Another Trumped-up Fake Transgender Bathroom Incident?

Mere days after trans activists failed in their attempt to portray the Chrissy Lee Polis McDonald’s “beatdown” video as a transgender bathroom-related attack another supposed incident of a male being penalized for using a female bathroom emerged. This time the alleged incident was said to have occurred in the gayest resort on the Las Vegas strip, where a man was supposedly banned for life from the Cosmopolitan for using a female bathroom. Oh the horror of being male and being forced to use the male bathroom! The oppression! How dare females insist on a designated female only area for changing their tampons! The unfairness of it all!
This incident was created by a blogger writing for who alleged that a man named Stephanie was ejected and banned from the hotel for using a bathroom designated for female use:
“Here’s what happened. Stephanie goes to the Cosmo in the early hours of the morning – about 2.30am. She sits down at the Vesper Bar, in the lobby of the hotel, and orders drinks. Her drinks are good, the barman is pleasant, all is well. And then, at 4am, she realizes she needs the bathroom.
She goes, as is her wont, to the women’s restroom, just across from the bar. It’s empty, as you’d expect at 4am on a Monday. Not a single person in there. She powders her nose and exits the restroom, only to be met by two security guards who immediately say “Come with us” and start marching her out of the hotel. As they walk her, they demand to see her ID (to establish her legal gender). It’s in her purse, and she fumbles for it as she’s being forcibly marched through the lobby of the hotel. As she fumbles, one of the men tells her to hurry up. She is scared, and starts apologizing, saying she’s not trying to cause trouble, but it’s hard to walk and look for her ID at the same time.
They march her outside the hotel (the bathroom is near the main entrance) and she finds her ID. One of the guards checks it, establishes that her legal gender is male, and pulls out a yellow form from his pocket and starts writing in her details to the blank spaces. As he does so, he says, “Are you working?” Way to add insult to injury. She doesn’t say “Well as it happens, yes I am working, at the conference, douchebag.” She says no.”
The blogger asserts that the man (who insisted on using the female bathroom because although male he wants “to be female” and pee “like a female”) was unfairly discriminated against by having his feelings hurt by a policy based on actual sex and not his sexed urinary fantasy. Oh the humanity! “Banned for Life From The Cosmopolitan For Being Transgender” !!!!!!!! The headline screamed. And this from a resort with 100% HRC rating and a TAG certified establishment which regularly advertises in the Advocate and other LGBT publications.
As usual the cries for “Justice” against this “outrage” and “crime against bathroom humanity” went viral as the story spread and was picked up uncritically by other blogs and media outlets, the usual suspects including ( the prime movers behind the Chrissy Lee Polis fiasco) Bilerco who breathlessly ran with the headline “Transwoman Banned from Hotel for Life for Going to the Bathroom“. Coincidentally (?) this alleged incident was floated just as the Nevada state legislature was set to debate a law which would allow “Gender Identity” (one’s feelings of what sex they wish they were) to override any sex-based legal protections for women. The Cosmopolitan’s Facebook page was inundated with complaints from genderists and the resort’s offices swamped with phone calls and emails until finally the Cosmo issued a statement clarifying their non-discrimination policies and inviting “the individual” who claimed this incident occurred to contact them.
Calls for protests, boycotts, lawsuits, employee purges, etc. ensued:
“SB 331- I know we’re all saddened/outraged by Cosmo banning a Trans woman from their property, but let this be an example of how much we need to get SB 331 pushed through the NV legislature, making it illegal to discriminate against a person for their gender identity & expression from accessing places of public accommodation. Call your State Senators & urge them to pass this legislation!”
“Looks like it’s time for a good old fashioned pee-in!”
“They clearly don’t have any training (or really bad training) for employees on this issue unless the security guard was going rogue, which it really doesn’t sound like he did. They don’t deserve a good rating from LGBT rating services.”
“Cannot let this go quietly. This is the type of incident that calls for a rally against this hotel, a public boycott to send the message of their bigotry and why we won’t go there, and as Michiko put it, there needs to be calls to the Nevada resort association, and let it be known that this type of transgression is taking place.”
“That’s absolutely disgusting regardless to being born female or male if your identifying your self as the sex you wish too be there should be no problem going into an EMPTY or full restroom clearly the woman in question was not out too cause problems simply too use the facilities in which she payed to use anyway. People these days need to realise times have changed people are and should be accepted for who they wish too be.’
“They should pay her a month’s salary for each of the guards that violated her rights. The guards should be reassigned to cleaning the urinals and toilets in every restroom in the place.”
“The owner’s concern should not be for this one individual in particular, but for anyone that might be a vulnerable minority and considered as such by the bigot that initiated this. Because if they don’t like Transwomen, then they don’t like gays or lesbians, and you can throw in people of color or different ethnicity, with a slight sprinkling of physically challenged to boot. A bigot is a bigot and they will act like a bully as long as they think they can get away with it.”
“They should fire the night manager on duty, tell the security guards that their working for the next month cleaning out the toilets on the 12th hole of their golf course all night long and ask the bartender why he didn’t stop them from acting like A-holes. Then they should write a letter to every employee and let them know what they decided to do and that if they don’t get their collective heads on right in the future, they can go work for the old night manager at another location. Finally, they should offer to host a the monthly meetings for a local Transgender support group for the next year since many Trans support groups lack a decent or safe place to meet most of the time or have to meet in church basement or just gay friendly venues.”
Ad nauseum. You get the picture. Except HOLD ON THERE PARDNER. Enter openly gay Las Vegas journalist Steve Friess, who writes for USAToday, The New York Times, Newsweek and is perhaps best known for his GLAAD award-nominated front page feature on the suicide of transgender sportscaster Michael Penner for the LAWeekly.
Friess knows a good story when he sees one, but as he looked into the alleged incident certain things just Didn’t. Add. Up. His resulting investigation and interview with “Stephanie” (Who responded to Friess’ inquiry by stating, among other things: “I’m on the defensive here. I’m like a rape victim being cross-examined on the stand. That’s how I feel.”) are too amazing for words. You’re going to have to click this link and read it yourself. Trust me, it’s worth a few minutes of your time! Oh MY.

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  1. Meanwhile, how many born women were assaulted in restrooms today?
    Even if we pretend this story is correct, somehow it just doesn’t compare to actual women’s bathroom experiences:
    “She said the attack was so traumatizing that four weeks later she was experiencing nausea, stomach pain, sweats and shak­ing, had trouble breathing and had lost 12 per cent of her weight. She tried to return to work but could not settle down enough to do her job. She quit.”
    You aren’t a real woman yet, Stephanie. You still think being asked for ID and walked to the door is the most humiliating thing that can happen to you.

  2. Thanks for this one GM. When I was reading it I was thinking “set-up”, but yeah hoax/scam (to get free hotel room) sounds a lot more likely.
    SWAT teams and dogs for bathroom infringements, whatever next! 🙄

  3. Why don’t males fight for the right to use the male spaces they are entitled to? I just don’t understand it. Why do they feel they have no right to utilize male spaces simply because they castrate themselves and wear dresses and make-up? Is it internalized transphobia? Females should have no right to private spaces why? Because males feel more comfortable among females? Sorry guys, it’s not your decision to make. You don’t get to invade female spaces just because you wish you were female. You’re not female. And cutting off your dick doesn’t make you female. You do that because you, a male, want to do that to yourself. And hey, Go You! Do whatever you want. We don’t care. We only care about females, and the rights of females to have music festivals, and rape crisis centers, and showers, and book groups, and clubs, and locker rooms, and support groups, and toilets without your presence. Is that okay? Actually we don’t care if you think it’s okay or not. We WILL have our constitutional right to assemble as we see fit. STOP trying to tell FEMALES we have no rights! Because you are too cowardly to fight other males for your rights, and think we are an easier target. Well guess what- WE’RE NOT. And you can disguise yourselves, and try to “pass” and take every tact you can to avoid fighting for your rights as males to appear any way you want, but we SEE you, we KNOW, you are NOT FOOLING US, and we do NOT appreciate your disrespect and discrimination of our rights! STOP being babies and educate society that some males wear blouses and lippy and inject hormones and castrate themselves and STILL HAVE THE RIGHT to use the spaces that every other male has a right to use. Stop HATING YOURSELVES! Fight for YOUR RIGHTS! Or don’t. But whatever the fuck you do, don’t inflict it on us females. Because it’s YOUR PROBLEM NOT OURS. Good luck with that guys- we’re behind you all the way (pun).

    1. When I goto the toilet I thinking. “REALLY I need to pee” nothing else.
      When I was transitioning I looked and dressed androgynously. When going to the toilet it was near impossible to NOT cause offense, because I got sneered at and read differently no matter *WHITCH* toilet I used (I’d usually use the males). One day when I went into the male toilets a man complained told the manager and I got kicked out of the museum. Thus I’ve used female toilets from then on not had any complaints.
      Your just as bigoted as the most sexist man alive because to you how good a woman looks determines wheather you will afford her even the most basic civility. If I’m passable no problem. If I don’t, you must humiliate the freak Subject them to beatings and force them to piss themselves.
      I don’t want to cause offense but there just isn’t a correct move for me to make when pepole think as you do wheather they be men or women.

      1. Pebbles supporting your right to use the appropriate facility free from discrimination and harm is not hateful and bigoted. Your comment doesn’t even make sense.

      2. Hi pebbles,
        When we go to the toilet we are thinking, is it safe or should I wait, maybe go somewhere else. Can I wait, where else is there, how bad do I REALLY need to pee.
        Bit of a difference, eh?

    2. Excellent Mag.
      The thing of it is, no human rights actually impinge on another group’s human rights. Transjacktivists are forever blurring the line of what they call human rights, and in fact they are civil rights. Either way, the tranz rights they demand, are always at the expense of women.
      I work by the very simple principle of:
      Do whatever you want to do, as long as you don’t hurt anybody else.
      A lot of tranz rights, activism, theory, is in opposition to this. Like most males, they selfishly want what they want, and don’t care who they tread on to get it.
      No dice.

  4. On that occasion, upon coming out of the bathroom, she was greeted by an entire SWAT team, with bulletproof vests and dogs, asking her to leave the premises.
    I would have laughed so hard if I wasn’t in class. Someone has delusions of grandeur.

  5. A few years ago, 2 men entered the women’s bathroom at a Las Vegas casino and raped and strangled to death a 7 year old girl. It made national headlines. The little girl was with her father. He couldn’t go into the women’s room with his daughter, so she was left vulnerable to the male predators who felt entitled to help themselves to the women’s bathroom. If Las Vegas stepped up their security about males being in the women’s room because of this incident, bravo! It’s not just women at risk. Young girls are even more vulnerable. It’s only too bad they didn’t arrest and charge the m2t with lewd behavior and throw his sorry ass in jail. Unfortunately, this story sounds as bogus as a $3 bill. Las Vegas isn’t called The City of Sin for nothing. Most anything goes there. It’s loaded with female impersonators doing shows. A m2t probably wouldn’t even phase them. As long as he follows the rules. Vegas is a tourist attraction for people all over the world and gambling is a disease so they’re used to the scum of humanity being there ’round the clock. But tho Vegas may be sinful, Vegas doesn’t run Nevada, which is a very conservative state and heavily influenced by Mormons. Add a heavy dose of military presence and cowboys too. I know m2ts are used to bullying and pushing around women, but you’re not in Kansas any more, Toto. Welcome to the Wild West. They make the rules, not m2ts. Trust me, m2t whining isn’t going to cut it. Folks have a funny way of disappearing out in the desert there, never to be seen or heard from again. A word to the wise – Vegas is not a good place to stir up shit.

    1. We are defending the rights of all males including transgender males to use the male restroom regardless of what they are wearing or how they choose to inhabit social sex-based roles.

      1. Oh thats so nice! Im a transgender male! FTM. And Im so happy that you’re defending my right to use the mens bathroom even though Im a gay bottom and many would consider my social sex based roll to be the “female” in the relationship and to be taking on the “women’s role” I appreciate you guys trying to fight for me and against societies binary heterosexual based gender-role hierarchy system.THANKS! 🙂

      2. Harmony, you defected to Dudeville, take your chances in there with them. No one is stopping you. Your “gay bottom” will most surely be welcomed in there – dudes don’t really care what you claim your vagina to be, they’ll rape it regardless.

  6. Stephanie’s story is pretty bogus, but I was just thinking even if it had been true, it’s so dripping with male privilege! How many women do you know could go to a bar alone at 2:30 in the morning? What woman would have the luxury of focusing on the fact that the drinks were good? What woman would go alone to use an empty bathroom in a bar at 4 AM? We couldn’t do any of those things comfortably, because we’d be too busy thinking about rape, assault, muggings, murder, getting too drunk and not being able to defend ourselves, getting picked up by some weirdo, being harassed by the police for being perceived as a prostitute…and on and on the list goes.

  7. “Can you imagine a SWAT team actually responding to a bathroom ‘violation’?” Well, yes, I can. This same sort of thing happened to me at a local Las Vegas casino some years ago (read an extended version of my experience: http://www DOT I was escorted by several security officers to a back office, told to surrender my license, held for over 20 minutes against my will (I guess I went back with them, and I would say I went unwillingly), was told that I was never to return and would be arrested if I did, and was escorted by security officers to my car and watched as a drove away.
    I have worked for almost 13 years with trans persons in Southern Nevada as a licensed therapist and community organizer. While I cannot confirm or deny this person’s experience described at the Cosmo last week, I can tell you that I have heard similar stories over and over through the years. I don’t want these things to be true; I have worked for years to keep such things from happening; and Las Vegas casinos are not the friendliest of places for many trans persons.
    Finally — and not to paint with too broad a brush because I have never had the pleasure of talking at any length with Mr. Friess — Mr. Friess does not enjoy the best reputation for fairness here among our Southern Nevada trans communities. In all my years of advocacy, he has never contacted me once even though my participation is most directly responsible for the emergence of the first trans-inclusive legislation in our state (AB184 in 2009) and I have been a central figure in pushing for the passage of the several bills now working their way through the state legislature (see http://www.lvrj DOT com/news/bills-under-consideration-target-transgender-bias-120563274.html — among other available articles), including a bill providing protections in public accommodations (SB331). In addition, when I have seen Mr. Friess and read his words in various media, I have not ever heard him discuss transgender persons (recently in an interview in the Las Vegas Weekly: http://www DOT
    In the end, for those of you who do not live in Southern Nevada or who are not part of the local queer communities on a regular basis, you must know that in our part of the world, straight-acting white gay men have the greatest influence and occupy almost all of the positions of authority in our queer communities. Transgender and gender non-conforming persons have almost always been fundamentally excluded from participation, and have never, in my opinion, been fully and fairly included in our Southern Nevada queer communities.

    1. Finally — and not to paint with too broad a brush because I have never had the pleasure of talking at any length with Mr. Friess — Mr. Friess does not enjoy the best reputation for fairness here among our Southern Nevada trans communities. In all my years of advocacy, he has never contacted me once…
      From time to time I wonder if people hear what they are saying. This is one of those times.

  8. Women would not make this public. We know what will happen. What are the stats? Fewer than 5 percent of sexual assaults against women are reported. And it appears now, that 5 percent likely comprise the sexual assaults MtTs experience.

  9. By coincidence, I was listening to a several years old episode of a podcast called Transponder today. The MtTs co-hosts were talking about “bathroom justice” and described a story that I think many of you would be interested in hearing. Essentially, a FAAB woman complained about a MTF with dick in the womyn’s bathroom, and she may have been struck with a lawsuit.
    It’s episode 60 and can be found on iTunes (or on the web, I think), if any of you care to listen.
    I do want to add that most womyn are extremely accommodating and really don’t want to hurt others, including men and transwomen. But womyn also know that issues of male violence against us are REALITY. Where do men go if they want to seek out womyn to attack? Womyn only spaces! (The co-hosts of Transponder never pointed out that the FAAB womyn might have actual justifiable concerns behind her fears).

    1. Before I lost my bookmarks a few months ago, I had several news articles specifically of males dressed like females who sexually assaulted females. One of those was in a park/walkway area. I have looked for them, but can’t find them again. 🙁
      Of course, twanzjacktivists insist that this sort of thing never ever happens. Basically it is a situation of predators camoflaging themselves to get close to prey – like Joel Hardman
      And tranzjacktivists are more than happy for legislation to be so loose that any dude like that can walk right in, unchallenged. I am fairly certain that most of the tranzjacktivists are like Hardman, and not the ‘poor innocent twanzwomen’ that they make themselves out to be. Why else would they insist that laws get written so loosely, that they are a joke? Time to examine exactly who is getting shelter under the twanz parasol.

  10. Thanks for the link, Silverside. Documentation of sexual assault by an adult male upon a three year old female child in the women’s washroom.

  11. No female of any age is safe when any male is in a women’s washroom, and I suspect the prurience of men claiming to be women makes them even more dangerous. We saw the video of the man laughing while exposing himself in the washroom.

  12. That’s like that with transgender people who fake being intersex to get pass the gate keepers as well. Very typical of them to fake everything at the expense of others to get what they want.

  13. Yes! These people get sympathy from those they oppress by appropriating intersex identity. This is part of the con/lie/myth/cult. We have to spread the word to all females that the way to support intersex people is to say no to accepting/believing any of the trans lies.

    1. Oh they constantly try to steal sympathy from the Intersex people. They try to steal it so they can get the same sympathy that intersex people have. It’s part of the twanz agenda to co-opt and steal intersex people’s sympathy. what’s worse is that their are some twanz who believe that they are another form on intersex, when no intersex group that I know of buys into their con/lie/myth/cult. They have no proof or evidence to their claim.

  14. I’m so sorry about all this, Nicky. These men claiming/appropriating your and my identities so outnumber intersex people too. I wish there was something we could do, but I guess spreading the word is best.

  15. Has it occurred to *anybody* what the REAL fall out from this will be? O.K. . . . here’s a real scenario. Let’s say I’m a *serial rapist/killer*, and I know that almost every, if not every, state has passed these ridiculous “If I feel like I’m a woman, then I’m a woman and can use the women’s bathroom” laws.
    WONDERFUL! All I have to do now is *dress* like a woman — nobody dare say “boo!”, go into a woman’s bathroom stall located in a nice, quiet convenient area . . . and wait for a victim.
    Ummm . . . who does the victim’s family sue? The local councils that passed these laws? The county? The police? Congress? The Senate? The local LGBT community? Nobody?
    That’s right. Nobody. We “real vagina” women just have to live with it. As usual.

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