Another Trumped-up Fake Transgender Bathroom Incident?

Mere days after trans activists failed in their attempt to portray the Chrissy Lee Polis McDonald’s “beatdown” video as a transgender bathroom-related attack another supposed incident of a male being penalized for using a female bathroom emerged. This time the alleged incident was said to have occurred in the gayest resort on the Las Vegas strip, where a man was supposedly banned for life from the Cosmopolitan for using a female bathroom. Oh the horror of being male and being forced to use the male bathroom! The oppression! How dare females insist on a designated female only area for changing their tampons! The unfairness of it all!
This incident was created by a blogger writing for who alleged that a man named Stephanie was ejected and banned from the hotel for using a bathroom designated for female use:
“Here’s what happened. Stephanie goes to the Cosmo in the early hours of the morning – about 2.30am. She sits down at the Vesper Bar, in the lobby of the hotel, and orders drinks. Her drinks are good, the barman is pleasant, all is well. And then, at 4am, she realizes she needs the bathroom.
She goes, as is her wont, to the women’s restroom, just across from the bar. It’s empty, as you’d expect at 4am on a Monday. Not a single person in there. She powders her nose and exits the restroom, only to be met by two security guards who immediately say “Come with us” and start marching her out of the hotel. As they walk her, they demand to see her ID (to establish her legal gender). It’s in her purse, and she fumbles for it as she’s being forcibly marched through the lobby of the hotel. As she fumbles, one of the men tells her to hurry up. She is scared, and starts apologizing, saying she’s not trying to cause trouble, but it’s hard to walk and look for her ID at the same time.
They march her outside the hotel (the bathroom is near the main entrance) and she finds her ID. One of the guards checks it, establishes that her legal gender is male, and pulls out a yellow form from his pocket and starts writing in her details to the blank spaces. As he does so, he says, “Are you working?” Way to add insult to injury. She doesn’t say “Well as it happens, yes I am working, at the conference, douchebag.” She says no.”
The blogger asserts that the man (who insisted on using the female bathroom because although male he wants “to be female” and pee “like a female”) was unfairly discriminated against by having his feelings hurt by a policy based on actual sex and not his sexed urinary fantasy. Oh the humanity! “Banned for Life From The Cosmopolitan For Being Transgender” !!!!!!!! The headline screamed. And this from a resort with 100% HRC rating and a TAG certified establishment which regularly advertises in the Advocate and other LGBT publications.
As usual the cries for “Justice” against this “outrage” and “crime against bathroom humanity” went viral as the story spread and was picked up uncritically by other blogs and media outlets, the usual suspects including ( the prime movers behind the Chrissy Lee Polis fiasco) Bilerco who breathlessly ran with the headline “Transwoman Banned from Hotel for Life for Going to the Bathroom“. Coincidentally (?) this alleged incident was floated just as the Nevada state legislature was set to debate a law which would allow “Gender Identity” (one’s feelings of what sex they wish they were) to override any sex-based legal protections for women. The Cosmopolitan’s Facebook page was inundated with complaints from genderists and the resort’s offices swamped with phone calls and emails until finally the Cosmo issued a statement clarifying their non-discrimination policies and inviting “the individual” who claimed this incident occurred to contact them.
Calls for protests, boycotts, lawsuits, employee purges, etc. ensued:
“SB 331- I know we’re all saddened/outraged by Cosmo banning a Trans woman from their property, but let this be an example of how much we need to get SB 331 pushed through the NV legislature, making it illegal to discriminate against a person for their gender identity & expression from accessing places of public accommodation. Call your State Senators & urge them to pass this legislation!”
“Looks like it’s time for a good old fashioned pee-in!”
“They clearly don’t have any training (or really bad training) for employees on this issue unless the security guard was going rogue, which it really doesn’t sound like he did. They don’t deserve a good rating from LGBT rating services.”
“Cannot let this go quietly. This is the type of incident that calls for a rally against this hotel, a public boycott to send the message of their bigotry and why we won’t go there, and as Michiko put it, there needs to be calls to the Nevada resort association, and let it be known that this type of transgression is taking place.”
“That’s absolutely disgusting regardless to being born female or male if your identifying your self as the sex you wish too be there should be no problem going into an EMPTY or full restroom clearly the woman in question was not out too cause problems simply too use the facilities in which she payed to use anyway. People these days need to realise times have changed people are and should be accepted for who they wish too be.’
“They should pay her a month’s salary for each of the guards that violated her rights. The guards should be reassigned to cleaning the urinals and toilets in every restroom in the place.”
“The owner’s concern should not be for this one individual in particular, but for anyone that might be a vulnerable minority and considered as such by the bigot that initiated this. Because if they don’t like Transwomen, then they don’t like gays or lesbians, and you can throw in people of color or different ethnicity, with a slight sprinkling of physically challenged to boot. A bigot is a bigot and they will act like a bully as long as they think they can get away with it.”
“They should fire the night manager on duty, tell the security guards that their working for the next month cleaning out the toilets on the 12th hole of their golf course all night long and ask the bartender why he didn’t stop them from acting like A-holes. Then they should write a letter to every employee and let them know what they decided to do and that if they don’t get their collective heads on right in the future, they can go work for the old night manager at another location. Finally, they should offer to host a the monthly meetings for a local Transgender support group for the next year since many Trans support groups lack a decent or safe place to meet most of the time or have to meet in church basement or just gay friendly venues.”
Ad nauseum. You get the picture. Except HOLD ON THERE PARDNER. Enter openly gay Las Vegas journalist Steve Friess, who writes for USAToday, The New York Times, Newsweek and is perhaps best known for his GLAAD award-nominated front page feature on the suicide of transgender sportscaster Michael Penner for the LAWeekly.
Friess knows a good story when he sees one, but as he looked into the alleged incident certain things just Didn’t. Add. Up. His resulting investigation and interview with “Stephanie” (Who responded to Friess’ inquiry by stating, among other things: “I’m on the defensive here. I’m like a rape victim being cross-examined on the stand. That’s how I feel.”) are too amazing for words. You’re going to have to click this link and read it yourself. Trust me, it’s worth a few minutes of your time! Oh MY.