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    1. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to listen to this after getting hit in the back of the head with a tennis ball and almost getting a concussion…. The voices still echo….

    1. There is absolutely no question — if a person cannot see that these “trans” people are seriously mentally ill, then they are either brainwashed, in denial or mentally ill themselves.

      1. I’m pretty sure the Army wouldn’t have made me a sniper if I was actually mentally Ill…ass

  1. Surreal.
    That second one worked a treat on me.
    I am now a beautiful girl, wearing pretty clothes, who likes playing with dollies.

  2. Uh oh. It didn’t work. I just went in with drills, hammers, saws, screws, nails, and caulk and am just about finished remodeling my bathroom. :p

  3. I was waiting for the witty punchline
    it never came
    I still didn’t get it, so I came here to read the comments and now I realise they were *serious* [shocked]

    1. Quite serious! Samantha St Michaels markets/sells the 20 minute sessions to M2Ts. There are several hypnotists providing this “service”.

      1. zmog, I did not think they were serious, I thought it was a send up (specifically that crap about “you are a beautiful girl, you like playing with dolls and wearing pretty things”.
        This is aimed at adult males? A delusion they are meant to be ‘beautiful girls who play with dolls’?
        No wonder most M2Ts are screwed up if this is what they think femaleness is all about.
        It also proves how strongly they cling to stereotypical gender roles and behaviour.

    2. I thought it was a joke too!
      Anyway, I still think it’s funny. Seriously twisted but funny.

  4. It’s no joke! There dozens if not hundreds of hypnotists marketing to the M2T community. Just google “transgender hypnosis”. From one site (they have a very funny video too as do other sites) http://www.ultimatehypnofem.com/
    “Do you struggle to look, act and feel like a real woman?
    Have you spent a ton of money on clothes, makeup, hair removal and hormones – yet still aren’t as feminine as you want to be?
    Do you feel blocked from expressing your true feminine nature?
    Are doubts and fears about your femininity keeping you from the life you want to be living?
    The problem is that most TG women try to feminize themselves on a strictly physical level. But this doesn’t work!
    That’s because a woman’s mannerisms, habits and behaviors are controlled by her MIND.
    And unfortunately, YOUR mind was programmed to be the exact opposite of a female mind! You probably aren’t even aware of all the masculine habits you picked up through your male upbringing …
    The good news is that it is possible to reprogram your mind as a female.
    In fact, your MIND is the most powerful feminizing tool you have! That’s because your mind controls your body and your behavior.
    Rather than struggling to “act” more feminine, wouldn’t it be great if you could walk, talk and present yourself like a woman – as if you had been doing it for your entire life?
    And wouldn’t it be great if you could let go of the mental blocks that are preventing you from expressing your true femininity – and instead have total confidence in yourself as a woman?
    If that sounds good, keep reading because I’m about to reveal the fastest, easiest, most effective way to achieve your feminine goals …
    How to Unleash the
    Feminizing Power of Your Mind
    HYPNOSIS is the most powerful “secret tool” I’ve discovered for unlocking your femininity. But before I go on about the feminizing power of hypnosis, let me explain what it is …
    Hypnosis is a state of focused relaxation that allows you to get in touch with your subconscious mind.
    Your subconscious mind is the deeper part of your mind that controls your self-image, beliefs, habits, behaviors, and unconscious body functions (like your breathing, digestion and heart rate). Think of it as the operating system for your mind and body.
    Through hypnosis, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and even control some of your unconscious body functions.
    If this sounds a little “woo-woo”, keep in mind that hypnotherapy is a legitimate technique that is recognized by the medical community. It is even used in hospitals to control pain and speed surgery recovery.
    So how can hypnosis transform you into the woman you’ve always wanted to be?
    Through hypnosis, you can take control of your deeply ingrained masculine habits and behaviors. You can naturalize and automate all aspects of your feminine presentation. You can release any doubts or fears you have about becoming a woman. You can even increase the flow of female hormones in your body!
    Experience Total Feminization of
    Your Mind and Body
    I am so excited about the feminizing power of hypnosis that I KNEW I had to bring this resource to the transgender community.
    I’ve been using hypnosis in my own life for years, so I know how powerful it is. I also know how important it is to use the RIGHT program. (Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.)”

  5. “Being a true woman means being a woman from the inside out. The more you surrender to your inner woman the more femininity you reflect on the outside. Take a moment to connect with the qualities of your ideal feminine self now. She is soft, sensuous, sexy, strong, confident, fun, flirtatious, beautiful, and 100% feminine. Allow yourself to completely embody these qualities NOW.”

    1. Surrender, Dorothy!!1!
      Become soffft, sexxxay, fun and flirtatious!!1!
      And your little dog tooo!!1!

  6. OK, so the availability of all these type of programmes really proves the artificiality in this whole shebang.
    Because, if they truly were ‘women inside’ there is absolutely no need for this rubbish. The would just simply ‘be’.
    These programmes evidence the role-playing nature that is so offensive about tranz (particularly M2T). And prove exactly why they are not (opposite sex/gender).
    Nor do tranz realise what a cash-cow they are to the medical profession in general. Being a doctor (or a shrink, plastic surgeon) is all about the money-making, not about the healing. I think the general population still buy into doctors’ altruistic propaganda. The majority just aren’t.

  7. How do we tell this from Stepfordization?
    But it’s all good. Choicy choozyness (ref:BB)

  8. Yikes! That’s certainly bizarre and frightening.
    This spooky stuff kind of reminds me of that old Stepford Wives movie. It was a really chilling piece of science fiction, but when they remade the movie for our modern times it became all fun and games, as if killing real women and creating artificial women who dispense cash and sex by remote control wasn’t a horrifying concept anymore.

    1. Yes the remake was not only done as a comedy, but they changed the plot so the mastermind behind the whole thing turned out to be …. a woman! Rigggght.

  9. In Nora Ephron’s essay on an early MtT, she talked about all this feminine silliness and mutilations and wondered, who would think this was being a (woman)? Answering herself:
    “Who but a man”?

    1. Gotta ask yourself, why the FUCK resources are being spent on “fusing two sperms together to create an embryo” when there are starving people in the world.
      I mean, I know men are hell-bent on eliminating females, and that womb-envy goes to their head sometimes, but this is ridiculous

  10. I notice my comments keep being scrubbed. I just want to say you don’t have to worry. No troll here. I am FAAB, lesbian, radical feminist and I agree with you on the subject of transgender.
    I just discovered this blog a few days ago and have been reading through the past and present posts. Thanks for taking on this subject and continuing to shine light on the antifeminist nature of transgender philosophy and notions pertaining to gender.

    1. I thought you were a troll because you made comments like “transgenders pass as female to medical professionals” (wha?) and “two sperm entwined make a placenta” (huh?) and stuff that I just couldn’t grok*, and seemed awfully troll-y. My apologies IF i was incorrect.
      (* Sci-Fi reference for my geekier followers, you know who you are 😉

      1. LOL! OK, I was wondering why I was being scrubbed. Didn’t mean to sound troll-y. Just to explain what I meant – I meant that transgenders have to pass as “women” or at least as feminine enough to medical professionals in order to qualify for SRS. And the comment about sperm was in reference to experimental work done by reproductive scientists trying to create babies by means of either fusing two egg cells together or two sperm cells together. They found that when they fused two eggs they got an embryo, but it couldn’t develop because there was no placenta. When they fused two sperm, they got a lot of placenta, but no embryo. The sperm apparently is necessary in making placenta (as well as its better known role of contributing half of the chromosomes to the new baby), but it is the egg cell which actually makes the embryo, even when in combination with the sperm. I hope this makes some sense to you.

      2. I see it didn’t make sense to you. I don’t exactly understand what is troll-y about what I said. My undergrad degree is in biology and I read a lot of science, including reproductive science.

      3. Plenty of surgeons perform SRS on an informed consent basis now. That is a worn out old Trans Trope about “we are forced to be feminine against our wishes!” In fact, forced feminization is a huge male porn fantasy. You should see the wack-ass google searches I get here: “non willing penectomy” “forced male breast implants” “castrated by lesbeins (sic)” “force male pee like female” “men feminized and dressed in womens clothes” etc. etc. That’s why you sound(ed) like a troll.
        And parthenogenic births need no sperm to form placentas.
        So no, makes no sense to me. But whatever. The true mark of a troll is that they use up your energy. So since you are not one, I’ll let this all go. Right?

      4. Sure. Fine. I actually didn’t know males didn’t have to present as feminine anymore to get SRS. Thanks for informing me.
        As to the sperm not being necessary for placenta formation in parthenogenic birth, at least in the case of humans, that is different from the research I read.

      5. OK, Mag, at the risk of using up “too much energy” I will attempt one further clarification. I was talking about egg fusion, which has absolutely nothing to do with parthenogenesis. Egg fusion is when two different egg cells from two different women are fused to create an embryo, as opposed to parthenogenesis, which is the development of an embryo from a single egg cell without the addition of sperm. My confused response from last night mixed up the two, as did your confusion. In the egg fusion experiments, the embryos created were found to have no placenta to enable their development. In a separate experiment, fusion of two different sperm cells together created placenta, but no embryo, indicating that in regular egg-sperm reproduction the sperm had a role in creating the placenta.
        Parthenogenesis is a whole different ball of wax and I don’t know the status of research into human parthenogenesis.

  11. I’ve never tried that recipe for polenta. Mmmm.
    GM, really, so you know many women with such handles, and, don’t some MtTs now say they are FAABs because they’ve convinced someone to give them a *new birth certificate.
    But me, too, apologies if I’m wrong. 🙂
    *I’m going to get one of those by the way. If we can get a sex change … change, I want an age change…change. Going back to 17. Those were the days.

    1. Yes, maybe you can go back to high school, lol. I want my birth certificate changed so I can collect social security. I feel old, so I deserve social security and medicare.

  12. Feeling old is is very unfeminine GM. Perhaps there’s a hypnosis vid for that particular gender non-comformity? Get perky.

    1. But it’s a Soft Sassy Sexy kind of old I tell ya! Darn, maybe I just haven’t submitted – I mean Surrendered- to my inner Woman enough. It could be part of my female privilege showing it’s privileged head.

    1. That was hilarious.
      But they probably should not be putting ideas in anyone’s heads… 😉

  13. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who gets disturbing search terms from people who make it to my blog…but yours are seriously more disturbing then mine. Then again, nothing about male fantasies surprises me. Just nothing. Men need to get together in CR groups as women did and talk about where this fantasies are coming from and how to end them and the oppression of women.
    And yes, that stuff about feminine hyponosis is real and all other the web. I’ve stumbled across it myself. Freaky shit.

  14. I’ve been away but I thought that video was a joke. A take on a badly produced sixties sci fi movie.
    But no. It is real.
    My, my if I’d no morals I’d take those trans to the cleaners too. These people are clearly being fleeced by ze evil capitalist system for profit. A fool and his money are easily parted.

    1. They’re like fish in a barrel, all right.
      I think it’s criminal that surgeons are participating in all this! They ought to have their licenses to practice medicine terminated, the lot of them.
      So-called doctors: Listen up. You can’t build a real woman out of spare parts, no matter what your hubris is telling you.

  15. “MYTH #2: You won’t be able to revert back to your male self.
    You are in full control and can revert back to your male self if you so desire.
    Because you control how far you go, “The Ultimate Hypnotic Feminization Program” is appropriate for crossdressers and transgender/transsexual women alike.”
    Well looky here. You can switch genders!!!!! all using the power of your miiiiiinnnnd. You could not make this fucking shit up!

  16. I’m just as sickened as all of you at this particular find.
    First, I had no idea it even existed but then again I never felt the need to go this far. The only course I’ve considered purchasing had to do with voice training however that thought was coupled with using the series to assist training my singing voice as well.
    Secondly, this saddens me. I’m not exactly sure how to present what I’d like to say so please excuse me if it comes across as offensive in anyway…
    I’m saddened because I’m feeling co-opted and lumped into a category that has been labeled by others. The way that I’ve read how those who call themselves rad-fems (used respectfully) feel towards the M2T bloggers makes me want to stand up and say, “That’s not me! I don’t act like that! I don’t think like that! I don’t feel that way!”
    I get sick to my stomach every single time I read some trans* (self-labeled) justification for acting like the well lampooned “man in a dress”.
    To use the definitions I’ve read tonight, I’m unfortunately a MAAB who wishes she were FAB and must live her life as a M2T, however in the interest of the blog post “Do Not Call Me Cisgender” that I read earlier, I’m a transwoman.

    1. Don’t worry about it Layna, lots of trans are equally creeped out by the absurdity of these videos. But I must say- they are HUGE. Much bigger than I knew when I posted this. I get multiple “feminization hypnosis” searches every day. Big business, yo.
      “I’m saddened because I’m feeling co-opted and lumped into a category that has been labeled by others. The way that I’ve read how those who call themselves rad-fems (used respectfully) feel towards the M2T bloggers makes me want to stand up and say, “That’s not me! I don’t act like that! I don’t think like that! I don’t feel that way!”
      I get sick to my stomach every single time I read some trans* (self-labeled) justification for acting like the well lampooned “man in a dress”.
      To use the definitions I’ve read tonight, I’m unfortunately a MAAB who wishes she were FAB and must live her life as a M2T, however in the interest of the blog post “Do Not Call Me Cisgender” that I read earlier, I’m a transwoman.”
      Well don’t be saddened. All RadFems want is for M2T to refrain from claiming they are female. It’s offensive. Erasing. A hostile act. We want you to be happy and free from discrimination. We LIKE men in dresses- we just don’t like when they pretend to be female! We LIKE people who don’t make sexist claims about hard-wired “male and female brains”. Because that’s the crap used to discriminate against females. Sex is a biological reproductive reality. Nothing more, nothing less. Unchangeable. And females DO EXIST, regardless of “feelings”. That’s all. It’s not hard.
      A man like yourself wishes he was female because he feels the social role inflicted nonconsentually on females may be more agreeable to him, and as a man he has the privilege to choose (unlike FTM transsexuals who can still be treated as female due to their actual sex regardless of their identification- in other words females won’t stop being enslaved and oppressed by their reproductive capacity just because they “identify” as male. Femicide wouldn’t exist, and females would be driving in Saudi Arabia! They would just say they “identified” as male- hahaha. But it doesn’t work that way for people with female biology. Females don’t have that choice. But a man like you has the choice to buy body-mods which make him look female superficially, and male culture supports your choice. It has nothing to do with actual females. There is no “female essence” or “female soul” that is distinct from male. So what you “wish you were” is a mirage. A stereotype used to enslave females. And you want to inhabit that stereotype as you envision it. But females actually exist. And when you say you want to be us we know what that means is that you want to be the fantasy and stereotype that you impose upon us because of our reproductive biology. You want to inhabit your sexist projection of “female”. Females are treated very differently than males due to our reproductive capacity. And you want to be treated the way you imagine we are.
      As a male your imagining of that experience is vastly different that the experience of females, and it always will be. Most males are absolutely horrified at the treatment they receive when “passing” as female. The treatment is so incongruous to their fantasy that they can never adjust. That’s why murders of trans are so well reported, and protested, whereas murders of females are just business as usual. There is no “Women’s Day of Remembrance” keeping track of female victims of male violence. There are too many to keep track of!
      I recently read a M2T talking about being raped in his surgical neo-vag/fuck-hole, and he said that his peers in the M2T community acted as though he had experienced a fantasy scenario, the ultimate validation of his femaleness. Because to men who obsess over the fantasy of occupying a female body the experience seemed a sort of confirmation of that fantasy. Really, is that what you want to be? Do you want to be “that guy”?
      Someday some “transwomen” will love women enough to fight for the right of men to be treated as women. They will fight to eliminate sex-based treatment. They will fight for the right to wear pretty sparkly things, and the right to speak demonstratively and expressively and perform femininity without linking those things to the people who are female. Who will be brave enough to do so? Who will be “man enough”? Not a man who calls himself “she”- a pronoun which refers to females. I actually know men like this. Men who wear pretty dresses and jewelry and have long hair and call themselves “Sunshine” and have beards down to their chest and work professional jobs. These are the allies of women. These are the gender warriors. Our brothers. They don’t minstrelize females. They don’t claim to “be” female.
      The fact that you are not so far gone as to claim you ARE female (a sure sign of delusion and woman-hatred) but that you are a male who WISHES he was female makes you a thousand times closer to reality- and to understanding women- than the others. And way more realistic and mentally healthy. But if you could just have the strength, the bravery, to be yourself- your genuine feminine self- your beautiful non-masculine self- without bringing females into it- you would truly be our ally.
      Thank you for your comment.

      1. Excellent response GM, covered a lot of ground.
        If more M2T were like Layna, then we would be far more accepting (to a point, we would always insist on FAAB-only spaces). But the problem is that the online transjacktivists *demand* entry to all our spaces, *demand* all our very limited and underfunded resources be shared with M2Ts. So whilst all the *demanding* is going on, I will always define clear and distinct boundaries for the protection of FAABs.
        Basically, there are many M2Ts that could “pass” for female … until they open their mouths, and I am not talking about voice. Male entitlement shines through no matter what the pitch.

      2. What a heartfelt and beautiful response. I hadn’t seen this before (I’m going back through old posts).
        Shame numbnuts didn’t have the integrity, gratitude or bravery to think about it and reply honestly.

      3. I know this post was ages ago but I am surprised that Feminization Hypnosis even exists. If this is a much needed (product? Service?) does this not majorly contradict the whole hardwired as a female, ladybrain in a man’s body thing? I mean I’m surprised transactivists tolerate it. Also, that was creepy AF, couldn’t listen to all of it.

  17. [blockquote]The fact that you are not so far gone as to claim you ARE female (a sure sign of delusion and woman-hatred) but that you are a male who WISHES he was female makes you a thousand times closer to reality- and to understanding women- than the others. And way more realistic and mentally healthy. But if you could just have the strength, the bravery, to be yourself- your genuine feminine self- your beautiful non-masculine self- without bringing females into it- you would truly be our ally.
    Thank you for your comment.[/blockquote]
    Alright GM. I understand a majority of what you are saying. I believe the way I live my life and the understanding that I am attempting by both delving into, and stepping onto the comment thread of a rad-fem is to get to what you call “your genuine feminine self”. Hopefully you notice the effort that I’m making to use your terms and definitions to continue the respectful tone and to move the discussion forward.
    One thing that I’d like to point out is, as I said above with my “Don’t Call me Cisgender” reference, is that I’m in no way, shape, or form a man. I can accept the rad-fem assessment of MAAB, or even MAB but that fact didn’t make me a man anymore than you being FAB made you a feminist. I won’t lie, GM. Reading your remarks and comment while bumping into your declarations of me being a man did upset me.
    That word upset me just as much as the transjacktivists trying to claim that a part time or weekend experience dressing up makes them a trans* anything.
    Beyond just that is your mansplaining but this is in reverse. (Would that make it femsplaining?) I do not feel or believe for an instant that I walk a fantasy life. Here, I feel, you are co-opting my experience into that of the same transjacktivists that you have had experience debating and discussing this topic.
    FAB Libber, in response to your comment, I’d like to respectfully ask if you believe that any strong disagreement to your words and thoughts are simply male entitlement shining through?
    If not, okay. I’ll endeavor to understand it better. If so, isn’t that statement purposefully marginalizing the speaker in order to discount the speakers disagreement?
    I look forward to the responses, and thank those of you willing to engage. I’ve tossed the idea of having my own blog but I’m unsure if I’d be able to keep up with it on a regular basis. =)

    1. Males and females have different biology. Males who imagine they know what it feels like to have female biology are wrong. There is no way for us to know what it feels like to be in a different body. You are a male, an adult male, therefore a man. You always will be. And you will never know what it feels like to be female. You can imagine it, you can fantasize it, and you can try to approximate it, but you will never experience it.
      I see now that you are just another run of the mill trans troll intent on co-opting females, which you feel is your entitlement. Well good luck with that, there’s a whole wide man’s world out there for you on the internet to do just that. You are welcome to read here, but you are no longer welcome to post. Goodbye, and have a pleasant evening.

  18. [Layna- you’re welcome to read here, you are no longer welcome to post. You are unable to add anything of value, just the same old anti-female crap. This is not negotiable.- GM]

  19. LOL… these vids would be funny if they weren’t so serious! the M2T deserve this though and i’m not sad that some would be silly enough to waste money on this junk. they really are big pretenders and phoneys and stuff like this just proves it.
    thanks for the lulz.

  20. Well heck and darn, I’ve been running around with these XX chromosomes and girl parts — absolutely awash in estrogen for lo these many decades — and I’m STILL not 100% in touch with my perky, sassy, sexy, girly self.
    I want a FULL refund!!! LOL
    OK, I was perky for about five minutes or so in 10th grade, but I still feel gypped.
    I was the kid in cut off jeans and tee-shirts, alternately playing with dolls and my EZ Bake Oven and trying to outdo my brother in parachute building, tree climbing and kangaroo boxing. All this time I thought it was OK to just be…you know…a complex and multi-facted human being.
    Now I found out that all this time I was supposed to be a perfect admixture of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor?!? I’ve been robbed!!!

  21. I want to pee in be a girl for the rest of my life very very very bad please help me let me see the color pink I want to sit down to pee all the time only wear pink panties only pink panties and sit down to pee when they see the color pink it makes me want to pee no matter where I’m at hypnotize me now today to always pee my pants when I see the color pink and always wear pink panties never anything else always pink panties

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