities. It should never be the basis for any legal status whatsoever. Perhaps we just need to get rid of the word altogether and stick to sex: F, M, and I.

    1. Why are categories listed at all?
      I cannot think of a single case in which ticking the correct sex-box is remotely relevant to anything whatsoever.
      Please name a single instant in which someone who is not looking you in the face needs to know this about you from some remote location?

  11. Chloe Prince also runs PINKessence, which is a massive embarrassment for any transsexual who just wants to get things done and move on without all of the bullshit. Have yourself a look at the photos on the main page slowly, and you can even play a transgender drinking game; every time you see a pair of heels, take a drink. If you want to be increasingly into the lethal range with your blood alcohol level after that, take one for every time you see such things as a ‘Stepford Wives’ ensemble, way overdone makeup, or somebody wearing something unflattering just because it is feminine. Apparently, nobody told them that women wear jeans the vast majority of the time.
    Transgender: the New Age Transvestite.

  12. Holy. Bullshit. Overload.
    I am literally sitting here at my desk in my home office, blushing. My cheeks and ears are red, from having watched the ZB and Chloe Prince vids. I am so embarrassed to be “trans” right now. You have no idea, GM.
    Appalling and shameless fabrication and attention-begging. Neither of them can be happy be “just” being “trans”. They need some super special emerging mutation story to accompany it, because they are unrepentantly in love with their own unicorn-special (wannabe) mutant-snowflakiness.
    Freaking. Obvious.

  13. I really appreciate this, Gallus, since I was joined in a radiation discussion on a radical Lesbian Feminist’s fb thread, when Alan (“Zoe”) Brain started taunting me about my anti-trannie politics (I had ignored that and disagreed with his downplaying of the dangers of Fukushima — Elliott also is quite right wing and ridiculing of Feminists who question the patriarchal power structure.)
    Anyway, I responded to the taunt, got a lecture about his being intersex, responded with a link to an intersex person who hates him and tells how he lies (I think dear Lierre provided me with that link) and then I was told to stop by the “Radical Lesbian Feminist” who then proceeded to apologize to him!
    She has a big following, and I agree with her about a lot, but she also posts some very lesbophobic and Butchphobic things, so I like to alert everyone to check for consistency in politics. Someone who supports this man or other female impersonators against the Feminists who confront them (or in my case, just respond to their taunting), can’t be trusted about other issues really. This is a crucial issue. Men cannot become women! And these men do terrible damage to Lesbian communities worldwide.

  14. Bottom line, if you side with trans at the expense of lesbians, and you are a lesbian, in my opinion, you aren’t loyal to lesbian nation and are not to be trusted.
    What’s so hard about lesbians standing with lesbians and booting the trans impersonators out to the Planet Pluto? Or maybe just dump a bunch of diatematious earth onto them and begone with the plague upon lesbian sacred space! Go for Bev Jo, kick their damn butts out to Pluto!

  15. HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF WOLBACHIA? This is a form of bacteria that inhabits some smaller insects, from mosquitoes, to flies, and woodlice. Once it enters the male, it changes it to a female, which then often needs no male to reproduce and mainly produces female offspring.
    You can look this up on the net, under that name. So far as is known (or at least publicly admitted, if it does so), it does not affect anything much larger. It can cause partial changes, which is not desirable of course. However, Who knows? There are many scientists messing about with our environment and might even have so produced a strain that would affect a human male.
    Therefore I wouldn’t knock it if i were you, it MIGHT just be possible?

    1. Oh…… Yah…… Could be government modified bees, with androcur nano-injectors!!! You’re RIGHT!!!! Incredible coincidence that it stung a lifelong autogynophile crossdresser!
      BTW the Art Bell show is that way >>>>>>>>>>>>

    2. LOL, well, I have been stung by bees a few times. Strange, that along with the pain and swelling, I just did not get the urge to put on frilly pretty things.
      Perhaps evol scientists have modified bees to inject massive estrogen doses? And a secret ingedient that makes the bee sting victim simply adore girly underwear?
      I love a good conspiracy theory in the morning.

  16. So according to Mike, men have a lot in common with insects and are no different than mosquitoes, flies, and woodlice? Whoa. I didn’t know the movie “The Fly” was based on a true story.

  17. It’s very odd that it seems to make them even more male than ever — more narcissistic, obnoxious, repulsive, and just so unable to take no for an answer.
    No wonder I love spiders so! Plus, the females outnumber the males a lot! And the females know how to deal with males who get out of line. No harassment allowed! Severe punishment for intruding on female spiders’ space.

  18. um i hate to break it to you its a form of disrepct blanty calling us male when we live and act female and when medical science has basically said were female. since most you women are afraid of men but in order for human race to continue you are going need men. and you claim to want womens rights but isnt that a contradiction when you dont want others haveing rights esp the gay community when a transsexual can be both gay and straight which means they belong to the womens festival. you forget a lot of us whehter gay,transsexual or straight who support transsexual rights are feminist ourselves. but heres wheres its gets interesting you whine about male opperssion so and that any type of oppression is bad then contradict yourselves. i also know a little about the celtic cultures transsexualism isnt a modern phenoma nor is gay most tribes before the abrahamic religion came along treated transsexual women as women whether or not they agree they are. and i hate to break it to you but gender between the ears whether your into the mind of religion, hindu;buddhist or a medical western doctor. sex is your gentialia. and its your own igorance these groups i mention who were never male even if they have male gentilia that if you were triggered its your fault not theirs.
    one my therapist was a feminist not all femineist to take transsexual women their right of womanhood away. we agree that the originial idea of feminism was not agaisnt we transsexual women for our rights taken away that this in itself has become a hypocrat idea. oh your forgetting i study culture its my hobby in which my feminist therapist agreed with me. the common theme in these rallies is saying men are sneaking in as transsexual women to undermine woman people like Ann Coulter. sorry since a lot ideas of a lot cultures disagree with the womyns feast your accuratlly making yourselves look like hypocrits and oh i also can read law by the letter. that would kick people out of woman only. i am sorry if i amke you uncomfortable but are making a black or lets say muslim bathroom because in context thats what you are doing illegal in the us. i dont care if i make you uncomfortable. and most transsexuals are infertile they cant rape impregnate you, most arnt lesbian and in the last 30 years a transsexual has not raped a woman but non transsexuls who pretend to be transsexuals have and your forgetting lesbian rape to. and in ancient cultures esp abrahmic religions those people who get pregnant or not were put to death. and so again if your not put to death then their a lax in law. your no better then the fundemental christains out their. by calling me male when i am female thats slander,harrassment,assaualt i hope your ready for a court battle . and since we have to live female life including the bathroom by denying the womens festival and the bathroom you violated our consitutional rights . no wonder fundi christain think thats gay women are immoral their going to kill the human race by not breeding i am making fun of you. and its not the male you fear its phalic and the power of the man , most men do not rape but a lot do so why are you afraid of men its not mens fault. something that you need to get over and intergrate which if i believe its illegal to not intergrate with the melting pot according to our constituion. remmber blacks cities according blacks in the 60s were illegal and yet their still black cities. did i just educated you. and by the way fertlity worship you ad hoc from wiki which ad hoc from celtic and most traditions used transsexual male to female preitess so you contradicted your beleifs. not only that you complain about transsexual women exposing themselve to children at these events and yet women are opposing themselves to children makieng them pediophilers in the eye of law. thats all a transsexual or a pro transsexual lawyer needs to bring your women feast down idiots they dont do it because they give some credit or they be like you a hypocrit. all i have to say is hi hilter to you nazi women. no wonder men treat women badlly. you dont get to the root of your problem you make it worse. the whole cancer to womens rights arent men or religous right but the feminist movement. oh and by the way its illegal to ask me in the us if i had surgery and when you did for the bathroom i will then challenge the courts you are violating my health rights since APa and AMA is governed by the US goverment. whether or not they agree were women what they do agree on is following the law and thus your breaking the law.

    1. So much nonsense…such much transplaining…so much delusion. Lika a religious cultist.
      “um i hate to break it to you its a form of disrepct blanty calling us male ”
      RESPECT MA FANTASY YOU WIMMEN!! To bad we don’t bow down to the trans dogma.
      “when we live and act female”
      What the hell does “act female” mean? Do you act being pregnant? Do you act having your menopause? How can you act a biological state?? Everything is possible in trans dreamland.
      “when medical science has basically said were female”
      Huh? I didn’t know Dr. Frankenstein is real. I’ll bet he could turn males into females.
      Ahh I stop here. You are just another trans troll. Uneducated, deluded and so on. Everytime there is such a comment it’s a new proof how detached from reality they are. There more people see it the better. Reality and biological sex are the most transphobic things ever so trans deny them and want to force others to do the same. I for one will never pretend that the emperor has clothes on!

  19. um your brain stops growing after tenty one most who take hormones are and those studied were past 21 we have female brains. but are women who have hsyterectomies no according to your logic or born infertile.

  20. is not gential on boys surgery for a gods approval a contradiction to your idiocy. i mean we know now that its would considered multalation under your gods law and we know its actaully not clean but cause more damage so god says so its okay. for those who married the trans person they were always transsexual their gender so that make you a lesbian. and for those qoueting god your forget the eunachs were gods chosen people, that before the fall eve was a clone of adam according to greek bible and that neither were male or female in gentilai nor does it describe their gender only after the fall which i thought god wanted you to stay i n the garden so then making one be female and the other male well that promotes homosexuality and transsexuality not depromote it. so adam and steve was their.

  21. I have MEDICAL documentation, from a GP, Geneticist, Endocrinologist, Urologist, Ob/Gyn, and Psychiatrist to verify my claims to intersexuality, and can honestly tell you that spontaneous gender change is a real, although VERY RARE, condition, as that’s EXACTLY what is happening to me. It is NOT, however, instantaneous, as these twisted individuals would have you believe. First of all, in “Chloe’s” case, true Kleinfelter’s (EVERY CELL in an organism having an XXY configuration) affects 1 in every 50,000 men, not 1 in every 500. Of thodse, less than 5% are fertile enough to father children. Of those children so fathered, only 1-2% are viable enough to last full-term. Of those that survive, 99.5% suffer from some form of moderate to severe mental retardation. Yet “Chloe’s” somehow managed, through TOTALLY NATURAL means, to father 2 normal, healthy male children while being Kleinfelter’d. Bogus…
    I was doubly fortunate that I am a genetic chimera (proof available upon request, for a copying fee of $31.25 [50 pages, $1 per each of first 25, 0.25 per page thereafter]), having 46-XX / 46-XY / 47-XXY makeup, and my child was born FEMALE, and thankfully, normal (yes, she’s been tested). Most Kleinfelter offspring are themselves Kleinfelter, as the zygotes typically split X / XY, NOT the XX / Y or X / X / Y that produce normal, healthy male offspring.
    If there was, in fact, a shread of truth in this story, it would have made global news in every scientific and medical journal. A quick Google search of Ted Chloe Prince yields 5 million hits, and the top ones are either by ABC or Ms. Prince herself, NOT medical websites / personnel. My medical records are available to the MEDICALLY QUALIFIED and CURIOUS, but all 7,259 (last count) pages will be released upon my daughter’s death, per her request..

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