Do Bee Stings Cause Sex Changes?

This guy is hilarious- claims on national television that a bee sting in middle age, after marriage and children caused him to spontaneously “change sex” by “resetting his endocrine system”. Hahahahaha. omg. Of course the reporter never bothered to get a scientific confirmation- ruins the story! Lolol. Seems like the typical trans narrative- middle aged dude, lifelong crossdresser and autogynephile who obtains sexual excitement by imagining himself a woman, decides during mid-life crisis to take advantage of his privilege to live out his lifelong fantasy of embodying the sexualized female existence he has fantasized his whole fwapping life.
But that would take an element of honesty. And if there is one characteristic lacking in fantasies, especially those which require affirmation and participation of the nonconsensual bystander to be realized, it is honesty. But no matter. The nonconsensual participants are mere fodder for the greater purpose- which is the fantasy. Rubes. Marks. etc.
Which is a perfect introduction for the miraculous spontaneous bee-sting “sex change” of Chloe Prince:
Lord this dude gives Zoe Brain a run for his money- noted public figure and transactivist Zoe/Alan Brain claims he spontaneously underwent a gender change in mid-life after marriage and children due to a miraculous and unheard-of case of a spontaneous intersex condition- a miracle! unheard of in all science! Concurrent with his coincidental ingestion of testosterone suppressing androcur and estrogen. Brain also insists he is a “rocket scientist” although all objective information indicates he is a nine-year software engineer grad student PHD candidate. It takes nine years for high-schoolers to become an MD. So a nine-year grad student is pretty much a failed PHD. Sorry Alan! Not a rocket or any other type of scientist! And not intersex! The saddest part is how he exploits his 12 year old son (who has since disowned him) in his fake intersex transsexual fantasy as shown in this video:
Why don’t transsexuals admit they chose to become artificial “girls”? And why do some cling pathetically to a false intersex condition? Or to a “birth defect” of being born with a “female brain”? For some it’s shame. For others internalized homophobia. For example Zoe Brain is a rabid homophobe. Prior to his “miraculous” condition at the age of 47 he was an anti-gay blogger, stating that homosexuality “should be discouraged” and relaying when hearing about a friend’s gay union “The sound you hear is my skin crawling”. This from a man who now considers himself to be a heterosexual female, through no “fault” of his own, mind you. He’s not a dirty fag like the rest, and he’s not a shameful tranny either. It was the miracle! The fated bee sting! Not the shameful autogynephilia!