A Verily Funny Comment.

The following is a comment that I received in response to my Feminization Hypnosis post. It is so off-the-rails that I half wondered if it wasn’t some sort of satire. Sadly, it’s my assessment that this comment was actually genuine. Should stupidity be rewarded? Probably not. But you know how I love my Trans Tropes, and this gem is chock-full of the cult-talk and clichés so beloved by Genderists, and echos so many of the comments in my spam folder that I thought I would let this one out into the light and fresh air. Which coincidentally is what I recommend for the poster: Light and Fresh Air. Let’s step away from the keyboard, shall we?
I’m going to go ahead and say this: I’m an MtF (“Male to Female” — it’s not “M2T” or whatever you were calling it) [There is no such thing as a sex-change. You are not actually female. That’s why you have a prostate gland. At the most, you are a castrato who has paid a surgeon to push your penis up inside of you between your prostate and rectum to create a surgical fuck-hole for other males to stick their dick into, and some cosmetic surgery creating a rough semblance of external female genitalia (labia etc). That does not make you female. It makes you a male transsexual. Which is why you are correctly referred to as “M2T”. Although if I may say so (and it’s my blog, so I may) the sorts of rudimentary mansplaining/transplaining comments such as the one I’m responding to are usually the knee-jerk offerings of men who are early in the process of “transifying” and are a display of their memorization of the trans narrative and the self-indoctrination into the genderist fantasy. Sooo, I am guessing you have never even taken a female hormone in your life, much less walked down the street a single time “en femme”.] and I’d have to agree that anyone who did take this hypnosis-crap seriously ought to be marginalized. [Why do you think other trans should be marginalized because they are “doing it wrong”? This is a very popular Trans Trope: “The others are inauthentic but I am genuine”. Throwing your brothers under the bus for using tacky hypnosis doesn’t make you seem more female son.]
First-off, primary Transsexualism (e.g. that which is present from birth) is the result of a rare birth defect in which the body develops as per one gender [Bodies don’t have genders. Gender means “Sex Role”. By definition roles are culturally created and not innate.] and the brain as per another (in the case of the MtF, the brain did not receive to the required extent the virilizing testosterone-wash that occurs in most men). [Brains don’t have sex roles either.  And your casual declaration of a “testosterone wash” theory that creates the “birth defect” of transgender is unsupported by science and is a product of your genderist fantasy. Scientists have searched for a hundred years for evidence of congenital brain gender, transgenderism, and even homosexuality, all to no avail.] So, for the time before their puberty, such people tend to act more in accordance with the gender-role of the opposite sex (sex referring here solely to the physical, gender referring to the mental) than their prescribed gender-role. Feel free to research this. [I have researched it, and all research shows exactly the opposite of what you are declaring. A minority of male transgenders- those that are homosexual- exhibit behaviors in childhood that are culturally deemed “feminine”. The large majority of transgenders do not. They conform to gender roles to the same or greater extent of non-transgenders. Unlike homosexual children, there is no objective report of the children being in any way gender-atypical. There is substantial evidence however that such children are anti-social loners, preferring their own company to that of other children. Your comment that I should “feel free to research this” when you have clearly not done such research yourself and are offering incorrect information is pure ignorance matched with arrogance on your part.]
Secondly, I’d just like to back-up an earlier point that transsexualism is due to a birth defect; normal children can not be brought-up reliably in the wrong gender. Once, there was a scientist by the name of John Money who believed gender to be 100% the result of socialization. However, when under his advice a male baby (who had just survived a car accident with some genital damage) was changed to a female baby, the child grew-up horribly transgendered and eventually killed thonself [You refer to the famous case of David Reimer. Reimer was not a baby, he was almost 2 years old, already socialized as male before he was castrated and the parents advised to change his sex role socialization and lie about his sex. Reimer’s mother later admitted that they did not really follow this advice. The Reimer case, while tragic is famous because it is so unusual. Most intersex children are happy with the “sex”/gender role they are raised with, even if that role is opposite their chromosomal sex. Which contradicts your “immutable gender” assertions.] (“thon” used here as a gender-neutral pronoun; we are not “it”‘s, people — “it” is an inanimate and derogatory pronoun, so if you aren’t sure what to call someone by, please either call thon by their preferred gender’s pronoun or “thon”). [HAHAHahahaha! Have you checked with other “thon”s about this policy? And please point out an instance of anyone being referred to as “it” on this entire blog. Perhaps you thought you were responding to another blog? Or maybe you just cut and paste this crap all over town. LMAO http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Thon. Pronouns are assigned by sex on this blog, not gender.] But this incidence is not alone; it is common knowledge that 1/3 of all transpeople commit suicide before the age of 18 [Hahaha! Wow. Common knowledge huh? Not common among any medical psychiatric scientific or crisis intervention institutions. What you mean to say is it is “Common fantasy and disimformation embraced by thons in attempt to garnish sympathy for their genderist philosophy and beliefs, such as the medicalization of gender.” According to you, absent all evidence, there is an invisible epidemic of child transgender suicides. Perhaps you meant deaths by auto-erotic asphixiation. In one third of such deaths the male is wearing women’s garments. That may not be “common knowledge”, but it is statistical fact. Yes, that must have been what you meant.] with many more being severely depressed.
Through the last century, everything you can possible imagine — from shock-behaviour therapy to attempted brainwashing — has been used against transsexuals to try and “convert” them. Besides transition, not one of these strategies has worked. [Those strategies are still being used. It’s called Gender Reassignment Surgery. It’s called castration and sterilization- now performed on children as young as 10 years-old! It’s called lifetime drug dependence on synthetic artificial hormones. And as for the “one way ticket to transition the only alternative is death” Trope- it is simply false. Lots of people simply “get over” transsexualism, even after full surgical mutilation and successfully “passing” as the opposite sex for years. They just change their mind. Happens all the time. 98% of children who insist they are “really a girl” or “really a boy” grow out of it if left alone. Usually they grow up to be gay. Lots of people are tormented by the idea that they should have their limbs chopped off, or that they should weigh less than 75 pounds. They don’t all die because their obsessions or BID are not indulged. Quite the contrary. I’ll be doing an extensive post soon on de-transitioning and transsexual regret.]
Not one.
And (especially to you feminists here who hate us for what we were born with) [Oh my! Typical male thinks feminism is about “hating men”. Everything’s not about you, hon. As a man you think it is, but it isn’t.] how would you like to be forced to forever be the opposite gender? For you feminists, this means that you would be forced to live in a male body and to act as a male, against your will, with very little support. I should think that you, too would eventually become depressed. [ I can’t imagine any feminist, or any average person, actually giving a shit. We would just say, “whatever”. Most people, even non-feminists don’t fetishize gender and don’t have strong genderist obsessions and beliefs. Most people would just deal with whatever sex they are and never give it another thought. Feminism is all about the elimination of the sex roles you subscribe to and hold dear. The ones you promote.  We are treated vastly differently according to reproductive sex across all cultures, and always with the female at the bottom of a sex hierarchy. As a man, you love that. As a man, you think you might like to try out “being a woman”, which is your privilege to choose. Females don’t get to choose. Women don’t get higher salaries because they inform their boss they have a “male sex role identity”. Women don’t escape rape and involuntary impregnation because they “identify” as something other than female. Not even if they inject testosterone and get a legal gender change. They are female, and they always will be. Just as you will always be a male regardless of who you go around mistrelizing and colonizing. That’s what you fail to understand. And this part : “For you feminists, this means that you would be forced to live in a male body and to act as a male, against your will, with very little support,” Is really key I think. Why would being born male force us to “act as a male”? Why should sex cause us to act a certain way? And act that way against our will, no less? You’re talking about acquiescence to social sex roles. You’re talking about sex-role conformity. Which is a choice, at least for men. What you bemoan as your fate is exactly what feminism rejects. What you embrace, we are dismantling. And I can guarantee a feminist who woke up in a male body wouldn’t be “acting as man”. No man should be “acting as a man”. Women have fought for hundreds of years against men like you for the right to not “act like women”. You must do the same. Fight other men for your right to not “act like men”. You expect to use and abuse women by inflicting yourself on us, by minstrelizing our bodies and mimicking the very sex roles that enslave us. As a man you are used to using women any way you see fit. But we reject you. We reject you as a female. We reject your entire premise. Have some courage and fight other men for your right to not “act like a man”, like we have done for ages. You are no female and you are no ally to females.]
Transition gives us freedom from the shackles of living as the wrong sex; [Please show me where transition frees females from the shackles of male supremacy. Your POV is pure misogyny and male centrism.] after transition, suicide-rates and depression are below the national average, [Post transition rates of suicide, psychiatric emergency and incarceration are higher than pre-transition. You would know this if you did the research. You just literally pull these fictions out of your ass.] and the rate of regret for transition is less than 1%. Source? Fairly common knowledge in the trans-community. Feel free to verify; I’ve seen this figure between 0.5 and 3 percent, and I’ve seen the pre-transition suicide-rates between 1/3 and 1/2 (but 1% and 1/3 are the most commonly accepted). [Hahaha. “Source? Fairly common knowledge in tha trans community”. OMG the “fairly common” knowledge again. Pure fiction. Transsexuals across the board show no marked improvement in function by any objective measure. That’s why Johns Hopkins stopped performing the “treatments”. And there are no reliable long term studies on subjective regret rates, although some studies do show self-reported regrets as high as 20%. Your “fairly common knowledge”, like much “fairly common knowledge” is pure unmitigated bullshit.]
So I’d just like to state clearly and definitively: we did not choose to be transsexual. Yes, we can choose whether we’re going to transition, but we can’t change our natural, hard-wired sense of gender (as I’ve already stated: all attempts to try and do so have failed). [You can state it as clearly and definitively as you want, that doesn’t make it true. Transgender is a choice, and as you state, transitioning is a choice. Sex-Roles are not hard wired. They are culturally created. Rather than being a birth defect, sex-role anomalies are par for the course when such roles are artificial to begin with.]
Thirdly, most of the transsexuals that you all hear about are the ones who are “out” — the ones who most commonly cannot pass as their new sex for one or more reasons; the vast majority of us go stealth, integrating verily well into the feminine gender-role, many of us never being figured-out (good surgeons can do some incredible things). Because of this, the transsexuals you most often see (the ones you’ve associated with what it means to be trans) are most often the ones who are the least representative of transfolk as a whole. [I seriously doubt you have ever left the house in your jizz-soaked nylons much less are passing as stealth. And your implication that transsexuals that “pass” are somehow superior to those that do not is transphobic and offensive. Your comment about men “integrating well into the feminine gender role” is beyond offensive in its women-hating, conservative sexism.]
I shall probably continue this later, after some more comments have been posted. Ciao! [Of course you will. Transplainer’s never stop. That’s why the spam bin was invented. 😉 ]